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 (WIP) Guinevere Bellerose - Sailor Virgo

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PostSubject: (WIP) Guinevere Bellerose - Sailor Virgo   Wed Aug 27, 2014 6:44 pm

when she was just a girl
she expected the world
name;; Guinevere Bellerose

meaning;; Fair and smooth beautiful rose

age;; 16

gender;; female

date of birth;; September 18th

height;; 5' 6"

weight;; 132 lbs

hair colour;; Pink, very long, extending past her waist and allowed to hang loosely, though she'll often tie some of it up in a pair of small buns on either side of her head, or make it even more elaborate. She is very meticulous about caring for it though, as it's one of the few things she actually gets to personally choose with regard to her appearance.

eye colour;; Light purple, tinted with a hint of blue

wardrobe;; Guinevere wears very conservative clothing, long skirts and tops that don't show anything. This isn't by choice, her mother picks and buys her wardrobe for her, which Gwen absolutely hates. If she had it her way, she'd be mostly dressing in jeans and short sleeves.

faceclaim;; Code Geass // Euphemia li Britannia

picture;; Casual for Guinevere

but it flew away from her reach
so she ran away
in her sleep


  • Gardening
  • Sports
  • Science Fiction
  • Fantasy novels/stories
  • Sailor V
  • Being allowed to do what she wants


  • Her mother
  • Being controlled
  • Bullies
  • People who think they're superior to others
  • Her mother's expectations


  • Lashes out at any perceived attempt to control her
  • Can be bullheaded at times
  • Hates retreating or withdrawing from anything, might have to be dragged away from fights she can't win
  • Stubborn


  • Determined
  • Very energetic and enthusiastic
  • Won't back down from a challenge even if she's afraid

goals;; Being able to be herself and not have to worry about anyone else's expectations. To find someone who'll love her for who she is.

fears;; Spending the rest of her life under her mother's- or anyone like her mother's- thumb and never being free.

and dreamed of para- para- paradise,
senshi/knight alias;; Sailor Virgo

transform item;; A necklace- a sapphire with the symbol of Virgo inside of it on a gold chain. The symbol of Virgo is gold and quite clear against the blue of the sapphire.

transform phrase;; Virgo Constellation Power, Make up!

sailor or knight fuku;;

star or planet;; The constellation Virgo

guardian;; Arthur, a small grey cat with a black patch around his right eye and a smaller black spot on his forehead. The tip of his tail is also black.

protect;; N/A

power of;; Nature, Poison, Justice

group;; Constellation Senshi

weapon(s);; None

attacks and techniques;; Slicing Vine- Gwen holds out her hand and a long, spiked vine forms in her hand, which she then can use as a whip.

Narcissus Haze- An ethereal lavender colored daffodil blossom appears in her hand. She then crushes the flower, sending the petals flying in all directions. A thick lavender colored poisonous haze spreads from behind each of the petals and rapidly spreads out and sinks toward the ground. Inhaling the haze induces temporary paralysis, lasting about 5 seconds. The haze disperses and fades after about 10 seconds. At maximum, the haze spreads about 5 meters from its source. Guinevere alone is immune to the effects of the poison haze.

Might of Ironwood- Guinevere curls her hand into a fist and a massive fist made of purely of wood materializes above her hand and arm. The wooden fist mimics Gwen's movements and disappears a few seconds after it strikes something- she only gets one punch with it at a time. It's not actually just the fist, but also her arm, up to about the elbow, and is the size of a small tree.

