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 Music of the Night [open]

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Michiru (Retired)


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PostSubject: Music of the Night [open]   Sat Sep 06, 2014 5:41 pm

Those with money to spare and an appreciation for good music would have their chance to mingle at the five-star Shangri-La hotel in downtown Tokyo, conveniently located near the Tokyo station. If Michiru was going to be travelling alone, that would have been much appreciated. Thankfully, she had a loving girlfriend who seemed determined to attend every one of her performances. The bow and violin rested against her lap in the black case as they drove and parked Haruka's vehicle in the parking of the hotel. They didn't have to pay the fee since it was included in the hotel's accommodation for the musicians which was considerate, even if Michiru's net-worth made such a fee insignificant.

The event and overall theme was called Music of the Night, and so Michiru having no other inspiration decided that she'd do a medley piece for the musical the title was undoubtedly inspired by. She had prepared her accompanist for it ahead of time. Though perhaps not original, the composition was ambitious and lively. She was expected to give an exceptional performance for such a demanding crowd. Music connoisseurs would expect it, given the fare they paid to hear it. Fine music for fine dining in a luxury five star hotel. Most 18 year olds would be nervous. Michiru was acclimatized to such an environment. It didn't impress her, and it wasn't supposed to set her unease.

So then what was the strange feeling she had in her gut? She wasn't normally very talkative, but on the way there she was quiet even for her own standard. Had she been right in sending out those invitations? At the time nothing had been amiss. It seemed like something the girls would enjoy it--a chance to be like the princesses in their past lives for a night, but now... "You'll watch over our guests during my performance?" she asked Haruka. They were in her dressing room as Michiru put away her violin case for now. It wasn't time yet. She'd be among the last performances and at 20:00 it was still too early.She'd be looking at another hour or so, and until then she'd be allowed to mingle and enjoy herself.

Or at least, she would be if the unsettling feeling would go away. Still, she put on her brave face, hiding any uncertainties behind a calm exterior and a small smile. Out there at the venue, tables had been set up around the stage and the large space for dancing. Dinner was a 6 course meal on a fixed menu with limited options per course, but considering the hotel's reputation for fine dining on site it seemed hard to go wrong. The people would be served at their tables by diligent wait staff and there would be one complimentary glass of wine served for those who opted out of buying their own bottles.

Michiru wasn't planning on drinking, or eating much for that matter, so didn't despair about her choice in ivory for a dress. It was an a-line, tea-length cocktail dress of lace and satin. She wore appropriate closed-toe heels that adequately matched the dress, while foregoing any accessories aside from an ornate pearl clip at the back of her head where she had pulled some hair back. The rest of the wavy seafoam locks coiled purposefully over bare shoulders while the rest fell down to her shoulder blades in their natural place. She looked like a mermaid turned bride, which the former was inevitable due to hair and natural affinity, but the latter intentional. She'd be channelling Christine tonight, even if she wasn't going to be singing.

It was time to go out and mingle with the public. Normally she told herself, though appreciated, she didn't need Haruka to chaperone her. This time she was...relieved to have her by her side.
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Nariko Kurosawa


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PostSubject: Re: Music of the Night [open]   Sun Sep 07, 2014 1:55 am

Cooking at the Shangri-La hotel! The Shangri-La hotel! Oh, it was a dream come true! Nariko was in seventh heaven as she pushed through the rear doors of the hotel and looked around. The kitchen was huge! Far bigger and more expensive looking than the one at her restaurant. She glanced around and saw she was the only one there. She made her way to a quiet spot, pulled out her chefs hat from her bag and donned it. 'Dark Power! Activate!' The hat glowed and the light spread until it covered her entire body. A moment later the glow faded and instead of the teenaged schoolgirl with short pink hair and green eyes, there now stood a young woman with pink hair, tied in a bun at the base of her skull, and light blue eyes. She wore a simple white shirt and black trousers under a white apron.

She stepped out of the room and saw that the rest of the kitchen staff had gathered. She smiled and walked over to them. The head chef, a tall, thin man with short, thick dark hair was giving them a pep talk, but Nariko heard a warning in his tone. She didn't really listen to what he was saying, but she knew it was something about the Shangri-La having a reputation to maintain, and that tonight was a big event. And he expected everyone to do their best. He smiled at them and told them to get started. First off were the starters.

