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 not against the rules (OPEN)

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Aoi Kato

Posts : 9
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PostSubject: not against the rules (OPEN)   Wed Sep 17, 2014 2:36 am

Aoi smirked looking in his mirror. Today was going to be fun and he wasn't even technically breaking any rules. After making sure his uniform look presentable and he seemed ready to walk out the door he got out his hair gel. He looked u in the mirror at his older sister leaning against his door frame an amused look clear on her face. "you get any of your hair gel on that uniform and you are dead meat." she said before heading down to eat breakfast. the silver haired boy smirked before spiking up the front part of his hair. When he was happy with how that looked he pulled the longer strands in the back into his normal rat tail. With the hair tie firmly in place he threw it back over his shoulder so it rested against his back.

With his hair down he walked down the stairs and straight to the table. his mother looked at him confused while his older sister tried not to laugh at his father who had spit his coffee out on the newspaper. "why are you wearing your sisters uniform?" his mother asked trying not to laugh. "I wanted to try something new and since there is nothing in the rules against it." he said smirking as he ate his breakfast quickly. As soon as he was done eating he fallowed his older sister to the door and slipped on a pair of shoe's The white haired boy fallowed his sister out the door straightening out the navy blue skirt he wore. Sure he didn't look much like a girl but it would fun to see reactions to this. Walking in the school he could hear laughter or even exasperated sighs. "Kato! why are you not in the proper uniform go home and change or you'll spend the day in detention." Aoi looked confused. "I'm not braking any rules it just says I have to wear a uniform it doesn't say it has to be the boys uniform." he said innocently.

He could tell his sister was trying not to laugh at him. "see you after school lil bro." she said still trying not to laugh. When the teacher had finished looking through school rules just to realize Aoi was right he let him head to class. "today will be interesting." the school prankster mutter with a smirk on his face.
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Nariko Kurosawa

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PostSubject: Re: not against the rules (OPEN)   Wed Sep 17, 2014 11:27 pm

An alarm clock went flying across the dark room, smashing against the wall, to fall to the ground in pieces. The thrower of the alarm clock sat up, her shoulder length pink hair in disarray. She opened her eyes and looked around. Where was she? Who was she? Where's the warmth she'd just felt? She yawned, rubbed her eyes and opened them again. It was then everything came back. She was Nariko Kurosawa, and she was the Dark Senshi Sailor Retipuj. She'd been dreaming. But of what? What could make her forget such important things? She shook her head and climbed out of bed. She put the pillow and quilt away, then folded the bed back into the settee. The then went about cooking breakfast and lunch. I hope I can meet that Makoto again, she thought with a smile as she danced around the small kitchen.

She washed and cleaned her teeth, after which she donned her uniform. She combed her hair and looked in the mirror. She sighed at what she saw there. Her green eyes were still slightly bloodshot due to lack of sleep, and the bags under her eyes were still there. She hadn't got much sleep last night. She'd worked at the restaurant from the moment school let out, until well past closing time. Then she had a couple hours of homework. She didn't get to bed until nearly one in the morning. She sighed as she turned from the mirror and looked at the clock on the wall. She gasped. She was going to be late! So she grabbed her bag, her lunch and, after slipping her shoes on, ran out the door.

She ran down the stairs to her small apartment, turned the corner and ran down the street. Please let me be on time! she thought as she ran. Please let me be on time! But as she neared the school, she slowed and sighed. There were still small groups of students walking to school. Nariko looked around, telling herself she wasn't looking for Makoto. But then something caught her eye. A student being told off by a teacher, this early in the day. She walked past the girl getting the grilling. When she saw who it was, she nearly fell over her feet. It was a boy! In the girls uniform! Nariko laughed and shook her head. 'He might not be the best looking girl,' she said. 'But he's got the legs for a skirt.' She shook her head again, turn and continued towards school, a smile on her usually dour face.
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PostSubject: Re: not against the rules (OPEN)   Mon Sep 22, 2014 11:34 pm

Makoto was up rather early today. She couldn't sleep, she was having repeated nightmares, about her parent's no less. The thought of the dream made the typically strong girl shiver. She wanted to forget about that time, act like it never happened, but it was harder than it looked, even after all these years. It was due to that accident that she was terrified of planes..

The brunette did her best to move around with stealth so as not to awaken her new roommate Adelaide. She went through her morning ritual, she brushed her teeth, she took a shower and blew dry her hair before placing on her uniform. She went around and watered each of her plants as she made a breakfast quesadilla, making sure to leave some for Adelaide and leaving a note for her to heat it up with a smiley face. She then took her lunch from the fridge, and headed out early.

