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 Sailor Nrutas//Amaya (W.I.P.)

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PostSubject: Sailor Nrutas//Amaya (W.I.P.)   Fri Jul 25, 2014 12:39 am

when she was just a girl
she expected the world

name;; Amaya Yuuko

meaning;; Amaya-Night Rain, Yuuko-Evening Child

age;; Ten

gender;; Female

date of birth;; December 13th

height;; 4'7"

weight;; 79 lbs.

hair colour;; Silver, with bangs draping down around her eyes. It trails down her back and is always down.

eye colour;; Red

wardrobe;; Amaya is always found wearing something like gothic lolita, or even Victorian clothing. Her typical colors are red and black, and her hair is always down. She wears something of a little top hat strapped onto her head, and is ghostly pale. Very, ghostly pale.

faceclaim;; K-Project // anna kushina

picture;; their normal form

but it flew away from her reach
so she ran away
in her sleep

personality;; Amaya is a very solemn child, rarely ever smiling. She is also very analytic, so even if she is serious and quite, she is always listening, plotting. Thinking. For being only ten, she has an extremely high I.Q. She understands more things than others and speaks differently than others, rarely using contractions. Though don't forget, she is a child. She is still rather innocent, and easily distracted by the butterflies she can see. You can also see that she always has a single red marble with her, if not more sometimes. She is very stingy about these marbles.

Although she doesn't trust many, or often if at all, when she does she can tend to get rather clingy, often seeing holding their hand at least. She will be loyal and is a good listener, though she isn't very good at advice. She doesn't have much of a temper, but when she does, it is wise to watch out.

When engaged in battle, she is very strategic. She does not run ahead and fight. No, instead she may actually allow attacks to hit her. This is her way of being able to see what kind of opponent she is against and come up with the best way to take them down. This may even include exploiting their personal weaknesses, fears and flaws. She will use any means necessary to achieve her goals.

There is another side to her however. She's very outspoken, almost in a crazy fashion. She will be loud and demanding, manipulative.. She will be flirty to get her way. On this side she is looking out for number one, and that's her. This is also the side that would use her scythe to destroy any galaxy or planet she wants in an instant. If she doesn't get her way, she gets mad, and she will show it. She is rather powerful, and she will use this to her advantage, threatening them if needed. She also knows she is cute, and that's where her flirty side comes from. She tends to be arrogant, and obviously conceited. This is her dark side, and usually forces its way out, but she can push it out when in a pinch, or if she hits her head.


  • Red
  • Victorian/Loli things
  • Butterflies
  • Storms


  • Sunshine
  • Loud Noises
  • Heat
  • Large crowds


  • Not very friendly.
  • The sun, it make her feel sick.
  • Color blind. She can see objects by their temperature, which is based in a red palate. This is why she carries red marbles, if she looks through them she can see as if she has normal vision, except due to this being small and, well a marble, the picture is not clear and distorted.


  • Mature
  • Analytic
  • Split Personality

goals;; To get rid of the senshi. Real goal is to rid of the evil controlling her.

fears;; Losing herself, being completely under control.

and dreamed of para- para- paradise,

senshi/knight alias;; Sailor Nrutas

transform item;; Her red marble.

transform phrase;; Nrutas Black-Star Power, Make-up!

sailor or knight fuku;; Of course, there is the basic white leotard. Then her colors, are a dark pink-purple, and a lighter pink-purple. She has a three layered skirt, the band around her waist white, the first layer the dark pink-purple, the second light pink-purple, and the third, the dark pink-purple. She has flat shoes upon her feet, being the light purple, the bands strapping them on the same color. The ribbon on her chest is the dark pink-purple, as it the bib around her shoulders, with two white stripes on it. She has sleeves that cut off on the back of her hand and go up to her elbow, a dark pink-purple band on the top of it. She had a light pink-purple gem on her forehead, a light pink-purple collar around her neck. Her hair is still straight, but she has a light pink-purple ribbon tied in it, as well as a medium length ribbon tied to the back of her uniform.

star or planet;; The Successor to the planet Saturn

guardian;; A bat by the name Mikoto.

power of;; Destruction, death, and rebirth, just like her adoptive mother.

group;; Outer Dark Senshi.

weapon(s);; A Scythe

attacks and techniques;;

Orb of Misery- Her signature move. With her palms facing towards one another, she has one lowered a little below her waits, and one a little above her belly button area. Between this area, an orb (like the size of a Fushimi ball), purely black, forms. She then sends it at her opponent. She is only able to shoot one at a time. If and when it hits, it not only does physical damage, but mental as well. This impact goes into the darker areas of the victim's minds, making them relive their most painful times in their past, or making them live through their fears. The physical damage it causes itself, it like being hit with a baseball a professional player has just smacked with his bat, but it also depends on their surroundings, such as if they get smacked into a wall they were cornered by, or if they hit their head on a curb from being knocked off their feet, etc. This takes 30 minutes fr her to recharge depending on how much power she uses during this interval. The more she uses the longer it takes. This attack can be dodged, and it can curve left, right, or straight, but it won't follow anyone, and she cannot control it when it leaves her hands. It will continue moving until it comes into impact with something.

