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 ~ Love Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me. [OPEN.] ~

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Rima Washino

Rima Washino

Posts : 14
Join date : 2014-06-25

PostSubject: ~ Love Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me. [OPEN.] ~   Thu Jun 26, 2014 1:42 am

Stupid school uniforms.

Stupid rigorous homework.

She sat in the library, at one of the rectangle, wooden desks that were provided for students in the center. The check-out desk was up front, near the doors, and far from where she was situated. Shelves scanned the walls, in rows, hiding her and the tables themselves, superfluous with books galore. 

 She rested her chin in her hand, simultaneously observing the hard-covered headquarters and its inhabitants mindlessly. Rima, although likable and generally sociable, did not have any friends in study hall. Nor did she wish to sit through a class alone.

 And, so, she had escaped to her solitude. The library. However, so far, it seemed like she hadn't gained any friends or companions in here either. Even the Librarian had stepped out for breakfast. It was just her. Her, and her alone...

 ...which led her to wander amid her thoughts.

 How was she expected to find and date a guy here?? That's all her parents have ever wanted, right? As if she was going to abide to their wishes. Much less, to her old fiance, whom she had promised herself she would find again. Given, of course, that he had even been reborn like her. But, then again, perhaps she would be better off not finding him. A part of her wanted to forget about him, never see him again. A part of her soul resented him for what he had done to her in her past life -- for betraying her, and then unconsciously slaughtering her and her kingdom.  How could he? How could someone that she had poured her heart out to.. that she had done everything with.. that she had loved so much... done something so preposterous? Something so incredibly void and heartless?

 It could be boys in general. She had come to that conclusion, anyway. That all men and boys were, essentially, the same. Decietful. Manipulative. Selfish.

 Needless to say, she couldn't picture herself with any other except James. But... if she did find him... who was to say he would even want to reunite with her? Who was to say that she wouldn't attack him in rage? Ever since being awakened, she had wondered about these things. Contemplated, and drilled her head in.

 She was beginning to think that she should begin anew. Forget about James. Lead her own life. Find out what she really wanted. Who she was in this life. And, treat the memories as just that -- moving photographs of the past.

 Perhaps... that's exactly what she needed.
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Lilith Sabrent

Lilith Sabrent

Posts : 13
Join date : 2014-06-27

PostSubject: Re: ~ Love Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me. [OPEN.] ~   Fri Jun 27, 2014 5:20 pm

"Sister...! Sis..! Wake up! Lilith, you're never going to get anywhere if you keep sleeping all the time, and maybe if you paid attention you wouldn't need to stay up so late to figure it out and then sleep in class!" Lilac could be so noisy.. She recognized this.. They were in the sixth grade, the last grade she and Lilac were together. Lilac sat to her right, the left being a window, which shined a bright light on her and making her squint as she opened her eyes. She grunted in reply to Lilac, who scoffed gently. "Lilith...!" Her sister urged before she rolled her eyes and went back to taking notes like the good girl she was. All in just one sudden flash, a scream erupted in her dreams and it all went black. With a jump and massive twitch, her eyes snapped open.

Lilith sat completely still. Fear caused her to remain as if she was frozen as she gathered her surroundings. Sound; nothing but the air conditioning. Touch; only the warmth of her arms as she laid her head upon them and the cool surface of the desk she rested upon. Taste; well, nothing, which was a good sign for she would be worried if she tasted something when her mouth was closed.. Scent; musty old books, filled with wonder and adventure, or perhaps romance or even a wider intellect with each turn of the page as the words filled the mind of the reader. Sight; tall shelves, loaded with books galore as the light shined in her unblinking, horrified eyes. Her heart raced within her chest as she held her breath. As insignificant as it may have seemed to others, that was something that could chill her blood with ease.

Finally, she release the air within her lungs as she sat up, feeling comfortable as she remembered where she was. The library of her private school the Takahashi's insisted upon enrolling her in. She was skipping class at this point in time of course, but hey, who was there to nag her this time? Not Lilac. Not to mention, the whole act of skipping gave her a bit of an adrenaline rush.

