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 Thanatos (Finished!)

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Riko Cheung


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PostSubject: Thanatos (Finished!)   Fri Sep 05, 2014 12:05 am

i used to rule the world,
seas would rise
when i gave the word

name;; General Thanatos

age;; Appears to be mid to late 20s, but is likely far older

gender;; male

date of birth;; March 21

height;; 5'11

weight;; 205

hair colour;; A short crop of blue hair

eye colour;; Blue

wardrobe;; Most commonly, Thanatos is found in a pair of dark colored pants and yellow tank top.  Combat boots, of some variety are also quite common and he always seems to wear a pair of mismatched gloves, one dark blue and the other black.  Rounding out these outfits is typically a bright red cape.  Because Thanatos is a subtle one.

faceclaim;; King of Fighters // K9999

picture;; Behold!  General Thanatos!

now in the morning i sleep alone,
sweep the streets i used to own

personality;; If it is one thing that can be said about Thanatos, is that he can be quite unpredictable.  Those who have actually gotten to know him are few and far between, but they have professed that they are unsure if he is actually as brilliant a strategist as he claims, or if he is just completely insane.  Either way, he does take a certain pride (and some might say joy) in his work.  And his work is, for the most part, war.  He has led countless soldiers into countless battles and posses a keen eye for tactics.  And far from being an armchair general, Thanatos enjoys his time on the field.  In this respect he is a bit of a control freak.  If things do not go as he plans, he prefers the ability to make any adjustments himself.  Prideful and arrogant, Thanatos rarely accepts advice.  When it comes to battle, he feels that he always knows best.  And he has certainly made a good case for himself.  There could be some debate to his sanity, but there can be no question that he has seen lots of success as a general.  Some have attributed this to his cold approach to the value of life.  If he has to sacrifice some of his own troops to achieve a goal, he has never shown hesitation in doing so.  When Thanatos does have a goal, he approaches it with a single-minded determination to see it through.  After his loss to the forces of the Cosmos, Thanatos currently sees his goal as the utter decimation of his old foe.  Queen Nyx has provided an excellent opportunity to see that goal achieved, but his loyalty extends as far as the forces of Chaos remain beneficial.  He certainly owes a great debt and has every intention of paying it off.  As to the other generals...he sees their usefulness as questionable.  So long as no one interferes with his own plans, though, there is no reason to quarrel and bicker.


  • Battle
  • Control
  • Victory (specifically, his own)
  • The decimation of his enemies


  • Any form of loss that he does not anticipate
  • Anyone trying to exert control over things he deems “his own”
  • The Cosmos
  • The Senshi


  • Arrogance
  • Micromanagement
  • Takes Big Risks


  • A strong combatant
  • A willingness to do things, most sane people would not
  • Strategy and tactics (especially with large forces or resource management)

goals;; To rebuild his army and lead another march across the universe

fears;; Being tossed back into the void

i used to roll the dice,
feel the fear in my enemy's eyes,
listen as the crowd would sing,

" the old king is dead,
long live the king! "

home;;  There have been many rumors and suggestions as to his homeworld.  But it is hard to verify, when even he won't give you the same answer, twice.  Presently, he resides in the Dark Castle

affiliation;; Chaos, Queen Nyx

speciality;;  Electro-Magnetism

weapon(s);; His metallic right hand.  Through his manipulation of electro-magnetic fields, he can reform his hand into either a blade or a drill.

attacks and techniques;;
E.M. Field – Generating a strong field around himself, Thanatos can deflect most energy based attacks, or anything metallic.  He can also maneuver himself around, usually through the air, when the field is active.  However, he must sacrifice any offensive capabilities in order to do so. He usually uses under extreme cases, or if he needs to survey the battlefield.  Energy attacks do weaken the field's strength, depending on how powerful they are and/or their frequency.
E.M. Pulse – a mid-range attack that he usually generates through his right hand.  The components that he has stored inside make it perfect for sending out a burst of energy that can knock out electronic devices.  Against organic things, it is not a lethal attack, but the impact can be less than pleasant.  This attack cannot be used if his hand is in either of it's two weapon forms, or if he is using either of his other attacks.
E.M. Railgun – Taking a long, straight metallic object, Thanatos sends an electro-magnetic current along it's length and propels other metal objects at high velocity at his opponents.  The longer the object, the more powerful the impact, although this does take greater concentration and more time to build up the strength of the current.  He also has to factor in the size of the “ammo” he is using and this all before he starts trying to aim the thing.

