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 Wataame Ayameno --> Sailor Iris.

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PostSubject: Wataame Ayameno --> Sailor Iris.   Tue Jun 17, 2014 6:14 pm

when she was just a girl
she expected the world

name;; Wataame Ayameno

meaning;; "Cottin Candy of The Iris"

age;; 11

gender;; Female

date of birth;; August 21st

height;; 4' 8"

weight;; 107 lbs

hair colour;;  Long, straight, past waist, tied in a small ponytail at the very tip... her hair colour starts out pink at the head and bangs, then blends into a purpleish colour, which finally fades into a light blue.

eye colour;; red

wardrobe;; Wataame, when not in her pink-clad school uniform, can be seen wearing anything girly, mostly flowy dresses. However, she can also be seen wearing off-the-shoulder tops and short shorts, flare jeans, or stylish sweaters, skirts, and tights. She loves boots and converse sneakers, as well as the occasional necklace, bracelet, and/or belt.    

faceclaim;; Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi // Himea Saitou 

picture;; Colour, Colour Everywhere~

but it flew away from her reach
so she ran away 
in her sleep

personality;; Wataame is your average, empathetic, adorable little girly-girl with an affinity for all things cute, sparkly, beautiful, and good. She is sweet as sugar, and curious as any child -- perhaps even morseo than most. Like any optimistic, wide-eyed child, she is perceptive, and believes in the best, believes in peace, for people as well, capable of seeing the positive qualities in even in bad guys and enemies. She loves everyone as people, regardless of gender or race or religion or ethics. Unless, of course, someone is a "youma"/monster... then they are absolutely evil, without any soul or emotions at all, and must be stopped! But, this is not to say that the colourful haired girl does not have her share of negative traits, because she can also be unbelievably annoying with complaints or dangerously stubborn with persistence, too. She is well aware of how she appears to others and that she is young and cute, and, at times, deceptively uses her appearance and young age to her advantage -- sporting the "puppy dog" eyes or fake-crying and pouting when she wants something she cannot have or told 'no', knowing that doing these things will be to her advantage. She is brave and adventurous to the point of trouble, and imaginative to the point of absolute idealism... her precognitive abilities and "Onee-chan" being her only shield from diving too deep. She is, all in all, still a little girl in any and all circumstances, and is always expected to act as such.


  • cottin candy
  • love
  • peace
  • gardening
  • painting
  • writing
  • dancing
  • kool-aid
  • snow globes
  • winter/snow


  • tofu
  • war/violence
  • hate
  • sports
  • math
  • boredom
  • watching television
  • being still for too long
  • water
  • summer/too much heat


  • ditzsy/oblivious 
  • being picked on/made fun of
  • does not take criticism or correction well
  • being told that she is wrong
  • impulsive


  • VERY imaginative 
  • able to see the good in nearly every situation
  • brave and determined
  • empathetic and understanding
  • spontaneous

goals;; to be the best she can be; to help bring eternal, unified, and ever-lasting peace to the world~<3

fears;; too much violence; that everyone, or anyone, could end up dead!

and dreamed of para- para- paradise,

senshi/knight alias;; Sailor Iris

transform item;; A lavender power stick that is in the shape of a pen, with a blooming, rainbow-coloured iris at the top, which supports a pink gem of her asteroid/planet.

transform phrase;; "Iris Power, Make-up!"

sailor or knight fuku;; First, let's start with Wataame''s accesories. Her tiara isn't your average one -- a row of small, different colour irises, in colour order of the rainbow{red, orange, yellow, etc.}. Her sailor collar has two thin white stripes and is light blue, along with her pleated miniskirt, while her front and waist bows are light purple -- the same hues that are within her hair. Upon her waist, is a slanted flower belt of irises that has the same colour order as her tiara. Her wihite gloves reach to her wrists, with the same light purple hue bordering the rims. Translucent, wing-like rainbow sleeves sprout out and hover over the shoulders, while the same translucent, rainbow wing-like fabric layers the bottom of her light purple, pleated miniskirt. A light purple choker hugs her neck, and a light pink heart lies in the centre of her front bow... these same pink heart-shapes also serving to be her earring stubs. As, pink, high-top converse, consisting of rainbow-coloured strings, engulfs her feet. 

 Primary Colour ~ Light Purple

 Secondary Colour ~ Light Blue

 Last Colour ~ Light Pink

 Individual Addition ~ The rainbowness and flowers.

star or planet;; 7 Iris

guardian;; to be announced~ {may not have a guardian.}

power of;; Promise and Life; rainbows and irises/flowers, really.

group;; Astraea/Original Sailor Team


 Colourful Wand of Life! ~ A hand-held wand that is reminiscent of a regular faerie wand; a lavender, candy-cane engraved stick upholding an open star, with spacious violet, pink, and light blue gems bordering the star, and small pink heart on the top, between two points of the star. On the inside of the star is a rainbow emblem. Where the star meets the stick, is a bow made up of seven, small flowy ribbions that cacade down the rest of the wand's length, each one a colour of the rainbow -- pink, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple.

attacks and techniques;; 

 Precognition. ~ She is able to sense the future and the good and bad of things around her to some extent.

 Sweet Flowery Scent! ~ Sailor Iris dances around in a pixie-like fashion, throwing flowers at surrounding enemies while doing so. The oncoming flowers emit a faerie-like dust onto the enemies, then bounce off them and disappear, the dust confusng them if they are youma, but more or less used as a divertion or to annoy them if they are villains or Antiegos.

