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 Finally out of school (OPEN)

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Kiara Ai

Kiara Ai

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Finally out of school (OPEN) Empty
PostSubject: Finally out of school (OPEN)   Finally out of school (OPEN) EmptySat Aug 30, 2014 2:40 am

Kiara really had no idea what she wanted to spend the day doing. It wasn't like she had a whole heck of a lot to do anyway that day. She was finally out of school and that worked great for her. She hated school anyway so it was nice to be out and doing things instead of being coped up in that classroom doing boring things. Needless to say when they were dismissed the pink haired girl high tailed it out of the building and off the campus. Now she was roaming aimlessly letting her feet lead her where ever. She was still dressed in her Ta uniform so there was no denying what school she went to.

After a bit of spacing out Kiara looked out in front of her at the set of stairs. She wasn't fully sure what had led her to be here but there was something about the place that she found almost soothing. She sighed holding her bag in front of her with both hands before climbing the stairs one at a time. Upon reaching the top she saw the reason behind the peaceful feeling a shrine she smiled before skipping off down the walk way looking at everything she could possibly see. This was the most fun she had, had all day honestly.
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Finally out of school (OPEN) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Finally out of school (OPEN)   Finally out of school (OPEN) EmptySun Sep 14, 2014 5:29 pm

Rei yawned as she walked up the stairs to the shrine, still wearing her uniform, bag in her hand. Rubbing the back of her head a bit, she glanced around. She wondered where those two birds were off doing, they usually were around to greet her when she came home from school. Ah there probably off sleeping somewhere.. Now her mind traveled to her Grandfather. She hoped he hadn't spent the day harassing young girls and was actually doing business.. The last thing they needed was a lawsuit for harassment.

Finally she reached the Shrine, and opened the doors to their living area. She took her shoes off at the door and slipped on her inside shoes. "Grandpa, I'm home." She waited and listened for a reply, only to not receive one. He must be busy with someone, or something.. Hopefully more of a something.. Going to her room, she removed her school uniform and placed it in a hamper of dirty clothes as she placed on her Hakama. Sighing a bit, she thought to herself she needed to do a cleansing of herself on the weekend.

Walking outside, she had a broom in her hand. It wasn't very long before she heard a stifled snicker. Looking over, she followed the sound until it led to her Grandfather hiding behind a bush and peeking at a young girl in a school uniform and pink hair. Glaring down at her grandpa, she placed her hands on her hips. "Grandpa! What do you think you're doing?! Ugh go and supervise the charm station!" She scolded and pointed as he slinked away like a dog that just got in trouble. She shook her head and sighed before she approached the girl and smiled.

"I'm sorry about that.. Is there anything I can help you with?"
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Kiara Ai

Kiara Ai

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Join date : 2014-07-24

Finally out of school (OPEN) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Finally out of school (OPEN)   Finally out of school (OPEN) EmptyWed Sep 24, 2014 5:15 am

The bright smile on Kiara's face she was sure most people kept expecting to she her start spinning around in circles. It was the freest and calmest she had felt since becoming a dark senshi. She stopped walking for a few moments holding her bag in front of her once again looking up at the sky. It was a beautiful day and she was in a beautiful place. yet there was something about this place that seemed sort of familiar to her. What that was she wasn't sure. She shook her head and went back to enjoying the day instead of actually thinking about anything.

Kiara jumped when she heard the other girl yelling at her grandfather. She spun around and watched as the old man walked away before the girl approached her. She let her bright smile show back up on her face. "I was just enjoying how peaceful it is here actually." she said the bubbly voice showing that she was enjoying meeting someone new. "It's really very pretty here." she said fast he smile getting brighter the more she spoke.
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Finally out of school (OPEN) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Finally out of school (OPEN)   Finally out of school (OPEN) EmptyWed Sep 24, 2014 3:15 pm

Rei smiled at the girl, she was cute, in her own way. She didn't normally think of people as cute, besides Usagi and Wataame, in a childish fashion. She had short pink hair with dark eyes to match. Though she was, rather small. That didn't matter much to the raven-haired miko, though Rei would be lying if she said she didn't feel anything strange coming from her. Narrowing her eyes, she focused on the feeling she got from this pink girl. It was hard, but, she could almost feel as if there was two, fighting for dominance... She wasn't sure if the one that was winning, was good or bad.. Do I need to keep an eye on this girl..? Does, she pose a threat?

Though the smile she was suddenly given was hard to make her seem as a threat. For some reason this girl made Rei almost begin to put her guard down. Rei gave a genuine smile in return, not a typical forced smile she used when dealing with visitors. "The sight here is beautiful, we try to keep it that way. You should see it in the spring when everything is in bloom, it's very lovely then." She told her, and it was true. The shrine in the spring was something truly to behold. Though it was rare she had someone come here just for the view, but she wasn't bothered by it. It was a nice change to those who wanted something impossible, such as undying riches or having someone come and fall in love with them that was either out of their reach or seriously didn't like the person. Sometimes for disturbing reasons.

"Well, you're welcome to stay here and relax if you want, I need to go and check on Grandfather and clean around the shrine." She said as she gave a small wave, and turned around so she could head to where they put the charms for viewing and purchasing. He better be there..
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Finally out of school (OPEN) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Finally out of school (OPEN)   Finally out of school (OPEN) Empty

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Finally out of school (OPEN)
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