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 Chifuyu Kanzaki --> Sailor Nibiru (finished)

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Chifuyu Kanzaki


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PostSubject: Chifuyu Kanzaki --> Sailor Nibiru (finished)   Sat Jun 28, 2014 4:43 am

when she was just a girl
she expected the world

name;; Chifuyu Kanzaki


age;; 16

gender;; Female

date of birth;; October 31

height;; 5'7"

weight;; 123 lbs.

hair colour;; Very long dark brown locks usually just allowed to flow freely over her shoulders and down past her waist; she has eyebrow length bangs and side locks that are a little shorter than the rest of her hair.

eye colour;; A somewhat lighter brown tone than her hair.

wardrobe;; Although she usually dresses for comfort, Chifuyu's typical wardrobe maintains an air of femininity about it.  While not unknown to wear jeans and comfortably (slightly loose) fitting tops, she's equally likely to don a nice somewhat frilly skirt, blouse or lacy top and feminine boots.  It all depends on what sort of activities she's expecting or what kind of mood she's in. If she's just come from school she'll be wearing the crisp western style uniform of her private school.

faceclaim;;  Strawberry Panic! // Yaya Nanto

picture;; [url=LINK]http://illiweb.com/fa/pbucket.gif [/url]

but it flew away from her reach
so she ran away
in her sleep

personality;; Chifuyu finds herself somewhat a mix between familial influences of both branches of her family.  She was raised by her parents to be a proper young lady: graceful, gracious and considerate to others.  To some degree that holds true as she genuinely is quite polite in how she treats others.  She takes time to listen to friends' problems and isn't above going way out of her way to help them with perceived problems.  Somehow she manages to do this while carrying herself with grace and poise.

She also is fairly strong willed and hates the feeling of being forced into anything, no matter how small or trivial it might be.  As someone of fairly decent upbringing she believes decisions she makes should be her own.  This resulted in her revolting against some of the training her parents tried to push on her.  She sees the virtue in some of the lessons but stopped listening once they started insisting she be more submissive.  Thus the somewhat short temper she's had since a very young age has been untamed no matter how ladylike she might seem.  Little things like losing a few yen or being unable to find a hairbrush are enough to upset her and throw her into a fit of pouting.

Chifuyu also tends to be a bit scatter brained and has bouts of daydreaming or over thinking things.  Silly things that really have no importance in any arena other than her own mind.  Things such as what accents animals would have if they could speak.  These can become a big deal if she's allowed to spend too much time thinking about them, but thankfully she can be distracted somewhat easily from them.  Otherwise she's a determined girl who seeks out whatever her heart desires with a fire perhaps only her cousin can match.  Obstacles that would give others pause are simply bigger speed bumps for Chifuyu to overcome.  She likes to test herself against others in order to both better herself and for the sheer thrill of competition, though her temper can make things difficult for everyone involved.  Despite the serious determination she can really get into silly things, and as such has become quite taken with the Aracelli family business herself.  Getting to wear silly costumes and pretend to fight?  Chifuyu really loves the whole idea of it.

Additionally she feels like there's pressure on her to be the best she can be and like her cousin will push herself far beyond what is safe or even sane to undertake in pursuit of this.  It's worth noting though that she's emotionally vulnerable and tends to latch on to people who are close to her as if they'll leave at any moment; she just refuses to let them go, even if it's just a trip to the convenience store.  She's afraid of being left alone, and therefore is very much a people person.  


  • Sweets and other junk food
  • Classical music ala Beethoven and Tschaikovsky
  • Wrestling and general silliness
  • A pretty face


  • Being alone
  • Getting proven wrong about something she has a strong opinion about.
  • Pushy, impatient people
  • Friends being unhappy


  • Gets upset over little things and therefore takes time to calm down.
  • Kind of daydreamy and absent minded
  • Has a genetic disorder which makes her unable to feel pain; she still gets hurt but doesn't realize it, and therefore ends up with all sorts of injuries she doesn't realize have happened.  This can get fairly dangerous if she's been out training with her cousin or the like.


