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 Naoko Valesquez (finished)

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PostSubject: Naoko Valesquez (finished)   Tue Jul 15, 2014 3:39 am

when she was just a girl
she expected the world

name;; Naoko Valesquez

meaning;; Naoko-esteemed child, docile child. Valesquez-The place of crows

age;; 17

gender;; Female

date of birth;; October 28th

height;; 5'7"

weight;; 124 lbs.

hair colour;; Black, two medium strips that shape her face and long in the back, going to the tip of her keester. Usually found in two pony-tails held by a red ribbon.

eye colour;; Brown

wardrobe;; Naoko isn't picky about clothing as long as it is dark colored. She will wear anything from a long sleeved shirt and sweat pants to a mini skirt with a tank top. As long as it has dark coloring. Though she is most commonly found wearing her black and red school uniform.

faceclaim;; Blood C // Saya Kisaragi

picture;; their normal form

but it flew away from her reach
so she ran away
in her sleep

personality;; One thing about Naoko is that she is a rather clumsy girl. She is rather found tripping or dropping something, but it doesn't stop her from smiling. Despite her attire, Naoko is a rather fun-loving girl, though she is shy and therefore doesn't have many friends, and is usually labeled as an outcast. She doesn't really care though, she is happy with what she has. She doesn't like the heat or sun though so is usually found carrying something to block it, or in the shade. Naoko also happens to be gifted intellectually, however not nearly as much as one of her idols, Ami, or Sailor Mercury whom she does not know is Sailor Mercury so.. The other she admires is her elder sister, Kari. She loves how she helps and saves people, and wants to do the same. She is rather fierce and protective when it comes to the ones she loves, like close friends or families. She is easily prone to anger and trusts easily, and it let down will hard to gain her trust again. When she fails, or is depressed, she takes it very hard.


  • Ami
  • Saving people
  • Meat
  • Dark/Night


  • Bullies
  • Sunshine
  • Cooking
  • Failure


  • Her poor eyesight. If she loses her glasses, she will be as blind as a bat.
  • Her trusting personality
  • Her clumsiness


  • She is very fast/agile.
  • Intelligence/strategy.
  • Her Kindness

goals;; To meet Ami, and become successful in a business to help people.

fears;; Ami looking down on her or rejecting her, losing her sister, especially in the line of duty and being a failure in life, or not amounting to anything. Snakes.

and dreamed of para- para- paradise,

senshi/knight alias;; Sailor Nova

transform item;; A Raven Totem stone.

transform phrase;; Nova Power, Make-up!

sailor or knight fuku;; She has the commonly white, thin striped leotard, with a light blue-gray bib thing on her shoulders with one thin white strip along the edge of it. The skirt she wears is pretty basic frill, the length is the same usual length of soldiers, and it is a light gray-blue color as well.  The emblem in the middle, on her chest, looks like a pair of wings with some golden star in the middle to represent her alliance with not only the Constellations, but Princess Aquila as well. Her earrings are also golden stars. A ribbon is tied around her back, and it's about down where her boots start, a little below her knees. This ribbon is a pink-purple color, much like the color of the wings on her chest. She has medium length white glovers on her hands with a pink-purple band on the top, barely going to her elbows. The collar around her neck is also pink-purple. Her boots edge up on the side of her legs, and point down on the front and backs of her legs, those being a light gray-blue with a pink-purple band shaping along the top of them.

star or planet;; A star in the of Constellation Aquila named 'Nova Aquilae 1918', Head Soldier/Protector of the Princess.

guardian;; A Raven named Kamali (Spirit Guide)

power of;; Knowledge and Honor; Shadows

group;; Constellation

weapon(s);; A Spear

attacks and techniques;;

Caw of the Raven!- A supersonic screech that Nova uses to either warn her fellow teammates of danger if separated, or a defensive technique she uses to blow them back a distance. Most likely will not cause any damage unless the victim falls, or if anyone is around her and hasn't covered their ears.

Empty Barrier!- Another defensive technique Nova uses. When this is called forth, a breeze begins to pass them by, a stream of black feathers following along with it that eventually covers her and anyone within a ten square foot area around her. When the feathers disperse, it appears as if they have vanished but they are really just temporarily invisible. She must use her complete and total concentration to use this technique. If anyone leaves that ten foot area around her, they will become visible again and it could give away their position. She cannot deflect attacks, so they can still be hit if they are fired at. She can still walk around, but again, if anyone leaves that space they are visible, and she cannot use any other attack.

