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 Lost in the Sands // An original world Animanga RPG

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PostSubject: Lost in the Sands // An original world Animanga RPG   Wed Nov 12, 2014 9:52 am

Welcome to a land of seas of sand, mysteries buried, treasures grand. What buried secrets does the desert hide? Oasis of splendor, valleys wide. Venture forth, make your mark and perhaps your name shall be legend trickled down the sands of time.

The Event
There can be no name for such a thing as it caught everyone by surprise one day.

Various titles dash about coming from across many different lands.

The Fallen Stars
The Crying Heavens
The Fires in the Sky

One thing stands for sure though, it was terrifying, yet mystifying to see so many lights streaking across the sky, some scattering and bursting into smaller lights and others just impacting into the ground, disappearing for centuries.

The day the heavens cried in Ishan, a particular spark of light struck the vast desert with such force that debris darkened the sky above. It was one of the few times it rained in Ishan and it rained for a week after the impact. Needless to say, the people considered this a blessing as the impact sight had flooded with water. A sparkling oasis naturally formed about this lake. People who rested or consumed of the water grew healthy and strong.

Legends danced around about the Magical Waters of Ishan. If asked, it was that the Heavens were in mourning for their lost sibling which became this land. The waters as such are blessed to bring strength and life to the barren lands, allowing many to believe the light that fell from the heavens was none other than a God of Life itself.

Years would pass…

And then people would slowly begin to notice a change in themselves. Something magical was revealing itself. Was the world ready for such a huge secret? That's for you to find out, my friend. So welcome to the Lost Sands!
May your every wish come true.
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Lost in the Sands // An original world Animanga RPG
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