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 Dinner for Senshi (Open, Inner Senshi)

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Ami (Retired)

Ami (Retired)

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Dinner for Senshi (Open, Inner Senshi) Empty
PostSubject: Dinner for Senshi (Open, Inner Senshi)   Dinner for Senshi (Open, Inner Senshi) EmptyFri Aug 15, 2014 1:43 am

Studies were always a main area of concern for Ami Mizuno, especially when her friends didn't seem to be nearly as focused on them as they ought to be. Getting Usagi in particular motivated for study was always a monumental challenge even for someone with a supremely high IQ like herself. Just the mere suggestion of academic efforts was potentially disheartening enough to put her off the entire process before they could so much as look at a textbook. Thus there had to be some incentive when it came to studying. Today at least there wasn't any studying to do but rather a celebration of sorts: Usagi had, from what Ami heard, passed her math test! A reason for celebration no less. So she'd sent out messages inviting her friends to join her for dinner to reward their pigtailed friend for succeeding at mathematics. Nothing fancy, just a stop at a fast food place that she was pretty sure no one would object to.

Ami was the first to arrive on the scene, with of course a couple of textbooks in hand just so that she could get a bit more studying in before they had dinner. Plus she was able to save a table for their group so there was no concern over finding a place to sit once they'd placed their orders. Despite the usual excitement of meeting her friends she was secretly excited about seeing one of them in particular. As much as she might try to explain away the strong feelings as merely good friendship or just over thinking on her part, Ami couldn't deny that she might very well have fallen for someone. For someone who was allergic to love letters this was quite a surprising turn of events. She was quite possibly attracted to Rei, and so she deeply hoped the shrine maiden would show up. Otherwise the mere thoughts of her might distract Ami from being able to converse with her other friends, mind wandering because the object of her odd affections was absent. Time would tell, but hopefully this would be a good night!
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Minako (retired)

Minako (retired)

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Dinner for Senshi (Open, Inner Senshi) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Dinner for Senshi (Open, Inner Senshi)   Dinner for Senshi (Open, Inner Senshi) EmptySat Aug 16, 2014 10:20 am

Rapidly, Minako was skipping along the familiar route from school to the Crown Food Parlor, where the girls had decided to gather today. As she had just finished school day, the blond was still worn in her high school uniform - a buttoned shirt, a knee length skirt colored in navy blue, a matching collar and simple black pumps. As most times, her sikly blond hair had a big red ribbon bound in it. Full of energy, she was so quick in her walk, that Artemis was barely able to keep up, running behind her, breathing heavily.

"Mina! Wait up!", he called from behind.

"Ah, but I can't help it!", she called cheerfully while stopping, turning around and smiling at her companion. "It's been so long since we've hung out together, the girls!". With all the exams, all they ever did was studying - or, in Minako's case, whining and being told into studying by Ami chan and the others. The effort seemed to pay off, though, since both Minako and Usagi had passed!

"In all honesty, I don't know if there's much to celebrate", the white cat said. "If you'd study harder, you could have gotten a much better score".

"Well, if you were more physically active, you'd be able to catch up with me!", Minako called with jest, stuck her tounge out towards him and continued skipping along the road, leaving her feline companion behind. Man, Artemis could be so nitpicky sometimes! But she wouldn't let even him ruin her wonderful mood today!

Within a few minutes, both Minako and Artemis had arrived to the Crown. As an act of consideration after making him run so much, she let him rest a little, hung on her right shoulder. As the door was opened, the blonde haired girl could notice a familiar blue haired girl sitting with some books in the quiet corner of the place. A warm smile featured her face. She could recognize that shade of blue everywhere, and it was so typical for Ami chan to pick the most silent place of all. Ami's shyness was simply adorable!

"Ami chan!". she called cheerfully and waved towards her friend as she got closer to the talbe in front of which the other girl sat.

{OOC: Moving Artemis a little 'till we actually have one... Razz }
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Dinner for Senshi (Open, Inner Senshi) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Dinner for Senshi (Open, Inner Senshi)   Dinner for Senshi (Open, Inner Senshi) EmptyMon Aug 25, 2014 5:13 pm

Makoto leaned over a bit as water streamed from her water canister and soaked into the soil, and she could almost hear the cries of joy and relief from the planets as they eagerly dark it and regained their nutrients. At this point in time she was, well killing time before she had to head out and meet her friends. The thought of them altogether made her smile. She could see it now; Usagi and her tendency to whine and eat everything in sight, Rei scolding her and huffing out to the side in annoyance, however she still conversed with Ami, whom always had a book of sorts with her to encourage the rest of them, two blondes in particular, to study. Then of course there was Minako, sitting alongside of Usagi, Artemis with her since the two felines were almost always with them, bickering as Minako smiled brightly. Then there was her of course, laughing with them because, her friends were just so funny! It was such a clash of personalities, it was hard not to make a commotion, but what really meant a lot to her was how they could all pull together and work as one to overcome any challenge needed.

