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 Veta Kilvorion (Done!)

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Akemi Araceli

Akemi Araceli

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Veta Kilvorion (Done!) Empty
PostSubject: Veta Kilvorion (Done!)   Veta Kilvorion (Done!) EmptyFri Oct 10, 2014 3:54 am

Veta Kilvorion (Done!) 2rpqs2bVeta Kilvorion (Done!) 6icjdcVeta Kilvorion (Done!) 2uqn0nr
when you try your best, but don't succeed
when you get what you want, but not what you need
when you feel so tired, but you can't sleep

stuck in reverse

name;; Veta Kilvorion

age;; A little over 200 (she forgets, occasionally) but looks around mid-20s

gender;; Female

race;; Alien

home;; The Volisov Kingdom

date of birth;; 8th Day in the Month of the Hammer (January 8th, in your Earth calendar)

height;; 5'10

weight;; 142

hair colour;; Short, dark black hair

eye colour;; Yellow

wardrobe;; An odd ensemble, especially if she were to just walk around the streets of Tokyo. Her wardrobe looks more fitting inside of a comic book than something you would find in a modern, metropolitan city. Easily, the item that would garner the most attention would be the pauldrons she wears, with the two mechanical arms that sprout from her shoulders. This is a removable piece of hardware and is not actually attached to Veta's body. But, one might be easily mistaken in thinking that it is.

faceclaim;; Rance IX // Hanty Kalar

picture;; Ready for SCIENCE!

and when tears come streaming down your face,
when you lose something you can't replace,
when you love someone, but it goes to waste,

could it be worse?

true/other form;; Yuzuki Smith!

trigger;; “Camouflage Parameters, Disengage!”

alias;; Yuzuki Smith

weapons;; RRI Brand Cyber-Pauldrons – Shoulder pauldrons with a set of robotic arms, controlled by the user's brainwaves. These mechanical limbs provide a safe way to handle hazardous materials and lift objects that even she would find difficult. In combat, these arms also add an extra layer of defense and can better allow her to multi-task if she's in a less than friendly situation.

Pumpkin Shard – The mysterious orb that she found with the watch, used to be a very powerful object. While Veta is still trying to unlock it's full potential and find a way to repair it, she did manage find a way to use a small piece of it. Fixing it into a Multi-Interfacing Tool, she's dubbed it the “Pumpkin Shard”. Her tool is able to manipulate most electronic devices, especially those found on Earth. This is a process that can take a little finagling, however, as she needs to make sure she has tuned correctly. Her tool is also not the most reliable piece of equipment, as it was supposed to be part of the orb. Unless she is very accurate in her use of it, she can oftentimes cause as much damage to something she's trying to fix, as she is actually repairing it. Not that couldn't be just as useful...Veta just wishes she could do that a little more on command, than by accident.

special skills or abilities;;

Illusion Macro – A pre-programmed spell included in her own pocket watch. The small device is able to store the ability to disguise her appearance by a predetermined illusion. In order for it to work, it must resemble a few of her own features, hence the appearance of the red streak of hair, in place of the red gem she has on her forehead.

Alien Physiology – A benefit to her genetic makeup, Veta is stronger than your average human. She can lift heavier objects and hit harder than most would think. As a result of her people's experiments with genetics, Veta boasts a very robust immune system, as well.

Engineering Prodigy – With a natural inclination to science and engineering, Veta has also had the best training and education in the field. Her know-how has saved her in more than one tight situation. Excellent at thinking on her feet, she can repurpose a lot of electronic devices to serve her purposes. In fact, she seems to have lots of fun just tinkering around with anything she finds, even if she isn't in a life threatening situation.

personality;; Veta has always had a very curious mind. At least as far back as she can recall (or anyone else, for that matter). Growing up, she was usually found taking apart just about anything that came across her path. Studying how it was put together and how it functioned. She has a very studious approach to most things and a keen eye for mechanics. Even though she still has a habit for taking things apart that she probably shouldn't.

Veta does have a very strong sense of justice. And while she is wary to involve herself in affairs of the strange planet she's found herself stranded on, there are a number of things that will spur her into action. More often, she tries to disguise herself when she does so, but if she notices forces far more advanced than the humans she's surrounded by, she will not hesitate to use all of her ingenuity in stopping them. Despite not having access to a full compliment of an RRI armory, she still has the know-how to improvise a few things that might come in handy.


