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 Victoria Miller (WiP)

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Chifuyu Kanzaki


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PostSubject: Victoria Miller (WiP)   Wed Jul 30, 2014 10:54 am

i used to rule the world,
seas would rise
when i gave the word

name;; Victoria Elizabeth Tarleton

age;; 17

gender;; Female

date of birth;; October 14

height;; 5'5"

weight;; 115 lbs

hair colour;; A strong, prominent yellow blonde tone that bespeaks her noble lineage to her homeland's distant past. Usually she keeps her mid-back length locks braided along the sides of her head and into a neat, conservative bun.

eye colour;; Striking sapphire blue

wardrobe;; During a typical encounter she'll be wearing neat semi-formal clothes in some combination of skirt, blouse and tie with perhaps a vest or blazer to spice it up. Often she wears black tights to add some traditional class to the ensemble, but she almost never wears heels as they're impractical for prolonged walking or activity. Being of noble stock she prefers to wear fancy dresses or suits when the situation is more formal or business oriented.

faceclaim;; Girls und Panzer // Darjeeling

picture;; Sitting pretty as usua.l

now in the morning i sleep alone,
sweep the streets i used to own

personality;; how your character acts. what are their characteristics? At least a paragraph, five sentences.


  • four
  • would
  • be
  • nice


  • four
  • would
  • be
  • nice


  • at
  • least
  • three


  • at
  • least
  • three

goals;; what they plan to do and what they want to accomplish. dreams and hopes, even.

fears;; what they are afraid of. their phobias and nightmares, even.

i used to roll the dice,
feel the fear in my enemy's eyes,
listen as the crowd would sing,

" the old king is dead,
long live the king! "

home;; where they were born or come from originally. or/and where they reside now.{ex, The Dark Kingdom in in D Point, near the North Pole; The Black Moon Clan came from Nemesis, etc.}

affiliation;; what group they are in, who they represent. {Ex, Nephrite would be with the Shitennou and Dark Kingdom, Queen Nyx and her followers would be with Chaos, etc.} they can also be independant.

speciality;; what their attacks and strategies are based upon. {ex, Nephrite derives powers from the stars, etc.}

weapon(s);; the weapons they use, or have used, if any. two maximum, unless character is canon and more is required. describe OR include a picture if character is an original character. Remember that this is post-Sailor Stars. If villian has appeared in previous seasons with a weapon but not in this season, include that weapon as continuity.

attacks and techniques;; attacks that pertain to their powers. please list, describe, and explain what the attack is and how the attack effects the opponent. Remember that is is post-Sailor Stars. Same as above if character is from a previous season, please list the attacks/techniques from that season, as they would also be used in this season.

true form or outfit;; She also maintains an official uniform for her less savory activities: a red waist coat of a military cut with black collar and epaulets and gold trim, tight fitting white pants or a short black skirt depending on her mood, and tall black riding boots.

true form picture;; [url=link]if applicable, include a picture of their true form or actual outfit here[/url]

one minute i held the key, next the walls were closed on me,
and i discovered my castles stand

upon pillars of salt and pillars of sand

allies;; their friends, who they fight along side of or hang out with

enemies;; their foes, who they fight against or who causes them trouble

parents;; any known parents.

siblings;; any known siblings. brothers or sisters? older or younger? list them by name or whether or not they are older, younger, or a twin. adopted and half-seiblings included.

other relations;; any other relations that this character may have. grandparents, uncles and aunts, or maybe even others whom aren't related to her by blood.

crush and sexuality;; who he/she fancies or is in love with. include a relationshsip status -- whether it is one-sided, two-sided, if they're dating, or engaged. and their sexual orientation -- are they bi, homo, hetero, etc.?

history;; history, past, life up until now. at least two paragraphs.

past history;; history and past-life before they reborn on earth, if they were re-born. optional.

i hear jerusalem bells a'ringing,
roman cavalry choirs are singing,
be my mirror, my sword, and shield,

my missionaries in a foreign field

chatango;; name in the c-box.

alias;; what you'd like to be called.

experiance;; any rp experience? how long have you rped and what type of experiance have you had?

sample rp;; third person, past tense. in this character's perspective. at least a paragraph. semi-literate. only for canons/site canons.

for some reason i can't explain,
i know saint peter won't call my name,
never an honest word,

and that was when i ruled the world

] T E M P L A T E, made by Tsuki ]
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Victoria Miller (WiP)
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