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 Michiru Kaioh

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Michiru (Retired)

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PostSubject: Michiru Kaioh   Michiru Kaioh EmptySat Aug 30, 2014 4:14 am

Michiru Kaioh Mugen45Michiru Kaioh 2j47v37Michiru Kaioh 20uxx6b
when she was just a girl
she expected the world

name;; Michiru Kaioh

meaning;; Given that the Roman god Neptune is king of the sea, it is quite fitting that the kanji of her surname Kaiho breaks down into "sea" and "king". Her given name Michiru is written in Hirigana and means 'to rise'. The ocean levels and waves do 'rise' so perhaps there is a link to her powers in its meaning.

age;; 18

gender;; Female

date of birth;; March 6

height;; 162.56cm (5"4)

weight;; 50kg (110lbs)

hair colour;; seafoam green; wavy and shoulder-blade length

eye colour;; light blue

wardrobe;; As an elegant girl, she tends to be seen wearing dresses, dress pants and blouses. The dresses she prefers tend to be minis with puff sleeves, but as she does often perform on stage she's seen in a wife variety of stunning formal attire. She seems to favour heels, but will sometimes wear elegant sandals. Otherwise, she's wearing her school uniform.

faceclaim;; Sailor Moon // Michiru Kaioh

picture;; their normal form

but it flew away from her reach
so she ran away
in her sleep

personality;; Michiru is a cool-tempered individual with a polite demeanour; rarely losing her temper. Actually, she can be quite patient and kind when approached properly but her higher class upbringing and not being the most sociable can make her appear stand-offish, or even like she thinks she's better than everyone else. She does not waste her time with people who try to antagonize her and hates to be patronized. She's highly intelligent, talented, beautiful and she knows it. Therefore, there is an element of pride in herself that she carries around.

However, if she is ever angry, she is sharp-witted and rather ruthless in her response. She's also competitive and hates to lose to anyone. One of her biggest faults is actually her single minded drive. She doesn't prefer to co-operate with anyone but Haruka and perhaps the Outer senshi when it comes to her duty. Only her love for Haruka is fiercer, to which she would sacrifice absolutely anything. After all, a world without her is one not worth living, according to her own words.


  • the violin
  • painting
  • swimming
  • music
  • sashimi
  • marine blue


  • being patronized
  • people who flirt with Haruka
  • Haruka flirting with someone else
  • sea cucumbers
  • kirukage
  • physical education


  • she internalizes a lot of her pain
  • isn't as physically strong in her civilian form
  • black-and-white approach to her duty makes her take extreme sides


  • ruthlessly driven toward her goal
  • intelligence
  • sophistication

goals;; to continue her career with the violin; to save the world from devastation and unite all peoples within the nation

fears;; failing her duty; losing Haruka

and dreamed of para- para- paradise,

senshi/knight alias;; Sailor Neptune

transform item;; Neptune Star Stick

transform phrase;; Neptune Crystal Power, Make-Up!

sailor or knight fuku;; The fuku primary colours are sea green which is represented in her tiara gem, choker, collar, gloves, skirt and heels. Her gloves are slightly above wrist-length. Likewise, her heels have ballet straps that wind up just past the ankle. The accent colour is navy blue which is represented in both bows. She wears a choker with a golden star and the gem at the ribbon on her chest is a heart. There is one white stripe on her collar. Her shoulder pads are translucent.

star or planet;; She is Princess Neptune of the planet by the same name.

guardian;; Guardian Neptune

protect;; Sailor Moon (and informally, Sailor Uranus)

power of;; The sea/deep ocean blue/water

group;;  Outer Senshi

weapon(s);; Deep Aqua Mirror

attacks and techniques;;
Deep Submerge - Using her powers, she summons the force of the deep sea pressure to blast a compressed energy beam at her enemies.

Submarine Reflection - Her mirror will reveal her enemy's weakness, or augment her powers to blast an energy beam similar to her Deep Submerge at her enemy.

