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 vicimts of contingency

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PostSubject: vicimts of contingency   vicimts of contingency EmptyFri Feb 13, 2015 5:50 am

Across the galaxy a planet burns, its inhabitants fleeing for whatever refuge they can find. The planet: Duran. The place of refuge for many: Earth. They blend into the people of Earth and take up new lives there. But there is a group among them that believes going home could be possible with some work. And a generous helping of power from the unknowing citizens of Earth.

Where are the guardian senshi who once protected us? They fell in previous battle, saving the world and losing their lives in the process. Now new senshi are called in a city in the southern United States where there have been a number of mysterious attacks in the past few weeks. But will these new senshi rise up to embrace their fate and save the world from the latest threat?

Or will they just be victims of contingency?
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vicimts of contingency
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