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 Ryo Crawford//Apate (WIP)

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Ryo Crawford

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PostSubject: Ryo Crawford//Apate (WIP)   Fri Sep 19, 2014 5:11 am

i used to rule the world,
seas would rise
when i gave the word

name;; Ryo Crawford

age;; 20's he tends to look around 22 or 23 though is a bit older than he looks.

gender;; male

date of birth;; September 4

height;; 5'9"

weight;; 137 lbs

hair colour;; Purplish black, slightly spiky but for the most part looks perfect it's got a lot of product on it when he's out.

eye colour;; Dark blue

wardrobe;; Ryo wears what he believes looks best on him. He prefers classy as in dress shirts, and slacks even going as far as to appear in public in a full suit. He can also be found with partially unbuttoned shirts and skin tight leather pants when he feels the need to show off.  

faceclaim;; Prince Of Tennis // Keigo Atobe

picture;; Ryo

now in the morning i sleep alone,
sweep the streets i used to own

Ryo Crawford has always been a little Full of himself. He believes he is the best and that his looks are the best of anyone. Really when it comes down to it Ryo is believed to be his biggest fan. This guy is not one to see his many many flaws and will get rather insulted when they are pointed out to him. This all leads into the fact that he is also a very Egotistical individual. Ask Ryo and there is no one better looking than he is in fact he's the kind of guy that can be found admiring himself in any reflective surface he passes. Of course add to all of this he fact that he's Arrogant. Ask Ryo and there is no one more important than well him. Everything he does is to better push himself to do things better. Weather it be planing something out better or even becoming a better leader. Of course his leadership quality's lead into the fact that he's controlling. He is not a person that likes to be controlled or dragged through the mud. no if anyone is controlling anything it's him or at least that's the way he feels about it. Ryo is also a rather cold Individual. He has never had any examples of anything else. His parents were always cold to him and the help wan't much better and so that is just the way he's always assumed people are meant to be.

Ryo is also a big Flirt and gender does not matter to him one bit. this guy will flirt with a cute guy just as quickly as he will flirt with a cute girl. He has made it a game to see just how many girls he can get to fall for him and how long it takes to do so. He also Doesn't like to get his hands dirty. he would much rather make someone else do it and if it means throwing an "Allie" under the bus to get what he wants done well than so be it. He's not the kind of guy one would want to trust as he's not the most trustworthy of guys. He's always been taught to get tot he top no matter what or who he has to step on to do so. He has made many enemies because of this. He is also a Distant guy. One would likely describe him as being a million miles away even if he's still in the same room. He isn't one to get close to a whole lot of anyone only using them until he gets what he wants and than dropping them the second he gets the chance. He's also pretty charming when he needs to be. He is the kind of guy that will tell a girl what she wants to hear just to make the illusion of his charm last just that much longer. He's the guy that will show up at your front door with flowers and maybe if he's in a really good mood a box of chocolates. He also seems to Think he's gods gift to women. He strongly believes there is no woman out there that is immune to his charms and that every girl he meets wants to be with him. Another thing about him is he hates being helpless. He needs an escape rout and he must be in control of not just his emotions but everything that happens around him. That feeling of not being able to do anything to help himself and so on is one thing he has never liked and will fight against ever having to feel at all times.


  • Being in control
  • getting what he wants when he wants it
  • Attention
  • Cute anyone (really guys girls he's not picky.)


  • Having control taken from him
  • The word No
  • Being ignored
  • Anyone he feels is trying to move in on his prize


  • To Big Ego
  • His Hair (seriously people do not mess with his hair.)
  • Mirrors (he will almost always stop and stare at himself for a couple hours.)


  • Good leader
  • Has great insight
  • Strategist

goals;; World Domination though at the same time he also dreams to have a loving family though he keeps that burryed deep deep inside.

fears;; To one day be helpless and unable to do anything about it.

i used to roll the dice,
feel the fear in my enemy's eyes,
listen as the crowd would sing,

" the old king is dead,
long live the king! "

home;; Queen Nyx's castle

affiliation;; Chaos/Night Generals

speciality;; Obsession

weapon(s);; the weapons they use, or have used, if any. two maximum, unless character is canon and more is required. describe OR include a picture if character is an original character. Remember that this is post-Sailor Stars. If villian has appeared in previous seasons with a weapon but not in this season, include that weapon as continuity.

attacks and techniques;;

true form or outfit;; their true or regular appearance when not posing as a civilian; this applies to any sort of transformation -- they may or may not have one. Please put a few sentences describing what it looks like if they do. {ex; Nephrite, Al and Ann, etc.}

true form picture;; [url=link]if applicable, include a picture of their true form or actual outfit here[/url]

one minute i held the key, next the walls were closed on me,
and i discovered my castles stand

upon pillars of salt and pillars of sand

allies;; Whoever he feels like using at the time

enemies;; Just about everyone

parents;; He never got the chance to know his parents they were distant to him

siblings;; N/A

other relations;; N/A

crush and sexuality;; He doesn't really have a crush on anyone and is the kind of guy to date many girls or guys at once. He is also bisexual

history;; Ryo was born by parents who did not want him. His father being English and his mother being Japanese. However no matter how much they didn't want him when he was born they kept him.

past history;; history and past-life before they reborn on earth, if they were re-born. optional.

i hear jerusalem bells a'ringing,
roman cavalry choirs are singing,
be my mirror, my sword, and shield,

my missionaries in a foreign field

chatango;; name in the c-box.

alias;; what you'd like to be called.

experiance;; any rp experience? how long have you rped and what type of experiance have you had?

sample rp;; third person, past tense. in this character's perspective. at least a paragraph. semi-literate. only for canons/site canons.

for some reason i can't explain,
i know saint peter won't call my name,
never an honest word,

and that was when i ruled the world

] T E M P L A T E, made by Tsuki ]
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Ryo Crawford//Apate (WIP)
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