Nariko was used to the one being in charge in the kitchen. But she didn't mind being told what to do. She was cooking in the kitchen of the Shagri-La hotel! Of course, that wasn't the only reason she was there.

Tonight was a huge event, with the rich and famous, and the invited, attending. They would be dancing and enjoying themselves. And, of course, eating. What an opportunity to plant the seeds of more anti-senshi thoughts. Of course, she didn't plant the thoughts themselves. Her powers didn't control thought, but emotion. And if you manipulate the right emotion, thoughts soon followed. If she planted the seed of doubt about the senshi, it would grow to dislike, then hate, and then the senshi will be out of action while trying to protect themselves. Allowing Queen Nyx and her Night Generals to harvest PersonaFlowers in peace. All because of a simple meal.

But for now, Nariko would enjoy the thrill of cooking in the kitchen of the Shangri-La hotel.
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Akemi Araceli


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PostSubject: Re: Music of the Night [open]   Sun Sep 07, 2014 3:43 am

The Araceli family was ready for a night out on the town. Although this was certainly more of Mariko's idea of a night out on the town. Adan was the last person who would suggest going to the Shangri-La to enjoy some fine dining and then a recital of classical music. The wrestler had managed to fit into a tux. He was always happy to spend time with his wife and daughter...he just wished he didn't have to do this.

Akemi's attire was more similar to her father's. This was her cousin's idea. She liked the idea of seeing Akemi in such a dapper outfit. Mariko was just glad to finally get Akemi out of the track suit and into something respectable. She would have to settle for the tux over a dress. Still, Akemi did complain.

"How do you wear things like this?" Akemi asked her father as she fiddled with her tie. Her father shrugged in his own response.

"I just try to ignore it."

"Great advice..." Akemi rolled her eyes.

(OOC: It's a short post, but I don't want to leave room for Chifu and/or Yuna to pop in around here. Hope that's OK!)
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Asako Kirishima


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PostSubject: Re: Music of the Night [open]   Mon Sep 08, 2014 8:54 am

"It was for training he said. You'll learn discipline he said." Asako mumbled under her breath as she served food to the guests of Shangri-La. "How does Waiting tables at a 5-star hotel teach you discipline?" Asako wasn't happy. Here she was literally handing food to rich folk on a silver platter while her sensei walked around in a tuxedo greeting these people with delight while ordering her around like a dog. Was he trying to get punched in the face. "When  this thing is over I'm so going to let him have it after this." she balled a fist and looked at him in anger as she entered the double doors acquiring the food that was ordered. She was sent back and forth for various reasons that did nothing but fuel her hatred for this damned event. The Tuxedo she wore was quite uncomfortable. After all she had to tie her hair back into a pony tail and stand up straight like a "Gentleman". But she wasn't a man, she  was a woman. Yes her bust looked a bit small but if you looked closer, you'd be able to tell that she was indeed a girl.

"When is this thing over again?" she said scratching her head. Her shift was ending soon and as the time came she kept the tux while loosening her tie a little. She walked out to mingle with the people now as was requested by her sensei. She decided on put on a fake smile amidst her anger and greet the people. Smiling seemed to work as many more people had begun to greet her, but as sir or Mister. She must've really looked like a guy if a multitude of people here mistook her for such. She eventually spotted a peculiar sight. a tiny black rabbit skittering about on the ground. It avoided the people's feet pretty well as it dodged steps from people. Asako took the tiny black rabbit by surprise when she picked it up and looked it in its eyes. "Such a cute thing like you is going to get hurt in a place like this. Stay with me and I'll keep you safe in the meantime." Asako smiled genuinely at the tiny animal. It was adorable in it's own way. She put the bunny in her chest pocket where it's feet and head stuck out to see everything. The bunny seemed to understand as it stayed put the entire time, occasionally looking right and left, up then down. Asako was in dire need of some conversation, but not from rich people, to be honest, she wanted to go home but alas her sensei was her ride.

Asako now had to get back to the kitchen so she prepared her things and went back to serving the food. Waiting tables at this chic restaurant was quite hard but she kept up to par. "Hello my name is Asako, and I will be your server today. If there is anything you need please do not be afraid to ask." That was the line she usually fed to the customers. She would smile once more and nod. "Welcome to the Shangri-La, how may I help you?" Something told the girl this would be a long night.

