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 Adelaide Belmont -- Sailor Bellona

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Akemi Araceli


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PostSubject: Adelaide Belmont -- Sailor Bellona   Sat Jul 26, 2014 5:17 am

when she was just a girl
she expected the world

name;; Adelaide Belmont

meaning;; Noble and Kind, Beautiful Hill

age;; 11

gender;; female

date of birth;; August 6

height;; 4'10

weight;; 103

hair colour;; Lavender

eye colour;; purple

wardrobe;;  When not in uniform, Adelaide can typically be found wearing her leather jacket over an ensemble that typically involve a combination of a button down shirt (occasionally with a tie) and a skirt and some boots.  She also keeps a thin dark purple ribbon tied around a single braid of hair and often dons a pair of gloves, should the situation permit it.

faceclaim;; Dangan Ronpa // Kirigiri Kyouko

picture;; Ready For Danger!

but it flew away from her reach
so she ran away
in her sleep

personality;; She tends to act serious and usually does her best to be cool.  An effect that can sometimes backfire and leaving her looking anything but.  Adelaide feels that she has a lot to live up to.  People from her family tend to be dashing heroes and she certainly wants to fit that mold.  Even if she has a secret love for cute things.  This tends to bring her loads of embarrassment whenever she's found out.

Most of act is meant to keep people at a distance.  She hasn't socialized much, having been raised to follow in the family trade.  This left little time for school and things like that.  Although that is not to say that she didn't have access to education.  Quite to the contrary, Adelaide is very well read and can surprise people with some of things she knows.  She's quite clever and very resourceful when it comes to making the most out of her surroundings and quickness.

Overall, Adelaide can be very adventurous and has inherited her father's curiosity.  She likes trying to figure out how things work and will always dig a little deeper into things, even if those paths can be a fast lane to trouble.  In spite of (or due to) her cleverness, Adelaide can be a bit short sighted and not see the potential dangers lurking around the corner.  Another habit of her father's that she's seemed to have picked up.


  • History
  • Reading
  • Traveling
  • Old things


  • Staying in one place for too long
  • Tight spaces
  • Inaccurate textbooks
  • Things that slow her down


  • Lack of social skills
  • Tends to overestimate her skills
  • Her restlessness can lead to rash decision making
  • Slightly claustrophobic


  • Strong moral compass
  • Resourceful with her abilities and her environment
  • Good memory
  • Quick on her feet

goals;; To be an adventurer like her parents

fears;; Being confined to one place for too long, especially small places

and dreamed of para- para- paradise,

senshi/knight alias;; Sailor Bellona

transform item;; A silver pin with a lance piercing through a circle that is supposed to represent a whip.

transform phrase;; "Bellona Power, Make Up!"

sailor or knight fuku;;  A standard white leotard with elbow length gloves and boots.  Her skirt and collar are dark purple in color with gold trim and she has a dark yellow ribbon with a heart brooch, as well as a choker with a darp purple heart, in a matching color scheme to her ribbon.

star or planet;; 28 Bellona

guardian;; A bat named Alucard

power of;; Air/Wind, Bravery/Exploration

group;; Main Belt Senshi

weapon(s);; She has a long whip that shift into a lance through her technique.

attacks and techniques;;

Bellona Weapon Shift! – Transforms her weapon between one of two forms.  It's original form, a bull whip, and it's second form, a lance.

Jet Stream Thrust – With her lance equipped, Sailor Bellona generates a stream of air to propel herself forward.  By manipulating the air propelling herse;f forward, she can generate enough speed to penetrate almost any defense.  The drawback to this ability is that she is locked into a straight path and cannot deviate from her direction.  She has to be able to hone in on her enemy and make sure that she makes a direct hit.

Bellona Whipstorm – Unleashing a barrage of cracks from her whip, Sailor Bellona generates small, but fierce, gusts of wind that slash at her enemies.  These sharp attacks are currents that she generates along her whip's surface and travel out in the direction and angle she fires them.  They derive their power from the breaking of the sound barrier every time the whip cracks, but are more intended to keep her enemies at bay than finish them off.

sailor or knight picture;; Sailor Bellona!

life goes on, it gets so heavy
the wheel breaks the butterfly,
every tear a waterfall

allies;; Other Main Belt Senshi, anyone fighting Youma

enemies;; Youma and those weirdos who are always bothering her parents

Emerson Belmont – Father
Zoe Belmont - Mother

siblings;; None that she's aware of

other relations;; “Uncle” Marko Zolner – A family friend.  Former Russian Special Forces who also serves as family bodyguard.