  • Incredible dedication to loved ones and allies.
  • Generally polite and considerate.
  • Willing to pursue goals to the farthest extent possible despite the cost to herself.

goals;; Three goals are present in Chifuyu's mind: firstly to become a worthy partner or even friendly rival to her cousin Akemi in pursuit of being a champion herself.  Secondly and maybe more realisitically she daydreams a lot about getting a pretty girlfriend to dote on.  Finally she wants to protect her princess, Akemi/Scorpius, no matter what.

fears;; Chifuyu's greatest fear is having everyone she loves ripped away from her, being left alone in a world she doesn't dare face without their support.  Isolation, then, is her worst nightmare and alone is enough to drive her mad.

and dreamed of para- para- paradise,

senshi/knight alias;; Sailor Nibiru

transform item;; A star-shaped brooch that's a slightly faded gold color.

transform phrase;; "Nibiru power, make up!"

sailor or knight fuku;; Sailor Nibiru's fuku is quite comprable in design to that of the more established senshi.  Hers too is reminiscent of a sailor collar school uniform, though its body is a golden yellow with a dark green collar with matching yellow trim.  Its skirt has three layers, all of which are the accenting green color.  Bows accessorize the uniform on the chest (even darker green) and rear waist (gold), with a metallic star in the center of the chest bow.  Knee-high heeled golden boots with green trim along the tops and 3/4 length fingerless gren gloves with gold accents at the tops and wrists complete her look.  Nibiru's circlet is bronze and decorated with a metallic green star.

star or planet;; Nibiru, a star in the Scorpius constellation.

guardian;; A talking, small sized mixed breed dog whose true name is Arminius, but whom Chifuyu insists is named 'Dwayne'.  They get into arguments over what his name is somewhat regularly.

protect;; Sailor Scorpius, her real-life cousin.

power of;; Lightning/Bravery

group;; Scorpius Constellation?

weapon(s);; A black baseball bat with white flashes of lightning snaking down its length.

attacks and techniques;;

Hot Rod - Being a bat of the metal rather than wooden variety, Nibiru is capable of channeling her lightning-based energy into it.  This adds an extra charge of electrical power into what would otherwise perhaps be only attacks with a metal club.  With enough charge it becomes significantly more viable as a senshi's weapon and sends off sparks as she swings it.

Nibiru Bolt! - Your basic usage of lightning as a missile weapon, taking the form of electrical javelins she can hurl at an enemy.  She can fork a javelin as it's en route to a target, but this weakens the overall damage each fork can do.  

(sorry, really bad at thinking up attacks!)

sailor or knight picture;; [url=LINK]http://illiweb.com/fa/pbucket.gif[/url]

life goes on, it gets so heavy
the wheel breaks the butterfly,
every tear a waterfall

allies;; Akemi Aracelli/Sailor Scorpius, Yuna Ise

enemies;; Victoria Tarleton, Ultimo Diablo

parents;; Haruto Kanzaki and Yoko Kanzaki (deceased)

siblings;; None

other relations;; Adan Aracelli (uncle), Akemi Aracelli (cousin by marriage), Mariko Aracelli (aunt), Haruko Onizuka (aunt/legal guardian)

crush and sexuality;; Unabashed lesbian who swoons over many a pretty face, but sometimes develops crushes as well.  Currently has at least two that she has no idea how to act on (her cousin by marriage AND the daughter of a family friend).

history;; On the face of it the Kanzaki family was somewhat well off and definitely nothing too out of the ordinary.  Chifuyu was the only child of a minor executive in a manufacturing company and the woman he'd married out of love.  The family had once been a little more prominent and, in order to try and rectify the Kanzaki image, Chifuyu was taught to act like a proper lady by her parents.  When they could afford it they had her take dancing lessons and encouraged her to take up the violin in school.  All the world was to know that the heiress to the family name was a lovely, graceful young woman who was easily respectable by any standard.

