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  Ryuunosuke Takahashi --> Secret Swordsman{W.I.P}

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PostSubject: Ryuunosuke Takahashi --> Secret Swordsman{W.I.P}   Sat Jun 28, 2014 8:07 am

when she was just a girl
she expected the world

name;; Ryuunosuke Takahashi. "Ryuu" for short.

meaning;; "forerunner of the dragon/noble and prosperous", and "high bridge"

age;; 22

gender;; Male

date of birth;; January 21st

height;; 5' 11"

weight;; 141 lbs.

hair colour;; Black, long, to his shoulders, with bangs.

eye colour;; chocolate brown

wardrobe;; He likes to wear suits. Part of the whole 'detective' thing, he thinks they're cool. They're just his style. When not wearing suits, he might wear button-downs and jeans or khakis, with a neck-tie or scarfs. Mostly scarfs. Something like that, and dress-shoes. He is also often seen with a black trenchcoat/long coat -- as it is his favourite article of clothing, and he innerwardly thinks it makes him look sophisticated and brings out his intelligence. He wears it out nearly everywhere.

faceclaim;; BLEACH // Byakuya Kuchiki

picture;; Old Fashioned, and a Little Bit Sexy

but it flew away from her reach
so she ran away
in her sleep

personality;; Ryuunosuke, in many ways, is a very complex person. He has a reserved and anti-social nature, and is often regarded as mysterious because of this. He is seen as a honest and respectful nobleman, in any case, and is respected as such for his gallant actions and his wise words. Still, not many people claim to understand him. Only very few among his friends and family can grasp his motives.

Most of the time, he seems to be a cool and collected type of guy. He is logical, and fights everything with reason and thought. He is always calculating, always thinking, and quick to react, which is what makes him such a badass swordsman. Aside from sarcastic quips and a dry sense of humour, he seems to have all of his emotions and actions under control all of the time, and doesn't seem to falter or let his guard down very often, if at all. Unbeknownst to others, however, Ryuu is constantly warring with himself and with his feelings, with his emotions. Not saying that he is a blank face all of the time, but often, his face will only show the emotion he is feeling to some extent. Those who can read his half-held back expressions, that is, will be able to see the emotion in his eyes, on his face -- those who can't, which are many, consider him to be unreadable and strange. Ryuu considers his emotions to be his biggest weakness, and although he is capable of keeping them restrained and somewhat controllable, they are sometimes completely freed if they are too over-whelming or too deep of an emotion to conceal.

The reason behind repressed emotions is truly because of his great care for people. He has a great love and a great respect for others, and for humanity. He is very compassionate, emphasizing, and understanding of others and their actions. He is incredibly brave, blunt, intense, and chivalrous, but has low self-esteem concerning himself and essentially hates himself, both due to events in his past and his strict life of honour. He believes himself -- who is otherwise emotionally vulnerable when he is not repressing hs emotions-- to be a danger to others, and fears that he may harm an innocent unintentionally if he ever lets his emotions take control of him. He is very moral and virtuous in his values, and will do anything for the right of man. Granted, he believes it to be his duty to respect and protect others, especially his loved ones, and conquer the evil in the world. By knocking down criminals and murderers with his trusty, god-like swordsmanship and putting them in prison or jail, he feels he is redeeming himself from the sin of his past and saving lives, comforting those whom are finally able to live peacefully and rightfully being able to punish the bad who deserve it.


  • Being in Authority
  • coffee
  • reading
  • getting things accomplished
  • kindness
  • being respected/respect
  • morality
  • he quite admires and has a great respect for paintings, having replicas in his room; especially the works of Van Gogh and Da Vinci
  • he also likes history, especially that of Ancient Greece and Ancient Japan, finding it fascinating
  • Psychology -- study of the human brain.


  • Taking orders from others
  • Small Children
  • Being ignored
  • When others don't listen to him
  • Idiots
  • evil beings
  • pears
  • Biology -- not keen on learning about the theories of life or learning about animals and plants.
  • Failure.


