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 Minako Aino / / Sailor Venus (Ready for Review)

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Minako (retired)


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PostSubject: Minako Aino / / Sailor Venus (Ready for Review)   Wed Jul 02, 2014 7:08 pm

when she was just a girl
she expected the world

name;; Minako Aino

meaning;; Beautiful child of Love

age;; 16 years old

gender;; Female

date of birth;; October 22nd (Libra)

height;; 5'6" (167cm)

weight;; 154 (69kg)

hair colour;; Minako's hair is  soft, silky and straight, colored in a bright shade of blonde. It is usually kept in half a ponytail, tied with a noticeable red ribbon, though she is sometimes seen tying it up in a high ponytail or braid, or leaving it unbound.

eye colour;; Azure

wardrobe;; A high school pupil, Minako is usually she wears her school uniform. The uniform includes a buttoned shirt, long or short according to the season, a knee length skirt colored in navy blue, a matching Collar and simple black pumps. In volleyball practices, she wears a plain white T-shirt, mini slacks colored in navy blue and white running shoes. When not in uniform, Minako's clothing style could be best described as feminine and bright. She'd love to wear singelts, T-shirts, cardigans, cute dresses that reach her knee length or a bit higher, slacks, mini skirts, jeans, leggings and tights. She'd usually wear happy, bright colors such as blue, white, green, pink, orange, azure, teal, etc. Her feet would usually be shod in sandals, sneakers or pumps, either flat or with a slight heel.

faceclaim;; Minako Aino

picture;; With her partner, Artemis

but it flew away from her reach
so she ran away
in her sleep

personality;; In one phrase, Minako could be best described as a "happy go lucky" type of girl. She's very cheerful, lively and vibrant, usually seen wearing a smile on her face. She's an optimistic person, usually seeing the positive side of things, or at least trying her very best to do so. She's hedonistic and loves having fun, but would be too lazy to do anything she doesn't enjoy, such as her studies or chores. Minako can be very blonde, and not just in terms of hair color - she can act very silly and goofy at times. At times, she can act just as childish and impulsive as Usagi, wanting things right here and now. In a similar way to her princess, Minako is a person that acts according to the whims of her heart rather than according to her logic, which can sometimes get her into troubles or embarrassing occassions. She's rather a chatterbox, and doesn't think before speaking her mind out loud in front of people. She's also been known for mixing up proverbs when trying to use them, in order to sound reliable and wise in front of her friends. She's also very melodramatic, and has a tendency to exhagurate and react dramatically even to the slightest occassion, especially when is provoked or upset.

However, she does have a more serious side, as well. Minako is very loyal and caring for those who are dear to her. She would literally secrifice her life for Usagi and the girls, as she has done several times in the past. Once you've got Minako on your side, she'd be there for you until the very end. Because she cares so deeply for her friends, whenever feeling sad or depressed, she wouldn't share any of her concerns with them. Rather, she'd try to pretend as if everything's alright, not wanting to make them worry for her sake. She takes her role as the leader of the Inner Senshi very seriously, and at times of battle can be proven as a charismatic, graceful leader. Even if a bit silly at times, she's a brave soldier and in times of necessity would rise above her silliness and fight determinately for the sake of what she believes in. Minako can also be quite stuborn - once she has her mind set on a certain goal, no one and nothing will be able to make her give up on it, no matter how hard they try or how rough things can get.

One of the most outstanding traits about Minako is that she's a very, very romantic person, to the point of cliche. Due to her love of the pop culture, her ideal romance would be like one of those you'd see in the movies. She's very easy to fall in love. Minako can be very inconsistent about the person she loves - She has been known for having a zillion crushes, from world-wide celebrities to the boy from next door. She's well known for day-dreaming and having perverted romantic thoughts about dates with said crushes and often changes her mind as for who is the one she truly loves. She's a shameless flirt and would try to hit on every single one of them - even simultaneously. Finding a boyfriend is among her biggest dreams and a goal she constantly tries to achieve. Minako wouldn't only care for her own love issues, no! She also tries to be very much involved in her friends' romantic life. She reads a lot of magazines about teenage and romance, which makes her think of herself as an expert in such matters, calling herself "The Goddess of Love and Beauty", even though so far she's been fairly unlucky at that field. She'd never tell this to anyone out loud, but she's scared of the possibility of not finding anyone to love and staying all by herself. Moreover, she's a tiny bit jealous of Usagi, for finding her fairy tale romance with Mamoru, wishing the same thing to happen to her.

