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 Miyu Kim -> Sailor Microscopium (FINISHED)

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Chifuyu Kanzaki


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PostSubject: Miyu Kim -> Sailor Microscopium (FINISHED)   Wed Jul 30, 2014 10:59 am

when she was just a girl
she expected the world

name;; Miyu Kim

age;; 15

gender;; Female

date of birth;; June 25

height;; 4'9"

weight;; 105 lbs.

hair colour;; Chestnut brown, shoulder length when hanging straight but typically worn up in pigtails.

eye colour;; A matching shade of brown.

wardrobe;; Miyu's wardrobe is largely guided by what her mother dictates is best for her.  Usually this entails long skirts and modest tops with her hair straight or pulled into a bun, at least around the home or in the family business.  When working for her mother she has to wear the uniform which has been provided: something resembling a cross between a maid uniform and a Chinese traditional dress.  When actually out on her own she tends to wear jeans, t-shirts and hoodies with sneakers so that she doesn't attract attention to herself.  Often a baseball cap will accompany this.  Sometimes she can get away with dressing in this more masculine manner around her mother as well, so long as she hasn't upset the woman.

faceclaim;; Sword Art Online // Silica

picture;; [url=LINK]http://illiweb.com/fa/pbucket.gif[/url]

but it flew away from her reach
so she ran away
in her sleep

personality;; Miyu operates under the assumption that she's constantly being judged by the world.  Hyper conscious of this Miyu is fairly quiet and can have a hard time forming full sentences when under duress.  With a very low opinion of herself thanks to years of detrimental raising by her mother, Miyu always assumes that she's imposing on others just by asking them something.  Surely they've got better things to do than pay attention to a kind of worthless girl like her!  At the same time she gets really lonely because of how little she thinks of herself, and constantly wants to reach out to others.  Unfortunately this is rather hard for her to do.

If someone manages to get past her 'I'm not worth your time' defenses, Miyu's actually a sweet girl who tries extremely hard to be helpful.  She thinks so little of herself that she will devote all her time to helping other people out in the hopes that this will make them smile upon her.  Make them tolerate her presence at least.  While she's almost unbearably shy a good amount of the time she is actually quite affectionate and perky when comfortable with someone.


  • Feeling helpful to others.
  • Dried ginger snacks
  • Girls' love manga/light novels/doujin (both clean and of the adult nature).
  • Dingoes


  • People who raise their voices or sound upset.
  • Pachinko (her mom owns a parlor and still Miyu has no idea how it works).
  • Kimchi and overly spicy foods, her poor mouth can't handle hotness of that magnitude!
  • Being around large groups when the attention is focused on her.


  • Almost zero self confidence.
  • Small in stature and physically pretty weak.
  • Likely to defer to others whenever confronted by so much as a choice for dinner.


  • Though hidden she has a very sweet personality that can be endearing.
  • Always considers the consequences of her actions (though usually too much if the situation is serious).
  • Adept at sneaking around with such a light step that it's hard to tell she's there at all.

goals;; Miyu's hopes are rather unadventurous by usual standards.  She'd love to move out on her own and have her own friends, neighbors and business some day.  Maybe even have her own bank cards!  Perhaps greatest of all she wants to get a girlfriend like in all the manga and doujin she stashes away.

fears;; Being a burden on others, being stuck living with her mother for the rest of her life.  Essentially her fears all stem from her belief that she's more a hindrance than a help to other people.  She's also terrified of hurting others, and so she really takes care to tread as lightly as possible in most things.

and dreamed of para- para- paradise,

senshi/knight alias;; Sailor Microscopium

transform item;; A two-toned red lapel pin shaped like a star, which reappears in the center of a bow on her chest in senshi form.

transform phrase;; "Microscopium Power, Make Up!"

sailor or knight fuku;; Not unlike many other senshi fuku in appearance, it has a white body and gloves.  Her sailor collar is a vibrant crimson with gold trim along the edge, and highlighted by a gold bow on the chest which features a red star at its center.  While the eblow length gloves are topped by red trim, the fuku skirt is gold with red trim along the hem.  Microscopium also wears heeled ankle boots that have little gold stars painted on the outer side.

star or planet;; The Microscopium Constellation

guardian;; Bruno, a salamander with a propensity for sitting on her shoulder like a parrot and a perhaps unhealthy obsession with using fire in battle.

power of;; Lava

group;; Constellation

weapon(s);; None

attacks and techniques;;

Pyroclasm! - A ranged attack that fires a burst of magically charged lava out within a modest radius of impact.  It has a somewhat decent range but as of yet there's no way to focus all the energy into a single impact or target rather than the whole radius.

