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 Akio Yamane - Jade Mystic (Finished!)

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Yuna Ise


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PostSubject: Akio Yamane - Jade Mystic (Finished!)   Sat Jul 12, 2014 12:57 am

when she was just a girl
she expected the world

name;; Akio Yamane

meaning;; Akio- Bright Hero Yamane- Mountain root

age;; 21

gender;; male

date of birth;; October 4th

height;; 6'

weight;; 187 lbs

hair colour;; Blond, tied back in a simple ponytail.

eye colour;; gold-orange

wardrobe;; Semi-cauals are his default. Jeans or slacks, mostly in darker colors with polo shirts or dress shirts. He tries to avoid wearing green whenever possible, in an attempt to distance himself from his identity as a Knight. His glasses are a constant, though in all honesty, if he didn't wear them the most that would happen is that he would get headaches much more often.

faceclaim;; Vampire Knight // Kaien Cross

picture;; Not the happiest of people

but it flew away from her reach
so she ran away
in her sleep

personality;; THe simplest way to describe Akio Yamane is to say that he is broken. The death of the first Sailor Voxus and the events that followed shattered him completely.

Akio holds a dark worldview which came about as result of the tragedies that occurred when he was fairly young. He legitimately thinks that the world is inherently an evil place, and that people simply have to struggle against that evil constantly. Consequently, he thinks heroes, as supposed paragons of all that is good and light, simply cannot exist in a world that is evil. Those who hide behind the title are simply frightened children trying to ignore the fact that the world is a dark place. This view lends itself to another one of his beliefs, that senshi and people with power must do whatever it takes to end any and all threats to humanity, even if that means sacrificing people to do so.

Akio is a very cynical person with far too much anger and guilt built up inside him. He views the world through such dark and distorted lenses as a result of the tragedies he went through when he was younger that he simply cannot be what people would describe as a hero- or perhaps even a decent person. He is very short and cold with people, seeming almost as if he thinks no one is worth his time. His short temper will often snap with him becoming downright vicious towards whoever angered him, but will fade quickly and be replaced with guilt unless the person truly deserved it. In public, Akio never apologizes for his actions, but in private, he is buried in guilt. He blames himself for all of his failings and truly hates himself for it all. When confronted with a problem, he will be utterly ruthless in his actions so long as he reaches the ends he desires. Once he has made up his mind to do something, especially if he considers it connected to his duty, Akio will see that thing done, regardless of the consequences.

As a Knight, he is still utterly ruthless in his actions, and is willing to do almost quite literally anything to achieve his goals of finding and then protecting the second Sailor Voxus and fighting for her in the interim. If confronted with a situation where sacrificing civilians would allow an enemy to be defeated, he WILL sacrifice the civilians, as he puts the good of humanity as a whole over individual people. In his mind, survival must come first, because if a senshi or knight dies, who will protect the people in their stead? The senshi and knights and other people with supernatural power are humanity's shield, and that shield must be preserved for the greater good of humanity. In his view, ordinary people have the luxury of making the choice to always take the option that is good, while the senshi and knights must be willing to commit evil acts for the sake of good- but they should never take pride in their evil actions. He certainly doesn't take pride in them.


  • Order
  • People who do their Duty
  • Reading
  • Crystalline structures
  • Organization
  • Strategy games
  • Coffee


  • People who think in terms of black and white
  • The belief that good will always triumph over evil
  • Senshi who revel in their jobs
  • People who label themselves Heros
  • People who look down on him
  • Laziness
  • Extended battles
  • Transformation poses/speeches
  • Failure
  • Lightning based powers
  • Large messes
  • His dreams


  • Uncaring of things that don't really relate to his goals
  • Puts his own life before the life of any one person
  • Will sacrifice people for the sake of "the Greater Good"
  • Far too overprotective of the second Sailor Voxus
  • Doesn't exactly work well as part of a team larger than three


  • Utterly determined to reach his goals
  • Iron willed
  • Willing to make sacrifices
  • Excellent swordsman
  • Very capable of fighting on his own
  • Fairly good strategist

goals;; Akio has all of two main goals at the present: Find the second Sailor Voxus, and Protect the people in her stead until she is found. Once he finds her, his goals will shift to protecting the second Sailor Voxus and helping her in her mission to protect the people. Avenging the first Sailor Voxus is at most a tertiary goal.

fears;; Failing again. Letting more people die when they don't have to. Not finding the second Sailor Voxus. He relives the death of the first Sailor Voxus in his nightmares, as well as the death of his mother, and nearly ever time he's sacrificed a civilian. He doesn't exactly have pleasant dreams.

and dreamed of para- para- paradise,

senshi/knight alias;; Jade Mystic, though he's mostly abandoned this title since the death of the first Sailor Voxus.

