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  Rima Washino --> Sailor Aquila.

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PostSubject: Rima Washino --> Sailor Aquila.   Wed Jun 25, 2014 7:32 pm

when she was just a girl
she expected the world

name;; Rima Washino

meaning;; Polishing Jasmine of the Eagle

age;; 16

gender;;  female

date of birth;; October 30th

height;;  5' 5"

weight;; 103 lbs

hair colour;; straight and brown

eye colour;; chocolate brown

wardrobe;;  Rima has long, straight brown hair that reaches slightly passed her shoulders and expressive, chocolate-coloured eyes. Her complexion is fair and her features are dainty. Even though slim, she leans a bit on the short side.

She wears her burgundy school uniform most of the time. Though, when there is not school on schedule, Rima can be seen in girly stuff – frills, skirts, boots, dresses – which she tends to occasionally add a hippie-likeness to. Her favourite accessory, however, is an ever-constant ribbon in the back of her hair – usually pink-- in which she uses to pull back a front strand on either side of her brown locks or pull her hair into a ponytail. In the centre of the ribbon, is her henshin broach. The only times she is seen without her ribbion is before going to sleep, when she decides to 'dress up' nice, or in her senshi form.

faceclaim;;  DNAngel // Risa Harada

picture;; And, here's a photo...

but it flew away from her reach
so she ran away
in her sleep

personality;; Curious and brave, Rima is the type of girl one would find in a 'No Trespassing' area or standing up for a friend rather than shying away from others. Although she can be reserved and mysterious, there much more depth, pain, and colliding emotion than what is seen on the outside. Rima has her polite moments and likes friendly sarcasm sometimes, but an unknown rudeness leaks out when she does not understand something or wants to speak up for someone. Similarly, when upset or angry, an unexpected cynicism and darkness overcomes her being, despite the girl being usually cheerful. Even though she comes from money and sometimes may seem arrogant, she is actually kind and empathetic towards others, and she secretly hopes to never become the selfish monsters her parents once were.

Rima is also the type of person to reason things through logically before coming to a conclusion. However, she can equally be seen rushing into dangerous situations or making the wrong decision if she becomes too affected by something, allowing her heart to control her better judgement. She will sometimes even blame herself for situations that she doesn't necessarily cause -- like the past incident with James -- and will sometimes go to great lengths to protect others or help someone. She also tends to put up an "exterior" to which she does not trust others right away, as she knows of her vulnerabilities and how easy it is to be hurt by another, often electing to open up to someone after knowing them a while versus being too open too soon. Though, all and all, Rima is a loyal friend and a trustworthy ally.... as she is stubborn and is never seen to give up. She also eternally wishes, strives, and delights to be free-spirited in nearly everything she does, like the gliding eagle that is her sign.


  • reading
  • writing
  • tarot cards
  • baking


  • bulllies
  • being afraid
  • admitting her inner feelings
  • being threatened or criticized


  • over-thinks things
  • allergic to garlic
  • tends to put everything on her own shoulders


  • strong-willed
  • willing to try anything
  • duiful


--> to be free;

--> to find true love


--> spiders;

--> being deceived, hurt again

and dreamed of para- para- paradise,


senshi/knight alias;; Sailor Aquila

transform item;; A circular, shiny golden broach with white bird wings on the front, outlined in glittery silver.

transform phrase;; "Aquila Constellation Power, Make-up!"

sailor or knight fuku;;  Of course, there’s your basic white leotard. Her collar, skirt, and Minnetonka moccasin boots are silver-ish grey. Both her sleeves and bows are flowy and translucent, though her sleeves resemble feathers. Two white stripes border her sailor collar, and one white stripe goes across the bottom of the skirt, followed by a golden stripe at the hem. In the middle of her front bow are white wings with a golden star in the centre. Her gloves are white and fingerless, grey-silver at the the elbow. A silver-grey collar hugs her neck, a gold star in the centre. Small, white feathers dangle from her ears, and a golden strip of tiara across her forehead holds out-spread wings with a small star in the centre, just like the one in the middle of her front bow.