Microscopic Fury! - Rather than a ranged attack this creates a burst of the same magic lava which shoots out from a circular perimeter around Microscopium.  As with her other attack it's an area effect and as yet she can't focus it any more finely than shooting out in all directions around her.  Largely for defensive purposes.

sailor or knight picture;; [url=LINK]a picture of their sailor or knight form after they have transformed. optional unless canon.[/url]

life goes on, it gets so heavy
the wheel breaks the butterfly,
every tear a waterfall

allies;; At the moment just Bruno, who kind of scares her.

enemies;; Her mother who is constantly berating her and taking out frustrations on her.

parents;; Ai Kim (mother) and Kousuke Ishikawa (father)

siblings;; None

other relations;; No known other relations.

crush and sexuality;; Miyu is so self-contained that she doesn't really know what she'd do if she had a crush.  That said she's pretty sure she might be at least bi.. judging from the fact that she keeps a box of yuri doujinshi under her bed.

history;; Miyu's life has been rather difficult to this point in time because of just rather unfortunate circumstances.  Her parents were both somewhat social pariahs because they happened to be fully Korean (her mother) or at least of Korean descent (father).  After a brief fling Ai Kim was pregnant and upon hearing this news Miyu's father promptly skipped town rather than deal with the responsibility of raising a child.  Likewise her mother hasn't really been up to the task of being a proper parent, doing only the most fundamental necessities to care for her daughter.  Ai Kim blamed Miyu for ruining both her figure and her life, and often takes out her frustrations at both (and unconnected things) by assigning Miyu extra chores or simply lashing out verbally.

As if that weren't enough Miyu's chances of being normal were further dashed by the unfortunate fact that the family business is a pachinko parlor.  One graced with heavy smoke, dodgy looking patrons and a secret funneling of funds to her mother's family's homeland.  In the family home - an apartment above the place - portraits of that country's leaders are on the wall and must be respected lest she get even more chores or lectures.  To maintain her upkeep she is required at times to work in the family business.  It disgusts her but she blames herself for making life hard for her mom so she goes along with it.  For the past year or so she's been forced to work less, and so is able to head out and try to enjoy herself at long last.  Miyu is still petrified of getting in the way so venturing into crowded areas makes her really nervous.  This, though, is maybe her chance to grow and explore at long last.  If only that weird lizard didn't keep sneaking into her room!

senshi/knight history;; The Microscopium Kingdom was long an isolated place that wanted very little to do with its neighbors.  For its rulers most matters could be solved internally without the corrupting influences of the outside universe.  When their major planning would go awry they would threaten their neighbors with sabre-rattling until they got what they needed.  Though they made a big show of their warrior prowess the kingdom was actually fairly weak aside from its princess.  A princess they sequestered and disallowed access to except for the top generals and officials.

Eventually they decided to make good on one of their threats and attacked the neighboring Saggitarius kingdom.  After filling their princess' head with lies about the wickedness of the neighbor, she led the attack personally.  As far as she knew it was life or death and only victory would save her people!  During her assault she clashed with that kingdom's princess, only to coincide with an invasion by Chaos at the same time.  Only as she lay there, the last breath wheezing out of her, did she realize she'd been wrong about her fellow princess.  The girl was kind, not a warmonger.  But alas she fell before she could make amends.

in the night, the stormy night

she'll close her eyes

chatango;; Suzumimaiko

alias;; Maiko

experiance;; Plenty, including here.

in the night, the stormy night
away she'd fly

[ T E M P L A T E, made by Tsuki ]
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PostSubject: Re: Miyu Kim -> Sailor Microscopium (FINISHED)   Sun Sep 07, 2014 4:45 pm

A c c e p t e d ! elephant

Quote :
She's so cute!

Go ahead and make her an account, snatch an avatar, etc. And, don't forget to post with her! Smile

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Miyu Kim -> Sailor Microscopium (FINISHED)
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