transform item;; A ring decorated with a small emerald. The emerald is engraved with the sigil of Crystem.

transform phrase;; Reflect and take form.

sailor or knight fuku;; It almost resembles a military Uniform, an unknowing nod to his past life when he was a general. A long, dark grey coat, with jade highlights along edges and the straps. The pants are essentially slacks, but slightly tighter fitting, and the same dark grey of the coat. The shoes are simple, the same dark grey as the majority of his outfit, but lightweight and designed for running. Under the coat is a close fitting, long-sleeved jade colored shirt, emblazoned with the sigil of Crystem. The emblem is in a darker forest green. His hair hangs loosely and his glasses are gone.

star or planet;; Crystem, sister planet to Voxus.

protect;; Sailor Voxus- First deceased, Successor unawakened.

power of;; Crystal, Light and Duty

group;; Independent

weapon(s);; Crystalline Scepter, capable of transforming into a sword, called the Crystal Blade. Has been locked in its Sword form ever since the death of the first Sailor Voxus, denying him the use of any abilities that require the scepter form. The Crystalline Scepter is an simple rod decorated with silver filigree and tipped with a dark green gem whose lower half is also decorated with filigree as it fits into the rod. The Crystal blade is a longsword designed to be held with either one or two hands. Its hilt is simple, decorated only with light silver filigree and a dark green gem in its pommel. The blade itself appears to be made of a translucent white crystal that is incredibly difficult to break, but regrows steadily if it is.

attacks and techniques;; Crystal Shift- The weapon shifts to whichever form it is not currently in- from Crystalline Scepter to Crystal Blade or Crystal Blade to Crystalline Scepter

All attacks other techniques require the weapon to be in Crystalline Scepter form. They are therefore locked to him until he regains access to the Scepter.

Shards- the most basic and possibly most versatile attack, a wave of the scepter generates a cluster of crystals which can be directed and controlled to a certain degree. The more focus he puts on a single crystal or small group of crystals, the greater the control.

Crystalline Wall-Akio holds the Scepter parallel to the ground and calls the attack. A wall of thick crystals stab out of the ground directly in front of him, protecting him from the incoming attack

Crystal Shell- Started by striking the ground with the Scepter and calling the attack, two lines of crystals of increasing size shoot out of the ground moving away from the point of impact. The lines then shift and form a teardrop shape with the largest and strongest crystals at the point furthest from the point of impact. Designed to be defensive, it extends at maximum 3 meters from the point of impact.

Reflected Soul- Does not require any specific movement, generates a illusory double of himself. Lasts a maximum of 30 seconds before shattering, the double is almost impossible to tell apart from Jade Mystic himself. When activated, the double seems to appear from his body, almost like mitosis. The double moves completely independently of Akio, however, it cannot attack.

False Reflection- Creates an illusory double of himself while rendering himself invisible. It lasts for less than 10 seconds, and gives the appearance that he teleports when it shatters. Like Reflected Soul, the double cannot attack and moves independently of Akio himself.

Crystalline Nova- Effectively his Ultimate, this attack is absolutely devastating, though incredibly draining for him to use. A whirlwind of crystal shards materializes around Akio as he rises into the air. The whirlwind forms into a sphere about 4-6 meters in diameter and becomes thicker and thicker until it becomes almost impossible to see Akio within the sphere. At this point, he swings the Scepter in an aggressive motion and the sphere collapses inward for a moment before exploding outward at insanely high speeds. The crystals are flung in all directions, and at short ranges is all but impossible to avoid. However, its approximately 20 second charge up time gives enemies time to run.

sailor or knight picture;; Jade Mystic.

life goes on, it gets so heavy
the wheel breaks the butterfly,
every tear a waterfall

allies;; Anyone willing to help him with his goals. Though that is only a temporary alliance. He doesn't really have any friends, just acquaintances- he tries to keep most people away from him.

enemies;; Anyone who gets in the way of his goals. Given that protecting people is one of his goals, this means anyone who threatens people. Also, the Villain who killed the first Sailor Voxus.

parents;; Father: Nori Yamane (Alive) Mother: Shiori Yamane (Deceased)

siblings;; No siblings.

other relations;; N/A

crush and sexuality;; Straight. Loved the first Sailor Voxus until her death and still hasn't let her go fully.

history;; In this life, Akio Yamane was an only child in a middle class family. He was a loud, friendly child, greatly contrasting with the person he eventually became. Despite all that happened later in his life, he seemed like a fairly ordinary child. And he was, his almost extreme sense of duty aside. His sharp mind ensured that he was near the top of the class almost every year, and he was quite happy with the way things were. Except, something felt like it was missing.