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Haruka (Retired)


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PostSubject: Re: Music of the Night [open]   Tue Sep 09, 2014 1:39 pm

Haruka watched Michiru out of the corner of her eye as she drove. Of course the roof was down Haruka only ever put the roof up in the winter or when it was raining. There was no way she was going to let her interior get wet. there was just something about watching Michiru as the wind blew around them. There was no sight she found prttier Ok so that was wrong the only thing she enjoyed more was watching Michiru play her violin. Haruka had forgon accompanying her tonight she wouldn't have been able to concentrate on the music anyway for some reason. Pulling in Haruka wasn't fully sure how to feel about not paying for the parking. She was used to doing it most of the time.

Waiting for Michiru to get everything setteled in the dressing room Haruka Worked on straihgtening out her tie. She pulled the knote tighter and smoothed it out before tucking it back under her jacket and attempting to straighten out her wind blown hair a bit. When Michiru spoke she turned to her. "of course I will if anything happens I'll stop it before it can become a problem." the blond said feeling at her pocket to make sure she still had her henshin wand on her. when her hand closed around it she nodded before giving Michiru a reassuring smile.

Haruka could see just how unsettled Michiru was than again that much was obvious with how quiet the other had been in the car. How in tune they could be with each other it almost seemed like they had known each other their whole lives than again she supposed that was kind of true after all the whole princess of a different planet kinda did that. Haruka waited for Michiru to make the first step towards the room the performance would be happening in. As soon as they were headed out Haruka placed a steady hand on the small of the others back. one look at them and they would likely seem like a nice couple though she was almost certain they would all think she was a guy rather than a woman but it's not like it ever bothered her.
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Chifuyu Kanzaki


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PostSubject: Re: Music of the Night [open]   Tue Sep 09, 2014 7:38 pm

Out of place as her cousin felt dressing up formally, Chifu was perfectly at home doing so even though she didn't normally choose to do so. When you dressed up nicely there needed to be a special occasion for it rather than just deciding you needed to look nice. Auntie wasn't the sort to insist that she be ladylike whatsoever considering that her own typical outfit consisted of jeans, t-shirts and sturdy work shoes. To wear an evening gown Chifuyu really needed a special occasion to emphasize how important the night was. Chancing upon the announcement of a concert of 'night music' or something of the sort had been just the excuse she'd needed to justify wearing the new dress she'd bought after a chance find at the recycle shop. Better still was that she had somehow convinced the Aracellis to attend the evening of music with her, and that meant that her princess would be there! How wonderful!

Whereas she normally let her hair down around Akemi and fully embraced her inner grappler, tonight was a time for the lady within to shine through. Though she was a little late Chifuyu knew she'd have to get a bottle from a vending machine if she wanted one of her guilty pleasures, the soft drink known as 'Jungleman'. Now that this was tucked away in her slightly worn handbag Chifu strode up to the trio whom she instantly recognized from her numerous visits to the Home of Champions. Adan was uncharacteristically in a tuxedo which somehow fit him despite his unique frame. Akemi too had a formal outfit with a tie, which made Chifu blush; she was certainly dashing and lovely in that! Actually it would compliment her blue satin evening gown rather nicely, even if Chifu was a little out of practice with walking in heels. Her hair was down as usual but she'd deigned to put on some light makeup for the occasion. Overall she had a classy look going on which was somewhat spoiled by the cat ears she'd added to the ensemble, which came from her Yule Cat costume. Also the fact that in her handbag was, of course, the DCW Championship belt with fresh duct tape applied to ensure it didn't fall apart.

"Akemi-chaaaan! Uncle and Auntie!" she called out happily as she sauntered up to the small group. She posed a little, "So what do you think? I tried to clean myself up a bit for this."
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Akemi Araceli


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PostSubject: Re: Music of the Night [open]   Wed Sep 10, 2014 1:37 am

"Ah, Chifuyu, it's so good to see...you." Akemi's mother let out an exasperated sigh when she spotted that thing Chifu declared to be a championship belt. And a pair of cat ears. This was not what she had expected. And this from the one who actually WOULD wear a formal gown!

"Chifuyu!" Adan bellowed, clearly happy to see his niece. Likewise, Akemi broke out into a grin when the dark haired girl called out to them. And with that, her mother was outvoted. For this night, she would certainly need a drink.

