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 Asako Kirishima-Sailor Aries (FINISHED)

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Asako Kirishima


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PostSubject: Asako Kirishima-Sailor Aries (FINISHED)   Mon Sep 01, 2014 5:54 am

when she was just a girl
she expected the world

name;; Asako Kirishima

age;; 17

gender;; female

date of birth;; April 4th

height;; 5'6"

weight;; 96lbs

hair colour;;Purple and straight . Reaches to her waist.

eye colour;; Blood red

wardrobe;; Asako likes to wear traditional Japanese clothing that consist of long skirts and Kimono's. She doesn't care for color as long as it looked right it didn't matter. However her street clothes revolve around skinny jeans and a white t-shirt. Otherwise she's normally found in her school kendo gear. Regardless of whatever she wears a white ribbon tie's her hair back. It was a present from her sensei during Kendo training.

faceclaim;; Sekirei // Miya Asama (AKA: Sekirei No.1)

picture;; their normal form

but it flew away from her reach
so she ran away
in her sleep

personality;; Asako is quite ecentric. As a young girl she never liked Make-up and dolls like her older sister did. She liked weapons, anything sharp that she can get her hands on and she turns into a completely different person. She likes being alone and keeping to herself but tends to go out of her way to help people. Asako tends to get angry quite fast. When she gets angry she smile's very creepily. A smile that sends shivers down your spine and makes you reform ur ways when your eye's meet with hers. When blind with Rage Asako relentlessly rampages until her heart is put to ease. People sometimes wonder whether she's the real villain in a sweet girls guise.

However she can be quite nice. She loves animals and tends to the wounded whenever she can. She is a big stickler on fairness and abides by her rule that all things should be equal. However as tough as she may seem she's still a girl and has fears. She is deathly afraid of bees and spiders. She cries to her favorite shows, and when she's hurt emotionally. The thing that hurts her the most is betrayal. Not only will she be angry but heart broken. She tends to trust people a little more than she should and usually ends up with her heart smashed into a million pieces..


  • Flowers
  • Sadism and Masochism
  • Politeness
  • Cleanliness
  • Cooking


  • The ignorant
  • Politics
  • Bee's
  • Killing people


  • Bee's
  • Over confidence
  • Trusts people more than she ought to.


  • Loyal
  • Great with a Sharp Objects (Ex. Swords, Rapiers, Bladed Fans,
  • Very strong

goals;; Asako hopes to be a Master swordswoman one day and become a champion. She must first climb the hill of beating her sensei in kendo first.

fears;; Asako's greatest fear are bees. She doesn't want to get stung by one and squeals adorably in sheer terror at the sight of one. When a bee enters her presence that calm personality of hers becomes that like a helpless young girl lost in a shopping mall.

and dreamed of para- para- paradise,

senshi/knight alias;; Sailor Aries

transform item;; Ram's Broach

transform phrase;; "Aries Constellation Power, Make Up!"

sailor or knight fuku;; Asako's Leotard is naturally white while her skirt is black. Upon Asako's straightened hair is a red bow and on her forehead a black star Tiara. On her chest is a red bow made to look like wings with a Star in the middle. On her waist is another red bow graces her body as a mere design. Lastly she where's black heeled shoes to wrap up the whole Ensemble.

star or planet;; Aries Constellation

guardian;; A black male bunny named Ariendel.

power of;; Defense, Blood Manipulation

group;; Constelation

weapon(s);; Cassentia: A Kitana With a rams crest on the hilt. The Crest is made of Obsidian while the Eye's are embedded with rubies.

attacks and techniques;;

Aries Hammer: Blood forms around Asako's Kitana and forms into a huge hammer. As soon as it makes contact with a solidified iobject it will crash sending shards of hardened blood scattering around. The Blood will turn into it's liquified state.

Ram's Shield: By stabbing her Kitana into the ground, a wave of blood shoots up forming a shield with the head of a Ram on it's front. The shield can block 3 attacks before it breaks. While Ram's shield is active, Asako  cannot use any attacks, however she can attack with the shield contributing to it's 3 attacks rule so if she attacks with it once and it hits, then defends with it, Asako will only have one move attack or defence move left with the shield.

sailor or knight picture;; a picture of their sailor after they have transformed.

life goes on, it gets so heavy
the wheel breaks the butterfly,
every tear a waterfall

allies;; The Solar Senshi and Constallation Senshi

enemies;; Those that commit to Evil

Asama Kirishima (Father)

Kiriko Kirishima (Mother)

Minami Akihara(Older Sister: Married)

Ushio Kirishima (Older Brother)

Iten Akihara (Nephew)

other relations;;

Akito Akihara (Brother in law)

crush and sexuality;; Bisexual, No crush yet.

history;; Asako was born into a middle class family. She was the youngest of her family yet expectations were already set for her. She had to succeed in doing better than her older brother and sister. Minami, was a Straight "A" student, Ushio was a Musical prodigy. But the question that remained ever since she was four was. "What was Asako's talent?" Everyone around her would ask her, hoping that they'd see a bit of her brother and sister in her academics. Sadly to say Asako wasn't all that smart. She was a "C" student. Music was also out of the question for Asako. She was utterly tone deaf. As much as she tried to learn music, she seemed only to get worse. The questions people asked soon became so suffocating to the point where she wouldn't talk to anyone. She'd avoid all contact with her classmates and eventually they left her alone.