He got his answer to what that was when his powers awoke. Akio was thirteen when he first became Jade Mystic and met the first Sailor Voxus. Their first fight was nothing short of utterly chaotic due the fact that they knew nothing about each other and had no idea how the other would act. When they did defeat the youma they were fighting, Jade Mystic and Sailor Voxus had a rather intense argument about tactics and attacks which ultimately ended with the two of them walking away form each other beyond irritated with each other.

It took two months for them to be able to really act as a team. Two months of fighting and arguments after battles before they understood each others style enough to actually function truly well as a team. After that, Jade Mystic and Sailor Voxus always went into battle together.

Akio knew that his duty was to fight alongside Sailor Voxus and protect her, and he willingly let some things in his civilian life slide for the sake of his duty to protect her. He was always cautious to make sure things didn't slide to far to be easily noticeable, however. Neither he nor Sailor Voxus had revealed their civilian identities to each other, which, to a certain degree, bothered him to no end- if something were to happen to her when she was in her civilian identity and couldn't transform, how could he help her?

As much as he knew it was his duty to fight for and protect Sailor Voxus, Akio genuinely enjoyed his time as Jade Mystic. He was a hero, saving the world from all that was evil! And as they won fight after fight, purifying youma after youma, the belief that good will always triumph over evil became somewhat ingrained in their minds. In the future, Akio blames this mindset for the tragedy that came later.

It had been nearly a full year since Akio's powers had manifested when his relationship with Sailor Voxus really started to change. He didn't understand at first, and found himself wishing for a youma to show up on quiet nights so that he could spend time with her. It took him another full month to realize that he had fallen in love with her. But he refused to act on his feelings. He was her protector, and he could not afford to put his feelings before his duty. He did, however, suggest that they tell each other their civilian identities. Sailor Voxus asked him to give her some time to think about it. He never got his answer.

Less than a week later, everything went to hell. Attacks had started increasing again, and they'd managed to discover the source. They hadn't even realized they had a new enemy. They decided to go in and put an end to their foe before he could do anything else, despite the fact that something about the entire situation screamed wrongness to Akio- After all, they were heroes, and the heroes always defeat their foes in the end. That sense of wrongness only increased as they entered the villain's lair and found no youma or minions or anything else. When they reached the central chamber and there was still nothing blocking them, Akio's feeling there was something horribly wrong won out over everything else. Unfortunately for him, it was far too late. They'd walked into the trap and it was about to be sprung.

The central chamber sealed itself off, and blasts of energy struck both Jade Mystic and Sailor Voxus. They were flung in opposite directions, and a wall of the villain's minions dropped down to form a barrier between them. The minions charged Akio while the villain appeared on the other side of the barrier of minions to fight Sailor Voxus. The battle that ensued was nothing short of an absolutely desperate struggle. For every minion that he cut down, another would appear to block his path to Sailor Voxus. The fight went on for less than ten minutes before the villain grew tired of toying with Sailor Voxus and decided to put an end to her. The two lines of minions still opposing him allowed him a nearly unimpaired view of Sailor Voxus being electrocuted. He could only watch, still trying to fight his way over to her as she died in agony, screaming for him to save her, for the villain to have mercy on her, for anyone to do anything.

Akio was never sure how he escaped the villain's lair that night, only that when he did, he was alone. Something had snapped though, and everything that Akio had believed in had shattered. The next morning, he discovered that one of his classmates had been found dead not far from the villain's lair. The cause of death had been determined to be electrocution. Akio took one look at the pictures and realized that she had been Sailor Voxus. He spent the rest of the morning emptying his stomach into the toilet. He didn't attend her funeral- at least, not officially. He stood away from the people attending, and once they had all left, gone to her grave and cried over it. He only left at nightfall, and the last thing he did before he left was to carve Sailor Voxus's symbol into the corner of her gravestone.

He knew Sailor Voxus's civilian identity well enough that he knew she had two younger sisters- one of whom was terminally ill. Two weeks after Sailor Voxus's death, her ill sister died as well. Her health had apparently taken a nose dive after her sister's death. The next day, he went to her house and broke down, apologizing repeatedly to her parents and remaining sister, though never saying for what. He just kept apologizing until they called his parents and had him taken home.

In Akio's mind, there was no doubt that as surly as he had killed Sailor Voxus by not acting on his feelings that something had been wrong, he killed Voxus's little sister by killing Voxus. In his mind, the collapse of that entire family was his fault. And he would never believe otherwise. His arrogance and belief that heroes always won were, in his mind, the reason he had failed and let Sailor Voxus die.

It was over two months after Sailor Voxus's death before Akio used his powers again. The moment he became Jade Mystic, he knew something was different. His weapon, which had always been the Crystalline Scepter when he transformed, was now the Crystal Blade. Worse still, he could not change it to its other form. His weapon was locked in a single form and he had no access to the other or the abilities it granted.