She poured the last bit of water into the final plant, finishing feeding her jungle. well, that's what it looked like at least, but she herself thought it was quite beautiful. She's worked hard to revive them from the enemy they had long ago that wilted her beloved plants. Makoto looked around, and momentarily wondered if she should bring something along.. Though they were going to a joint to eat, she still pondered the option of bringing something for her friend's to eat, and free too. She had no doubt that Usagi would jump at the opportunity, however wondered if anyone else would feel offended since, well they are going to a place to eat! Shaking her head, her brunette hair flowing with her movements, she decided against it. With that, she headed out as she slipped on her tennis shoes.

Makoto, liking the casual sporty clothing, wore faded blue jeans with a dark green tanktop, a light green jacket to match with a typical, regular hat, white, to go with it. She would take it off as she went inside of course, but she enjoyed the shade it brought to her eyes.

Makoto walked down the street, glancing at a clock nearby. It was almost the meeting time, but of course she never expected them all to make it on time. Except for one blue haired girl, who seemed to be a stickler for these things. It wasn't long before she reached her destination. Lifting her hand, she gripped the bill of her hat and slid it off as she opened the door, a wave of cool air hitting her. Walking inside further, a mix of blonde and blue caught her eye, with a hint of red and white. Smiling, she turned her body to head that way, easily being noticeable due to her height.

As she crept up behind Minako, she reached her hand out, past her shoulder, and stroked Artemis' fur as she laughed. "What did you do to him this time Aino?" She asked with humor in her eyes before she smiled and waved at Ami.
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Dinner for Senshi (Open, Inner Senshi) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Dinner for Senshi (Open, Inner Senshi)   Dinner for Senshi (Open, Inner Senshi) EmptyWed Aug 27, 2014 4:53 pm

"May the Gods' bless you in your journey, thank you for coming today."

Spoke the priestess, giving a formal bow as she waved off a guest. They had come here to cleanse themselves of sin and ask for the assistance of those above for a difficult time he was going through. However, despite asking for his permission, she had a glance into his future. The bleak outcome made the miko frown, and her violet eyes darken a bit. As far as she could see, the choices he would make would have him lose someone valuable to himself somehow. Though she couldn't tell him. If she did, that could have been the reason to influence it, knowing it had an equal chance otherwise. She remained with her decision, and decided she would pray for him. After all, the future wouldn't always be the resolution we desired.

Though glancing at the clock, there was a portion of her immediate future she was looking forward to, and it was time to get ready. Within the hour her friend's would be gathering as a 'celebration' for their beloved blonde friends passing their tests. She had a slight suspicion it was just an excuse to get them altogether, but Rei didn't care, she was just as excited to see the Senshi regardless of the reason. They are her best friend's after all, especially Usagi, and a certain blue-haired girl, though she loved all the senshi.

Rei threw off her priestess outfit, laying it neatly on her bed so she could clean it later to wear again tomorrow. With that off, Rei placed on a red, button-up-, sleeveless shirt that she tucked into blue jean shorts. Grabbing her bag that had her cell phone and other material, she went to the door and slipped on some flat shoes. Tapping the toe on the ground to have it fit her heel, she called out;

"I'm going Grandpa! Make sure to watch for anymore visitors and keep it clean!"

As if he hadn't already ran the shrine without her assistance, she still gave him a list of things to do. Okay, more like a check-list and a reminder. With that, she swung open the door, and jogged down the path as she bid farewell to Phobos and Deimos, telling them to watch over Grandpa, and keep their guard up for any danger that may lurk.

It didn't take longer the bus to arrive in downtown Tokyo. This was where the senshi were to meet, at a place to eat too, which was good. The raven-haired girl felt hungry! She pondered for a moment if Makoto had brought anything, but since they were at a restaurant, she probably didn't. It made sense for her not to, after all.