Years passed as the seemingly talentless Asako turned 14, she was recruited for the Kendo club. She did it out of kindness because there weren't that many people in the club to begin with. She went to practice but the way her teammates played against her were utterly pathetic. However their sensei was quite skilled in the art of Kendo. He had faced Asako only once and saw her skill for himself. She was obviously a natural at Kendo although she had no previous training. He beat her however and taught Asako as his personal protégé. Asako soon participated in competitions all around Japan and won. She still struggles however to beat her sensei. In order to be the best she must defeat the man that trained her. For years she has challenged him and each challenge yielded a defeat on her part.  

senshi/knight history;;  The kingdom of Aries was always a Rabble rousing nation that hosted many tournaments to determine the strongest person within the constellation. The winner of these competitions however would become next in line for the throne regardless of the king/queens lineage. The tournament that is held around the time of the King/queens last days is open to people of all ages, as long as you could prove yourself in battle. Cheating was strictly prohibited and the punishment for cheating was eternal banishment.

One year a young girl competed in the contest of strength against her fellow people. She was unknown by many, but came bearing the rams crest upon her left breast. She had purple hair and carried herself as if she were a princess, when in all reality, she was a pauper. The girl simply defeated her opponent one by one, ruining their chances of becoming the next in line for the throne. After winning the competition the young girl was named princess of the Aries constellation. No one knew where or how hard she trained but it was obvious that she was no novice.

Many people suggested she cheated as a meager attempt to get the girl exiled from the kingdom. The King however stepped up and defended her honor. He spoke on her behalf after seeing each of her fights first hand. He announced his adoption of the young girl constellation wide and dared anyone who wanted to attack his new daughter to get through him first. No one wanted to face the kings wrath so they backed off leaving the new princess in peace. The purple haired princess now in her late teens stood over the king by his deathbed and smiled sweetly. This man had been kind to her since day one of their meeting and she would stay by his side no matter what. As he died that day, the girl was supposed to be crowned queen of Aries, however, Chaos attacked the coronation ceremony. It was unknown why they decided to attack Aries at that point in time but it was clear that the constellation was in danger.  Asako was rushed through the hallways trying to escape danger, but Chaos was in hot pursuit. They caught up to her and ahnilliated her guards. As the purple haired girl took her last breath upon the floor covered in crimson red blood, she softly said, "Father I'll see you soon." as she exsanguinated there on the floor.

Exsanguinated: Bleeding to death.

in the night, the stormy night

she'll close her eyes

chatango;; Quarie

alias;; Q

experience;; I've Rp'd for a least a year but I'm not a pro at it.

sample rp;;  

"Where am I?" Asako asked looking around to find only complete darkness. She was in her Kendo gear wielding her practice sword. "HELLO!? IS ANYONE THERE?!" She screamed through the darkness, but no one answered. For a while Asako became worried until, she heard the faint voice of a woman. 'A..........ko.' it called out"Who's there?!"'A..s....ko.' The voice said becoming a bit louder. 'Asako.' The voice said clearly. It was sounded feminine. 'Asako! Please help me!' The voice called out from behind her. Twisting around quite fast she caught the image a rather radiant female in a long flowing dress. She looked like a princess the way she glided towards the Asako. 'Asako, please help me. The shadows are here for me.' she pleaded. "W-What?" Asako replied in the midst of her confusion. Suddenly shadowy figures lined in a red glow arose from underneath the glowing woman and began dragging her back. "NO! COME BACK! STOP!." Asako cried reaching out to the woman before she was then swallowed up by the darkness.

The purple haired high-school girl awoke with a start. She was laying down with her head upon her desk in the classroom. Her Teacher stood over her tapping his foot in annoyance. 'Miss Kirishima was it? Since you find my class so boring that it sends your mind to sleep, why don't you go excuse yourself from my classroom and not return until your next scheduled class time with me.' The professor sounded pissed. He was kicking her out. In front of all the other students there. It was embarrassing. She gathered her stuff and left the class. "What the hell was that dream though." She said to herself trying to make sense of it all. It seemed more like a nightmare to be honest. Massive headaches soon plagued her forcing Asako to stop dead in her tracks. Asako put a hand to her forehead and sighed. "I guess That's the last time I party until dawn."

in the night, the stormy night
away she'd fly

[ T E M P L A T E, made by Tsuki ]

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PostSubject: Re: Asako Kirishima-Sailor Aries (FINISHED)   Thu Sep 04, 2014 5:48 pm

Not quite. . .