Venomleaf Discus- A length of wood materializes in Guinevere's outstretched hand and forms into a ring roughly seven inches in diameter. Sickly looking purple-brown leaves grow out of the ring, covering it nearly completely. The leaves are as sharp as steel and poisoned. Receiving even a glancing cut from one of the leaves will result in the area surrounding the injury burning as if exposed to an particularly strong acid and intense pain. Gwen then throws this poisoned ring at her enemies. Sometimes, a few of the leaves will get flung off of the disk at random, flying in any direction. Gwen has no control over this whatsoever, though she alone is immune to the poison.

sailor or knight picture;; Sailor Virgo

life goes on, it gets so heavy
the wheel breaks the butterfly,
every tear a waterfall
allies;; Constellation Senshi, her guardian senshi, Solar Ivory (her knight), other senshi

enemies;; Chaos and her allies

parents;; Simon and Abigail Bellerose

siblings;; Two older brothers, Benedict and Solomon

other relations;; One uncle and both sets of grandparents, all living in England.

crush and sexuality;; Straight, not particularly interested in anyone right now, after all, she did only just arrive in Japan.

history;; Until quite recently, Guinevere lived her entire life in England. Her father was a high ranking businessman, and her mother never worked. When Guinevere was born, the third child in her family, her mother was delighted at finally having a daughter. Of course, that was before Gwen started defying her expectations.

Abigail Bellerose, Gwen's mother, had very clear and strict ideas of what her daughter would be like. Unfortunately, Gwen's personality didn't mesh with her mother's ideas at all. Never the less, Mrs. Bellerose still attempted to shape Gwen into the "ideal woman," despite her daughter's protests.

From a young age, Mrs. Bellerose controlled nearly all of her daughter's activities, as she tried to squelch any "unladylike" behavior. Unfortunately for Gwen, that included most of the things she enjoyed doing. So naturally, Gwen rebelled at any chance she could get, and grew to dislike her mother quite intensely.

Her brothers, being seven and nine years older than her, respectively, did little, if anything, to help their sister, being far more concerned with their own pursuits. Her father, on the other hand, tried to give her as much freedom as possible, something which has done nothing but strain the relationship between her parents.

Amidst all this, Gwen's father's firm decided to transfer him to their branch in Tokyo to oversee operations in Japan. As a result, Gwen and her mother have moved to the foreign country with Mr. Bellerose. However, Mr. Bellerose's new job has left him with far longer hours, leaving Gwen alone with her mother for far more time… which has done little to help matters.

Now that she's living in Japan, Gwen hopes to meet some new friends and hopefully be able to escape from her mother's overbearing presence occasionally…

senshi/knight history;; The Virgo Kingdom was, quite possibly, the richest and most ostentatious of the Constellation kingdoms. It was also known to be the kingdom with one of the largest gaps between the wealthy and the poor. That aside, the Virgo Kingdom had an extremely rigid social structure, especially within the nobility.

Princess Euphemia hated the social structure and went out of her way to thumb her nose at it. Her escapades gave her guardian senshi constant headaches, but there was little that could be done to stop her. The nobility were very quickly coming to hate their princess because of her views on, well, most things, and just when it seemed like she couldn't cause a bigger scandal, she found a way to throw the entire nobility into upheaval.

Euphemia met Suzaku just before a major event. He was of the lowest tier of nobility, and she was fully aware of that fact. She just didn't give a damn, as she found him very interesting, and also very attractive. Over the next several months, she fell in love with him and showed it very publicly, much to the nobility's utter outrage.

Then Chaos came. Euphemia's guardian senshi had urged her charge against her relationship with Suzaku, but to no end. Chaos played on this and corrupted the guardian. Thus taken by Chaos's power, she turned on her princess and murdered Suzaku in full court.

The Princess was forced to kill her own guardian senshi, but the damage was done. With the Princess's closest guardian turning against her, the situation in the kingdom deteriorated rapidly, and civil war erupted. In the end, Euphemia was forced to give her life in defense of her kingdom and ideals.

in the night, the stormy night

she'll close her eyes
chatango;; Eagletrekkie

alias;; Eagle

experiance;; about 2 years, including Akio and Yuna here

sample rp;; N/A

in the night, the stormy night
away she'd fly
[ T E M P L A T E, made by Tsuki ]
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(WIP) Guinevere Bellerose - Sailor Virgo
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