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 Daniel Peterson

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Daniel Peterson


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PostSubject: Daniel Peterson    Wed Jul 30, 2014 2:37 am

when you try your best, but don't succeed
when you get what you want, but not what you need
when you feel so tired, but you can't sleep

stuck in reverse

name;; Daniel Peterson

age;; 17

gender;; Male

race;; Human mutant

home;; Earth

date of birth;; December 15th

height;; 6'1

weight;; 150 lbs

hair colour;; brunette, shaggy hair.

eye colour;; Deep Green

wardrobe;; Laid back, he prefers comfort over style. He has his selection of T-shirts with clever sayings on them. Some baggy jeans, some ripped up even. If he can still fit into it and its not falling apart to bad, he'll still wear it. (despite his brothers comments) As for his shoes, The ones he mainly wears are just simple slip on VANS, but that doesn't stop him from stealing his brothers shoes from time to time and wearing them.

faceclaim;; Mirai Nikki // Yuki

picture;; Daniel

and when tears come streaming down your face,
when you lose something you can't replace,
when you love someone, but it goes to waste,

could it be worse?

true/other form;;Daniel's outfit of course, is nearly identical to Lukes.It has a dark black hooded cap, with some pants with leather guarders on his shins, knees and upper thighs. Of course every hero needs a handy belt with lots of pockets. Daniel likes to keep his extra bow strings, and arrow heads in them. He has a close fitted long sleeved top, which has a dark red thunder bolt design on its side. Also he has finger less gloves. As said before, all of his outfit is in shades of black and gray. He keeps his Bow and quiver over his shoulders, his quiver is rather dull, with no design and is just a plain black sense their focus of the costume is for stealth.

trigger;; When ever he hears of danger, be it first hand, or from the news or radio. If he feels like he can help, he's willing to take action.

alias;; Arc

weapons;; Bow and Arrow

special skills or abilities;; He has the power of telekinesis on an atomic level. That means that he is able to control the atoms in the matter. His powers do have limitations though, It all depends on the weight of the object and how easily he can focus on it. The largest thing he can interact with is a person, which his giving them a strong push. Of course he has an easier time with smaller objects, smaller objects he can freely pick up with his mind and move around without much of a problem. His powers are mentally straining though, and can wear him out to the point of physical weakness.

Atomic Push -- One of Daniel's attacks. He is able to shove a person with his mind.

personality;; Daniel is fun loving. He loves to goof off and joke around, but he does understand the need to get serious from time to time. He's laid back and easy going. Very friendly with everyone, his confidence helps him make friends easily. Daniel is the one to believe Actions speak louder then words, so While his brother is more gifted with words, Daniel's the twin who'd rather jump in their and get his hands dirty if he has too. He is quick to decide, and hard to change his mind once he does so. He has a bit of an ego too. He's also a "Ladies Man" in the sense he enjoys the company of young girls, but he's never been in much of a long term relationship. He doesn't believe much in true love or love at first sight.


  • Joking around
  • Video games
  • Any type of food
  • Listening to his brother playing his music
  • Being with his Friends and Family
  • Acting


  • Kids (Ironically, sense Luke loves them)
  • Anything negative being put towards his brother. (be it words or actions)
  • Waiting (He is impatient)
  • Quiet/Dark places

history;; Of course, Daniel's life isn't much different from Lukes until they were 12. Daniel is very close to his brother, and didn't leave his side much when they were growing up in Tawas, Michigan. When he was 12, he lost his biological dad in a car crash that nearly took his brothers life as well. It tore him apart to see Luke in so much pain, along with the pain of his family caused by the lose of his father. Ever sense then, He's feels its his responsibility to look after them all and help them to the best of his abilities. He'd be willing to give up anything at this point all for them.

Archery had always been a hobby of his ever sense he was 9, when his dad would take him out to the shooting rage to teach him how to use one. It turned out he was a natural, and kept up the habit even father their father passed. It was something about the quiet strike of the arrow that gave him confidence, he was in control of where it landed. This feeling soon spilled over to how he felt how he should take charge in his life.

When they were about 13, the twins discovered their mutation. Their powers are hereditary (From their dads side) Their mutation works. . .sort of like the x-gene from the x-men and comes from a unique genetic mutation. Their mother just wanted to keep them safe, so she asked them to keep their powers a secret, and that's what they did. . .until they got to Japan.

When the twins were 16, their mother married their Step-father, Kaito. They all then decided to move back to Japan with him and start a new life together. They had only been living in Japan for a year when they decided to put their powers to the test on the streets. It was Luke's crazy idea to become hero's. He didn't think it was a bad one, just crazy, but he did have a point with all the other sailor's running around.

Now, Luke and Daniel run around and act stupid assist the rest of the good guys within Tokyo, helping to stop crime, prevent danger, and vanquish evil.

and high up above or down below,
when you're too in love to let it go,
but if you never try, you'll never know

just what you're worth

chatango;; xDarkmoonwriterx

alias;; Darkmoon, Dark, Luna, whateve.

experiance;; I've been roleplaying for a few years now. I mainly stick to script over IM, but I have roleplayed in lit form over email. I've played mainly in fantasy roleplays from Marvel superheros stuff to Doctor Who.

lights will guide you home,
and ignite your bones

and i will try to fix you

[ T E M P L A T E, made by Tsuki ]
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PostSubject: Re: Daniel Peterson    Wed Jul 30, 2014 5:21 am


Awww!!! Isn't he just adorable!! X3 Can't wait to thread with him. XD Love to see how Natalie would react to another guy that looks like Luke. XD Go ahead and grab an avatar and signature and you're good to go!
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Daniel Peterson
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