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 Nariko Kurosawa-Sailor Retipuj

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Honami Shizumi


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PostSubject: Nariko Kurosawa-Sailor Retipuj   Wed Jul 30, 2014 5:49 am

when she was just a girl
she expected the world

name;; Nariko Kurosawa

meaning;; Nariko “thunder” and Kurosawa “black swamp”. Thunder over the black swamp

age;; 15 normally, but when she dons her chefs outfit, appears early twenties.

gender;; Female

date of birth;; 8th of July

height;; Five foot three inches

weight;; 129 kg

hair colour;; Pink to her shoulders, with a fringe that falls to just above her eyes, and bangs that frame her face.

eye colour;; Green

wardrobe;; When not in her uniform, she usually wears skirts and tops, normally in simple colours, with either green or blue somewhere on them.

faceclaim;; Shunki Gentei Poco a Poco // Sakura Ninomae

picture;; Image and video hosting by TinyPic

but it flew away from her reach
so she ran away
in her sleep

personality;; Nariko is a very competent and naturally gifted chef. But, as her mother is also a well respected chef and cook, Nariko is jealous of her. She competitive in most things, but she's also quick thinking, able to change tactics on the fly. She is also good at multitasking. This is due to her skill at cooking, as she has to be able to remember how long each item of food requires cooking, the weight of the ingredients, and how the weight affects the cooking time. Her skill with a knife is also well developed. She also inherited some of her mothers tough girl personality, though in secret Nariko loves cute things. Her room is full of stuffed toys and posters of cute animals. But there are also posters of rock bands and the like. Her book shelves are a mix of books about animals, along with some manga, cookbooks and horror books.

But, due to her being corrupted by Chaos, she has a dark side too. She has a nasty temper at the end of a long fuse. It takes a lot for her to explode, but when she does you'd better run. Though you'd be best not to push her that far, as there is no sign that she's anywhere near the end of her fuse. One moment she's calm the next she's beating your head in. If one were to look in her eyes at that moment in time, you wouldn't recognise the girl beating you as the girl a moment ago had been nice and calm.


  • Cooking
  • Cute things
  • Storms
  • Horror books(not films) and rock music.


  • Poor cooking
  • Horror movies
  • Humidity
  • Bullies and people who hurt animals


  • Cute things(stuffed toys, animals, girls/boys)
  • Jealousy
  • Poor handwriting
  • Long fuse, but a nasty temper


  • Cooking and baking
  • Quick thinking and reactions
  • Multitasking
  • Calm under pressure

goals;; Open up a restaurant that isn't just a cover for evil. Defeating the Senshi

fears;; Never being as good a cook as her mother. Losing control completely.

and dreamed of para- para- paradise,

senshi/knight alias;; Sailor Retipuj

transform item;; A simple gold bracelet with a single green gem.

transform phrase;; Retipuj Black Star Power, Make-up!

sailor or knight fuku;; The leotard is green, with triple layered shoulder pads. The collar is light blue, with two thin white lines. The front bow is also a light blue, as is the one in her hair. Her skirt is double layered; the top layer being the same light blue, with two white lines as the collar, while the bottom layer is dark green. The bow on her back is also light blue. She wears elbow length white gloves with a light blue band at the end, and light blue high heeled shoes. Her tiara is a gold colour with a green gem in the centre, while her choker is green with a light blue heart shaped gem.

star or planet;; Jupiter

guardian;; if senshi, who/what is their guardian? {ex, Luna is Usagi's guardian, a crow is supposedly Rei's} if knight, remove.

power of;; Thunder and Lightning, Mind control

group;; Dark Senshi

weapon(s);; A magic whisk which acts as a focus for her powers. A chefs hat that allows her to access her dark mind control powers, but also hides her true identity by making her appear older and changes the colour of her eyes.

attacks and techniques;; When wearing her Chefs Hat, Retipuj is only able to access her Dark Powers. Her Dark Powers allow her to either manipulate emotions of humans, to an extent, through her cooking. But only those who have eaten her cooking. The effects range from manipulating emotions, making the humans susceptible to possession by youma, or igniting anti-Senshi thoughts in her victims.