Minako is is a huge fan of the Japanese pop culture. Reading a lot of magazines (some of which could be better described as tabloids), she's very much knowledgable about the latest news in the Japanese show business. one of Minako's biggest dreams is to become an idol, herself. In the time following Galaxia's defeat, she's been practicing her singing, dancing and acting and attending auditions as much as she can, hoping to become a celebrity. She's also been known to chase various idols around, sneaking into their households and in general trying to mingle with the hot names in the industry. Other interests of hers include shopping, eating and volleyball, in which she rather excells and even participates at the school team.

Her best friends are the fellow Inner Senshi, all of which she is very fond of. Since there were times she was fighting all alone, she doesn't take having comrades for granted and is very thankful for having them in her life. She adores Ami's gentleness and wisdom, finds Makoto's combination of strength and delicacy very cool and bickers with Rei often, claiming she's way too serious and needs to enjoy her life more often, even though the two are vey close at heart. Her best friend among them is without a doubt Usagi. Having so many similar traits, Minako truly thinks of her as a sister, and more than once had nicknamed her "my make-up tests partner". Moreover, she's very much aware of Usagi's importance as the leader and princess, and is willing to support and protect her at any cost, even if it means hurting herself. Another person she considers among her closest friends, if not the closest, is Artemis, the white cat who has been there since the very beggining. At first, the two of them used to argue rather often, him being fed up with her carefree attitude and her finding him too serious, but as Minako grew and developed as a Senshi, they became much closer. As time went by, Minako came to the relization that if it wasn't for Artemis, she wouldn't have met any of her friends, and therefore is very thankful for that. Their relationship resembles that of very close siblings; they know each other so well, that many times one does not need words to understand what the other is thinking.


  • Boys ♥
  • Volleyball
  • Her friends
  • J-pop music


  • Studying
  • Having to tidy up her room
  • When her mama gets upset at her
  • Being rejected


  • Silly and goofy
  • Chatterbox
  • Very easy to get offended


  • Athletic
  • Charismatic
  • Have had more experience as a Senshi than her friends, which can get useful

goals;; To become an infamous idol with lots of fans, to have the hottest boyfriend in the world, to protect her friends and the universe.

fears;; She'd never tell this to anyone, not even Artemis, but her biggest fear is to never find love and be left all alone.

and dreamed of para- para- paradise,

senshi/knight alias;; Sailor Venus

transform item;; Crystal Change Rod

transform phrase;; "Venus Crystal Power, Make Up!"

sailor or knight fuku;; The base of Venus' fuku is a white bodice, as it is for all the other Solar system Senshi. The collar is colored a bright shade of orange called Sun (Hex: #FAAB19), having one white strip. In addition to the white shoulder pads, she has translucent, wing-like sleeves, similar to those of super Sailor Moon. Her skirt is one-layered and pleated, colored in Sun, as well. The border of her skirt is shaped like a white "V". Her back bow is colored in a shade of yellow called Candlelight (Hex: #FAD20A), leaving two long trains that reach her knees. On her feet, Venus wears a pair of high heeled pumps with ankle straps, colored in Sun, as well. Her gloves reach her elbow, and have three Sun hued strips at the edge. Her central bow is colored in a rich shade of blue, named Torea Bay (Hex #0F2E8A). The central broach is a Candlelight hued, heart-shaped broach. The chocker on her neck is colored in Sun as well, and has no stripes, but it does have a yellow star in its center. On her forehead she wears a golden Tiara in the shape of the letter "V", with a Sun hued oval gemstone in its center. In her ears, she wears rounded earings, colored in Sun as well. Around her hips, she sometimes wears a chain of rounded ruby beads.

star or planet;; Venus - the second closest planet to the Sun, that is considered as Earth's twins in many aspects.

guardian;; Artemis, the white cat originated in the planet Mau who is the one who awakened Minako's powers initially and have been there by her side ever since.

protect;; Sailor Moon, the Earth, the future, everyone's hearts.

