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 Of Beasts and Bento Boxes (Waatame)

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Adelaide Belmont

Adelaide Belmont

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Of Beasts and Bento Boxes (Waatame) Empty
PostSubject: Of Beasts and Bento Boxes (Waatame)   Of Beasts and Bento Boxes (Waatame) EmptySat Sep 13, 2014 3:32 am

School was just one of those things that you could never predict.  Adelaide certainly didn't have much of a concept.  All she knew was what she had seen on TV and in movies.  And she was pretty sure they were not accurate representations of what to expect.

Adelaide would have to put on a brave face.  Just like facing off ancient resurrected mummies bent on world domination, in school Adelaide could not afford to show any fear.  And that was how Adelaide was brought up to the front of the classroom to introduce herself to all these strangers.

OK, so they would be her classmates and maybe she would get to know some of them pretty well.  But, at this point, they were strangers to her.  She had written her name on the chalkboard and gave a bow of her head.

"Um...hello.  My name is Adelaide Belmont." she introduced herself to the class, "It's very nice to meet you all.  I...uh...hope I get to know you."

She had spoken quietly in her introduction (despite wishing she could put a little more force into it) and kept her hands folded in front of her.  That was the best way to keep from nervously playing with her hair.  She just hoped she didn't look too out of place in the school's uniform.  It was similar to what she normally wore, but it still felt odd not having her boots, or her gloves.  She liked those little accessories.  At least she had been able to keep the pin.  That was clipped to the sailor collar.

A good thing, as one never knew when they would need the ability to transform into a Senshi.  Hopefully, though, she could make it through the day without needing to do anything that drastic.  After her introduction was over, Adelaide took a seat at an empty desk and tried her best to avoid eye contact with anyone else.  If she could just focus on her studies, that would probably be for the best.

(OOC: And away we go!  Feel free to have Waatame pipe in here, or we can skip ahead to the lunch break when they can make a more formal introduction?  Your call!  Also...lunch time might be a good time for a youma encounter XD)
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Waatame Ayameno

Waatame Ayameno

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Of Beasts and Bento Boxes (Waatame) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Of Beasts and Bento Boxes (Waatame)   Of Beasts and Bento Boxes (Waatame) EmptyFri Jan 09, 2015 4:22 am

"Um...hello.  My name is Adelaide Belmont." "It's very nice to meet you all.  I...uh...hope I get to know you."

She had been staring out the window until then. Just watching a pink butterfly, then a purple one, land on the stain glass window square. It had been soooooooooooooooooooooo boring in class! Plus, it had been MATH, of all classes! Nobody never ever ever liked math!

So, when she heard the teacher say something, she glanced back absent-mindedly toward the front of the classroom... and... what she saw was... a girl she had never seen before. Pretty white hair. Lantern yellow eyes. And, there was something.... familiar.... yet different about her... like a warm feeling, like sparkly stars. And, for a moment, she wondered if the rest of the class could see her, too.

Maybe... that was it. Maybe she was the only one who COULD see her!

Without a second thought, Waatame raised her hand up high, almost to the point of standing in her seat or falling out of her chair.

"Oh! Oh! I have a question!~" She blurted with a happy, eager expression upon her face. And, without permission, went on to ask, "Are you a ghost, Adelaide-chan?"

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Adelaide Belmont

Adelaide Belmont

Posts : 24
Join date : 2014-07-31

Of Beasts and Bento Boxes (Waatame) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Of Beasts and Bento Boxes (Waatame)   Of Beasts and Bento Boxes (Waatame) EmptyFri Jan 09, 2015 3:35 pm

As she stood before the class, Adelaide was prepared to finally leave and take her seat. The embarrassing introduction process was over and the day could pass along, normally. That was the plan. And just like when you tried to reclaim a stolen idol from a gang of pirates (surprising how many pirates still existed in this day and age), something happened.

A girl with...colorful hair, raised her hand in a very enthusiastic manner and was begging to ask a question. Well, not so much begging. She sure didn't wait for the teacher to respond. But, this girl wanted to know if she was a ghost and, by golly, she was going to get to the bottom of it!

Adelaide blinked, shocked into silence. Likewise, the teacher was dumbfounded. And so the silence spread across the classroom. Was Adelaide ghost? That was ridiculous. Ghosts only haunted old buildings and ancient tombs. Surely everyone knew that.

Strange questions aside, however, there was something else about the girl with the colorful hair. An odd feeling, yet familiar at the same time.

"Um...no." She finally replied, "I'm still alive. Soooo...I'm not a ghost."

The teacher cleared her throat and tried to find a way out of this. Eventually, she decided not to acknowledge it and said, "Well, um Belmont-san. I'm happy to have you in our class. Now why don't you take a seat next to..." She looked out at the empty seat that was provided for the new student. And who its neighbor was. She sighed, "Next to Ayameno-san."

Adelaide followed the teacher's gaze and saw who she would be seated next to. Ayameno, as the teacher had identified her. She ventured over to the deal and took her seat.
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Of Beasts and Bento Boxes (Waatame) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Of Beasts and Bento Boxes (Waatame)   Of Beasts and Bento Boxes (Waatame) Empty

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Of Beasts and Bento Boxes (Waatame)
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