true form or outfit;; N/A

true form picture;; N/A

one minute i held the key, next the walls were closed on me,
and i discovered my castles stand

upon pillars of salt and pillars of sand

allies;; Queen Nyx (For as long as she can provide him the proper resources and as long as he still owes her a debt), the other Night Generals (in as much as they face a common foe), Youma (Although he sees them as pawns and as little else) and the Dark Senshi

enemies;; The Senshi, the Cosmos...or anyone who would dare stand before him, really.

parents;; Whoever they were, are long dead.  Names that have faded with history.

siblings;; There appear to be none

other relations;; None

crush and sexuality;; Single.  He has never shown any interest in a relationship with anyone and no one can really say if he finds any particular gender more attractive over the other.

history;; There are some stories that are just too muddled to be told clearly.  Some figures in history appear to come from out of no where and can lead sweeping changes upon society.  Where Thanatos came from is a not a question most people bother to ask, anymore.  What exists, at the present, is the story of the Long March of Thanatos.
An army rose in the universe, from out in the furthest reaches of space.  An army that was incredibly loyal to one leader, who called himself Thanatos.  He led his soldiers into battle with a number of kingdoms.  Small ones, at first.  But, those forces were soon consumed and some even absorbed into his own.  People who had captured anyone loyal to the general reported a fanatical devotion to the man.  Quickly, people realized that he would be a problem if no one dealt with him.
The tipping point came when Thanatos threatened to obtain the Silver Crystal.  Such an item in his hands could prove disastrous to the rest of the universe.  Drawing the attention of Cosmos, it was soon a race against time to try and prevent him from unlocking this power.  And for a while, it looked like he would even be successful!
During his final battle, Thanatos briefly held the Silver Crystal.  And were it not for a strange twist in his plans, he might have actually had the chance to use it.  Unfortunately for the general, one of his top lieutenants was not nearly as trustworthy as he seemed.  For that man had fallen for one of the champions of the cosmos and betrayed Thanatos.
While he survived that battle, Thanatos was banished into the Void.  Without his leadership, his armies were scattered and the threat of ongoing campaign was finally over.
Until Chaos pulled him from the Void...

i hear jerusalem bells a'ringing,
roman cavalry choirs are singing,
be my mirror, my sword, and shield,

my missionaries in a foreign field

chatango;; Amazingakemi

alias;; Akemi, Kemi

experiance;; Have you ever been experienced?  I know I have

sample rp;;
It had been far too long.  Inside that Void, time had lost meaning.  Drifting in nothingness, with only your thoughts could drive some people to madness.  For Thanatos, there was always some debate as to how far that drive could be.  If there was any sanity left to drive out.  But, that was the past.  He was back in his war room.
Or at least it passed for his war room.  There were modifications that had to be made, however, before he could feel comfortable with his surroundings, once more.  The only thing more disappointing about his loss, was the need for Queen Nyx to fish him out from his prison.  While certainly grateful to be away from that wretched place, Thanatos did like owing this big of a favor.
Still, what was done was done.  Now, he had to swear his loyalty to the queen and follow her orders.  Well, that didn't mean he couldn't make the most out of this situation.  And it provided an opportunity to strike back at the Cosmos.  Oh, he would make sure they regretted not killing him when they had the chance.  Thanatos looked at the screens that decorated his wall.  Finding footage of the Sailor Senshi was difficult, but he managed to dig some up.  Anything to help him understand his enemy would prove useful.
But, there was nothing like seeing someone in battle, for yourself.  Yes, he could have fun with this.  Thanatos leaned back in his chair and smiled to himself.  Soon, he would make sure that the Senshi (and everyone on that planet they called home) would tremble at the mere mention of his name.

for some reason i can't explain,
i know saint peter won't call my name,
never an honest word,

and that was when i ruled the world

[ T E M P L A T E, made by Tsuki ]
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PostSubject: Re: Thanatos (Finished!)   Tue Sep 23, 2014 1:38 am

Woo! The first Night General! ^_^ You know what to do; grab an icon and signature with a link to the app and you're ready to go!

I look forwards to rping with you! ^_^
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Thanatos (Finished!)
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