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 Ryou Tsubasa // Sailor Sagittarius {Finished!}

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Ruri Izumi


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PostSubject: Ryou Tsubasa // Sailor Sagittarius {Finished!}   Sun Jul 20, 2014 8:36 am

when she was just a girl
she expected the world

name;; Ryou Tsubasa

meaning;; Distant Wings

age;; 22

gender;; Female

date of birth;; December 5

height;; 5’7”

weight;; 130

hair colour;; Sandy blonde

eye colour;; The left one is gold, while the right one is green.

wardrobe;; She dresses like a boy. She's never worn a skirt in her life, and only worn shorts once or twice. She can usually be found in pants and a sweatshirt, or at least a jacket of some kind. Her favorite colors are brown, dark purple, and blue, so she's often seen wearing them. Turtlenecks are another favorite of hers.

faceclaim;; Harvest Moon // Wizard

picture;; their normal form

but it flew away from her reach
so she ran away
in her sleep

Ryou is pretty quiet, most of the time. She's polite to most anyone, and doesn't judge people - unless you're a bratty girl. Those kinds of people, she tried to avoid. Even if she doesn't like you, though, she'll still be polite - unless you're a villain. She's also wary of other Senshi when she first meets them, because she can't get over what happened to her brother. However, despite her independence, she has a kind heart, and will help most anyone in need.


  • Silence
  • Peace
  • Long distance fighting
  • Learning & Knowledge


  • Pessimism
  • Rude people
  • Boring things
  • Ignorant people
  • Girly things


  • Her lack of short range attacks
  • Carelessness
  • Over confidence
  • She isn't too physically strong. Enough to do some damage, but her magic attacks are her strong point.


  • Her willingness to fight
  • Confidence
  • Her resolve
  • Her sharpshooting. She has very good aim.

goals;; She always helps whoever is in need of it - her goal is to prevent any more innocent deaths from happening.

fears;; Losing the grasp of who she is, loosing someone else close to her, failing in her mission, not doing the memory of her brother justice.

and dreamed of para- para- paradise,

senshi/knight alias;; Sailor Sagittarius

transform item;; Winged Watch – A gold pocket watch with an image of wings etched into the surface.

transform phrase;; Sagittarius Constellation Power, Make Up!

sailor or knight fuku;;She wears a normal white leotard with a teal skirt and collar, and dark purple bows. The bow on the front of her top looks like a pair of wings. She has a purple choker on, and wears white gloves with golden arm guards. Her short boots are black, and she has two gold bracelets on her legs. Her tiara has a teal gem on the front, and when she transforms, her normal side braid turns into a high braid on the top of her head.
Primary Color - Teal
Secondary Color - Dark purple

star or planet;; Sagittarius Constellation

guardian;;A Pink Fairy Armadillo named Gwenevieve. She has a tendency of giving really bad advice.

power of;; Flight and Wisdom, Electricity

group;; Constellation

weapon(s);; Bow and Arrow

attacks and techniques;;
Sagittarius Arrow! - A straightforward attack, Ryou shoots her arrow at her target with alarming accuracy.

Electric Arrow! - Same as above, but she first charges the arrow with electricity.

Thunderbolt - She gathers all the electricity in the air and condenses it into a single beam.

sailor or knight picture;; like this!

life goes on, it gets so heavy
the wheel breaks the butterfly,
every tear a waterfall

allies;;While she generally fights alone, she has the potent ion to get along with the other constellation senshi.

enemies;; Any villain who's harming innocent people.

parents;; Unknown.

siblings;; She had a brother, but...he passed on.

other relations;; None, really. She has a somewhat sarcastic relationship with her animal guardian, and she feels indebted to the man at the orphanage for taking care of her.

crush and sexuality;; None. Straight.

history;; She never knew her parents. Apparently they were nice people, that was what the woman at the orphanidge had told her. She had ben dumped at the doorstep when she was an infant, but the place wasn't too bad. Loud and noisy, but nothing that bothered her too much. The man in charge - Ichirou Aoki - named the child himself. He was a nice man, although an alcoholic. Luckily, nothing negative came out of that. His wife, on the other hand, was less than polite. She rarely spoke, and when she did, it was always rude or upset. Ryou never spoke to her much, because she looked so intimidating.

During her time in the orphanage, she spent most of her time with boys. While they were always eager to include her in playing games, all the girls sneered at her, or otherwise ignored her. They often made fun of her for not being girly and having weird eyes. (The boys all thought it as cool, though.) This was mostly okay with her, since she'd rather play sports or go on adventures than play with dolls or make up.

When Ryou was nine, a new boy came to the orphanage. His name was Taka, and he immediately took a liking to Ryou. No one knew why, but he always spent the most time with her, talked to her the most, and always defended her against the other girls. He was the first person Ryou really saw as an ally, and they got along famously.

