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 Etain Adair

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Etain Adair


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PostSubject: Etain Adair   Mon Aug 25, 2014 2:17 am

when you try your best, but don't succeed
when you get what you want, but not what you need
when you feel so tired, but you can't sleep

stuck in reverse

name;; Etain Adair

age;; 22

gender;; Female

race;; Human

date of birth;; 18th of June

height;; 5 foot 6.

weight;; 126lbs

hair colour;; Red, down to mid back, with a combed over fringe that occasionally falls into her eyes. Two bangs either side of her face hand to her shoulders.

eye colour;; Green

wardrobe;; When meeting a client, Etain wears a suit and dress shoes. But when on a case she dresses smart, but comfortable, usually dark again. Casually she wears whatever she feels like wearing.

faceclaim;; optional; Air Gear // Rika Noyamano

picture;; Etain Adair

and when tears come streaming down your face,
when you lose something you can't replace,
when you love someone, but it goes to waste,

could it be worse?
weapons;; A collapsible baton.

special skills or abilities;; Etain is a decent lockpicker, and can read faces quite well. She has also taught herself hand to hand combat techniques, so she's ready for when she faces the unknown murderer.

personality;; Etain is confident and outgoing when dealing with clients and suspects. But in private she is quiet and withdrawn, and suffers from depression. She has suffered from depression since she was a child. It was noticed at school that she would be full of energy and run around and play with everyone, but then she would suddenly become withdrawn and depressed and not want to play with anyone. Even now she's prone to bouts of depression and hyperness, though she tries to control the mood swings. Etain refuses to take meds for her mood swings, as she feels they take the edge off her mind. To help with the moodswings, and to keep herself in shape, Etain goes to the gym regularly.


  • Her job
  • Seeing the client happy after she's completed a job
  • Going to the gym
  • Training
  • Noemi
  • Her family


  • Failing a job
  • Seeing people upset
  • People who think they're above the law
  • Finding (yet another!) lost pet
  • Whoever the murderer is


  • Depression
  • Single-minded to the point of tunnel vision
  • The thought of losing everything and everyone she loves
  • Things that remind her of Noemi


  • Confident
  • An eye for detail
  • Quick reflexes
  • High pain threshold
  • Single-minded when on a job

goals;; To beat her depression, to get over the death of Noemi

fears;; Her depression gets the better of her, getting close to someone then losing them.

lights will guide you home,
and ignite your bones,

and i will try to fix you

allies;; The police, anyone who fights crime

enemies;; The police, criminals, whoever killed Noemi

parents;; Toni (mother), Calum (father)

siblings;; Hanna(younger sister)

other relations;; N/A

crush and sexuality;; Etain has dated both men and women, but she has only been in love once. It was with an older woman called Noemi; Etain was seventeen and Noemi was twenty four. Noemi died when Etain was twenty, and they had been together for just over three years.

history;; Etain has suffered from depression since she was a child in school. They noticed that she would be full of energy and run around, playing with everyone, but then she would suddenly become withdrawn and depressed and not want to play with anyone. Her parents took her to the doctors, but were told it's a natural part of growing up, that she'd grow out of it soon. So they left it at that. But she never grew out of it, she continued to suffer from mood over the years, as she went from primary school to secondary school, some times worse than others, but always changeable. Until she met Noemi.

Etain was in the final year of secondary school, and was looking at which collage she would attend, it was then she saw Noemi. She was older, beautiful and made Etain's heart beat fast in her chest, the way no one had before. They caught the same train and always seemed to be in the same carriage. After she had watched the woman for some time, Etain found herself getting off at the womans stop. Her heart beating fast, she followed the woman, then noticed something falling out of her pocket. Etain picked it up, it was a notebook, and called to the woman. She turned and Etain froze. She was even more beautiful close up. Long dark brown hair, deep light brown eyes, full, soft looking red lips. She swallowed and handed the notebook to the woman. When the woman smiled, it lit her face up and Etain was drawn to her lips. Etain was shocked to find herself kissing this woman she'd only just spoken too.

Over the next few days, Etain was in a world of her own, and her one friend, Mika, commented that Etain was different, glowing. Etain just shrugged it off, though she knew why she was glowing. And she was going to see the reason again tonight.

Etain met Noemi on the train as usual, but Noemi took Etain to a restaurant. They sat and drank and spoke. Etain apologised about kissing her suddenly. But Noemi surprised Etain by reaching over the table and pulled her into a kiss.

Over the next few days Etain and Noemi met and spent as much time as they could together, including going to a hotel for the night. Their relationship continued for three years, until the night of their anniversary.

Etain had gone out to fetch the meal for hers and Noemi's third anniversary. She had brought all her favourite foods, as well as some wine. She was so happy, she was in love and she hadn't had a serious mood swing in two years. She arrived at the apartment that they shared and froze. A body was lying in the middle of the road. It had long dark brown hair. Etain screamed and dropped the bag, the wine bottle shattering. She ran over to her love, and checked her signs. She wasn't breathing and there was no pulse. Etain began to do CPR, but she knew that it was too late. Noemi was dead.

Over the next few days, the police questioned Etain about what had happened, but she couldn't answer their questions. She had just found Noemi already dead in the road. She was in a daze, but something one of the police officers said as they left broke through the fog. Another one.

Once Etain got home, she searched through the newspapers she had, looking for other deaths like Noemi's. Found fully clothed in the middle of the road, not a part on them, but legs and arms spread. Eyes and mouth open, as though they died from fear. She found nothing in the local paper. So she went online and searched through as many newspaper websites as she could. She spent the whole night, and most of the following day. She was about to give up, when she found another death, exactly like Noemi's. A twenty six year old male, found the say way, last month. She found another death exactly the same that had happened the month before that. Etain frowned. They didn't seem to have any connection, other than there was only one a month month, and the victims were found in exactly the same way.

She spent several weeks talking to the closest of the victims families, but she found nothing of use. She then went to some of the further ones, but each trip was a waste of time and money. Soon she realised that she would need a job. So she decided to take odd jobs, to pay the rent and food while she worked on trying to find the killer of her love. Etain created a website for her own detective agency, though she figured it would be finding lost cats and the like, but it was more income and it would help her improve her questioning technique, and the way she searched for clues.

After several successfully completed jobs, Etain had built up enough of a reputation, and had a steady inflow of jobs that she could quit her day job and focus on her detective agency. But she never lost sight of her main goal. Finding the murderer of the one person she loved.

and high up above or down below,
when you're too in love to let it go,
but if you never try, you'll never know

just what you're worth

username;; Peorthalexander

alias;; Peorth or Peo

experiance;; Ten-ish years.

lights will guide you home,
and ignite your bones

and i will try to fix you
] T E M P L A T E, made by Tsuki ]

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*~* Well done!! By the holy fire of Mars, you're approved! *~*

  • Awesome! Approved.~ you know the drill, grab a signature and avatar, and you're good to go. ^_^
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Etain Adair
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