Shadow Stream!- Using her spear, she draws a circle around her, shadows following the tip like ink from a pen. When the circle is complete, she thrusts her hands out forward as if pushing something, and a stream of shadows shoots forward at the target. This is a powerful impact, much like if you were to be hit by a waterfall, just, not as deadly. It can also blow the enemy back, but it can easily be dodged for she can't shift it from side to side, only straight, and it only lasts for about fifteen seconds.

Shadow Whisper!- This ability just allows sailor Nova to control shadows based upon her will. This is more of a power she uses when it is dark, otherwise it can be difficult for her to be able to get a shadow to control. She cannot make shadows, she has to have them there already, which can be inconvenient if she is against a light user.

sailor or knight picture;; Something like this...

life goes on, it gets so heavy
the wheel breaks the butterfly,
every tear a waterfall

allies;; Her Sister, the Princess and her other fellow soldiers.

enemies;; evil and bullies.

parents;; Father; Valentino Valesquez. Mother; unknown.

siblings;; older sister; Kari Valesquez

other relations;; N/A

crush and sexuality;; Not in love yet, but is bisexual.

history;; Naoko grew up as a very quiet child. Her father was a criminal, and so often spent time in prison. Being so young, Naoko didn't often understand what he did to get himself in trouble, all she knew was that he did, and he often fought with her elder sister, Karida. Again she couldn't understand why, Karida was so lovable, who could hate her? she always watched out for her and protected her from their father. She felt bad for being so helpless against him, but as far as she knew Karida didn't mind, until the day she ran away.

At first she thought Karida was just going to go and hang out with some friends, until she didn't return. She sat and waited for her to come back by the door, holding onto a stuffed bear as she did. Karida had to come back, didn't she? Was it her fault Karida ran away? Was she too helpless? Had she gotten annoyed with protecting her all the time. She often stayed outside until it got too cold at night for her to stay, then sat in their room and promised she would get stronger if Karida came back. Her prayers were answered, and her sister returned.  Although she stuck by Karida's side most of this time, she tried to become a little more independent.

Naoko had a special event happen to her not that long ago. She was sixteen, a little late to awaken, but it is what happened. It was shortly after her birthday that a strange thing started to happen around Tokyo. Since she wasn't much one to pay attention to the news, she only heard it from her sister Karida, something about people thinking shadows were taking people, never to be seen again. Naoko, however, was a fan of the shadows, so didn't really take what was going on into heart. That was silly, right? Shadows eating people.. Or something like that. It was ridiculous. The next day, Naoko sat under her usual place in the park, under a large oak tree that gave off lots of shades. She had made a friend there, a Raven she saved from starvation a little while back and made the tree its home. Naoko liked Ravens, they were a fan of the dark too, just like she was. She felt a connection with this bird, and so she named it Kamali.

Naoko spent most of the day in the park reading, and had lost track of time. It was dark when she began to head home. Naoko, feeling no fear at first, suddenly felt something strange, as if something was watching her, following.. She quickened her pace, but being the clutz she is, she collided into the ground. Something cold wrapped around her ankles, and dragged her into a nearby alleyway. She screamed, digging her fingers into the ground, only to tear the tips up and be dragged with hardly any trouble at all. She shadow wrapped around her throat, and tightened its grip, cutting off her air supply. Her eyes watered as adrenaline pumped massively throughout her body. She thought of her sister, and wished she would come and help her. Yet she felt like no one would.. She felt like this was the end.

It was then that Naoko heard a very familiar cry. It was a bird, a Raven to be exact. Looking up, despite her blurry vision from lack of air, she could easily tell it was Kamali! Kamali flew down, dropping something into her hand as it pecked at the shadows, surprisingly enough being able to inflict pain upon it and released her. Gasping for air she looked at the object. A raven stone totem? Why did Kamali have something like this? Lifting her head to see her struggling flying friend, she gasped as it was knocked away, hit against the wall. Crying out, she felt anger at the endangerment of the feathered creature and wanted nothing more than to help. It was then that she felt an unknown power surge through her, and as if someone was speaking through her, she transformed into Sailor Nova. Using her caw, she scared the shadows away. She and Kamali were safe that night, and she took her home after depowering, nursing the bird back to health. They stayed close friends, and even live with her now, or around the house anyway. Kamali has helped Naoko become a Constellation Soldier.

