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the other half Ad
In the beginning there was Cosmos and Chaos. Sister's at the beginning of the universe. Over time the universe grew, planets were born, people to inhabit them. Cosmos was beloved of the people of the universe for she gave them the gifts of light and creation. Her sister Chaos was hated and feared for her gifts were of darkness and destruction. And so Chaos became jealous of the love Cosmos relieved and sought to rid the universe of her sister. Except that the universe cannot exist without her.

Everything has its other side. Light and Dark. Good and Evil. Love and Hatred. And of course Cosmos and Chaos. Over many millennia the sister's have been at war and have seen the birth and destruction of the universe over and over. Now it is happening again in a city called Cathela on an Earth-like planet. This time could end the same with the universe collapsing as one of its essential parts dies....or at least Cosmos and Chaos could realize that one cannot exist wihout the other that each of them is ....the other half.
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the other half
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