"Excellent! I'm sure you'll be carrying a gold belt, soon enough!" the Golden Caesar encouraged, while Akemi folded her arms and nodded her head in agreement. "You look great, Chifu!" Akemi said, "Glad you could make it!"
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Asako Kirishima


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PostSubject: Re: Music of the Night [open]   Thu Sep 11, 2014 4:26 am

Asako briskly waited the tables assigned to her, taking orders, serving food, and sometimes cleaning up messes. As she walked back into the kitchen she took a tiny portion enough to fit on her finger and walked into the break room. "Here you go little guy." She nudged the finger towards the black bunny in her pocket. He hissed at it and ducked his head down deeper into the pocket. "What you're not hungry? Oh well then." She washed her hands and returned to her tedious work routine until the manager called upon her.

'Hey Asako!'

"Yes? What do you need sir?"

'I need you to attend to our guest of honor. Make sure she gets everything she needs.'

"So you basically want me to be her errand boy?"

'Yes. Please though, be nice and make sure her time here is an enjoyable one.'

"Yes sir."

With a simple head nod he left and now here Asako was waiting for the big shot violin player to make her appearance. She was now apparently at Michiru's beck and call. However didn't she have a boyfriend or whatever to do this kind of stuff for her? Whatever, the thought of waiting for someone made Asako a little irritated but hey she was getting paid. "Just a couple more hours." she thought to herself. "Just a couple more and I can finally go back to training." Rushing through the crowd of people Asako had tried to make it to the entrance where Michiru had been expected to arrive at. The rabbit popped out once more and sniffed the air around it. Asako smiled and petted it's fur with her finger. "Hmm, what should I call you?" A headache soon plagued her as she knelt down a bit and held her head. Then the name finally came to her and the pain ceased. "Ariendel." She don't know where she pulled the name from but it seemed nostalgic like she had heard the name before. She stood up straight and held her forehead. "God that hurt. I hope I didn't scare you little guy." The bunny began looking at her in wonder.

'H-How does she know my name?' Ariendel thought as he buried his head into her pocket once more. 'This girl interests me. I think I'll stay with her a bit longer.'

Asako had been waiting at the main entrance of the Shangri-La, awaiting Michiru. She arrived sooner than she expected with her Boyfriend. "Hm must be nice to have a loving mate like him." she thought as she approached the two. "Hello Ms.Kaioh, I'll be your personal attendant this evening. If there is anything that you need please don't be afraid to ask for it." The Girl bowed in respect to the musician and her boyfriend. "And you must be Ms.Kaioh boyfriend, it's a pleasure to meet you." How rude would she be if she honored the guest and not her company? Asako would have to follow this sea foam haired woman around for the entire time of her stay. Asako hopped that she wasn't the stuck up type that was incredibly rude and didn't appreciate all that she'd do.
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Usagi Tsukino


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PostSubject: Re: Music of the Night [open]   Sun Oct 26, 2014 4:14 pm

With much decision, and formal tardiness, The Rabbit finally arrived in a pale pink and white gown with ribbon adornments and hidden, matching pale pink heels. She had gotten everything perfect this time -- right down to the two, small, white ribbons that held together either of her odangos. Ooh, if only Mamo-chan were here to see her! She would have loved for him to come, too! He especially looked great in a Tuxedo...  she'd certainly seen him in it enough times to know that for a fact~ But, lately, she hadn't been able to see him much at all. She was beginning not to like his work or college... it kept her Mamo-chan away from her too often!

Oh, well. Part of her knew it couldn't be helped. And, at least, her and the girls had been invited for free by the famous attraction, Michiru-san. Of course, Usagi jumped on the chance to come to any nice event where she could dress up and look pretty, especially like a princess with her friends! And, she was always happy to hear her graceful idol play such beautiful violin music.... especially if there was food and romantic ballroom dancing involved~ Which, reminded her... she hadn't seen Haruka-san in a while, either, and wondered if the sky senshi and the greenette would perfectly sweep the floor with their steps this time.

After she admired the wonderful, breath-taking scenery of the restaurant's interior and how lovely so many people were dressed, she also scanned the room for Rei-chan, Mina-chan, Makoto-chan, and Ami-chan. When she didn't see them, her blue eyes fell on what was going on in front of her. That's when she came to realise that she had been waiting behind two very familiar heads not very long after she had came through the glass doors. Her face lit up with a smile at seeing two loved ones she had missed. "Michiru-san! Haruka-san!" She exclaimed. Who knew she would run into them so soon?

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PostSubject: Re: Music of the Night [open]   

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Music of the Night [open]
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