Less than a month later, his mother died. Shiori Yamane was stabbed to death after she had fought back when a man had tried to steal her purse. What little of Akio's beliefs and worldview from before the death of Sailor Voxus completely shattered in that moment. He wasn't a hero. There were no heroes in a world as dark as this one. Only people fighting to do the best they could.

Akio underwent an almost complete change as a result of all this. Where before he had been friendly, happy and thought that people were good in the end, he now was cynical, angry and convinced that the world was an evil place. His old view had been shown as false and ultimately impossible. So he abandoned it and didn't look back.

Over the next several years, he continued to fight, but now that he was on his own, without access to most of his abilities, Akio had to be cautious and creative with the one weapon that remained to him. When he was seventeen, he faced one of the hardest challenges he had since the death of Sailor Voxus. He was alone, fighting against a youma which had taken a civilian hostage. No matter how he looked at it, there were two choices. He could save the civilian and let the youma get away, or he could sacrifice the civilian to kill the youma. He chose the latter. The Youma never saw it coming. It was only after the blade had stabbed through both the civilian and the youma that Akio felt the impact of what he'd done. He was sick against the side of a building, and when he reached home, he spent the next day hunched over the toilet, crying and begging for forgiveness.

By the time he turned nineteen, he never showed signs that sacrificing civilians bothered him. It still did, of course, but not nearly as much as it had before. His views had changed, and ultimately, it was the good of humanity as a whole that needed to be considered. He knew Sailor Voxus would never have approved of what he was willing to do now, that she would never have believed that Jade Mystic could do something like this. So he abandoned the name. He didn't need a title to do his job, after all. And besides, Jade Mystic was the title of the knight who protected Sailor Voxus, and he'd failed at that.

Some time after the death of Sailor Voxus, Akio discovered that his connection with her was only dormant, not gone completely. This lead him to only one conclusion- somehow, Voxus had a successor. A new Sailor Voxus. Discovering her immediately became her number one priority. He also became relentless in improving himself, taking fencing and swordplay lessons and learning parkour, so as to be even stronger and more easily defeat Youma and defend the second Sailor Voxus when he found her.

Now attending Todai, Akio chose to become a law student, and the atrocities and crimes he came across in the course of his research did nothing except fuel his beliefs that the world is inherently an evil place. The existence and location of the second Sailor Voxus still weighs heavily on him, however, and he is utterly determined to find her. He will not fail a second time.

senshi/knight history;; Millennia ago, he was Arturus Yar, First Prince of Crystem and commander of the Military of Voxus and Crystem. The political situation within the Voxian system had always been volatile, with the two planets agreeing on little other than that their respective royal lines should be kept separate. On the whole, it was mostly due to the trade between the two planets that hostilities were kept to a minimum.

The system was completely independent from any of the other kingdoms and mostly self sufficient, and was therefore mostly ignored and left alone. Arturus's father thought to change that.

Crystem had always been the less isolationist of the two worlds, being farther out in the system, but Voxus was nearly militaristic in its desire to remain isolated from everywhere except Crystem. Arturus, being in command of the militaries of both worlds, tried to keep the uproar that emerged when his father made it clear what he wanted to do. However Chaos had seen the little system as weak and ripe for destruction and fanned the flames of the conflict. Arturus tried his best to maintain the peace in the system, but he could not defeat Chaos's will.

The Military fractured, splitting between the two worlds as civil war broke out, and in the end, Arturus chose to command the military of his own world. The war went on for months, culminating with an attack on Voxus which resulted in the Princess of Voxus being captured and held on Arturus's ship. That was the final straw, and Voxus unleashed its most powerful weapons and launched them at their sister world, which responded in kind. The two planets were left devastated and the remainder of the fleets destroyed each other within days. Arturus's flagship, the Jade Mystic, was among the last to be destroyed, and when it was, the First Prince of Crystem and the Princess of Voxus were standing side by side on the bridge.

in the night, the stormy night

she'll close her eyes

chatango;; Eagletrekkie

alias;; Eagle

experiance;; 2 years. Damn. Also Yuna Ise here.

sample rp;;only for canons and site canons.

in the night, the stormy night
away she'd fly

[ T E M P L A T E, made by Tsuki ]

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Akio Yamane


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PostSubject: Re: Akio Yamane - Jade Mystic (Finished!)   Fri Jul 18, 2014 9:04 pm

I present to you the completed profile of Akio Yamane.
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PostSubject: Re: Akio Yamane - Jade Mystic (Finished!)   Tue Jul 22, 2014 5:24 am

A c c e p t e d !  

Quote :
 Angst, Angst, Angst. OH, THE FEELS XD

Akio The Knight is hereby accepted. Make his account, and have fun~

(and sorry it took so long!)

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PostSubject: Re: Akio Yamane - Jade Mystic (Finished!)   

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Akio Yamane - Jade Mystic (Finished!)
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