power of;; Love and light

group;; Inner Senshi - leader

weapon(s);; Chain - a chain of ruby rounded beads that is often seen worn around Sailor Venus' waistline. The chain is long enough to circle Venus' form, but is elongated when used in a battle. She uses the chain in the attacks Venus Love-Me Chain and Venus Wink Chain Sword, as well as a whip or a sword, if needed. When used in the attack Venus Love-Me Chain, the beads change their shape into that of a heart rather than a circle.

attacks and techniques;;

  • Crescent Beam - Sailor Venus' basic attack. She points her hand towards the enemy, which makes a pair of yellow crescents appear in front of her pointing finger and be unleashed at the enemy.
  • Crescent Beam Shower - A stronger version of Crescent Beam.
  • Sailor V Kick - Sailor Venus simply kicks her enemy, an attack she bears back from her Sailor V days.
  • Venus Love-Me Chain - Venus grabs the Chain in her hands and makes it glow in orange light, then unleashing it at her enemy like a whip. In this attack, the form of the beads is changed from a circle to a heart.
  • Rolling Heart Vibration - Venus makes a heart shape with her hands, which makes a glowing yellow heart appear and hit the enemy.
  • Venus Wink Chain Sword - Venus gets a hold of her Chain vertically, making it stiff as a sword, and hits the enemy.
  • Venus Love and Beauty Shock - Venus closes her eyes and blows a kiss of light towards her enemy, shaped like an orange heart.
  • The Birth of Venus - A new, defensive power, named after the well known painting by Botticelli. Venus stands in the very same position as the roman goddess in the painting, which makes a glowing shell made of orange light appear below her feet. She aims both hands forward and the shell flies from below her feet to the front of her body, constituting a shield for Venus and those who stand nearby and/or behind her.

sailor or knight picture;; Soldier of Love and Beauty, Sailor Venus has arrived!

life goes on, it gets so heavy
the wheel breaks the butterfly,
every tear a waterfall

allies;; The entire Solar System Senshi team, especially Usagi, Ami, Rei and Makoto, who have been there with her ever since the very beggining. Artemis has a very special place in her heart, and he is the one who knows her better than any other. She's also still in touch with Hikaru Sorano, her best friend since her 7th grade days.

enemies;; Anyone who tries to provoke peace or harm those important to her.

parents;; Aino Ichiro (father), Aino Satomi (mother)

siblings;; N/A, though she considers Artemis as close to her as the brother she'd never had.

other relations;; N/A

crush and sexuality;; A romantic and huge fan of the pop culture at heart, Minako have had a lot of crushes along the years, and even her closest friends have a rough time following. One person she's been consistant about is Kou Yaten, in whom she's expressed her interest several times ever since she moved to her school. The realisation Yaten is actually a woman was a huge shock for Minako, but she's having a hard time getting used to the idea... Who knows what might happen in the future?

history;; Minako was born in Tokyo, Japan, to Ichiro, a sellsman, and Saito, who quit her job in the bank in order to take care of the newborn child. Ever since she was a small toddler, Minako has been a lively, curious child. These traits of hers could sometimes make her mother angry at her, but other than that nothing menaged to make her unhappy. Her mother's temper had often caused fights between Minako's parents, which made Minako start wishing that in the future, she'd find someone who will truly love her. Because without love, what's the point of getting married, anyway?

When Minako started to attend elementary school, she met Hikaru Sorano, a girl who lived several streets away from her. Hikaru's shyness combined well with Minako's liveliness, and the two girls became best friends. As Minako grew up, it was soon revealed that studies - other than English - weren't her strongest point, another reason for bickering between the mother and daughter. She was, however, very athletic, and excelled at sports, especially volleyball, which she grew to like very much. When it was time to attend junior high, Minako had no doubt she'll try out for the volleyball club. Simultaniously, she started to discover interest in various idols and celebrities, wishing she could be one, as well.

Her wish was granted, though it wasn't exactly the way Minako expected. One day, during a practice of her volleyball team, Minako was distracted by a random white cat with a yellow crescent moon on his forehead that seemed to stare at her, and fell on her bum. The cat approached her later that night, as well, and much to Minako's surprise, it started talking to her. He introduced himself as Artemis, and told Minako that she was a reincarnation of the goddess of love and beauty, that she was the guardian of Venus, Earth's twin planet, that strange things were happening and that he needed her help in fighting crime. He gave her a golden pen and told her to call "Moon Power, Transform!". Confused, she repeated the words, and soon her pejama changed into a blue, white and red sailor uniform. Minako turned into Sailor V, the champion of justice.

