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 A Natural Habitat? (Open)

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Honami Shizumi


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PostSubject: Re: A Natural Habitat? (Open)   Fri Oct 24, 2014 2:16 am

It seemed as though Yuzuki was through with her questioning, which Vela was kind of happy about. But when she said they were to part ways, Vela felt, for some reason, sad. She liked Yuzuki, she was nice, if a little odd. But then, Vela wasn't exactly normal. She fought youma while wearing a fuku! Vela pushed those thoughts aside and focused on Yuzuki.

'It was lovely meeting you as well, Yuzuki,' she said with a smile. 'And I hope our paths cross again as too.' At the question of a hair sample, Vela blinked, taken aback, her cheeks colouring again. 'Well... I... ummm...' Just then Soroka cleared her throat. Vela sighed. 'Sorry, but I can't give you a hair sample, Yuzuki,' she said, smiling sheepishly. 'Soroka has spoken.' The magpie just rolled her eyes.

'Anyway,' Vela began. 'I really should go and check on the Mall, see if anyone's been injured.' She was sure no one had been hurt, but it was a good enough excuse to find somewhere quiet and change back to her normal self. 'It was nice meeting you, Yuzuki!' she said as she turned and ran back the way she came. 'I hope we meet again!' she called over her shoulder, waving at the girl.

Stopping in a quiet corridor, Vela glanced around, sending Soroka to scout the area out. When she was sure she was alone, she changed back to her usual self. Honami sighed. 'Well, that was... interesting...' she muttered, before she glared at Soroka. 'We're going to have a nice little talk.' Soroka sighed. 'First, that costume I wear! Do I have to wear it? And that skirt? Have you seen how short it is? Can't I wear trousers? Or shorts? And that leotard! You can see everything!' Soroka sighed again as Honami continued to question and complain. She could feel a headache coming on.
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PostSubject: Re: A Natural Habitat? (Open)   Fri Oct 24, 2014 2:39 am

There meeting had been brief, but very productive! Veta couldn't have asked for a better encounter with a Senshi. Well, she would have liked to have that hair sample. But, the magpie had put her foot down. Or claw, as it were. She gave a mere shrug of her shoulders, in response.

"Can never hurt to ask." she reasoned, aloud. She grinned as Vela announced her intentions, "Well, I should let you see to it, then! Take care Sailor Vela!"

She waved as she departed and turned to the drone that hovered near her. That was another unexpected outcome of her little experiment. Having something like that would certainly come in handy. And now Veta could figure out exactly what it was that she did to it, too!

"Well, she was certainly nice." Veta talked to her drone. Not that it had the ability to respond. Or even think on it's own (at least as far as she was aware). Still, it had proven itself to be a loyal companion. In it's own little way. "We'll have to keep an eye out for her! Come along, now. We have to get back to the Windmill!"

Veta spun on a heel and marched towards the exit. It would be a bit of a walk to get back home, but she had a number of things to occupy her mind along the way.
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A Natural Habitat? (Open)
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