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 Love Hina Generation, A Supernatural/Action Romance RP

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Love Hina Generation, A Supernatural/Action Romance RP Empty
PostSubject: Love Hina Generation, A Supernatural/Action Romance RP   Love Hina Generation, A Supernatural/Action Romance RP EmptyTue Aug 12, 2014 12:17 am

Love Hina Generation, A Supernatural/Action Romance RP 118op5w
Love Hina Generation
A Love Hina Universal RPG

Welcome everyone to the famous Hinata Sou Inn! Join us as Keitaro Urashima along with normal tenants Naru Narusegawa, Motoko Aoyama, Shinobu Maehara, Kaolla Su, Mutsumi Otohime, Mitsune Konno, and Haruka Urashima as the the housemother of the inn and all their wacky antics! Here, all the tenants have loads of fun as well as meet new and interesting people. And we're always looking for more people! Over the course of the years since Keitaro's visit, there had just been one dorm, the girls dorm and the many visitors they had came and went but never stayed. It'd always just been the small group of tenants that were regulars that lived there. However, more and more people within the city became interested in this place, not only because of the stories they heard about it being a nice place to live with a hot springs int he backyard but because the rent was dirt cheap as well. So constant expansions were made (more or less patch jobs) to accommodate these new residents and make sure their stay at the Hinata Sou Inn was a pleasant one. However, Naru and Motoko were none too pleased about the idea of guys living in the girls dorm, considering that they already put up with Keitaro's klutzy pervertedness and so Haruka had took it upon herself to decide that a boys dorm would be built next door but they would all share the hot springs and anything else they couldn't afford to make separate. Thus, how the boys dorm had been created. A warning to all female tenants, make sure you check to make sure no ones using the hot springs before you jump in because you might end up seeing something you shouldn't be seeing!Other than that, don’t hesitate to stop on by and grab yourself a room! We have plenty and again the rent is cheap! Like the girls dorm, the boys dorm was built in a dormitory like fashion and it didn't require as many patch jobs and repairs like the girls dorm did because for one, the girls dorm building had more tenants, two, Su, Naru or Motoko was destroying some part of the dorms in some and three, boys are only destructive to a certain point but other than that, male tenants are more than welcome. We need them after all! About six months ago, however, the dorms underwent some serious major reconstruction due to Keitaro feeling that both dorms needed to be renovated to be more apartment like than dorm like. As such, he'd inquired the helped from a friend who knew someone with a whole lot of money that didn't mind helping to pay for the renovations and oversee that everything went smoothly. And they did.

Both doors have an elevator on every floor, the dorm rooms themselves are styled like apartments where there is actual living room and kitchen areas and the bedroom is it's own room. Tenants will still have roommates but they will be playing for a joint lease for two and three bedroom rooms. The rent for the bedrooms for both dorms are the same and is as followed: 1 Bedroom $150, 2 Bedrooms $250, & 3 Bedrooms $350 and the deposit to put down is just $200, sometimes $100 depending on the income you bring in. All rooms are wifi enabled that way no one has to go out and buy internet for their rooms, it is paid for by the Landlord from the rent that is collected from every tenant that is due at the first of every month. Late rent results in a $10 late fee added onto your rent when you do pay. And you have the option to pay up for months in advance so you won't have to worry about getting bugged by Haruka who will hit you with a paper fan upside the head! You might want to pay your rent on time. This all takes place in Tokyo, Japan and in the very beginning, Keitaro was not aware that when he came to the Hinata Sou Inn, it'd been turned into a girls dorm when he arrived. His plan was to attempt to fulfill a childhood promise that he'd made to a girl to enter Todai University together. However, he was young when he'd made this promise, thus having forgotten her name, thus his reasoning for striving so hard to get accepted into the university in order to find this 'Promise Girl' of his. Of course, he'd already had failed the exam twice already. But he got another chance to possibly find her, by not so subtly being welcomed to stay in the girls dorm with the current females tenants who didn't like the idea that he was even around, especially Naru who was used to only Housemother Haruka running the place, however, this job was passed down to Keitaro who became the manager over the inn, causing him to juggle between having new responsibilities of keeping the place up and trying to place the university entrance exam.

Of course, he isn't the only one in the Hinata inn that was studying for the same exam. Naru was too, as she was ranked first in the whole of Japan on the practice exams, thus, Keitaro convinces her to help him study. He'd also suspected that maybe one of them was his promise girl but he was still unsure it was either one of them. Of course, this also leads to a series of unfortunate events that involves Keitaro accidentally stripping Naru naked frequently only to be subjected to her infamous 'Naru Punch' that generally sends anyone flying. And if she's not the one beating up on him, Motoko aka 'Kendo Girl' also takes a whack at him as she feels that men are a distraction towards her training. Shinobu and Su are generally nice to him, although Su can't help but build crazy contraptions that also send the poor guy flying as well as causing a ruckus around the dorms. As for Mitsune, any chance she gets, she tries to sucker money out of him if she can. Later on down the road, Mutsumi comes into the picture who originally lived in Okinawa but has traveled to different places across Japan and like Naru and Keitaro, she too was studying to get into Todai. Over the years, there have been many new tenants that have come and gone. Also, having to endure in some of the craziness that ensues from hanging around Naru and the others. But for the most part, everyone is generally nice and easy to get along with. Surprisingly after five years, Keitaro, Naru and Mutsumi have finally made it into Todai University and graduated, Motoko got married and the other girls … are still the same. But there are plenty of new faces to see, friends to make and who knows, you might even find love when you may not be even looking for it. It's not so strange as many have made everlasting friends, found long lost family, and others have found love on the grounds of Hinata. So, what will you do? Will you join in on the fun? Will you find everlasting friendship or everlasting love?

*side note* You can RP more than just LH related characters here for some of us have RPed some of our Sailor Moon, Death Note, and Code Geass, Negima characters here others a few original YGO but not many, as well as Gx and 5Ds characters can be registered but you can use them as basis for OCs or retain their personality and name or change it. So long as the characters are in realistic limits of the forum universe. We also don't follow the ban list for those who do duel so long as you don't cheat. If you duel, your duel will be watched. Also, there are plenty canon LH characters available that haven't been requested by members that wish to play them. You can also RP your own characters if you choose to and you can make them whatever sexuality you choose to have them as we do not discriminate against such things. Just have fun with each other role playing. Since freeforums doesn't allow guests to posts any ads have to be posted under the Ad Bot account. The password changes periodically depending on which staff updates it so it won't all the time be the same. So when you log in, post your ad and log out. Do not use the account to spam us as we respect your site and not do the same to you.

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Love Hina Generation, A Supernatural/Action Romance RP
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