crush and sexuality;; “Um...do books count?”

history;; It's not easy being a Belmont.  You often find yourself at odds with rival adventurers, mad scientists, ancient evils, would-be world conquerors and the occasional Ultimate Force of Destruction.  But, through ingenuity, scientific know-how and the odd bit of hair-brained-schemes-so-crazy-they-just-might-work, you can still find yourself on top of things at the end of the day.  Adelaide happens to find herself the daughter of the Belmonts.  Needless to say, life has hardly been boring.  Even at a young age she has traveled to some of the stranger corners of the planet.

Her father, Professor Emerson Belmont is rather ingenious inventor, although it can never be said he is without his quirks.  And being a somewhat absent-minded fellow, he relies on his far more grounded wife, Zoe, to help keep him on the right track.  Together, though, the two had always made for a great team.  They explored many an old ruin, using one or more of the Professor's inventions to aid in their research.  And with the aid of their faithful companion, Marko Zolner, there seemed to be almost nothing that they could not accomplish.  Except stay out of trouble.

And with their daughter Adelaide, avoiding trouble often took priority.  Not that it mattered.  Adelaide was always a curious one and seemed to take after both her parents.  Traveling with them, it seemed that the best places to go, where always the ones her parents didn't want her going to.  On more than one occasion, she found herself in the hands of some strange enemy, looking to leverage the Belmont daughter for the upper hand against her parents.

During one such encounter with a particularly unpleasant fellow, Adelaide found herself in the middle of an underground fortress, locked away in a tiny and uncomfortable room.  While she was awaiting to be bargained for some relic, she suddenly found a strange looking pin had joined her in that cell.  Finding it to be both familiar and strange all at the same time, she picked it up.

Adelaide was unsure how she knew what to do next.  But, once those words were said, she found herself transformed and her life, forever changed.  The dark colored sailor outfit certainly looked cute (in her opinion) but it provided with far more valuable resources than being a simple fashion statement.  For one thing, the lance it came with made short work of that cell door.  And fighting her way out to the surface?  Those intimidating guards that had locked her away suddenly felt a lot less threatening.

The newly awakened Sailor Bellona did not want to make her parents aware of this discovery.  After all, being the (mostly) responsible parents that they were, they did not want her getting into this kind of trouble.  And you know what they say...Fool me 10 to 15 times, shame you?

Well, it seemed that Adelaide's efforts were for not.  They decided to send her somewhere safe, where she could continue her education and maybe actually meet some people who weren't in the middle of some crazy world domination scheme.  So, Tokyo Japan seemed like a safe bet.  Besides, they had friends there who could look out for her.  So it's not like she could get into any MORE trouble there.  


senshi/knight history;; The land of 28 Bellona had always been known for two things.  It's imposing stone architecture and the bravery of it's citizens.  One might expect bravery from people who could live in such a land.  And not one person would ever complain.  In fact, they took pride in how intimidating their landscape might look to outsiders.  From the dizzying heights of their towers, to the mountainous regions that surrounded them.

Hardly a content to just sit back and let people come and be amazed by their architecture, the people of 28 Bellona traveled far and wide.  And always joining in these expeditions, was a brave princess who would one day lead missions of her own.  But, within the citizens of 28 Bellona there always existed a rogue element.  Those whose sought power and influence.  And would do anything to attain it.

So, when a stranger offered them a chance to grab at the highest powers...they did not take much convincing.  Their strike against the capital was as swift and brutal as it was surprising.  No one expected such a brash action.  Those responsible for the insurrection, though, would not enjoy their power grab for very long.  For, with their collaborator, they were sent forward into the future.

A future where a certain princess has awakened, as well.

in the night, the stormy night

she'll close her eyes

chatango;; AmazingAkemi

alias;; Akemi, Kemi

experiance;; Tons an' tons!

in the night, the stormy night
away she'd fly

[ T E M P L A T E, made by Tsuki ]
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PostSubject: Re: Adelaide Belmont -- Sailor Bellona   Thu Jul 31, 2014 5:20 pm

A c c e p t e d !   I love you 

Quote :
 Oh, gosh! *.* I LOVE HER TO DEATH <3 her face-claim is adorable and her senshi fuku is simply the cutest!

She is, of course, approved. You know the drill. Wink 

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Adelaide Belmont -- Sailor Bellona
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