And, last, but not least, her hair is no longer straight or in a bow -- as the bow disappears and her hair woven during trasnformation. After her henshin, her hair, save for her bangs, is knitted into a perfect braid – her broach, of course, holds it together at the start.

star or planet;; the constellation of Aquila

guardian;; A small dove-like bird with brown splotches on the ends of its wings and tail named ‘Zeus’

power of;; Essence/Freedom; Light

inner, outer, independent, or team;; Constellation

weapon(s);; two boomerangs

attacks and techniques;;

Soaring Charade! ~ Sailor Aquila manifests two grey boomerangs into each hand, shaping her arms like an ‘x’. Then, She twirls around, and once she rotates 180 degrees, she throws her boomerangs at the target. If the target is human, the boomerangs will cut them random places on all limbs and merely weaken them. If the target is a youma, however, then one boomerang on one side of the monster will intersect the other on the opposing side, and the two together will slice the youma in half, ending it. Once her attack as ended, the boomerangs return to her waiting hands and disappear back into her energy.

Defensive Wing! ~ Sailor Aquila creates a silver, dome-like barrier of energy around herself and any others near in order to protect them. Though, this defensive maneuver drains her stamina if it is held up too long, and once three powerful blows hit the dome, it shatters and Sailor Aquila is knocked out.

Messenger’s Revenge! ~ Sailor Aquila holds her hands above her head, and creates a ball of silver energy – about as big as Neptune’s or Uranus’s energetic orbs – and hurls it at the opponent. While in the air, the orb shapes into a silver eagle, and strikes the opponent.

**More shall be added upon upgrade or discovery of a new power/attack.

sailor or knight picture;; none~

life goes on, it gets so heavy
the wheel breaks the butterfly,
every tear a waterfall

allies;; Constellation senshi, possibly... her bird Zeus

enemies;; Chaos, youma, etc.

parents;; Naomi Hoshina, Tsu Washino

siblings;; nope.

other relations;; her nanny/caretaker, Toshiko

crush/sexuality;; was in love with James, then he betrayed her... now she's pretty open. She's bisexual, so I'll probably have her liking a girl in the near-future.

history;; Rima was an only child born to Naomi and Tsu Washino. Her parents were wealthy and did not hesitate to buy her whatever she wanted. However, much to her dismay, they would never allow her to do whatever she wanted. The schools she attended and her future were of their design, and from a young age, she desired to rebel against her parents' control. When they were away, her nanny would often take her to do little kid things -- like going to the amusement park or the circus; activites that her parents often deemed as senseless and dull. When she became older, she came to sneak out at night in order to do as she pleased and discover herself. When she got into trouble or needed advise, her nanny was the one to help her, as her parents were often never home in her older years. As such, her nanny was the one to raise her and the one Rima came to see as her parental figure, and, after hearing the legends of 'Sailor Moon', she came to idolize her as well.

Two years ago, Rima's mother and father died tragically in a car accident. Of course, the girl mourned them. Though, not as long as she should have. She had come to somewhat resent them for attempting to chain her to their reputation -- to their money. After her mourning, she asked her nanny to sell their wealthy mansion and move into a moderate apartment. They did, and she also transferred schools. But, because she was considerably shorter than her new classmates, her school uniform never changed... but she became used to the so-called normal life. And, therefore, free to live her own life for the first time.

It has been a year since a strange bird approached her in the midst of a youma attack and dropped a broach into her hands... A sailor senshi? Like Sailor Moon?!... She has since awakened as a senshi because of Chaos's return. Her memories of Aquila, of being a reborn Princess, and of James, have all been returned. And, now, she searches for the Dark Prince, James, whom she thinks has also been reborn onto Earth, and is ready to fight against any evil force that comes her way.

senshi/knight history;; When Rima, or rather ‘Rachel’ as she was named in her past life, was princess of her respected constellation, Aquila, she was well admired and adored. Her mother, the queen, was a lone ruler and had grown tired of ruling since her husband passed away. She expected to hand the crown down to Rachel -- as was the usual royal tradition – and their people were more than eager to see the Princess upon the throne. Rachel, however, was uncertain about being a queen and did not like the bonds that royalty often tied her to. She desired to do as she pleased without the consent of her mother and without schedules and certain manners. Without the normal expectations of a princess. And, although she enjoyed protecting her kingdom and battling the occasional tyrant or creature, she wished to be free.

