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 Kiara Ai//Sailor Sram

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Kiara Ai


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PostSubject: Kiara Ai//Sailor Sram   Thu Jul 24, 2014 9:22 pm

when she was just a girl
she expected the world

name;; Kiara Ai

meaning;; Dark love

age;; 6 but appears to be 14

gender;; female

date of birth;; August 17

height;; no 3’7”

weight;; 34 lbs

hair colour;; Pink. Is worn down stops at a little bellow her chin and stops just slightly above her shoulders. Her bangs are parted in the center and are the same length as the rest of her hair.

eye colour;; Dark Pink

wardrobe;; Kiara likes to wear cute yet girly things. She love to wear cute tops paired with a cute shirt and shoes. Her clothing is usually found in pinks, Purples, Reds, blues and any other bright colors she can find.
faceclaim;; Bleach // Yachiru Kusajishi

picture;; Kiara

but it flew away from her reach
so she ran away
in her sleep

personality;; Kiara is a sweet and loving girl. She loves to make friends and has never met a stranger in her life.  She loves to go out and just have fun whether it be with friends, Family or just on her own. She however can get turned around when she goes out on her own as she has a horrible sense of direction. This girl could get lost walking through her home to her bedroom. And no matter how sweet and loving she is there is that temper of hers. She loses her temper over even the stupidest of things at times Mommy paying more attention to her sister well than time for the hissy fit and so on and so forth. She really does have a fiery temper that most people do not want to be on the receiving end of. she can seem rather dark and twisted at times and her temper has become shorter than it once was. She can seem a bit crazy to people at times and is seen to be muttering to herself and yet she still act's like the adorable cheerful person she was before until she deems it time to show how twisted her personality has become. She likes to make people believe they can trust her and than prove them wrong when she feels the time is right.


  • Butterfly’s
  • Baby animals
  • Bright colors
  • making new friends


  • Bullies
  • really really dark colors
  • being ignored
  • the dark


  • her fear of the dark
  • her sense of direction (she’s always getting lost)
  • being left alone anywhere


  • making friends
  • being cute
  • making up nicknames for people

goals;; To become as strong and powerful as her mother, To one day live up to everyone’s expectations.

fears;; That her life will go back to how it was where she was bullied mercilessly.

and dreamed of para- para- paradise,

senshi/knight alias;; Sailor Sram

transform item;; Transformation Bracelet
transform phrase;; Sram black star power, Make up!

sailor or knight fuku;; White base, collar is red with three stripes on it, Red skirt with a black stripe close to the bottom, her shoe’s are a lot like her mother’s only has a black strap around her ankles. Her bows are black and the front bow has a red gem in it. Gold tiara with red gem red star shaped earrings, her gloves are white with red fittings and red stripes around her wrists, her gloves are also finger less. Her hair lengthens and is worn in a braid.

star or planet;; Mars

guardian;; N/A

protect;; N/A

power of;; Fire

group;; Dark Senshi

weapon(s);; Double daggers

attacks and techniques;;
Sram has Spiritual and psychic abilities that are still in the training stages as she has not mastered these yet.
Flaming slash- Sram summons her daggers and creates fire around them and she slashes them through the air sending bursts of fire at her opponents. It causes slight burns only.
Black Flames- Kiara holds her hands out in front of her and shoots out balls of black flames that severally damages her opponent if they are hit head on.

sailor or knight picture;; Sailor Sram

life goes on, it gets so heavy
the wheel breaks the butterfly,
every tear a waterfall

allies;; Dark senshi and company

enemies;; the senshi and anyone that helps them.

Rei Hino-Mother


other relations;;
Risa Hino- Grandmother, deceased
Takahashi Hino- Grandfather (doesn’t actually now him)
Great Grandfather

crush and sexuality;; She’s always been slightly boy crazy and she thinks she might be bisexual but she’s never really thought much on it. (She is technically only 6 years old after all)

Kiara was born on August 17 as the daughter of Rei Hino in the 30th century. Growing up she was a bit of a handful and spent quite a bit of time running around the house (and getting lost) and bugging her mother to play with her. Her life was never all that exciting in the first few years of life really. It was at age 5 that she actually discovered her abilities that she had inherited from her mother. Kiara had discovered her Spiritual and psychic abilities and she quickly started working with her mother in a way to at least have slight control over them as a way to use them when she needs to. However when she started kindergarten at age 6 this made her the strange girl that got bullied constantly.

It was half a year into the school year when she was approached by queen Nyx who promised that if she fallowed she would learn to deal with the bullies and maybe even be able to become stronger and make everyone she cared for proud of her. She fallowed and became Sailor Sram. She seems rather dark and twisted at times and her temper has become shorter than it once was. she does however enjoy hiding what has happened to her personality to try and get people to trust her. Upon coming to the 21st century Kiara has enrolled herself into Ta Girls academy as a junior high student as she is physically 14 now.

senshi/knight history;; history pertaining to the character's past life before they were reborn on Earth. may be deleted if canon.

in the night, the stormy night

she'll close her eyes

chatango;; Princessuraus

alias;; Ariaana, Ari, whatever you want within reason.

experiance;; forever (lost count)
sample rp;;
Kiara bounced around as she walked down the street. She was happy her mother was spending the day with her and the other senshi were not going to be with them. She grinned brighter as she looked around at all the different shops. Mianko had helped her pick an outfit because she always went to the senshi of Venus to help her pick outfits it was a daily thing. Of course than there was Mako who had given Kiara a baggie of cookies which now rested in her butterfly shaped purse hanging off her shoulder. Problem is while they were out Kiara got separated from her mother. With a shrug the girl had skipped off looking for the woman. She wasn't too worried yet however if she didn't find her mommy soon than she would likely start getting worried in other words fall t the ground crying and yelling for her mommy like she always did. “Mommy where are you!” she yelled walking and looking around her.  

in the night, the stormy night
away she'd fly

[size=13]made by Tsuki ][/
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PostSubject: Re: Kiara Ai//Sailor Sram   Sun Aug 10, 2014 10:25 pm

A c c e p t e d !   flower 

Quote :

Lovely! Our First Dark Senshi<3

Grab her an avatar, and put a link to this application someplace in your signature, and you're free to rp! <3

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Kiara Ai//Sailor Sram
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