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 Lestat Sohma

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PostSubject: Lestat Sohma   Sun Jul 27, 2014 3:01 am

when you try your best, but don't succeed
when you get what you want, but not what you need
when you feel so tired, but you can't sleep

stuck in reverse

name;; Lestat Sohma; formerly known as "Kuro", the Dark/Black Theif.

age;; 23 (same age as the bf <3)

gender;; Male

race;; Human

date of birth;; September 11th

height;; 5'8"

weight;; 125 lbs

hair colour;; Sexy, midnight purple hair that sprouts out in long strands. He wears it combed back sometimes, but very rarely.

eye colour;; Enchanting violet eyes that change colour to crimson depending on his mood.

wardrobe;; He wears clothes of that of a bad boy, rockish, loose clothes. But sometimes, he's more formal -- wearing suits and such. But he is required to always wear a suit to work. He can sometimes be seen wearing ear-piecing or chokers, but rarely.

faceclaim;; D.N. Angel // Dark Mousey

picture;; Smooth Criminal~

and when tears come streaming down your face,
when you lose something you can't replace,
when you love someone, but it goes to waste,

could it be worse?

special skills or abilities;;

--> Thievery Skills{picking locks, avoiding security alarms and traps, sneaking around, etc}
--> Excellent Martial Artist

personality;; Three Words: Pervert, Undetectable, Independent. Yes, he is all of these things. And yes, in case you had to do a double-take, he is a playboy and a perv. He has a large ego, and high self-esteem, making him arrogant, playful, teasing, and cocky – thinking he can get away with basically anything. Lestat can be completely and utterly unpredictable, often doing the exact opposite to what others normally would do. His independence and self-reliance sources from his past life as a criminal, and he will often do what he desires. But, of course, he must sometimes follow orders for the sake of his life and the people he cares for.

Contrariwise, he is intellectual and quite serious when it comes to things that he considers important. Like his job, and the subject he teaches. This side of him sometimes brings out the darkness and sorrow that hides deep within his heart from the tragedy of his past. He can also be firece and bold at times, depending on the situation. He can be professional, and is always moral -- trying, even if he doesn't succeed at times, to abide by standard rules of society. He also tries hard to keep his past concealed, his life of theivery a secret from everyone. Not only because he could get arrested if he was ever identified as the famous 'Black Theif', but also because he wants to move on, and wants people to accept him for who he is now and try to keep his past as far behind as possible. But, deep down, he truly believes he can never be forgiven or truly redeem himself for the events he thinks he has caused. All he truly wants is to be loved and to be forgiven, but he would never admit this to anyone.


  • Reading
  • Freedom
  • Taking Risks
  • Doing What He Wants
  • Teasing


  • Others Making Decisions For Him
  • When Someone He Cares About Is In Danger
  • His Enemies
  • His Biological Parents
  • Mathmatics
  • His Past


  • Girls
  • Leeks -- deathly allergic.
  • His Past


  • Can Write And Recite Fascinating Poetry
  • Perceptive
  • Deep

goals;; He really just wants to be healed, to finally be forgiven from the events of his past that he thinks is his fault. And, by teaching and helping others learn, to atone for what he has allowed.

fears;; He is definitely afraid to face death, of death itself. Yet, at the same time, he would pleasantly welcome it if he is able to protect someone he cared for, or, like before, if he had nothing else to lose. He is also afraid to love again, not wanting someone to end up like his last lover, who's fate he entirely blames himself for.

lights will guide you home,
and ignite your bones,

and i will try to fix you

allies;; Akane, his former(and deceased) fiance. His students and co-workers.

enemies;; the police, other thieves and gangs, anyone searching for the long lost 'black theif', "Kuro"


Sakura Hiro --> Biological Mother. Japanese descent, whereabouts unknown.
Michangelo Sohma --> Biological Father. French descent, whereabouts unknown.

siblings;; None.

other relations;; The thieves that raised him were more like his family then his own.

crush and sexuality;; **choke** He flirts with just about any pretty girl! Especially, his younger, teenage students. He used to have a lover, a female theif named 'Akane', who was to be his spouse for life, but alas -- she was shot and killed, and Lestat takes full blame for it. Even now, he still feels deep guilt and remorse for what happened. However, at the moment, only one girl, one of his students in fact, has perked his interest -- Natalie Wolfe -- and he will end up falling for her. Slowly, as he still struggles with loving again, but definitely surely. They, soon, will start dating... But in secret-- shh~


Lestat had always been known as the most famous Phantom Thief in Japan. He was the sliest, the most mysterious, and the absolute best at stealing artifacts, ancient treasures, arts, statues, writings, weapons – the top thief at stealing anything. He could escape the police, even when cornered with no where else to go. He could escape anyone and anything he was faced with. His charm, enigmatic personality, amazing thievery, and mysterious motives for stealing made him popular with the public and the police.
And he loved every single minute of it. He loved the adrenaline, the rush, the popularity, and the excitement.

But no one knew who he was or where he had come from. He was a 'no one' with the label “The Black Theif”. The truth? His past was different than most.

When he was about 7 or 8, his parents left him after moving to Japan from France. Just got up and left him as he watched them drive away from his bedroom. They were tired of him, tired of trying to raise a boy that was so indifferent about almost everything. And, after a year of trying to cope with it, they wanted to run away from it. So they had. They had just left him all by himself.