What was less common knowledge was that Haruto Kanzaki, despite his lineage, had at one time abandoned the family traditions.  Not to run off and join the circus, but rather to become a professional wrestler.  In the process he began training with one Adan Aracelli and, by extension, the man's sister-in-law, Yoko.  It was love at first sight even though Yoko hated professional wrestling and wanted nothing to do with the business.  That added pressure for Haruto to abandon his dream of being a sports entertainer, but not as much as another fact: he was really terrible at wrestling.  Combined with family pressures he 'retired' and vowed to never let his children know of or pursue the path of wrestling themselves.

Chifuyu was his only daughter from a previous relationship - he'd won custody of her after issues forced a divorce from her biological mother.  She loved him and his new wife as the only parents she ever knew.  However she learned about their ties to the Aracellis thanks to the black sheep of the Kanzaki family.  An aunt who had renounced tradition and took up a career as a truck driver.  Since this woman lived nearby the Kanzaki house, Chifu often snuck over to spend time with her aunt.  Together they watched her uncle-in-law compete and this inspired a love of the silly, over the top parts of wrestling in Chifuyu herself.

While at her aunt's she would practice moves she saw on TV.  Then she started using those moves on bullies at her school and ended up coming home with bloody noses, black eyes and all sorts of horrifying injuries.  Yet she didn't even notice she had them until someone mentioned them to her.  Not long after she began doing some training with her aunt, her parents were involved in a fatal accident.  The details were never shared with her and she's wondered about the story that was given to her, but no investigation so far has revealed much about it.

Though she received an inheritance from her parents, she ended up moving in with her aunt.  To keep herself busy she finally contacted her heroic (in her mind) uncle and started some actual wrestling training.  In the process she met her cousin Akemi, whom immediately struck the brunette as being awesome.  Oddly she started also feeling attracted to the girl but has been so far able to keep it under control. Not to mention that she has lots of fun thinking up terrible in-ring characters to portray.  Besides that, she's a pretty normal girl with a pair of stuffed animals on her bed and everything.

senshi/knight history;; Nibiru the star is an earth-sized world in the Scorpius constellation which lay on the outer reaches of that domain.  Its representative to the royal court of Scorpius, such as it was, was an elegant but somewhat distant warrior whom took an instant liking to the prideful princess Alexandria.  Though it was fairly far removed from the central workings of the Scorpius culture Nibiru nonetheless was an ardent supporter of the entire culture and its champion Esther strove to personify its ideals.  Mostly in the hopes of catching the eye of the princess whom she admired so greatly.  After proving herself in a tournament, despite losing, she was chosen as a guardian for the princess.

This was not too long before Chaos' influence seeped into the Scorpius Constellation; Esther was far too busy training and keeping an eye out for Alexandria to notice hints of anything amiss.  She was always determined to be the absolute best in the name of her princess, even if it meant detrimental things for herself.  Though not nearly as strong as the woman she'd been assigned to serve Esther always sought to prove herself.  Not simply out of a sense of duty but also because she took joy out of any little bit of praise she could obtain from Alexandria.  Something had been stirring in her heart for quite a while and she had been uncertain if it was appropriate.

With Romulus fallen and Chaos attacking, Esther threw herself directly into battle alongside her princess.  As her princess did, Esther died trying to save Scorpius from destruction at the hands of its greatest enemy.  Yet the story is not finished, merely a chapter in that tale..

in the night, the stormy night

she'll close her eyes

chatango;; MaikoChifu

alias;; Maiko or Mai

experiance;; LOTS.  Both forum-based and tabletop over the course of a decade.

sample rp;; third person, past tense. in this character's perspective. at least a paragraph. semi-literate. only for canons and site canons.

in the night, the stormy night
away she'd fly

[ T E M P L A T E, made by Tsuki ]
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PostSubject: Re: Chifuyu Kanzaki --> Sailor Nibiru (finished)   Fri Jul 04, 2014 5:01 pm

A c c e p t e d !  cat  

Quote :
Love her lady-likeness!~ I think it's adorable{and creative} that we now have a guardian senshi for a constellation senshi! **squee**

 Find yourself an avtar/signature, and be sure to provide a link of her profile in your siggie someplace.~ Can't wait to see her awaken <3

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Chifuyu Kanzaki --> Sailor Nibiru (finished)
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