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 One Piece New World

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PostSubject: One Piece New World   One Piece New World EmptyWed Dec 03, 2014 5:59 am

Join us. Featuring:

  • A solid combat system
  • Solid community and friendly staff
  • Player immersion into the setting of a canon OP world
  • An easy-to-learn, sophisticated stats system
  • Freedom to either free roam or join a crew on equal footing
  • The unique Traits System
  • Unique New World Locations

One Piece - New World is a new RP forum with it's storyline taking place in the far future of the canon plot of One Piece. The world has undergone terrible strife in the aftermath of a war that claimed almost a third of the population and, subsequently, put the world in a state of fear and unease. The Marines were beaten back almost to the point of total annihlation by a Pirate conqueror unlike anything the world had seen in generations. However, out of the near ashes of Marine authority rose the single most brilliant military commander of the time. Taking the few remaining Marines left to fight, within months he had retaken the entire world, Island by Island. He then refused to rule the world as was both begged and demanded of him, but remained to serve the existing authority in enforcing a state of World Peace.

Anybody who disturbs the World Peace is a traitor to the World Peace. Any Pirate, Bounty Hunter, tradesman, and traveler that works outside Marine Jurisdiction is now branded a rebel and an enemy to all upstanding civilians. A popular rebellion has long been growing. And while the Marines have the worlds' most brilliant strategist and military commander on their side, the insurgency has gained surprising allies -- including the World's Most Powerful Woman. It is a tinder box waiting to ignite and a world ready to be shrouded in flame and darkness, for better or for worse. Which path will you take? Will you support authority and a righteous law as an upstanding, powerful Marine or a corrupt, get-ahead official? Join the Pirate rebellion as a crew captain or elite officer and retake control of the Islands? Tread a more neutral path as a renowned Bounty Hunter, working ultimately for cash, your own morals, or both?
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One Piece New World
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