  • Hi! There seems to be a few things that need tweaking with your app, dear.

  • Firstly, your three icons should all be sizes of 100x100. If you don't know how to find one, can't find one, or are unsure how to resize them, just ask me. I don't mind helping.

  • I'd like a few more sentences about what she looks like and what her "wardrobe" consists of, if you don't mind. What does she wear when she's not wearing kimonos -- or is that the only type of clothing she prefers? Does she like dark or vibrant colors? What type of shoes does she like/is she seen wearing? Does she wear things in her hair? It seems to me, as per the pictures, she has it pulled back with a ribbion. You may want to include that.

  • Her "normal" picture isn't showing up. You may want to grab one from Google, Wikipedia, or Photobucket instead.

  • I think her personality needs to be explored further. It's okay for her to like sharp things, stay to herself, and have anger issues... but how does she feel about herself? How would you put her heart "at ease"? Instead of/after continuing to describe her anger and rage, describe her other emotions, too. Does she get sad? Happy? Do people see these sides of her? If they don't, why? Also, try and give us characteristics and personality traits. If she has some type of disorder, or is just flat-out crazy, put it down and tell us why. Pretend she were a real person, and flesh out her character a bit more.

  • For her "Sailor/Knight Fuku", it seems you have, more or less, told us how she transforms. You need to describe her senshi outfit. Go into detail. Try to give a written picture of everything she's wearing for this section. It's okay if you want to describe how she transforms, too... just make sure to do it in a separate paragraph before/after the one where you have described her senshi fuku.

  • Which also brings me to the "Senshi/Knight Picture" as well. The picture you have does not meet the standards of the senshi outfit in the SM Universe, neither does it match what you have in your "Sailor/Knight Fuku" description. If you describe her fuku well enough, you do not have to have a "Sailor/Knight Fuku" picture. If you want to, you may draw it, upload it to a photo-hosting service (like Photobucket or Tinypic), and then post the link here. OR, feel free to visit this site, which is quite accurate and wonderful for your senshi designs. From what I understand, you can save it to your computer once you're done and upload it to a photo-hosting service if you want to, then post a link here.

  • I also don't think her weapon should be able to heal her. Unless, of course, you want to have that as an attack... but, then, there should be some sort of recoil, like exhaustion or negating the use of her sword(and attacks associated with it) for the remainder of the fight.

  • As for her powers.... she simply seems a bit too powerful to be a senshi -- and, a constellation senshi, no less. I will say that minor blood manipulation is a creative concept, and I like how you have somewhat fitted the element with her sign as Aries... but attacks like "Aries Blood Nova" cannot be allowed because it does way too much damage for the level of senshi she is... and, "Spears of Aries" seems to be playing with power, too, seeing as it hurts everybody. I would tone the amount of damage she does and the amount of power she has down a bit, and maybe place a few limitations/self side-effects if it still seems strong. "Blood Dragon Bite" just simply cannot be approved of on this site, for the attack just seems too dark and too.. "satanic".. especially for a 'good' senshi and for a magical girl roleplay such as this one. I'll have to ask you remove that one, or just change it altogether.

  • For the last part of her history... maybe she should work her way to beating her sensei? Like, perhaps, that's her natural talent, and she may be much better at kendo and swordmanship than the majority(if not all) of her class, but I still think she should work her way up to beating their teacher. Like, maybe he beats her the first time.. and then, the second time, she trains harder, and is able to be victorious when she goes against him(and maybe no one else had been able to beat the sensei until now?).

  • You're also missing a "Senshi/Knight History" for her. It goes after the "History" section, and you need one for all original senshi and knights. Go back to the application template, find it, and copy/paste, then fill that out as well.  

  • And, a side-note... the avatar you have for her is a bit large. Get a smaller one, please?

  • Get all of what I have requested sorted out, and then tell me when you have finished. Then, I'll review her again and we'll see what happens from there. =-) Let me or Yuzuki know if you have any questions <3

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PostSubject: Re: Asako Kirishima-Sailor Aries (FINISHED)   Sun Sep 07, 2014 10:12 pm

A c c e p t e d !  elephant  

Quote :
Yes! Thank you so much for doing as I requested without conflict. <3

 Go ahead and put a link to her application in your signature somewhere, and don't be afraid to start a thread or post in one that's already open! Keep in mind, however, that you cannot use slang or "text talk" in your in-character posts and double-check your spelling. And, don't worry about being sort of new to roleplaying. The more you do it, the more you learn! And, if you ever need help with anything or have any questions, ask. Whether it's me, Yuzuki, or another member... everyone on the site is pretty friendly, and would love to give you some pointers.<3


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PostSubject: Re: Asako Kirishima-Sailor Aries (FINISHED)   

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Asako Kirishima-Sailor Aries (FINISHED)
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