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 Southern Pern [AU 10th Pass DRoP RP]

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Southern Pern [AU 10th Pass DRoP RP] Empty
PostSubject: Southern Pern [AU 10th Pass DRoP RP]   Southern Pern [AU 10th Pass DRoP RP] EmptyFri Aug 29, 2014 1:36 pm

Southern Pern [AU 10th Pass DRoP RP] AD

It has finally happen! The Jump back in time was an absolute success, and both Weyrs are celebrating as the Queens grow egg heavy and preparing to grace the sands with eggs. Eastern has more to celebrate for they are now at two Queens strong, finally able to catch up to Southern in numbers that have been drastically low. Even better, Copper Vaxiozath has clutched! Surprising all by laying ANOTHER golden egg, a promise that soon Eastern will have enough Queens to fly Fall. Though there is much to celebrate there is a lingering shadow upon Pern. It seems the Holds are being harassed, but by who? Things are starting to heat up, come and join us, not only are Rider positions open there are also Handler positions as well! All Candidates are welcome, or if you fancy a horde of female Riders or Handlers, Bring them! We welcome all types and either gender of Candidates, Riders, Handlers, or common Pernese!

Southern Pern [AU 10th Pass DRoP RP] BI3

Southern Pern is an AU Dragonriders of Pern RP, where AIVAS was never found and doesn't exist. The South split from the North but is heavily settled. Advancement in the lives of the Southern Pernese and technology are present. What we also have to offer:
.|Neutral. No sexuality-based Impression .|Neutral. The culture of the Southern Weyrs is much different than that of the North, both Men and Women have found the “traditional” ranks open to both sexes. With both Weyrs of the South open to Members!

.|Neutral. Friendly Community .|Neutral. We are a friendly community, both to those wise in the ways of Pern or those new to it. Have a question? Why not drop by our Cbox and have a grand time just chatting away!

.|Neutral. Custom Impressions .|Neutral. The Staff prides itself on customizing every Dragonet or Wherlet to the Candidate. This baby should fit your Candidate, and thus is made around just them! No pre-made baby, each is carefully created.

.|Neutral. Open Opportunities .|Neutral. There is always opportunities no matter the Rider or the Handler. If you have something interesting to bring to the table, please feel free to drop the Staff a note and we can see about getting others to jump in!
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Southern Pern [AU 10th Pass DRoP RP]
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