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 Moros (Finally done)

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PostSubject: Moros (Finally done)   Moros (Finally done) EmptySun Jul 27, 2014 10:43 pm

Moros (Finally done) 51QB%2Bcg3sAL._SL500_SS100_ Moros (Finally done) 14556004 Moros (Finally done) Zero_illust01-100x100
i used to rule the world,
seas would rise
when i gave the word

name;; Moros (Civilian identity: Takehiko Mori)

age;; He doesn't know, the millennia in the void long ago caused him to forget. He appears to be in his late teens or early twenties

gender;; male

date of birth;; He forgot long ago and no longer cares

height;; 6'2

weight;; 120 lbs

hair colour;; black, left hanging loosely and allowed to grow out some, his bangs are long enough to cover his eyes at times.

eye colour;; purple

wardrobe;; As Takehiko Mori, he dresses fairly casually, as this false persona is supposedly a college student. More often than not, you'll find him wearing jeans and a simple polo shirt or something similar, though he does try to blend in with the crowd for the most part. On the whole, his attire is designed to help him slide into his role more easily.

faceclaim;; Code Geass // Lelouch Lamprouge

picture;; Takehiko Mori

now in the morning i sleep alone,
sweep the streets i used to own

personality;; Moros, more than anything else, is a prince, bred to rule. As such, he is very comfortable in command roles and utterly loathes not being the one ultimately in command. However, this hatred is balanced by his pragmatism, allowing him to understand and at least accept being in a lesser role for the time being. Moros's loyalty, in truth, lies only with himself. He attempts to work everything he is involved in to his own advantage, usually working it so that it ultimately benefits him.

Moros is nearly always planning something, and usually has at least one back up plan for his back up plan. However, his need to command often means he will not share the details of his plans with others, making it surprisingly easy to disrupt what Moros is doing. Combining these traits with his somewhat overcautious nature, he will often choose not to act and carry on with his plan should the opportunity to strike arise early in his plans.

Moros trusts no one serving Queen Nyx, and is in fact, only loyal to her for the time being. He only serves her because he feels he needs to repay her for pulling him from the Void and because he sees her as the most viable option to achieve his endgame goals. The moment these things are no longer true, Moros will jump ship and continue with his plans on his own.


  • Command
  • Technology
  • Philosophical debates
  • Being untouchable to his enemies
  • Epic fantasy novels


  • Being indebted to anyone
  • Sacrificing his subordinates needlessly
  • Personally entering combat
  • Heat
  • People who are unwilling to question their leaders


  • Limited physical ability
  • No direct attacks
  • Leaves dirty work to subordinates whenever possible
  • Often over-cautious, leading to missed opportunities


  • Highly intelligent
  • Brilliant strategist
  • Cautious
  • Very patient

goals;; Getting the kingdom he was so long denied and having his subjects love him and his enemies fear him. To take Sailor Moon/Neo-Queen Serenity's place as the Earth's savior and Messiah

fears;; Being forced back into the Void

i used to roll the dice,
feel the fear in my enemy's eyes,
listen as the crowd would sing,

" the old king is dead,
long live the king! "

home;; Queen Nyx's Castle (for now…)

affiliation;; Chaos, but with plans to eventually be Independent

speciality;; Mental Manipulation

weapon(s);; None

attacks and techniques;; Energy Barrier- Moros places his hand palm outward, then extends his thumb straight out and curls the last to fingers of his hand down. When he says "Cyr," a wall of energy (colored light blue) appears directly in front of his hand, extending about 10 meters to either side, or until it runs into a building or other obstruction, and 10 meters straight up.

All of Moros's mental abilities have a radius of approximately 100 meters, with no line of sight required.

Emotional Manipulation- Moros lightly enters the mind(s) of his target(s) and amplifies or lessens the emotions that they are already feeling. When dealing with a group, he can amplify or lessen a different emotion in each person. At most he can use this ability on 30-35 people, though the fewer people he's targeting, the more he can amplify or lessen what they are feeling. Only people with psychic abilities will be able to notice that he is entering their mind.

Mental Invasion- Moros enters the mind of his target and can read their thoughts, go through their memories, and have limited control over their body. He can only use this on one person at a time, and it is difficult for him to move while using it. In terms of controlling the target's body, it is mostly limited to preventing them from moving or shifting their body, swinging a limb to one side at maximum. All people will be aware of his presence in their mind when this technique is used on them.