While they were absent during that night, however, a couple of thieves broke into his house and started taking jewelery, money, and food. A little Lestat was curious by the all the commotion, and went downstairs to see what was happening. His eyes widened when he saw the criminal man and woman stealing his family's valuables, but he made no attempt to run. Instead, he began to help them after a moment.

The partners in crime were stunned by the sudden assistance, and asked the little lad if he was scared. Lestat shook his head 'no' and kept helping them. The woman and man exchanged a look and shrugged, now asking the little Lestat where his parents were.

“They aren't coming back.”

The two blinked in surprise, then asking if he would like to help them more often. To this, he nodded, and was taken back to the thieves' headquarters where his name was changed to “Kuro” and he permanently joined the band of stealers.

They, of course, were more like parents than his biological ones, as they showed him they loved him, and promised to never leave him. They raised him to be good at stealing and taught him all the tricks of being a thief. The more he practiced it with them, the better he became. And he went on many, many missions with them, stealing all sorts of items and murdering when neccesary in order to avoid authorites. And he loved it, seeing it as 'spending time with his real family'.

Unfortunately, when newly-named Lestat turned 14, the band of thieves who were his family were finally caught by the police and taken away from him. Never for him to see again. He thought it over many times to go back and save them, but denied it to stay true to what they had told him before they were taken away:

“Don't come for us! You got that?! Run! Just Run!!”

And so he did. He kept stealing, and kept running solo for a long time. Stealing, killing, stealing, killing, stealing. During this time was when he became popular, but his smile was just an illusion. And a year later, his devastation ended at meeting a female thief. After having to escape with her and adventure with her, the two teamed up, and eventually fell in love.

However, this love, sadly, was not meant to be. When Lestat hit 16, in the act of stealing one night, his beloved was shot by a policeman. He had tried save her. Had tried to jump in front of the bullet. But it had only grazed him, doing nothing more than creating a scar across his shoulder, but had plummetted into her chest like it was the most powerful bullet in the world. It peirced her heart and killed her. And he watched as she died, holding her in his arms. And after she died -- he did the only thing he knew to do, and ran.

After losing so many people in his life, Kuro saw no more use for life. He had lost his real family, who he had heard had died in prision, his biological family, who was no where to be found, and now his one true love, who he had cared for the most. What more was there to live for? There was nothing. He had no one, only the things he had stolen. And he was still running. Still escaping the cops. And since he had lost everything he had ever cared about, why not give up and hand himself over? No, he couldn't do that. They had told him to run, to escape, and that was what he was going to do. He had put a gun to his head, ready to end his life. Ready to pull the trigger.

But then a man busted in, slammed down the door of the run-down place Lestat stayed in. Rescued him from himself. Helped him through his depression. Although angry, this man was kind -- Kasuke, an FBI Agent -- told him there was still hope. And slowly, but surely, Lestat abandoned his 'Black Theif' life, giving back all of the things he ever had stolen, and came to reown 'Lestat'. With the government's support after more assistance from Kasuke, he was able to go to school and get a job, and actually experiance life as it is. He worked hard, promising that he would never go back to the life he once had, and thanked Kasuke and promised to repay him somehow -- whom, unbeknownst to Lestat, was actually none other than Natalie's future grandfather. He went to college, and majored in English and Literature, and now has a job as a teacher at Tokyo High and resides in a moderate apartment.

All of his old self has mostly returned, and he keeps moving toward the future. He still blames himself, as well as the curse, for everything that has happened and all of his loss, and he tries his best to not get too close to people and he is afraid to fall in love again for this reason. He has since promised himself he would protect everyone he cares for no matter what, as repentance for the condemning curse he has and his theiving life. Yet, somewhere deep down, he believes that, no matter what he does in return to redeem himself, he will never be truly forgiven.

Sometime in the future, he falls for Natalie Wolfe, one of his students. They will begin dating shortly after if things go as desired, but in secret, as society would most likely frown upon it and Lestat would get fired. Perhaps she will be the one who will finally convince him that he is forgiven and capable of love again, though it will be a major feat and a challenge that will need to be faced by the both of them.

What he doesn't know, however, is that the thieves associated with his previous lover have been searching for Lestat. Still is searching for him. And they have reason to believe that Lestat killed Akane, and wish to avenge her. When they finally find their culprit, they intend on killing him. Killing him dead. This is also something that shall occur in the near future, and whether or not he actually dies is chanced on where he encounters these gang of theives and if he is alone. However, fate may have other plans.

and high up above or down below,
when you're too in love to let it go,
but if you never try, you'll never know

just what you're worth

chatango;; VampireTsuki

alias;; Tsuki, MoonFace, Your Lovely Admin, Your Lady and Ruler, Usagi, Bunny, Sailor Moon, etc.

experiance;; Phenominal XD

lights will guide you home,
and ignite your bones

and i will try to fix you

] T E M P L A T E, made by Tsuki ]

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PostSubject: Re: Lestat Sohma   Sun Jul 27, 2014 4:45 am

Well done!! By the Holy power of Mars, you're approed!

I love him so much!~ Can't wait to get a thread with him. <33 You know what to do;; grab an avatar and a signature and you're good to go!
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Lestat Sohma
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