Violet eyes scanned the names of the buildings until she spot it. Glancing back and forth for traffic, she quickly crossed the pavement unto the sidewalk. Opening the door, she was hit with a wave of cool air from the air conditioning. She was greeted by the staff of the joint, but paid them no mind. After all it wasn't longer to spot her friends, since, well they did kind of stand out. Ami with her blue hair and books, Makoto and her height, and Minako with her lovely long, blonde hair and a white, exhausted-looking cat on her shoulder. She smiled a bit, though her heart did sink slightly when there was the one she was looking forward to the most was absent. Maybe she'd arrive soon..

Walking over with a wave, she smiled as Makoto spoke to Minako, letting her assume she arrived not long before she did. "And here I thought this place was supposed to be pet-free." She joked, playfully and lightly tugging Artemis' ear before scratching his neck briefly as she sat down next to Ami. Her eyes peered down, and she grabbed the books the genius had brought with her, beginning to flip through them. Text books no less. Rei chuckled lightly, it was just like her to bring studying into a celebration.
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Usagi Tsukino

Usagi Tsukino

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Dinner for Senshi (Open, Inner Senshi) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Dinner for Senshi (Open, Inner Senshi)   Dinner for Senshi (Open, Inner Senshi) EmptyThu Aug 28, 2014 6:26 pm

"Come on, Usagi!" called the black feline, glancing behind her at a certain blonde odango-ed girl as she scurried down the sidewalk. It would seem like she wouldn't be so slow, with all of the running that was done from being a senshi and being late all of the time!
"Luuunaa!" The Rabbit whined as she huffed and puffed behind her guardian and best friend. "Slooow doowwn! I don't even know where we're going!" There was no way she could run that fast! She wasn't a cat like Luna! And, not to mention... her blue haired friend had called the shots and picked an unfamiliar restaurant to meet up at this time, instead of the more preferable, familiar Crown Fruit Parlor. Not only had Usagi let time escape her and had already been running late like usual... but, she had also gotten lost trying to find the designated meeting spot until, thankfully, she had run into her trusted sidekick, Luna. Who, of course, had scolded her and then demand that she follow her to where the restaurant really was. 

And... there was so much... running involved!

"It's just around the corner! We'll be there before you know it!"

The blonde panted, trying her best to keep up. "If you say so..." Fortunately, soon enough, however, the black cat came to a graceful halt with a few more minutes. Usagi thankfully slowed to a stop, and bent over to rest her hands on her knees and give her legs a momentarily rest while the crescent-moon cat waited.

When The Rabbit was ready and had properly caught her breath, they walked in together. As always, her face lit up when she noticed her friends. "Eveeerryyooonee!" she called out excitedly as she ran over to their corner booth. Her natural smile broadened when she saw a certain black-haired miko, and she slid in beside her and easily jumped into the ordinary fun and silliness that normally prospered among her friends. Luna pranced over to join Artemis in their usual spot.

Maybe... if she was lucky... studying wouldn't start right away.... though, she knew all too well that Ami-chan was bound to announce their initial reasoning for gathering sooner or later...

[ Out Of Control. Don't worry about, Lala-chan <3 I'm doing the same until we get a Luna ... and since this wasn't posted in the "Crown Fruit Parlor" sub-board, I assumed this was a different meeting place/resturant, for whatever reason? ]
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Ami (Retired)

Ami (Retired)

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Dinner for Senshi (Open, Inner Senshi) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Dinner for Senshi (Open, Inner Senshi)   Dinner for Senshi (Open, Inner Senshi) EmptyMon Sep 01, 2014 10:56 pm

Studying was a vitally important activity for Ami, and there was a certain temptation on her part to use the textbooks she'd brought along as casual reading material. Granted she had been through each of them once or twice already. Nothing wrong with indulging in a bit more extra study when she was just waiting for her friends to arrive. Except that today she was reading something she was quite a bit more hesitant to be seen doing in public. As time marched on she pulled out another textbook, inside of which was nestled a small paperback. Not just any paperback but a novel that, by its very presence, embarrassed her quite a bit. Just another in the line of romance novels she'd been picking up from the library lately, and this one was somehow more engaging than they usually were for her. So deeply had it pulled her in that Minako's arrival went unnoticed for a few seconds while her brain adjusted to the idea of having company.

Blushing a little she waved to one of her two blonde friends, "Minako-chan! Nice to see you!"