  • Mechanics
  • Robots
  • Taking things apart


  • Not knowing how something works
  • The blank spots in her memory
  • Seeing people in trouble
  • Problems she can't solve


  • Not the best at planning ahead
  • Prone to overconfidence in her abilities
  • Forgetful


  • Good at improvising
  • Scientific genius
  • Able to think quickly in stressful situations

goals;; To locate her ancestors and find out why the pocket watch she inherited doesn't work

fears;; That her ancestors are lost to time

lights will guide you home,
and ignite your bones,

and i will try to fix you

allies;; Her “Ship”, the Windmill

enemies;; Enemies of progress

parents;; A mystery. All she knows is that she is from the Kilvorion line.

siblings;; None that she is aware of.

other relations;; None

crush and sexuality;; Her first love is science. Her second love is engineering.

history;; For Veta Kilvorion, much of her history is a bit on the murky side. All she knows is that she is a member of the Kilvorion family, the founders of Rom Royal Industrial. For the Kingdom of Volisov, it played an instrumental role in providing the innovation and ambition to set up colonies in their own star system. And after the company merged with the government, they advanced further out into space and entered the intergalactic community. Visionary members of the Kilvorion family contributed to the technology that they both used and sold among their neighbors. RRI became a name associated with quality. Ever since the original founder's pocket watches which boasted a functionality that could still be used today, even when they were built centuries ago.

Where things become trickier, is the period of time between Veta's great grandmother and her own seventh birthday. When she turned seven, Veta was enrolled at RRI Academy. But, she is unable to recall any of the events prior to that day. It was a mystery that baffled many of RRI's finest minds. Veta, for her part, excelled at her studies as many in her family had done before. A number of tests were conducted to verify her identity. But, other than confirming her as a member of the Kilvorion line, no further light could be shed on the mystery.

She would graduate with honors and work on a number of projects for her family's company. She built the paulron-mounted arms that served her well in her work. One day, while she was working, a mysterious package found it's way into her possession. Veta did not find an evidence that someone had dropped it off, or that it had been on her workbench at anytime prior to it's discovery. Opening it, she found a broken orb and an old RRI pocket watch.

Opening the watch only found that it was just as broken as the orb. Once she identified it as one of the original watches made by her ancestors, her curiosity was piqued. The orb, itself, was activated when she touched it. But, the information it provided was a solitary blueprint projected on her desk. A design for a house, that was not quite a house.

With no other direction to take, Veta decided to build it. With a few additions. The result was a windmill. The project she managed to keep a secret. Devoting her personal time to see to it's completion. And, as the plans had promised, it was a structure of incredible potential. She still did not quite understand how it worked, but it did function. Mostly as promised.

Inside that windmill, was a machine more advanced than anything she had ever set her eyes on. Such a wondrous device, it allowed her to travel through space in almost a blink of an eye! All she had to do was set a few coordinates and when she opened the door, she would be there. And that was only the beginning. As she explored the functions of the windmill, Veta found rooms that she had not built. It was almost as if it was growing.

And while it grew on the inside, the proportions of the outside seemed to remain intact. Things only grew odder from there. When, on one day, Veta opened her door to find herself in the old days of Volisov. There, she met her ancestor, Kaja Kilvorion, the founder of the Rom Royal Industrial. Before the company had even been founded! Wary of these implications, Veta only made polite conversation and disappeared as quickly as she had arrived.

But, she was pleased with the results of her windmill's new found ability. Perhaps she could finally find out what happened to the Kilvorion line. Exercising a great deal of patience, she decided it would be better to learn more about how the windmill worked, before she attempted to solve that mystery. Her experiments brought her all around the galaxy. In both lands familiar to Veta, and foreign.

It wasn't until she made a fateful journey to this mysterious little planet, full of these strange humanoid creatures that she found herself stranded. Some event created a great deal of havoc with her windmill. Now she was stuck in a primitive land, with these strange people fighting even stranger creatures that were preying on the poor, weird things. Luckily, they already had champions to fight for them. And these champions called themselves “Senshi”.

Her curiosity aroused, Veta hopes to make the most of a bad situation and conduct a few experiments while she's on this odd and alien world....

and high up above or down below,
when you're too in love to let it go,
but if you never try, you'll never know

just what you're worth

chatango;; AmazingAkemi, of course!

alias;; Akemi! Or Kemi...whichever

experiance;; Over 9000??????
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Veta Kilvorion (Done!) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Veta Kilvorion (Done!)   Veta Kilvorion (Done!) EmptyMon Oct 13, 2014 1:56 am

Veta Kilvorion (Done!) Tumblr_m0o1z2e75C1qd7h1xo1_500


Yay! Our first alien! And a cute one at that ^_^ You know what to do; grab an icon and signature with a link to the app and you're ready to go!

I look forwards to rping with you! ^_^
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Veta Kilvorion (Done!) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Veta Kilvorion (Done!)   Veta Kilvorion (Done!) EmptyMon Oct 13, 2014 2:54 am

Woo! Thanks! And the account is all set up
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Veta Kilvorion (Done!) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Veta Kilvorion (Done!)   Veta Kilvorion (Done!) Empty

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Veta Kilvorion (Done!)
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