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 Sister Act (Naoko)

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Karida Velasquez


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PostSubject: Sister Act (Naoko)   Tue Sep 09, 2014 1:45 pm

Kari walked through the streets and around the shops of downtown. She had foot patrol again but at least this time it was in a place where she could actually do some good, unlike her time in the parks. She occasionally nodded to the passing shoppers and occasionally stepped in to say hello to the shopkeepers in case they had anything interesting to tell her. To sum it up, she was in a good mood and felt quite happy to spread that around. Even the appearance of dark clouds on the horizon couldn't dampen her spirits. Though she did hope that the rain wouldn't come. A promise of rain was fine, she just didn't enjoy foot patrol in a wet uniform, the plastic poncho they were given was almost worthless at doing anything but keeping your shoulders dry. The rain always got in the collar. With some luck she'd be off duty by the time the rain hit.

Kari took a deep breath, it wasn't fresh air but in some ways she preferred the city air. Even if she wasn't in a car, this was about as close as you could get without walking down the middle of a main road. Her preference for cars was well known in the department, she could only attribute it to unfair profiling that they rarely let her patrol the roads. The only concession in her mind was that if she did see a speeding car, she could at least get the tags and she'd still get them, though it wouldn't be as satisfying as an actual chase. She didn't expect any kind of real chase today either, Kari knew why they had foot patrols in the area and it wasn't for real crime stopping power. It was just a preventative measure. People thought twice about doing illegal things when a cop was nearby. Still, she was ready for somebody to try. Thieves, shoplifters, and pickpockets beware, Kari was on the case.
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Naoko Valesquez


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PostSubject: Re: Sister Act (Naoko)   Mon Sep 15, 2014 5:32 pm

Naoko walked through the darkening streets of Downtown Tokyo. It was about to rain, and it made the young girl excited. As commonly labeled to be the Goth student in her school it was only obvious that she would like stormy days like this. She couldn't describe it, just the rain hitting her face made her want to smile and laugh. It made her feel like a kid again, though she would never want to be a child again.. Never again.

Briefly Naoko wondered if she would see Ri-Ri, her beloved older sister. She was supposed to be out on duty today, but wasn't sure what her patrol was, whether it be car or foot. Oh well, it was best not to bother her when she was working anyway, she could be dealing with someone dangerous and if she distracted her then it could get life-threatening. She would let Kari handle the human badies, she would deal with those out of this world. Literally.

A flutter of wings and feathers suddenly was right in her face, breaking her from her thought. She gasped a bit as she took a step back. "Kamali you crazy bird!! What are you doing?!" She said as the bird flew in circles in front of her.

"An enemy is nearby!! Keep your guard up!"

The Raven spoke to her quietly so as not to alarm any passerby's of a talking bird. With this said her guard was instantly raised. With her brows furrowed down in determination she nodded at Kamali, but then something caught her eye. She looked up to see an oh-so familiar uniform. She gasped as a big smile spread on her face. She ran towards the figure. "Ri-Ri!!!" She called out as she waved. Until of course she tripped over her own feet and fell flat down.
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Karida Velasquez


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Age : 29

PostSubject: Re: Sister Act (Naoko)   Wed Sep 17, 2014 4:19 pm

Kari occasionally checked her watch for the time. They weren't supposed to check phones on the job, it looked and probably was unprofessional and her walkie didn't have a clock on it so she'd taken to wearing a cheap plastic watch. Soon she'd be off duty and it couldn't come fast enough. Every time she looked up, the storm clouds seemed to be thicker and angrier. Kari had her eyes to sky when she heard the familiar voice of her sister calling out one of the pet names. It was an unexpected surprise and annoyance. She turned to follow the voice and saw her sister a moment before she tripped.

Kari trotted over and shook her head, stifling laughter. "Tsk, tsk, somebody needs to watch where they're going." She offered a hand to help Naoko up. "Come on up, no harm done." She glanced around in a small vain hope that Naoko was out with some friends and having fun with people, she quite often hoped that her sister would find a close group of friends to spend time with, she had been a very outgoing kid with a lot of people around that she called friends, Naoko's life always seemed a bit, well, lonely without a crowd of her own. "I keep saying not to call me those silly names when I'm in uniform. People don't take me seriously and the officers still bring it up after the last time." She'd complained about this before, not that it helped. It always seemed like Naoko had a name on hand to embarrass her. Oh well, that was family for you.

"What brings you out here?" she asked after her sister was standing again. "Meeting some friends maybe? Or maybe on a date? Did Patty's kid brother ever call you up?" One of her masterfully subtle ways of trying to get Naoko out into more social groups had been setting up dates with some of the family of the other officers she worked with. It hadn't worked yet but Kari felt hopeful that this might work eventually.
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PostSubject: Re: Sister Act (Naoko)   

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Sister Act (Naoko)
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