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 Love, Passion, Romance, and Dreams... <3

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Usagi Tsukino


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PostSubject: Love, Passion, Romance, and Dreams... <3   Wed Jul 02, 2014 8:30 pm

Here is the place for you to chit-chat and fan about your favourite pairings, whether they be canon, fanon, or even crack-ships. Squeel about all the images, gifs, and fanfictions of your ships -- share all of your Sailor Moon romantic reveries and revelations. We'll most likely squeal with you! XD

So... as most of you know... I really love Usagi and Rei<3, even though most of the support is from the anime, seeing as the manga centers more around Rei and Minako as a fanon couple. Here is all my evidence and squishy, heart-felt moments that make me re-adore this pairing every time I acknowledge them.


[ Even in the beginning, in their first meeting, Usagi cannot get over how beautiful the shrine maiden is...
even in the manga<3, and on this page, too.]

[ then, they definately fight and bicker a lot, in and out of fuku... but there's always a hidden concern and care for one another... and, Rei truly does come to care for Usagi...]

"They say the more you argue, the better friends you are.." Does that mean that Usagi and Rei are MORE than friends, since they argue so much? ]

[ but when they're not in a quarrel... they're sharing tender moments, either blushing or holding one another...]

[ ..and who could forget this big, heart-wrenching, passionate scene? oh, the feels!<3 ]

[ Their opposing personalities, however clashing, always balance one another out. They foil each other, in everything but their loyality, dedication, and love for one another... even in fuku, if you'll notice the colour-swaps and contradicterary earrings. Here's the wonderful scene from the R Movie, where Rei is encouraging a blushing, yet worried Usagi... and another...and another... ]

[ Rei has admitted in the manga more than once that she is not interested in men, or, in the least, that they're "foolish" and "moronic". Usagi is Rei's best friend -- and that can't be taken so simply, given all these moments, can it? And... if I dare mention, Usagi does seem to have a thing for ravenettes, seeing as her other relationships with both Seiya and Mamouru are anything but ordinary, and seems to question {maybe even unconciously} her sexuality with the arrival and interludes of both Haruka and Seiya...]

[ All in all, I am DIE HARD for this pairing, and will never stop loving it<33 ]

Please don't be afraid to reply to this and share your own OTPs and whatnot!~
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Love, Passion, Romance, and Dreams... <3
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