She surely was confused, but there was no time for that, for an enemy was braiwashing girls from Minako's school. Minako was very disappointed to discover the enemy was in fact a handsome boy from her class she was fond of, but after Artemis made it very clear, she had no doubt what had to be done. She defeated the monster, and the girls were saved. That was the birth of Sailor V. That was her very first battle, but not the least; for her enemies, named the Dark Agency, were committing crimes all over Tokyo, sending their youmas to cause terror. With the guidance of Artemis, Sailor V fought them all, gaining gartitude and admiration from the citizens wherever she went. Soon enough, Sailor V was well known as a mysterious heroine who fights for love and justice.

As Sailor V, Minako's battles against the Dark Agency had taken her to various places around the world, such as Greece and London - where she fell in love yet again, with a boy named Alan, who unfortunately wasn't interested in her, but in a local police officer named Katarina, who was also her friend. Heart broken, she returned to Japan, where she continued her battle against her enemies.

The more she fought against the youmas and members of the Dark Agency, the stronger she became. Slowly but firmly, Minako became more and more aware of her past life on the Moon Kingdom, until eventually, after defeating the Dark Agency's leader, she was awakened in her true form - Sailor Venus. Excited about her relisation and her upgrade, the newly born Sailor Venus intended to meet up with the four other guardians, who had been awaken and active by now. At first, she introduced herself as the Moon Princess to the other girls, but that was only in order to protect the real princess - Sailor Moon - from the Dark Kingdom's hands. The truth was soon discovered, though, when the Silver Crystal emerged and Sailor Moon was awaken as Princess Serenity. It was then that Minako returned to her initial role as the leader of the guardians, and helped the other girls awaken their memories from the distant past. She became best friends with them all within a blink of an eye, and became an integral part of the team, helping them in their battle against the Dark Kingdom, until they eventually won, bringing back peace to Earth.

Peace was more fragile than anyone thought, though, for many enemies were to appear. Minako fought alongside her friends - old and new - against the Black Moon Clan followed Chibiusa to the 20th century in order to ruin the past, the Death Busters who wanted to provoke the Messiah of Silence from her sleep and bring the end of the world, the Dead Moon Circus, who invaded Elysion and tried to take over the Earth from within, and the Shadow Galactica, who tried not only to conquer Earth alone, but the entire galaxy. The battles were tough and challenging, but thanks to her close bond with her friends, Minako was able to keep pressing forward and never give up, no matter how hard things got.

As the final battle against the Shadow Galactica was over and the awaited peace finally arrived, Minako could focus on her studies in order to graduate in honor... Well, she could, but that wasn't much fun, so she'd much rather focus on making her dreams and desires come true! Minako spends most of her days in the volleyball club, chasing idols around, practicing her singing and dancing or attending auditions, in order to become an idol like she'd always dreamed of. In between, she tries to find herself a descent date... So far she's been unlucky, but Minako isn't one to lose hope!

senshi/knight history;; Back in the Silver Millennium days, Minako was Princess Amorette of Venus, the only heir to the throne and the pride and joy of King Eros and Queen Aphrodite. As a part of Amorettel's education, as well as the delicate alliance between the kingdoms, she was sent to the Moon, along with the princesses of Mercury, Mars and Jupiter, in order to protect Princess Serenity of the Silver Millennium. The five girls soon became best friends.

According to the tradition, Amorette was given the honor and responsibility of being the guardians' leader, a task she's been taking very seriously. Which was why when Serenity turned to her, excited, and told her about her little affair with the Earth Prince, Amorette wasn't sure how to act. Being a romantic at heart, she was so glad for her friend, and knew she told her about her affair with Endymion because she trusted her and knew she'd understand. However, she was well aware of the problematic situation the Moon and Earth were in. Unsure what to do, Amorette kept quiet about the subject, pretending everything's alright.