  • his reserved nature makes him not very social
  • his memories
  • letting his emotions slip into intensity


  • honesty
  • strong will and determination
  • calm and collected

goals;; Help find and resolve/capture criminals and murderers. Keep his family and adoptive sister safe. Protect Sailor Lupus.

fears;; Afraid of never being truly forgiven. Letting his emotions take a hold of him. Losing someone close to him. Harming someone/killing someone else.

and dreamed of para- para- paradise,

senshi/knight alias;; Secret Swordsman

transform item;; a silver watch with two "swords" as the minute and hour hands

transform phrase;;  "Scatter, my spirit."

sailor or knight fuku;; a few sentences describing his/her knight/sailor form, including the uniform, primary and secondary colours, and his/her accessories.

star or planet;; a star called "Alpha Lupi" within the constellation of Lupus

protect;; Lilith Sabrent/Sailor Lupus

power of;; love and loyalty? petals and protection? 

group;; Constellation, I guess?

weapon(s);; A katana with a brown hilt. Pictured here

attacks and techniques;;

Deduction and Human Lie Detector ~ Being a sleuth, he is very skilled in deductive reasoning and combating things with logic. Ryuu is an expert in reading people, as well as their actions, and detecting their truths.

Speed and Movement ~ As Secret Swordsman, He is very fast and very sly, so much so that his movements are as swift as the flow of water, silent and hardly visible -- if not visible at all -- to the naked eye. This swift, invisible glide of movements that seem like a form of teleport are often what allows him to succeed in protecting Sailor Lupus or help win the battle.

Swordsmanship ~ As The Secret Swordsman, he is badass with a sword. You DO NOT want to piss him off when he has a blade in hand.

Sakura Flower ~ He seems to have an abundant supply of cherry blossom flowers{or, at least gains one with every transformation}. They possess the same traits and sharpness as ashuriken, and although they capable of injuring/slashing, they cannot be used to kill or maim. Secret Swordsman can only throw them to prevent/deflect attacks or distract the enemy/target.

Vibrant. Edge! ~ Secret Swordsman's only 'real' attack. With a swift, elegant slash of his sword, a big wave of pink cherry blossom petals hurtle toward the target. Unknown to them, the sakura blossoms are actually illusionary tiny blades that cut the target upon limbs, hands, feet, chest, back, and face upon contact or within near proximity.

sailor or knight picture;; Fly By Night...

life goes on, it gets so heavy
the wheel breaks the butterfly,
every tear a waterfall

allies;; Constellation Senshi; Sailor Lupus and her aquaintances, or anyone who claims to fight on the side of "good"

enemies;; Chaos. Youma. Anyone who seems to otherwise have chosen the path of evil and crime.

parents;; mother's and father's first and last names.

siblings;; none, other than his adoptive sister, Lilith Sabrent

other relations;; not that he is aware of.

crush and sexuality;; He is heterosexual -- and is beginning to fancy Lilith. They may end up secretly dating...


As a boy, Ryuu was always very intelligent and lived a more or less happy life. He loved subjects that him think, that could be logical, and anything with a past. Especially psychology, history, and criminal justice. But, most of all, he loved the idea of helping others. Of the human race, and how it succeeded and failed. Of doing what was right. As he entered high school, he enrolled into criminal justice classes and forensics, impressing his teachers and classmates with the ways of the criminal mind and brilliance of various sciences. He aspired to be like his father, who was a policeman. To scold the evil, and save the innocence.

However, upon enrolling into a militaristic college, his father fell ill and came to be diagnosed with cancer. Wanting to stay by his father's side, Ryuu decided to stay home instead of applying to be in the military. What he didn't know was that his father had other plans for him. 


He had returned home recently to find his mother married to a new man and living in Tokyo. Trying to see what positive he can, he has become the central Detective to further aid humanity in catching criminals and psyhcos, and will go to great lengths to defend humanity, stay faithful to his moralities, and redeem himself of the murder he has committed.

However, he will soon discover that upon his return that his mother remarrying and their new location isn't the only change. To his surprise, he will be baffled to discover that he has an adopted sister named 'Lilith'. This will be the hardest change of all, as she is quite the opposite of him in many ways, but he will try to adapt the best that he can. Unbeknownst to him, he will eventually come to love her, but of course, will become conflicted by his moral faiths whether it is right or wrong and hesitant whether to keep his feeling bottled in or not react on the emotions at all.

senshi/knight history;; history pertaining to the character's past life before they were reborn on Earth. may be deleted if canon.

in the night, the stormy night

she'll close her eyes

chatango;; VampireTsuki

alias;; Tsuki

experiance;; Lots.

in the night, the stormy night
away she'd fly

[ T E M P L A T E, made by Tsuki ]

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Ryuunosuke Takahashi --> Secret Swordsman{W.I.P}
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