Years passed, and her father remains in jail. Despite all the things they have been through because of him, when she is alone she writes him a letter, only not to get one back, not that she expected anything less from him. She is now in high school however, and although clumsy, she is still more able to defend herself than before. She happily lives with her sister, and worries about whether or not she will lose her in the line of duty, and being caught by her.

senshi/knight history;; Being a soldier was never an easy thing for Astarte. Why? Because all she was, was a solider. Amazing, right? A soldier being a soldier? Well she found it completely and utterly boring. The Constellation of Aquila was relatively peaceful, so why did the Princess need Soldiers? Yet it was the Queen's orders, so there was no hope of her being able to refuse anyway. She never even got to speak with the Princess, and what really blew, is that she really wanted to be friends with her.. Yet she couldn't even get close.

Yet Astarte fulfilled her duties as a Soldier, and spent most of her days training unless it was a festival, or the Princes needed to be guarded for some reason. For her skill, she was appointed head Soldier, yet she was left in the dark for so many things. She felt annoyance when her fellow companions asked what their duty was, and she had to say, 'you don't need to know, just do as you are commanded', just because she herself didn't know.

Yet, even in death Astarte took her failure hard. She had known about the fling between the Princess and James, and how her Mother then announced they were to be engaged. She watched as James began to break after Rachel called it off, but was blind to the darkness that had crept into the very Kingdom she had trained so hard to protect. The day that James turned, the day he attacked.. She was powerless to stop him. Her friends dropped like flies, her Queen, the Kingdom, and despite how hard she tried to stop him, eventually she did as well.. She failed, and she knew it. She cursed herself as she died, feeling pathetic. She swore to herself that she would avenge the Kingdom, her Queen, her Princess... Especially, her Princess. She would kill James, no matter what. She would not fail. Astarte will be the Soldier she was meant to be.

in the night, the stormy night

she'll close her eyes

chatango;; SilverMoonFire

alias;; Silver, Silvy (courtesy of Aideen~), Moon, Fire, Yuzuki, Yuzu, Rei, Mars, Lilith, Lupus, idc..

experience;; Long time

sample rp;; The only sound that she could hear was the rain pouring down, smacking against the already soaked pavement. Brown-black beaded orbs stared up into the blackened sky. Naoko glanced down at her watch. It's getting late.. I need to hurry home before Kari does.. I need to make dinner. Even though Naoko was one of the worse cooks anyone could meet, she did try, and it was always nice to try and have something on the table for Kari after her shift, unless she went on a date of course. She wondered if she was going to come home to an empty house..

A caw knocked her attention back to the skies. A smile spread on her lips. "Kamali! You're here! e careful, you could get hurt flying in a storm." Naoko told her with concern. Kamali landed upon her shoulder as the rain began to light up. Naoko, seeing this as her chance, lifted her school bag above her head as she started to run on home, only to slip and fall pretty much flat on her face as her glasses tumbled away due to the slick ground. She groaned as she gathered herself, rubbing her face. Kamali, who had flapped her wings so as not to fall with her, looked at her, and she didn't need to speak for Naoko to be able to tell that she had the expression that made someone want to facepalm. She watched her friend, the best she could, fly and picked her glasses up. She smiled as she placed them back on. "Thanks.. Let's go home, but.. Let's walk this time."

in the night, the stormy night
away she'd fly

[ T E M P L A T E, made by Tsuki ]
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PostSubject: Re: Naoko Valesquez (finished)   Wed Jul 23, 2014 5:52 pm

A c c e p t e d !   Like a Star @ heaven 

Quote :
 I love her character, and like how you linked her to ravens and shadows.

I changed one little spec about her star/planet -- added that her powers derive from a star in the Constellation of Aquila. I hope you don't mind.

I'm excited for Rima to have a guardian, and I hope to thread the two soon!~<3

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Naoko Valesquez (finished)
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