Pretty Rainbow Promise! ~ Sailor Iris uses her Colourful Wand of Life to perform this attack. She spins around once, holds the wand up in the air, and then tips it as if she's granting a wish. Rainbow-coloured bubbles float toward the opponent or youma, then burst into powerful arrays of rainbow light, allowing them to feel every emotion at once. This attack will purify youma, but only harm the villian/Antiego to some extent.

life goes on, it gets so heavy
the wheel breaks the butterfly,
every tear a waterfall

allies;; her team, and.... well... anyone that's not trying to hurt people XD

enemies;; Anyone who threatens, bullies, or hurts people must be punished!


Mother ~ Kagome Ayameno; deceased.

Father~  Kaname Ayameno; deceased.

siblings;; An elder sister named Akane.

other relations;; None at the moment.

crush and sexuality;; Bisexual


Waatame was always a happy child. Growing up in a nuclear family in Kyoto, she got what she wanted and expressed herself through dancing, writing, and the like. Of course, he family did question certain traits -- like her natural three-toned hair colour that was so beautiful, yet so odd. However, they didn't let such a thing stop them from loving her. She was never overly spoiled, but was always content with what she had, and was resonant of a faerie in an enchanted forest, playing pretend and fluttering around wherever she felt loved.

The person she loved most, however, was none other than her elder sister Akane. She followed her everywhere, and they always spent time together. Akane chased away mean bullies that always picked on Waatame and made fun of her hair, and Waatame always made sure to watch out for her sister in return. And, after their parents passed away -- one from a deathly disease and the other from a heart attack -- Akane was the one to pick up the responsibility and essentially begin raising Waatame.

Wanting to leave the tragedy behind her and her sister, Akane took Waatame and fled to Tokyo to start anew, per Waatame's request. They moved into a small apartment complex, and has lived in Japan's capital for a little more than six months. It was during this time that Waatame began having precognitive dreams about her past life as Princess Iris, and about her foreshadowing future as a chibi senshi. Every night, the same dreams over and over... until one day a month ago, a strange looking demon monster bad guy thing showed up at their apartment when Waatame was alone and wanted something from her. The small cottin-candy girl dived and and evaded the first few attacks, but when she was finally caught in the choking grasp of the strange creature, a pretty lavender pen manifested itself in front of her, surrounded by colourful, shiny rainbow lights... beckoning her to take it. When she did finally manage wrap her fingers around it after a bit of struggle, the monster was thrown backwards, she shouted the words that echoed in her head, and then suddenly she was in an adorable skirt and cute sailor suit that matched the colours of her hair! Thankfully, she somehow managed to confuse the youma by throwing flowers at it and had distracted it long enough to run away. Later, when she had returned to the youma had disappeared... but the newly discovered Sailor Iris continued to fight these bad, evil, gross-looking things and after about a few weeks, even gained a new attack and pretty faerie wand that turned the monsters into light and made them go away forever!

At present, Akane works as a waitress at the Cafe Crown, and Waatame regularly attends the Juuban Middle School, and wanders around the city until her sister is able to get off work. Waatame has told her sister of her new powers as a senshi, but her older sibling doesn't believe her and just assumes it's another of of her imaginary games. Little do they know that a great evil is beginning to sweep in... and that Waatame is a little more than a "faerie princess" who is yet to meet many others and encounter greater dangers.

senshi/knight history;; Princess Iris, although a young heir, was always adored and loved by her subjects and kingdom on their home asteroid, filled with a variety of flowers and rainbows and nature and... peace, by her command. It was a happy place, a botanic utopia where houses were made of trees and beds were made of flowers. Where birds sang and people loved each other unconditionally. A place where there was no violence. No judgement. No hatred. No war. And, no one seemed to mind.

No one except her cousin, who should have gotten the throne. No one except her cousin, who had allowed jealousy to take a hold of her heart and guide her actions. Her cousin, who was older, and wiser, but essentially disliked by the people of 7 Iris because they viewed her values and virtues as opposite of what was wanted. Of what was needed. And, most knew of her double personality and two-faced assertions.

Princess Iris, however, was oblivious to this -- always the optimist. Ever the trusting and the idealistic and the benevolent, had never seen the tainted side of her cousin, her true character at heart, as her cousin tried so desperately to hide her disdain. Her plan to draw the Princess in and to trick her, to betray her, to convince her to hand the throne over to her instead... in which she nearly succeeded in, if it had not been for the Princess's precognitive sense that something was awry. With Plan A retreating, the devious cousin switched to the more sinister Plan B, quickly flipping the princess over the high wooden balcony they had been standing on and hoping to end her life within moments of the fall. The Princess's life was saved, however, by her closest guardian senshi, Sailor Astrea, being caught from her once she was inches from the ground. The cousin was banished from the planet, never to return after such a unfathomable stunt... but, of course, that did not stop her from going out into the universe, finding people that would join her, and creating an army that would conquer the planet a year later.

Having no defense against violence or armed forces, the asteroid of 7 Iris quickly fell. With everyone slain, even the Princess, it seemed as if the Cousin had finally won, that the throne was finally hers. But, as fate would have it, she was never able to rule, and was sent forward -- with the rest of the universe -- to a future on Earth.

in the night, the stormy night
she'll close her eyes

username;; iris.

alias;; Tsuki, Bubbles, Moon-Face, etc.

experiance;; Eternity.

in the night, the stormy night
away she'd fly

] T E M P L A T E, made by Tsuki ]
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Wataame Ayameno --> Sailor Iris.
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