Though she couldn't remember why she fell asleep.. Boredom was her main guess.. Either way there was no going back to snoozing now. Lilith bit the inside of her bottom lip a bit before she pulled out a notebook. It was very thick, and bent, torn and ruffled from age and use. She was given this by Lilac for one of their birthdays. Flipping through the drawings of pages she used, the opened to a nice, clean new one. She scurried through her bag, grabbing a thick metal art tin that was filled with sketch pencils. Gently running her fingertips along the top of them to move them around, she picked up the one she wanted.

Pulling it out, she looked at the paper and for a moment she froze to think. A sudden urge hit her as she stared at the blank canvas before her and before she could even comprehend what she was doing, her hand was sprawling across the page, drawing furiously as she began her outline, within time the faint image of a wolf staring right back at her. Lilith was focused as she drew, and when she focused hard, she tended to, make noise. She would grunt or growl if she screwed up, praise herself with a sweet hum when she did something right, otherwise she just chewed her bottom lip, not thinking anyone was around, and if they were, she would hardly notice, as they hardly noticed her.
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Rima Washino

Rima Washino

Posts : 14
Join date : 2014-06-25

PostSubject: Re: ~ Love Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me. [OPEN.] ~   Sat Jun 28, 2014 5:00 am

It wasn't long before she heard a straightening. An exasperated exhale. And, a turning of pages. All of which shook her from her thoughts and caused her to turn her head to see who had come to join her.

A girl, lean in build and skinny of stature, with blue eyes and white-pink hair. And, by the looks of it, didn't necessarily play by the school's strict uniform code. A unique individual... or... maybe, just an artist of sorts.

If anything, she sure did seem to be drawing quite a lot in something that seemed to be a sketchbook of sorts. It looked like she was pouring her heart out into it. Being absorbed by her very artistic creation...

Rima stared in wonder and in awe for a moment, earlier ponders and annoyances forgotten. Wondering if she should say 'hi'. If, instead of sulking, she could have some company, and maybe even be-friend this girl. But... most of all... she was fascinated by what, exactly, the white-haired girl was so adamant about finishing, and, of course, what exactly her drawing was of.

So, the brunette did what every normal person would do. She stood out of her chair and made her way over to the girl, choosing to take a seat across from her and give a friendly smile when she looked up at her. "Hi.." she greeted calmly. Then, with a nervous side-glance of her eyes, she added, as library quiet as she could manage, "I thought you looked lonely... so I came over here to join you... I hope you don't mind."
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Lilith Sabrent

Lilith Sabrent

Posts : 13
Join date : 2014-06-27

PostSubject: Re: ~ Love Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me. [OPEN.] ~   Mon Jun 30, 2014 7:15 pm

Lilith had so far gotten the ears, the top of the head, and the eyes done already. She was a fast mover when she had the fire of an idea burning in her mind, but when she got done with the eyes, she froze. Lilith was used to her creations'  being praised for how real they looked and how they seemed to jump from the page, but this one.. The eyes, it made her heart skip a bit. A piercing feeling went through her and it made her catch her breath. Though she wasn't done, the young artist could tell this one was going to be special. Maybe not for many others, but it would be to her.

The fire was sparking inside of her even more now, and if pencils could literally smoke from usage then hers would have been ignited by now. Lilith was careful not to place her hand on the page so she wouldn't smear it, unless necessary. She bit her lip harder than before, but she didn't even comprehend the pain echoing from it due to her focus so heavily upon the paper. Lilith was in her element, her little world, a bubble of her own. She heard nothing, she saw nothing. Her breathing was light and shallow, as if she was in a meditative state of mind. In a way she was. She wasn't sitting there in the library, as far as Lilith was concerned, she was sitting right in the middle of a forest, the trees above her casting vented shade from between the leaves. The ground was cool underneath her, and comfortable. Damp, but not enough to wet her clothing, and not dry enough to get the dust of it on her either, and not crack the ground. Instead of countless book and a hauntingly empty library before her, there sat a wolf, staring at her with those piercing eyes, uncaring of what she was doing, of who she was, how she looked. Just, there.