Lightning Whisk!: Retipuj's most basic attack. She focuses her thunder energy into her whisk and points it at her enemy. The lightning then spins towards her enemy and electrocutes them.

Retipuj Flashbang Attack!: Retipuj raised her whisk above her head and a loud bang like thunder, and a bright flash like lightning emanate from her whisk, which disorientates her enemy so Retipuj can either run or attack.

sailor or knight picture;; Sailor Retipuj.

life goes on, it gets so heavy
the wheel breaks the butterfly,
every tear a waterfall

allies;; None really, unless in Dark Senshi form, in which case she tolerates the other Dark Senshi.

enemies;; Everyone really

parents;; Makoto Kino, Regis Kampfer Raidou(Jupiter Knight)

siblings;; None

other relations;; None

crush and sexuality;; Not sure yet

history;; Nariko was born to Sailor Jupiter and the Jupiter Knight on the planet Jupiter. She grew up looking up to her mother, who was not only a good leader, but a fantastic cook, and as such, the young girl wanted to be a chef herself. But as she was still young, she wasn't as good as her mother, despite having a natural talent for cooking and baking. Her mother and father would always encourage her, telling her that she would improve as she got older. But she didn't want to wait! She wanted to be as good as her mother! Now!

It was using these thoughts that Chaos came to the young girl. Chaos whispered to the girl. Nariko knew she could be better than her mother! She already was! But because she was younger, they didn't see it! No one saw it! But she would make them see! And Chaos promised to help her make them all see. She promised to make Nariko better than her mother. She promised to make her the best chef in the galaxy! You just need to listen to me. The young girl readily agreed, and Chaos seeped into her soul, darkening her heart. Turning her against her mother.

When Chaos attack Jupiter, Chaos sent the newly awaken Sailor Repituj into the past to destroy the Senshi.

senshi/knight history;;

in the night, the stormy night

she'll close her eyes

chatango;; Peorthalexander

alias;; Peorth, Peo,

experiance;; A wee bit... >.>

sample rp;; Nariko closed her door and threw herself on her bed. I'm just as good as Mother is! she thought as she hugged a large penguin to her. 'I am! Aren't?' she asked, looking into the glass eyes of the penguin. 'Of course I am!' She squeezed the penguin close to her again. She released the penguin and just lay on her green and black patterned quilt. She looked up at the ceiling and sighed. On the ceiling was a poster of a cute anime style wolf. She sighed and turned  onto her side, looking around her room. Her bed was covered by cute stuffed animals, as was the top of her two bookshelves. One of her favourite stuffed toys was a wolfgirl, which sat next to her pillow. Nariko sighed and looked at the wolfgirl. 'Why can no one see how good I am at cooking?' Her brow creased in a frown as she gritted her teeth. She closed her eyes and curled into a ball. Soon she had drifted to sleep.

You are a good cook, the voice in the darkness whispered. You're just as good as your mother. But you could be better than her! You could be better than anyone in the galaxy! And I could help you,

in the night, the stormy night
away she'd fly

[ T E M P L A T E, made by Tsuki ]
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PostSubject: Re: Nariko Kurosawa-Sailor Retipuj   Fri Aug 15, 2014 2:04 am

A c c e p t e d !  Like a Star @ heaven 

Quote :

yay <3

Yet another Dark senshi~

I have to say that I'm still a bit picky about her senshi fuku (like wanting the main leotard to be white), but we can just chop it off to her being corrupted and stuff. I am totally fine with that, and I'm sorry if became still am a little reasonable.

You know the drill. Snatch an avatar, put a link in your signature, and jump right in!  flower 

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Nariko Kurosawa-Sailor Retipuj
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