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 the fake teacher///Open

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Aoi Kato


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PostSubject: the fake teacher///Open   Tue Sep 09, 2014 5:50 pm

Aoi really did not want to be at school that day. Nothing had seemed to go right that morning in fact things just seemed to be getting worse and worse. On his way into school he had decided to help a girl a few guys were harassing and he knew there was already a black eye forming from that fight. He sighed toying with his rat tail as he walked down the hall to class his bag hanging over his shoulder and his fingers kind of hooked to keep his bag from falling. he stuffed his hands in his pockets. He was almost to the room when he had a brilliant idea. he was gonna get them out of school early and with that he dove into the bathroom pulling his tennis bag off of his shoulder and resting it in the stall.

in moments he looked exactly like his teacher. "sensei won't mind if i pretend to be him just to get us out of class early." he muttered before hiding his bags and walking to the class room. With a smirk he walked in and stood behind the teachers desk. he had memorized the guys schedule so he knew the teacher would be late so he would just stand there pretending to be the teacher and pretending sensei dearest was early. once everyone was seated he looked around. "so I've decided to let everyone go home early today so class dismissed." he said with a wave of his hand sounding and acting just like the teacher would. he nearly laughed hysterically when a few of his class mates actually started packing up and got ready to leave with confused looks on their faces. this was to easy you would think having spent all this time in class with him everyone would know what Aoi did when he didn't feel like being in school. Than again one would think his parents would have confiscated his cosplay stuff as well but oh well.
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the fake teacher///Open
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