Soon thereafter a certain brunette arrived as well, looking typically casual with her cap and attire. Though all Makoto offered in greeting was a wave Ami eagerly returned the gesture and smiled cheerfully. Neither girl was liable to have noticed what she was really reading there, so it was okay. Since they were speaking to each other, too, would it really be so bad to slip back into the book briefly? Try as she might to focus on her friends here, she felt her eyes pulled forcefully back to the flowery language contained in her novel. Therein a pure maiden found herself in the quiet company of the one person her heart longed for. A noble friend who had taken her heart without knowing it, but now realized the situation. They stood gazing into each other's eyes as the sun set in a cacophony of brilliant colors, leaning closer, closer... and then the raven haired friend took the maiden into her arms. Closer still did their lips grow until suddenly the girl in the lead mentioned something about an establishment intended to he pet-free. With a shock she broke out of her reverie again and noticed that Rei had just arrived. This time Ami's face grew bright red as she fumbled with her 'textbook' and managed to just barely get it off the table without dropping it. What was more, Rei took a seat right next to her! Such close proximity was dangerous when it was the person you honestly hadn't just envisioned being the romantic lead in a romance novel alongside yourself. Surely not!

"I don't think they mind, it's not like it'll cause any problems," Ami offered nervously, trying mostly to distract herself.

Thankfully their energetic pigtailed friend burst onto the scene just after this. Now this was just what she needed to get her mind (mostly) off of the oddly complicated feelings she'd been developing for their shrine maiden friend. Being that this was a celebration for Usagi passing a math test it was kind of fitting that the girl should arrive last. If there had been any preparations to make that would've really helped. As it was Ami was still blushing but managed to stay focused enough to figure out what they'd do next. This was kind of a big deal so she wanted to reveal the reason for celebration only after they'd been able to make some small talk first. That way they could make it a little surprise party.

"Usagi-chan, Rei-chan, Mako-chan! Welcome," she greeted them before smiling in an effort to cover up her remaining blush, "I've heard good things about this place, so it should be pretty tasty. How's everyone? Keeping up on your studies?"
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Minako (retired)

Minako (retired)

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Dinner for Senshi (Open, Inner Senshi) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Dinner for Senshi (Open, Inner Senshi)   Dinner for Senshi (Open, Inner Senshi) EmptySat Oct 04, 2014 2:47 pm

Chuckling wholeheartedly, Minako steped forward and sat very closely to her friend. She wanted to ask for her sake, but soon after another of her friends appeared - a brunette with green eyes, who towered high above all. A frown featured Minako's face as Mako chan hinted she might have been abusing Artemis. Firmly, she got up, sticking her tounge out at the much taller girl. "I've done nothing to him! Look at how joyful he is!", she said, gesturing dramatically towards her right shoulder, where the white cat was hanging. "Come on, Artemis, smile, do something!", she whispered into his ear after a minute or two during which he appeared frozen.

"But I thought I'm supposed to pretend to be a toy", he whispered in return. "You know, so we wouldn't get kicked out of here"

"MAN!!", the blonde called in frustration due to the faline's lack of cooperation. A few moments later, a certain infamous miko sneaked behind her back, once again speaking about how cats shouldn't be in restaurants or something like that - in all honesty, Minako didn't quite listen, for anger was eushing through her veins! "He's not supposed to be a cat in here! Can't you see? He's a fashionable accessory toy! Here, look!", she called and grabbed the startled cat rather strongly, shoving it in Rei's face. Why, of course she knew cats were not allowed in here! Why were her friends questioning her like that?!

It was then that Ami chan whispered something about the staff of the place not minding pets that much that. Within an instant, Minako was once again seated real close to the blue haired teen, clinging onto her in tears. "Ami chan! You're the only one who understands!", she called in gartitude. While sitting there, clinging onto her friend, she couldn't help but notice that - how typical - she held an Algebra book in her hands. "But seriously, Ami chan, you need to loosen up a little bit! Why studying, when we had just finished the exam season? You wouldn't be needing that today!", she said while trying to grab the book out of her hands. They will most certainly have none of that "studying" stuff today, not at all! Only fun!

At last, the fellow blonde in their group arrived into the scene, typically late. But Minako couldn't care less. "USAGI CHAN!!!", she called and got up from her seat, running towards the fellow blonde, clinging onto her just as she did with Ami several moments ago. "I can't believe we've actually done it, that we've passed! I'm so proud of us!", she said as tears of joy started to flow down her eyes.
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Dinner for Senshi (Open, Inner Senshi) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Dinner for Senshi (Open, Inner Senshi)   Dinner for Senshi (Open, Inner Senshi) Empty

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Dinner for Senshi (Open, Inner Senshi)
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