That one little word. Such an insignificant word, yet enough to make her world vanish in an instant and her bubble pop with a big Boom! She gasped and her eyes widened a bit, quickly out of reaction moving her hand off the page as it twitched, her whole body doing the same, in surprise. Well she couldn't mess up her drawing now could she? Her breathing was slightly shakey from the rush of adrenaline she had, for Lilith truly thought she was the only one within this part of the school, and looked up. A rather pretty girl was the one that sat before her. he had brown hair and brown eyes, pale skin and the typical uniform. Lilith was never good at explaining things, she just thought she was pretty. She continued to speak, and Lilith sighed on the inside. The girl wasn't in the mood to put on her mask, but she would do so, to keep up appearances.

So, Lilith smiled at her. She chuckled softly to the girl before speaking. "Heh, well to be honest I thought I was the only person here." She chuckled again and gently rubbed the back of her head with a sheepish look. Lilith kept the smile upon her face. "I don't mind at all, I thank you really, it was so nice of you to consider me." Maybe she was putting it on a bit too thick now.. Looking to the opposite side, she went back and rummaged through her back to grab a pencil sharpener, and spun it threw to a new point. She wanted to say something, but no words were coming to mind, so instead she remained silent, and tapped her pencil lightly on the pad before her.
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Rima Washino

Rima Washino

Posts : 14
Join date : 2014-06-25

PostSubject: Re: ~ Love Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me. [OPEN.] ~   Wed Jul 02, 2014 11:40 pm

"Heh, well to be honest I thought I was the only person here."

Rima smirked a bit at that. So did I, She thought ironically. Though, as she found her eyes back to the girl in front of her, she noticed something about her demeanor seemed... forced. Maybe she hadn't wanted to be bothered?

"I don't mind at all, I thank you really, it was so nice of you to consider me."

She looked down to study what the fuchsia girl has been so serious about -- to see just what lied on the sketch paper before her -- and caught a glimpse of a pencil-made detailed wolf before glancing back at the girl to listen as she spoke.

And, then, there it was again. Something that made the Eagle Senshi feel as if she were intruding, even though the girl was right there and reassuring her. The brunette curiously stared at her a moment in thought before biting her lip and asking sheepishly, "Are you sure?" There was just something that didn't seem... content... about this girl. Perhaps she had really wanted to be alone. Perhaps she hadn't wanted to talk to anyone. Perhaps Rima was interrupting her serious drawing. Perhaps... she was being a nuisance.

But, if that was true, then why go to all of the effort to assure the brunette otherwise?
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Lilith Sabrent

Lilith Sabrent

Posts : 13
Join date : 2014-06-27

PostSubject: Re: ~ Love Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me. [OPEN.] ~   Thu Jul 03, 2014 5:45 pm

Lilith felt, nervous around this girl, and she couldn't put her finger on why she did. It wasn't because the girl was attractive, she had talked with many more that had better outlooks than she, and never faced a problem before unless they were male. Then of course like the typical teenage girl, she got flustered and embarrassed. Yet this girl wasn't intimidated either though, she looked so, doll-like, fragile. As if she could just, flick her and she would shatter. Though if it wasn't fear, and it wasn't fluster, what was it? Maybe it was just the fact she seemingly appeared from nowhere.

The young artist didn't notice the smirk upon the girls' lips as she had said that, and didn't really get the irony, because, she didn't know what she was thinking so how could she? That was just silly. Then there was something said that caught Lilith off-guard;

"Are you sure?"

Another simple statement provided, that still made her blood run a bit cold. For some reason she felt as if she was getting scolded. Instead, Lilith looked up at her and smiled. "Of course I am, why wouldn't I be?" She smiled and chuckled a bit. It was odd, usually she was never asked something like that, people ate her persona right on up. Though this ordeal, made her think.. What if she was more see-through than she had originally though, and people, just didn't care? That they could see how fake she truly was and just ignored it, took advantage of her, so to speak. Truthfully, this particularly angered Lilith, but it hurt worse than it did anger her. How could people be so selfish and cruel? Or maybe it was her, that was being selfish and cruel.. Making a fake personality so people will like her, it's no wonder they didn't care. Lilith closed her eyes, feeling the anger and pain being shown within them and not wanting to present them to the girl before her, she calmed down before opening them once more.
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PostSubject: Re: ~ Love Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me. [OPEN.] ~   

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~ Love Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me. [OPEN.] ~
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