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 Hiromi Furosawa (W.I.P)

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PostSubject: Hiromi Furosawa (W.I.P)   Wed Sep 24, 2014 12:59 am

when you try your best, but don't succeed
when you get what you want, but not what you need
when you feel so tired, but you can't sleep

stuck in reverse

name;; Hiromi Furosawa

age;; 19

gender;; Female

race;; Human

date of birth;; March 20th

height;; 5'5"

weight;; 115 lbs.

hair colour;; Pink! Her hair while down is super long, trailing a good few inches behind her on the floor, but she usually wears it commonly in two high pigtails, so the tips touch the floor only, though she also wears it in other styles as well. She is commonly found wearing either a Sakura flower headpiece, or ones with cherries.

eye colour;; A darker pink.

wardrobe;; Hiromi will wear pretty much anything as long as it's cute, or as long as it's pink! She loves Kimono's and dresses, or skirts, as long as it makes a good outfit! Though she always tries to make it appropriate for every occasion.

faceclaim;; Vocaloid // sakura miku

picture;; Hiromi in a lovely kimono~

and when tears come streaming down your face,
when you lose something you can't replace,
when you love someone, but it goes to waste,

could it be worse?

special skills or abilities;; Precognative- Hiromi has the ability to see in the future, but only when she holds onto someone or something. She can only seeabout two to three hours into the future on a good day, otherwise only maybe half to a full hour usually.  She can see the entire timespan she is able to see, but it is sped up, almost as if fast forwarding until someone is feeling a strong emotion, such as love, anger, fear, etc. Items she can do the same, say it is a teddy bear and it is favored amongst the rest, she can see into it's future as well and will be able to see more details at a slower pace. If she merely brushes the person and or item, she can only see a glimpse or feel the most powerful emotion.

Postcognative- This gives her the ability to peer into the past, but she can only do this with her sister, Hiroki, while holding her hand, and Hiroki needs to be touching/holding on to the person or item to be able for them to see it. This has the same time span, on a good day it'll be two to three hours while on a normal day, half to a full hour. How this works is that they actually are there in the scene, but almost in like a ghost/spirit form, and they cannot be seen or heard for the past cannot be altered, and it still moves in a fast forward motion until they feel a strong emotion, such as anger, hatred, love, etc, and then it will slow down.

personality;; Hiromi is a fun-loving girl, she's very outgoing, she's confident, she has always been adored by, well almost everyone she has met. It's hard not to like her! Though, if asked what she thinks, she would say she isn't anything so grand and although she tries to be nice to people will like her, she's sure there are those out there that don't. She's quite modest this way. She also isn't exactly the brightest bulb in the box, but she is very wise and intelligent in her own way, especially when it comes to herbs and their medical and other uses. She doesn't like to give up if it means helping someone that is precious to her, but she can also go kind of far with it without meaning to. She keeps the darker emotions hidden in herself, never really crying in front of others if she can help it, and rarely is angry unless she needs to be to show she mean business. She's very forgiving, trusting, and gullible, and can get in a bit of trouble because of it, but this also makes her quite courageous. She never envies people for their things, feeling grateful for what she has, and appreciates anything given to her but insists she gives something in return. She does get lonely, however, but she'd never tell, and gets rather jealous of any one her sister Hiromi spends time with, feeling very close and protective of her, the one thing she isn't afraid to make obvious. Though she herself is rather oblivious, and can take time to realize if she has feelings for anyone. Still however she can be the one even strangers feel comfortable enough to confide in, and is extremely loyal. She doesn't typically care for others opinions, but would rather it be positive than negative.


  • Herbs/Plants
  • Flowers/Nature
  • Her Sister
  • Fruit (apples especially)


  • Winter
  • Cities
  • People that will take her sister away (such a boyfriends or girlfriends)
  • Not that big of a meat fan, so meat.


  • Math
  • Romance...
  • Some may say she is overly attatched to her twin.
  • Apples. She eats too many if she isn't watched..


  • Herbs
  • Advice
  • Is a people-person
  • Is a positive person.

goals;; She has already accomplished one, and that is an herbal/floral shop, but otherwise she hopes to fall in love and ive a peaceful life alongside her sister.

fears;; She fears losing her sister, so much it can even come to paranoia. She also is terrified that her sister will abandon her or turn her back on her by replacing her with someone else. Is petrified of snakes and the dark.

lights will guide you home,
and ignite your bones,

and i will try to fix you

allies;; Hiroki. Pretty much everyone.

enemies;; Bullies. Her stepmom. Snakes.

parents;; Raiden Furosawa (Father), Aiko Furosawa (Mother, deceased), Addison Furosawa (Stepmother)

siblings;; Hiroki Furosawa, slightly younger twin.

other relations;; None.

crush and sexuality;; She is heterosexual, with a rumored crush on her sister though sthis isn't true. At the moment she has no particular fondness of anyone. Hoping to have that change one day.

history;; history, past, life up until now. at least two paragraphs.

and high up above or down below,
when you're too in love to let it go,
but if you never try, you'll never know

just what you're worth

chatango;; SilverMoonFire

alias;; Silver, Silvia, Yuzu, Yuzuki... Etc.

experiance;; Many many years..

sample rp;; third person, past tense. in this character's perspective. at least a paragraph. semi-literate. only for canons.

lights will guide you home,
and ignite your bones

and i will try to fix you

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Hiromi Furosawa (W.I.P)
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