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 Haruka Tenou// Sailor Uranus

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Haruka (Retired)


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PostSubject: Haruka Tenou// Sailor Uranus   Thu Jul 24, 2014 7:01 pm

when she was just a girl
she expected the world

name;; Haruka Tenou

meaning;; Distant Sky King

age;; 18

gender;; female

date of birth;; January 27

height;; no 5’9”

weight;; 150lbs

hair colour;; Sandy Blond, Short and messy

eye colour;; Green

wardrobe;; When she’s on her dirt bike she wears a red and white jump suit and riding boots.IN school she wears the males mugan uniform. The rest of the time she can be found in nice shirts and nice slacks with nice shoes. Though when she’s working on her car she can be found in a white t-shirt and jeans.

faceclaim;; anime, manga, or game // first last

picture;; [url= https://2img.net/h/i998.photobucket.com/albums/af105/spiritfox01/2_zps28aee061.jpg]Haruka and Michiru[/url]

but it flew away from her reach
so she ran away
in her sleep

personality;; Haruka has a strong personality that no one can miss. One of the first things anyone will notice is that she’s protective of those she cares about. Haruka would do anything to keep Usagi, Michiru, and Hotaru safe even if it means dyeing in the process. She’s also quit the flirt and will flirt with any pretty girl she comes across. Her heart belongs solely to Michiru but she does enjoy to watch cute girls blush usually that applies mainly to Usagi and the Inner senshi. Loyal is something that describes her just as well as the rest weather she is in her senshi form or her civilian form. Once you become friends with this girl you will have the big sister you probably didn’t want to begin with. As Sailor Uranus a bit more is added into her personality. She seems to be cold and ruthless. She will do anything to protect her princess even if it means taking a life. Her willingness to protect those she cares for can at times make her seem unfeeling which is far from the truth she just doesn’t like showing her feelings or weakness around anyone but Michiru.


  • Salad
  • The Wind
  • Raceing
  • Michiru


  • Modern Japanese
  • Her Princess in Danger
  • Seiya
  • The though of loseing Michiru or Hotaru


  • Usagi
  • Michiru
  • Hotaru


  • Running
  • Sword Combat
  • Hand to Hand Combat

goals;; To keep Usagi safe. To become the best racer in Japan

fears;; Losing Michiru for good. To see her princess Die. That Usagi and the others won’t forgive her for pretending to betray everyone and killing Hotaru and Setsuna.

and dreamed of para- para- paradise,

senshi/knight alias;; Sailor Uranus

transform item;; Crystal Henshin Wand

transform phrase;; Crystal power, Make Up!

sailor or knight fuku;; Haruka’s fuku starts with the usual white base. Her skirt, chocker, Collar, and fittings on her gloves, and back bow are Navy Blue. Her front bow is gold. She wears navy blue ankle boots. her gold tiara has a navy blue gem in the center of it.  

star or planet;; Uranus

power of;; Sky/Wind

group;; Outer Senshi

weapon(s);; Space Sword

attacks and techniques;;
World Shaking-She gathers energy from the wind into her hand and forms an energy ball shaped like Uranus. She shoots it at her opponent over the ground.

Space sword Blaster- she gathers energy into her space sword and sends energy blades at her opponent.

Space turbulence- She shoots energy from her hands.

Wind Blast- she holds her hands out on either side of her gathering the wind into two separate energy balls. She than brings her hands up above her head merging both energy balls into one gigantic ball. She than brings her hands down in front of her and sends a blast of wind at her target. It can literally send the enemy flying if she uses enough energy. She doesn't tend to use too much behind it as it takes up far too much of her energy so she usually uses it to disorient her target.

Uranian Tempest- This is her most powerful and draining attack. She draws from the power of her home planet. It starts to cause a huge wind storm coming from behind her target becoming an energy ball in her hands. She can than do one of two things she can hurl the ball at her opponent causing severe damage or she can channel the energy to her hands and go in for hand to hand combat the energy in her hands packing quit the punch. She will only use it if there is no other choice.

sailor or knight picture;; [url= https://2img.net/h/i998.photobucket.com/albums/af105/spiritfox01/5_zps97c6678b.jpg]Sailor Uranus[/url]

life goes on, it gets so heavy
the wheel breaks the butterfly,
every tear a waterfall

allies;; The Inner and Outer Senshi, The starlights (much to Haruka’s dismay)

enemies;; Dark Senshi and Others

parents;; Unknown

siblings;; N/A

other relations;;
Michiru Kaioh- Girlfriend
Hotaru Tomoe- adoptive daughter
Setsuna Meioh- like a sister

crush and sexuality;; Michiru Kaioh, Dating, Homosexual

Haruka was first introduced to Michiru through a mutual friend Elsa Grey. Haruka who had been the star of the track team hadn't said much to Michiru before turning down the chance to be a model for a painting. Haruka had hoped that would be the last time she saw the other girl but that wasn't to be. Haruka had been having dreams of the end of the world for weeks at this point. When she was attacked and her henshin stick came to her she was stopped from touching it. She recognized the girl from her dreams as Michiru and when the girl was hurt protecting her Haruka took her henshin stick and transformed for the first time. Quickly dealing with the daemon she embraced her destiny as Sailor Uranus.