It was a knock upon the castle door that saved her – or, rather, the man who belonged to the knock. A handsome, mysterious young man by the name of James, with brunette tresses reaching his shoulders and a brown gaze that seemed to melt one’s very core. Rachel felt herself attracted to him almost instantaneously, though what she discovered was that this man – this prince – had actually been sent from a neighbouring constellation to be her mother’s new fiancé. Rachel was surprised; the age difference was uncanny – this stranger, being 23, as it were, seemed closer to her age at 17 than her mother at 32.

Though, as fate would have it, the dashing gentleman, James, seemed to enjoy Rachel’s company more than her mother’s. The two spent much time together – as, of course, he was to be her new father-in-law soon. But, James found himself falling in love with Rachel rather than the queen. The queen saw this long before the either of them realized their feelings for another, and allowed the heart-felt desires to blossom. And, so, with her mother’s consent, it came to pass that James and Rachel became lovers and soon were engaged to be married. They danced at balls together, walked in gardens together, they fought evil together, they did everything together. Needless to say, the two were inseparable.

But, all wasn't what it seemed. Unknown to all, Rachel's mother secretly resented and raged with jealousy against her daughter and what had supposed to be her husband. It boiled and festered and bubbled into a malicious plot to pit one against the other. And, by convincing her daughter that her lover was secretly having an affair and displaying fake evidence, Rachel believed her. The next day she angerly ended the relationship between her and James, feeling disgusted and betrayed by what she had thought he had done. James, least to say, was devastated. So much so that he seemed broken.

A month later, a portion of Chaos wandered around the constellation. It found James and persuaded him that it could bring his love back. It could make things right again -- if the Prince would join him. James, grief-stricken and finding no other meaning in life, indoubtly agreed... and that portion of Chaos that had come to invade all constellations also came to possess him.

The Constellation Warriors -- each a princess, like Rachel, of their respected constellation -- fought Chaos and its possesed minions, who had not only started to invade Aquila, but also every other surrounding nebula. Rachel fought alongside them... as they were her allies. Her friends. Fighting Chaos, fighting James.

And... about the same time that Queen Beryl had begun to invade the Moon Kingdom, the Chaos-possessed James began to slaughter everyone within the Kingdom of Aquila. The peasants, the workers, the servants... everyone and anyone, only saving Rachel for last. It soon came to the point where the Castle was next on his list of homocide, and he murdered all of the royal staff without hesitation. Even Rachel's mother -- right in front of her eyes. The very last two people alive in the Constellation of Aquila... Rachel was frightened for her life and terrified at what her former lover had become. She died by James's hand, though, technically, had been killed by a portion of Chaos. In a form of tragic irony, Chaos decided to kill James as well, having no use for him no longer. And, it had seemed as if she had won. Conquered and murdered all of the Constellation senshi. However, she had not known of the deal the universe had given the Warriors of Constellation...

Fortunately for the nebula princesses, the legendary silver crystal of the Moon Kingdom had been activated -- shining all across the galaxy. Sending all to a future on Earth... everyone in the Solar System. Every constellation.

....Even the constellation of Aquila.

in the night, the stormy night
she'll close her eyes

username;; Tsuki

alias;; Tsuki, Moon-Face, Usagi

experiance;; oh... 5-6 years?

sample rp;; third person, past tense. in this character's perspective. at least a paragraph. semi-literate. only for canons.

in the night, the stormy night
away she'd fly

] T E M P L A T E, made by Tsuki ]

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Rima Washino --> Sailor Aquila.
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