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PostSubject: Question??   Tue Jul 22, 2014 6:33 am

I wonder would it be possible to play an object? Bear with me here....

Imagine this, some senshi from long ago who was really special on her planet and such was killed in some tragic turn of events and the villain who killed her, rather than allowing her to just die, instead bound her soul to her weapon and then shattered it. So she became some kind of ghost.

Years later, she uses her influence to bring her unawakened successor to the resting place of her broken weapon. Then, the power of the newborn senshi restores the weapon and gives her wandering soul a "body" once more. She becomes a mentor and friend to whoever uses her. She's a powerful weapon, (not too powerful) and due to how she died, can be used by either the senshi who restored her, or by anyone, even a villain who might steal her.

Essentially she's a talking sword. But it could be the center of a neat side-plot where someone quests for, or stumbles upon the sword and witnesses the great "sailor who-ever-she-is" resurrected in this way. And maybe with an end goal of somehow being set free by being used to slay the villain that killed and then bound her soul?

I'd think up details later, but just as a base concept, what do you think, too "out-there" for Luminosity?
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PostSubject: Re: Question??   Tue Jul 22, 2014 5:03 pm

That sounds.. Rather awesome, if you ask me, and I see it being okay as in she would basically be the guardian to that Senshi, as long as of course she wasn't overpowered, but personally I think you would do just fine.

Though for the part of her trying to be resurrected.. I don't exactly think that should necessarily work out, because if the Princess of the planet, asteroid or even Constellation came back to life, what would be the need for the reborn Senshi? Which also, is brings up another problem. If her soul had never left the constellation or whatever it is due to her tying her soul to an object, how can the new Senshi be born?

Yet then again, this is just the basic idea, yes? Since you said you'd come up with ideas later. This seems fine to me, but the final approval and word belongs to Tsuki.
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PostSubject: Re: Question??   Tue Jul 22, 2014 6:06 pm

Dear Rinnypoo,

 I admire your creativity here, and furthermore the thought that has went into this idea.

However, while a ghost-like character would be allowed to exist, the reborn senshi could not. Simply because for the senshi to be reborn, the soul of that senshi would have to pass into that person's body, not wandering around. Following Yuzuki's point, the reborn senshi would cease to exist if the original senshi's soul from long ago was never reincarnated.

 But, as I have mentioned... I think it would be fine for your character to be a wandering soul that has possessed/is bound to an object, like a sword. She could have lived long ago with other senshi before she died, maybe knew a few of the senshi before they were later reincarnated... but I wouldn't recommend she be one herself for the sake of canon.

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PostSubject: Plot ideas xD   Tue Jul 22, 2014 7:06 pm


I was thinking here, two members joined recently and their stories are intertwined. Jade Mysic was supposed to protect Sailor Voxus, but she died. And now her sister Ruri Izumi has sworn to kill off all the senshi who couldn't save her sister. What if this ghost character, bound to the sword is their beloved Sailor Voxus?

You're right, there's no way another Sailor Voxus could be born with her soul still wandering around and thus unable to be reincarnated....So that leaves it open for anyone else to find her. Perhaps whoever finds the broken peices of the sword would see her ghost and find some way to put the sword back together and restore her?

She could never be resurrected as a living senshi again. No way, dead is dead. But the quest to kill the foe who murdered Sailor Voxus, put her soul to rest and thus allow the next Sailor Voxus to be reborn would be cool.

I haven't read much about the plot of this site, but just reading the profiles of the two others this just seemed like a neat idea.

I know you said she couldn't be a senshi herself because of cannon, but if she was a civilian who knew the truth, kind of how Naru did to a point, and then was killed by a villain and bound to a sword....it just seems like there's be no reason for the drama. Why would a villain bind a "nobody" to a sword for all eternity?


If she's not connected to any plot. What could be so special about her that she would be attached to some kind of legendary weapon? And I mean legendary as in something people would tell stories about, but no one thinks is real, not legendary as in super powerful. lol
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PostSubject: Re: Question??   

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