When she finally came into the scene the death busters had started being noticed by the inner senshi. It was the attack on Sailor Mars (though she had no clue that was who the girl was) that pulled Her and Neptune out though they did not reveal themselves to the younger girls at this time. The next time Haruka had met the inner senshi it had been Usagi and Minako she had met. Both blonds mistook her for a guy and fallowed her and Michiru around town. She herself had known the girls were fallowing that was until she stopped at the garage. It was here that she finally called the two girls out and spoke to them telling them anything they wanted to know though never once told them what gender she was. An attack soon happened and she was after the daemon. Though this pure heart crystal was not a talisman so she gave it to moon telling her to make sure the owner got it back. She got an interesting surprise the next day when she walked into crown game center when the inner senshi were there and three were all over seeing her though they were under the impression she was male. It was a surprise to the three girls to discover Haruka was indeed female. Much happened at this point all the inner senshi were attack not a single one having a talisman, Small lady returned to the past for training as a sailor senshi, they discovered the identity’s of the inner senshi, and they along with Sailor Pluto tried to Kill Hotaru Tomoe the daughter of the leader of the Death Busters as well as Sailor Saturn and the Messiah of Silence. After the final battle was over they took in the now infant Hotaru adopting her and raising her as their own. Haruka playing the part of the father figure which earned her being labeled as Haruka-Papa by the young girl.

It was when Galxia attacked that life as she knew it went to hell in a hand basket. First was the return of Nehelania queen of the black moon. She and Michiru were attacked on the roof of Tokyo tower. She thought she had beaten all of the youma or mirror clones (whatever they were don't think I actually knew what the things were called.) she was attacked from behind and was thrown off the side of Tokyo tower but was saved at the last minute by Neptune who pulled her up. They were soon off to help Sailor Moon as well as the other inner senshi.

She didn't trust the star lights feeling they brought Galaxia to earth so blamed them for the danger her princess was in. When she first met Seiya she wasn't quite sure what to think all she knew was she did not Like her at all. Her first meeting with the starlight was when she had walked into Michiru's dressing room to see the other helping Michiru to unzip her dress. Haruka rather than shaking Seiya's hand when the hand shake was offered settled for trying to punch the other in the stomach though it didn't work. Soon enough she, Neptune, Saturn, and Pluto were off to fight Galaxia. The four outer senshi had come up with a plan Neptune and Uranus would betray Saturn and Pluto seemingly and at the last second they would try to take Galaxy’s star seed. What Haruka hadn't expected was how strong the control the golden senshi would have over her. It was a great struggle for her to turn the bracelets on Galaxia. Though she was soon to find out that the golden warrior had no star seed. She and Neptune died together but not before Haruka told the starlight’s that she entrusted her princess into their care. After the fight with Galaxia they were brought back to life and continued to live happily as a family.

in the night, the stormy night

she'll close her eyes

chatango;; Princessuranus

alias;; Ariaana, Ari, anything you wanna call me within reason

experiance;; forever (I has lost count)

sample rp;;
Haruka was pacing around right outside the palace. The youma in town earlier had been troubling and she couldn't help but think about how close it was to the palace to begin with. She had been sensing something wasn't right for a while now but never actually brought it up. The blond just thought it had been her imagination running away with her again. She couldn't count how many times she felt something was going to happen and then nothing did in the past ten years. She had a feeling every time she felt uneasy was just leading up to this moment. Something was up in crystal Tokyo and usually she would just pass it off to the Inner senshi she couldn't help but feel the outer senshi might need to step in. She looked down at her space sword for a minute. She had summoned it the second she was back on palace grounds. Her space sword had always been a comfort for her and having it in hand again after ten years it felt pretty good.

After a few moments she decided that it was time the outer senshi spoke of what was to happen now. The other three needed to know what was going on and about the Youma. Now if only she knew where Neptune was it would be great. She had seen her love about as Often as she had seen Endymion. OK so she had seen the other woman a bit more than the king after all the Neptunian queen always came to bed at night. She almost had to wonder if she needed to worry for some reason but she was sure her worries were unfounded. 'well after this no one's going to say anything about me carrying my henshin rod around with me all the time.' she thought. After a moment she flipped open her communicator and pressed the button to connect her with the Outer Senshi only. "We need to have a meeting immediately I'm going to be on the training grounds." with that she walked to the training grounds rather than the training room. The outdoor training area had been her idea and with the starlight's around it seemed like a better idea every day. If it was not for the isolated training area on the palace grounds she would get nothing done at all because Seiya kept trashing the training room and then leaving it. She couldn't wait until she could see them gone and she swore if any more of their friends appeared she was going to start knocking heads together. As soon as she was standing on the edge of the training grounds she pulled her henshin rode out and transformed for the second time that day.

It really did feel good to be in her fuku. Without a moment’s notice she started her own training. It had been so long since she had used any of her powers she was feeling a bit rusty. She lined up with one of the dummy’s holding her sword in front of her with both hands. "Space sword blaster." and with a couple slashes of her sword she had a couple energy blades racing towards the dummy. "damn it." she muttered when she missed the dummy altogether. "I knew I should have been training henshined all this time." She said glaring at the dummy. She knew she was over thinking her attack but she couldn't help it. She felt like an idiot for ignoring the signs that she had been seeing lately. Even the wind had been warning her of something coming and she had still ignored it. She punched a nearby tree before leaning her head against it. This was irritating she had started hearing the whispers after the battle and she knew it was only a matter of time before something more than a youma would threaten the peace of Crystal Tokyo and the senshi would be needed once again. Her plan was for the outer senshi to handle it before the inners had to be pulled back to battle.
(old Haruka post from another site)

in the night, the stormy night
away she'd fly

[ T E M P L A T E, made by Tsuki ]
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PostSubject: Re: Haruka Tenou// Sailor Uranus   Thu Jul 24, 2014 8:02 pm

*~* Good job! By the holy power of Mars, you're approved! *~*

I think you'll make a wonderful Haruka! Can't wait to thread with you. ^_^ Go ahead and grab an avatar and signature and jump on in!
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Haruka Tenou// Sailor Uranus
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