Makoto walked to school, seeing as she had time anyway. A sigh escaped from her as she peered into the vast blue sky, wondering when she would see them again.. She shook her head. This wasn't like her! She scolded herself, she couldn't stand being sad and so she wouldn't. Though she may be able to mask the pain, she couldn't hide the bags under her eyes....

She got to school right on time, seeing as how she didn't have to wait for the commonly tardy blonde. As she was joined in by a crowd of other students, the tall girl could easily spot her pink haired friend and joined her side with a smile. "Good morning Nariko!" She peered in the direction that Nariko was and easily spotted what was the cause of such ruckus among other students. All of a sudden Makoto began to bust a gut with laughter, finding it much funnier than normal since she was exhausted. A male student was dressed in a female uniform!! Makoto couldn't think of a single thing to say, all she could do was laugh as tears came to her eyes, her gut beginning to hurt as her laughter continued.
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Aoi Kato

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PostSubject: Re: not against the rules (OPEN)   Wed Sep 24, 2014 4:47 am

Aoi crossed his arms as he listened to his home room teacher of all the people to catch him first. He nodded and started mouthing the words right along with the man standing in front of him. Why yes he has heard this lecture before or at least the beginning of it. "It's bad enough you decided to dress up like me and let the class out early last week now this. What's next dressing up like the principle and dismissing the school early." came the newer part of the lecture. As soon as the last words left the mans mouth his eyes widened as he watched the silver haired boy who's smirk just got that much wider than it already was. That's it he was doomed seeing as the prankster had gotten an idea from that.

"Any way Sensei since it's not against the rules I shall be going now." he said turning to fallow his sister into the school. "It's a good thing your a good tennis player Kato because your more trouble than any of us would want to deal with if you weren't." with that one of his team mates walked off into the school earning a glare from Aoi. "I'm not more trouble than I'm worth if that's what you think." he muttered darkly before his usual smirk appeared on his face. As he moved he heard the laughter and instead walked int hat direction. "Why hello ladies how are you this fine morning?" he said looking between Makoto and Nariko.
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Nariko Kurosawa

Posts : 24
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PostSubject: Re: not against the rules (OPEN)   Wed Sep 24, 2014 7:25 am

Hearing the brunette's voice saying her name from right next to her, Nariko's cheeks coloured as she faced Makoto. 'G-good morning, Makoto!' she said with a smile, though the smile faded somewhat at the bags under the other girls eyes, and the small trace of pain the pink haired girl could see in the others eyes. Her smile widened when Makoto burst out laughing, all trace of pain vanishing. Nariko giggled, then chuckled, before she joined in and was laughing out loud. Soon her sides were aching and tears of laughter were forming in the corners of her eyes.

When the boy in the girls uniform appeared besides her, Nariko jumped slightly, clinging to Makoto's arm. When she realised what she had done, Nariko stopped leaning against the slightly taller girl, though she still held onto her arm. 'Good morning,' Nariko said, her usual tough demeanor slipping into place. Though it was lessened somewhat by her holding onto Makoto's arm, and the blush on her cheeks. 'W... why are you wearing the girls uniform?' she asked, her eyes running up and down the boy. 'Though I have to admit, you don't look half bad in a skirt.'
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PostSubject: Re: not against the rules (OPEN)   Wed Sep 24, 2014 4:58 pm

There it was, the usual color of the cheeks she was given whenever she was face to face with Nariko. Not that Makoto minded the blush that was given, the little pink girl was adorable when embarrassed, and that suited the brunette just fine. She did notice the smile given had faded a bit, and she had a good guess as to why, but Makoto really didn't want to talk about it so she didn't worry her friend. That was the last thing she wanted was to make Nariko worry about her. She would be fine. She had to be. She always was before.

Makoto, unlike the pink companion, didn't jump or seem surprised when the cross-dressing male came to accompany them. She chuckled when Nariko instantly clung to her for protection, just fine with her doing so. It wouldn't be the first time she was wanted to protect someone, and she had no problem doing it. In fact she enjoyed it a bit, she liked to show off her strength. Her emerald eyes went back to the boy as Nariko relaxed a bit, still holding onto her but no longer standing so close. Makoto, didn't really care why he was wearing the uniform, he either wanted to make people laugh, or he felt lie he was meant to be born a female. And she had to agree with Nariko, "You do look rather handsome.." Makoto began to snicker again. "Or maybe I should say beautiful..?" Makoto was beginning to get louder with her laughter, she couldn't help it! The slap-happy Makoto began to laugh again uncontrollably.
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PostSubject: Re: not against the rules (OPEN)   

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not against the rules (OPEN)
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