Darkened Planet- In a fifty feet radius of Nrutas, in a dome-like shape, pure blackness surrounds all that are within that distance. This is a defensive attack, placing them within her element. This is completely empty of sound and sight, (unless they were to speak of course), and gives her the advantage since she can see their body heat. If they leave the dome, they can see and hear everything again. This dome can stand for about fifteen minutes unless she takes it down, or is defeated.

Night Slash - The attack that she is able to use as constantly as she wants, she basically slashes her scythe and sends a crescent moon shaped blade of darkness at the victim. The can do this a few at a time, or she can send them at the victim in furies. (multiple at once very quickly.)

sailor or knight picture;; Sailor Form

life goes on, it gets so heavy
the wheel breaks the butterfly,
every tear a waterfall

allies;; No one at the moment, but she tolerates the other Dark Senshi.

enemies;; Everyone.

parents;; Hotaru Tomoe-Mother

siblings;; She was adopted, no siblings.

other relations;; None

crush and sexuality;; No idea, she is only ten, though she will probably lean towards females, being able to open to them moreso than males, but she's open-minded.

history;; Amaya was born on a shivering cold December day upon the planet of Saturn. The Planet or Saturn, known for being the Planet of Destruction, was similar to Earth, however the violence level seemed to be much higher in her time. Her mother, whom she can't remember much about, was already mentally unstable, that gene spreading onto the silver haired infant. Her father had abandoned her shortly before she was born, not wanting to have to deal with her mother, or a baby.

Years passed, and Amaya was almost four at the time of her tragedy. Her mother had gotten remarried, actually to a doctor that helped her with her mother's psychosis. He was a kind man, but in further research Amaya pursued on her own in her older years, he wasn't always so. He used to be mixed in the wrong crowd but after losing his little sister to an unstable being, he pursued psychology in hopes to prevent this happening to another, however those from his past have not ceased to disappear and continued causing him trouble. They were angered with him for escaping from their group. They didn't leave those who left their groups alive. For may years they worked on tracking down her stepfather, and finally succeeded.

In the middle of the night, they broke in. All the commotion woke up Amaya. Removing herself from her bed, she walked out the door. Amaya was born with being color blind, but she could still recognize their body temperatures, or their 'reds' as Amaya puts it. When she opened the door, she could see both of them on their knees, and two unfamiliar reds. She jumped as a loud pop burst in her eardrums, making her shoot her hands up to cover her ears. There was red everywhere.. She could see them shift, the two that remained. They spoke of what to do with her. They pondered on killing her, and they silently pondered it. Amaya stumbled over to the still bodies of her parents, and went to her knees. A flood of emotions waved over her. Her eyes heated with tears, and then anger controlled her. As far as Amaya could remember, she blacked out, but she has been told otherwise. She's been told that the culprits had been killed at that time, shortly after her parents were killed. They said when she was found, it was their blood she was covered in, and so many have suspected she killed them. after all, she was the only one who was alive in there.

As news of this caught Tomoe's ears, she visited the poor girl. They spoke a bit, well the Princess spoke, she listened. The Princess felt a power emanating from Amaya, and because of this power, sealed the deal in taking her in. Saturn just wanted to make sure if this girl did have powers, that it could be used for good.

As time passed, Princess Saturn realized this girl did have abilities, much like her own, and also recognized this girl's mental stability was rather weak. She really noticed the split going on in her mind. She helped Amaya the best she could, but there was still some times where Amaya couldn't help it, though with help she learned to control it.

As Amaya learned her abilities, she also met her beloved pet Mikoto, that helps her when times get tough with her other side. When she had mostly everything under control, Amaya was given a scythe until she was ready to inherit the glaive.

Yet Amaya still had her insecurities.. She didn't think Saturn truly cared for her. She just wanted someone to take over the throne.. And when Chaos seeped its way into Saturn, she took advantage of this thought. She turned Amaya away from Saturn, and Amaya turned into Sailor Nrutas, now in the past to destroy the senshi.

in the night, the stormy night

she'll close her eyes

chatango;; SilverMoonFire

alias;; too many to list. x.x

experiance;; Many many years.

sample rp;; third person, past tense. in this character's perspective. at least a paragraph. semi-literate. only for canons and site canons.

in the night, the stormy night
away she'd fly

[ T E M P L A T E, made by Tsuki ]
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Sailor Nrutas//Amaya (W.I.P.)
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