Submarine Violon Tide - She uses her violin to send a tidal wave of energy to wash over her enemies. *violon is french for violin

Call of the Siren - Sailor Neptune raises her hand to the air as she calls out her attack, and her violin appears and descends down to her outstretched hand. To her enemies, she appears upon a stone in the middle of a harsh stormy sea as the waves crash about her. The melody is haunting, beckoning, and for the duration of the song weak-minded foes will find themselves incapacitated with a feeling as though they are drowning...

precognition - Michiru has an insight and intuition that rivals even Rei's. This allows her to 'sense' the intentions of others (which she often uses to tease Haruka's feelings with) and was what allowed her to tap into her former life.

sailor or knight picture;; Super Sailor Neptune

life goes on, it gets so heavy
the wheel breaks the butterfly,
every tear a waterfall

allies;; The Inner and Outer Sailor Senshi

enemies;; Dark Senshi; anyone who threatens the universe with their evil or threatens their princess.

parents;;  Unknown

siblings;; none

other relations;; Adopted daughter Hotaru

crush and sexuality;; Haruka Tenou - Lover/Girlfriend; homosexual

Michiru grew up in a mansion by the sea and was a delicate young girl not prone to socializing much with others. She dedicated her time to her passions, which was the sea, painting, and music. She enrolled in Mugen Gauken academy from preschool to high-school (until its destruction) due to being a highly distinguised student. Her talents as a violinist eventually gained her recognition and she performed many recitals in her youth. Her artwork was also featured in galleries.

Michiru was not awakened to her powers by anyone else, but rather her memory of a past life came to her in dreams. When this happened, she gained her star stick and the transformation into Sailor Neptune confirmed its veracity. She knew she was truly the reincarnated Princess Neptune, and she had sworn to protect Princess Serenity. She was plagued by a precognition of the end of the world, and knew that in order to stop it she had to seek out pure hearts. She could not, however, do this alone.

When she saw Haruka at the race track she could sense that it was her lover reincarnated, the Princess Uranus. Approaching her as a fan pretending to want her as a 'model', she was turned down. It was later, when she transformed as Sailor Neptune and was attacked by a youma did Sailor Uranus join her side. It was then they've been following incidents involving Death Busters in the search for pure heart crystals. This eventually led to a meeting with the other senshi when Sailor Mars was attacked. Much happened and it became revealed that the required talismans were actually within Sailor Moon and Sailor Uranus themselves. When Hotaru revealed herself as the Messiah of Silence the outer senshi attempted to kill her. The battle was won, and the infant version of Hotaru was adopted making Michiru a Michiru-mama.

When Galaxia appeared the Starlights were iffy allies; Michiru wanted to know their intentions with her precognitive senses and asked Seiya if she could zip her up. This caused her lover to be quite jealous, but no blood was shed that day. In order to defeat Galaxia the outer senshis devised a plan to 'betray' their comrades by joining her side and waiting for the opportunity to steal her star seed. This failed when it was revealed that Galaxia did not possess a star seed, and Galaxia's control strengthened on them. She died with Uranus, but was reincarnated after the battle and lives happily with her family.

in the night, the stormy night

she'll close her eyes

chatango;; elenasaysso

alias;; Elena or some variation of it.

experiance;; Over a decade of roleplaying; started on a fantasy forum, moved to neo, and now tend to go from forum to forum for all my roleplay needs.

sample rp;;

The sea crashed upon the rocks of the cliffs as she stared down from her tower. Well, it was not a tower, but modern day princesses and their mansions hardly were a quaint sight. She thought that coming back to all this, she would be overjoyed, but truthfully Michiru felt battle worn. She needed time to herself to contemplate her role in the never-ending cycle of good and evil.

The pencil rested idle against the page where the ghosts of a more complete image were stroked with minimal pressure. Her back was pressed against the alcove and her head turned to look out the window down to the sea below. The water was turbulent and the sky stormy. There was no entertaining a swim down to the private beach. Yet inside it was calm as still water. Every sound was like a pin drop. Hotaru asleep, Haruka away, it was quiet within and without.

There was only one question on her mind. What now? What would their future be like? A still emptiness, or the raging storm? Had they fought their greatest foe? It took the voice of a child to make her rise. "Michiru-mama..." She didn't know what or when she'd be fighting again, but she did have one answer. She knew who she'd fight for, and that's what mattered.

in the night, the stormy night
away she'd fly

[ T E M P L A T E, made by Tsuki ]
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Quote :
I love it <3 

This is a solid application, and you seem to have a nice grasp on Michiru.

 Go ahead and get you an avatar of her, and put a link to this application somewhere within your signature.... whether it be through a siggie banner or text link.

 Welcome to the site. I look forward to writing with you!  cat

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