Of course, not all good things last. One day, Ryou and Taka were out playing like normal. Suddenly, Taka pulled his friend aside, looking rather serious, and said he had to tell her something. It was then revealed that he was Ryou's brother, and he had come here to meet her.

The girl was in shock. She had never thought about her parents, let alone any potential siblings. While she wasn't sure how to react, she wasn't upset over it, and they continued to play like always. Taka was ecstatic she wasn't upset, as he thought she might be. As they played, they noticed something odd. The orphanage was in the middle of the city, surrounded by taller buildings. On the roof of one of these buildings suddenly appeared a masked man, fighting a senchi. The battle was intense, and the pair watched in awe as the fight progressed. The enemy was fighting with some sort of throwing knife, and Taka cheered when the senshi managed to reflect the attack.

But then his cheering stopped. His face was one of horror, shock.
Ryou looked at him, and screamed.
The senshi had bounced the knives back, but they had gone askew from their path. The hit was strong enough to make them fly all the way to the ground, before stopping in Taka's stomach.

As the blood pooled onto the ground, the two above them continued their fight, unaware of the trauma they had caused. Ryou's screams alerted their foster father, who came running outside, only to stare at the scene before him in horror before calling an ambulance.
It was too late, of course.
Ryou's best friend was dead before it got there.


As she got older, her interests changed. Instead of wanting to play sports, she started watching the stars and gained an interest in astronomy. She also started reading, and found that she loved to learn. Gaining knowledge was practically what she lived for. Now, she spent more time alone, but was still on good terms with all the boys while the girls still ostracized her. She realized that between them and the horrible wife of the owner, she really didn't like girls. She found herself wishing more and more that she was a boy and started disliking females. She had gotten over her brother's death, for the most part. Forced herself to forget about it was more accurate, really. She had mourned him for a long time, but knew she couldn't spend her entire life depressed, and tried to move past it.

Just as she came to this realization, the entire orphanage took a trip to the local zoo. Ryou was beyond excited, she loved adventures. It was while she was here that she met her animal guardian. She was looking at the armadillos, thinking of what a dumb name 'Pink Fairy Armadillo' was, when it rolled right over to her and started to talk.
Needless to say, she was shocked.

After the armadillo (Gwenevieve) explained everything, Ryou had very mixed feelings. On one hand, she was excited to be able to fight bad guys and go on adventures. She loved things like that, even more than learning new things. But a senshi was what killed her brother. The only real friend she had ever had. As she had grown up, she had coe to detest them. But now, she was one. Not only that, but senchi were girls. Not only girls, but extremely girly girls. For a long time, she was really upset over it, but there was nothing she could do about it. She decided to embrace her new role, and protect everyone she could, to prevent something like Taka's death from happening again.

senshi/knight history;; She was the princess of the Sagittarius Constellation. An aloof leader, her citizens didn't know much about her, and she largely remained a mystery. However, it was a peaceful place, never getting into spats with other constellations. Her people respected her, and she was a good leader, always looking after them. One day, though, their kingdom was attacked by the neighboring kingdom of Microscopium. She was a small constellation, and until the fight, the two of them had never really acknowledged each other. The smaller constellation didn't necessarily want to attack Sagittarius - but her generals forced her to, to gain some fighting reputation. They invaded Sagittarius's kingdom, and not expecting the attack, the kingdom struggled through the beginning of the battle, but soon gained the upper hand. However, in the middle of the fight, something happened that none of the expected.
Chaos showed up.
The two princesses were shocked, what was such a dark opponent doing there? One of Microscopium's generals teamed up with Chaos, and the two girls teamed up and used their combined force to drive the great evil away - but he took Microscopoium with him, destroying the kingdom. Slowly, Sagittarius recovered from the battle, and rebuilt their kingdom. It wasn't until all of the remaining Constellation Senshi teamed up that the princess was defeated, and sent to Earth. She now retains her memories of being a princess, and is wondering whatever happened to her small, neighboring kingdom.

in the night, the stormy night

she'll close her eyes

chatango;; acchanwatanabe

alias;; Acchan

experiance;; About 4 years.

sample rp;; third person, past tense. in this character's perspective. at least a paragraph. semi-literate. only for canons and site canons.

in the night, the stormy night
away she'd fly

[ T E M P L A T E, made by Tsuki ]
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PostSubject: Re: Ryou Tsubasa // Sailor Sagittarius {Finished!}   Thu Jul 24, 2014 8:50 pm

*~* Well done! By the Holy power of Mars, you're approved!!

She's a beautiful character! Go ahead and grab yourself an avatar and signature and jump on in!~
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Ryou Tsubasa // Sailor Sagittarius {Finished!}
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