Fate, however, had other plans for them. As it always is with secrets, it was eventually discovered when a witch from Earth named Beryl attacked the Moon, followed by rebels who have heard of the scandalous affair and wanted to stop the connection between the kingdoms. Amorette had tried her very best to protect the Princess, but the rebels from Earth were stronger, and eventually she was killed along with the fellow guardians, Serenity and Endymion. The Silver Millennium was ruined. With her very last powers, Queen Serenity made a miracle; Amorette, along with the rest of the guardians, the prince and the princess, were sent to be reborn somewhen in the distant future, where they all can live together happily ever after.

in the night, the stormy night

she'll close her eyes

chatango;; Alalachan

alias;; Alala, Lala, or any declension you can think of would be fine, thanks! ♥

experiance;; Several years

sample rp;; It was an afternoon hour, and Minako was running on the familiar way from school to the local music store. Ugh, to get detention today, of all days! To any other person, it might have been just a regular day, but not for Minako. Today, the dreamy, divine, delicious Akumi Shouta was having a meet and greet session in the music store, in orderf to promote his new album! She's been so excited for this day, that she couldn't sleep well at night... Which made her fall asleep in class, and the teacher get annoyed with her and give her detention, which was the reason why she was running now. Her initial plan was to get there extra early, before everyone else does, so she can greet Shouta-kun personally, but the stupid teacher ruined her plans! Ah, well, she knew she could run quite fast if she wanted to, so it'll be alright!

Thanks to her running skills, Minako was able to get to the music store in no time. However, just as she feared, the place was full of annoying, screaming spineless girls who thought they could lay all over her Shouta-kun! Nuh uh uh! She wouldn't let it happen! True, the other girls got there earlier than herself and were able to reserve their place closer to him, but the other girls weren't the goddess of love and beauty, and she, fortunately enough, was! She'll be able to charm him, without a doubt!

The blonde teen in white and blue fuku was about to elegantly yet agressively push her way towards the table behind which the gorgeous boy was sitting, when suddenly she didn't have to push so hard, for the girls around her started to faint, one after the other. Amazed, she looked around her as the girls fell to the ground. Eventually, when she was the only one standing, Shouta-kun was looking directly into her eyes, which made her face rosey and hot and her heart beat strongly. From one hand, she's been looking forward for that moment, but on the other hand... Something here seemed off, not right... Could this possibly be?...

"Finally", the boy spoke quietly as a grin appeared on his face. "Finally I'll be able to suck the energy from these young girls!..."

As she heard his words, Minako sighed, disappointed. "Oh, man! Not again!", she called and placed both hands on her head, frustrated. Not another villian posing as a gorgeous boy... This thing was getting kind of old by now! And to think Minako had had such high hopes, too...

A sad grin featured her face. Ah, well, it couldn't be helped. Wouldn't be the first time her fantasy would be broken, and probably wouldn't be the last. Even though it was hard, she tried to hold back the tears. She could cry alone in her room later. Right now, she had to be strong. As painful as it was, Minako had no doubt as for what she had to do. Within an instant, she pulled the orange Crystal Change Rod out of her pocket, rose it up in the air and spoke the magical words:  "Venus Crystal Power, Make Up!". Soon, her ordinary school uniform turned into a much more magnificent uniform, and Sailor Venus stood there, ready to fight.  

"Using your natural charm to allure innocent girls and destroy them, you should be ashamed of yourself! As the goddess of love and beauty, I shall not allow this! In the name of Venus, I will punish you!", she called, making the iconic V sign with her hand, next to her left eye. Not only he was up to mean things, but he also broke her heart! He's so going to pay for this!

in the night, the stormy night
away she'd fly

[ T E M P L A T E, made by Tsuki ]
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Minako (retired)


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PostSubject: Re: Minako Aino / / Sailor Venus (Ready for Review)   Tue Aug 05, 2014 7:58 pm

This profile is ready for review. Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Minako Aino / / Sailor Venus (Ready for Review)   Fri Aug 08, 2014 3:17 pm

A c c e p t e d !   flower 

Quote :
 YES!~ Sailor V<3

Wonderfully done. I adore how detailed this application is, sweetie.

Get her an avatar and put a link to her application either in your signature or as your profile's website link, and you'll be ready to roll! =-)

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PostSubject: Re: Minako Aino / / Sailor Venus (Ready for Review)   

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Minako Aino / / Sailor Venus (Ready for Review)
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