Telepathy- Fairly obvious, Moros projects his thoughts into the mind(s) of his target(s). With this ability he can target everybody within his radius with no trouble.

true form or outfit;; As Moros, his outfit is rather elaborate and ostentatious, as it is a recreation of one of his typical outfits as a prince. Mostly purple with gold trim, it includes a cape as long as he is tall with the outside is the same purple and gold as the rest of the outfit but the underside is red. The undershirt is a light purple with gold chains decorating it and acting as fasteners. He also has a mask that completely conceals his face, and in fact his entire head. The mask looks somewhat demonic, despite the complete lack of any features on it, it is mostly black with a purple oval on its front side- he can see through it, but from the outside, it is opaque. A small bit of gold trim on the lower half of the mask, entirely on the black portion is the final touch.

true form picture;; Moros

one minute i held the key, next the walls were closed on me,
and i discovered my castles stand

upon pillars of salt and pillars of sand

allies;; Other Night Generals (sometimes), Queen Nyx (for the time being), his Youma

enemies;; Sailor Senshi, other Night Generals (at times), potentially Queen Nyx herself if her plans do not align with his goals.

parents;; Long dead and forgotten

siblings;; One sister, also long dead.

other relations;; None alive

crush and sexuality;; Moros doesn't care for actual relationships at this point, but finds people of both genders attractive.

history;; The countless millennia in the Void have seemingly calmed, if not completely tamed, the darkness within him. Most of the Dark Power Moros controlled was spent and lost in the final moments of Ikaria, leaving him mostly with his own power once more. His anger and hatred long ago burnt themselves out, and so the darkness has shifted and become obsession.

Upon being pulled from the Void by Queen Nyx, he swore to repay her and joined her cause, despite his hatred for being indebted to anyone. While he is working for her for the time being, his only true loyalty is to himself and his goal. As such, once he feels he has repaid his debt, which will be accomplished by removing the senshi, he will no longer feel any sense of duty or requirement for staying with her.

past history;; Moros comes from a time so far in the past that it was mythical to the Constellation Kingdoms and the Moon Kingdom of the Silver Millennium.

Ikaria was, during its time, the most advanced civilization in the entire galaxy. Moros was the Crown Prince of Ikaria, and next in line to the throne during the final years of Ikaria's existence. For Chaos had chosen Ikaria as its next target, seeking to ruin the beacon of light and order that it represented.

Chaos had been present, steadily weakening Ikaria for years before Moros became crown prince, and it was here that she saw the potential to end Ikaria forever. Moros and his father had always had severe philosophical disagreements, and so Chaos planted her darkness in both, driving their disagreements to anger and then to hatred. Eventually Moros's father grew to hate his son so much that he had Moros removed from the line of succession.

Enraged and disgusted, Moros embraced the darkness that had grown in him and sought power in it, power which Chaos only too happily gave. Having gained this power, Moros declared himself King of Ikaria and began a civil war. In the end, father and son faced off, and with the Dark Power granted to him by Chaos, Moros emerged victorious. At least, until his father played the final ace up his sleeve. Moros's father called on the energy of the planet itself to destroy Moros, who responded instantly by unleashing all of the Dark Power that Chaos had given him.

With Chaos fueling him, Moros's Dark Power flooded the planet, darkening and corrupting it to its very core. The universe recoiled from the complete and utter corruption of a world and responded by forcing Moros into the Void. Chaos, its work done, moved on. The planet Ikaria remains a darkened and lifeless husk of a world, a nexus of darkness and evil.

i hear jerusalem bells a'ringing,
roman cavalry choirs are singing,
be my mirror, my sword, and shield,

my missionaries in a foreign field

chatango;; Eagletrekkie

alias;; Eagle

experiance;; 2 years, including Yuna and Akio here

sample rp;; Moros gazed out of the window of the castle, staring down at the city. Tokyo was a far cry from any of the cities of Ikaria, but it would serve as a starting place. He already had youma scattered about the city, observing and watching. From here, it was a matter of waiting and planning. Building a new empire on such a backward and technologically deficient planet would be difficult, no doubt, but it would happen.

His lips curved upward into a smile, this would all be only too easy. Remove the senshi for Queen Nyx and his debt would be paid. After that, he'd remain in her court only until her plans no longer overlapped with his. The moment that serving her became detrimental to his goals would be the moment he left and started working on his own. "Just like that." he murmured as he turned away from the window. "Let's get started then."

for some reason i can't explain,
i know saint peter won't call my name,
never an honest word,

and that was when i ruled the world

] T E M P L A T E, made by Tsuki ]
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PostSubject: Re: Moros (Finally done)   Moros (Finally done) EmptySun Aug 24, 2014 11:18 pm

FINISHED. Night General #1, awaiting approval.
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PostSubject: Re: Moros (Finally done)   Moros (Finally done) EmptyMon Aug 25, 2014 4:21 pm

Moros (Finally done) Tumblr_inline_n14o1lNzum1r166op
*~* Not Quite! *~*

  • The Energy Barrier seems to be alright, however ten meters? Please lower that just a little. I see that it stops if it hits a building but it still seems a little far if only one guy is in there, seeing as how I don't think Moros would care for the safety of anyone but himself. I would also like to see at least a weakness or two in it, and perhaps some of a time limit if it is impenetrable. One or the other to give your foe a chance to land a blow.


  • This is purely left here as a reminder to you. Mental manipulation is permitted within simple forms, such as hypnosis,  telekinesis, telepathy, leviation, so on so frrh, however it needs to be limited, such as possible to overcome the ability or have it limited, with not only time but to how much/many people he can handle at one time.
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Moros (Finally done)
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