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 ~ Don't Stand So Close To Me ~ {Natalie, Open.)

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Lestat Sohma

Lestat Sohma

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~ Don't Stand So Close To Me ~ {Natalie, Open.) Empty
PostSubject: ~ Don't Stand So Close To Me ~ {Natalie, Open.)   ~ Don't Stand So Close To Me ~ {Natalie, Open.) EmptyTue Sep 09, 2014 4:43 pm

He leaned back in his chair, black leather. Important, professional. With wheels. And, most of all, very comfortable. The chair in front of his rectangular, wooden desk, which challenged everyone in the classroom merely by its existence. Let them know who was in charge -- which, of course, was himself. He was the teacher, afterall... decked out in the usual black suit and tie. Wooing the girls and intimidating the guys. And, being the coolest instructor there.

Yeah. That's how he rolled. Or, at least, that's how he liked to envision himself. But, he knew that... no matter how much he pumped himself up or put up a convincing face, however, there was always bound to be some sort of self-hatred and guilt buried inside himself.

And... it was often times like these... times when his class had recently dismissed. Times when school was over, and almost everyone, save for a few faculty members, had left the building. Times when he was alone... alone with himself... it was times like this that he disliked the most, because it reminded him of who he used to be.

So, naturally, he had resorted himself to finish grading the written essays that he had assigned a week ago, knowing all too well that he had a bad habit of procrastination when it came to critiquing work anyway. His amethyst eyes fell over the next white page, over a certain female student's hand-writing, shocked and pleasantly surprised to see her paper in his hands.

Nice going, Natalie Wolfe. Maybe you're finally beginning to understand?
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Natalie Wolfe

Natalie Wolfe

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~ Don't Stand So Close To Me ~ {Natalie, Open.) Empty
PostSubject: Re: ~ Don't Stand So Close To Me ~ {Natalie, Open.)   ~ Don't Stand So Close To Me ~ {Natalie, Open.) EmptyMon Sep 22, 2014 11:01 pm

Bounce, bounce.. Whoosh!

A smirk spread on her face as she watched the orange and black ball make the net swing back and forth as the ball bounced off to the side. American sports, there was something about them that got her pumped up. Then again, maybe it was her music, a beloved american singer by the name of Simon Curtis. There was something about his music.. Reminded her of someone that didn't get a hint. Though, she'd be lying if she didn't say it was great to see the other girls lose their minds that she got special attention.

Jogging over, her black hair moving with her as it was tied into a high ponytail, she leaned over and picked it up as she bounced it again. She swiveled it on the tip of her finger as she walked back to the half line point. At this moment she was wearing her casual gym uniform, a white short-sleeved t-shirt with black shorts and tennis shoes. Shooting some more baskets, she got bored, and changed back into her high school uniform. She wished she had brought some civilian clothes, not wanting to be in this thing longer than she had to be.

Sticking some ear buds in she began to walk down the halls, beginning to leave, but then, felt the urge to explore. As far as she knew she was the only one within this school, no one to yell at her, no one to tell her not to touch this or that, not to go in there.. Normally, she would be a good girl and leave, but.. What was the harm in having a look around despite spending three years in this cursed building as it was? None, not like she was going to steal anything. What could there possibly be what she wanted? Well, maybe besides in the music department..

She smiled as she turned around and trotted right on up the stairs. Most of the classrooms were locked, which was fine, what could be in there that she hadn't already seen? Desks, chairs, chalkboard and cabinets, that's all they were. The more she wandered, the more she realized; all the doors were locked. Or so she thought. With an aggravated sigh she reached the end of the hall and still nothing fun to see. Music was still blaring in her ears when she turned around and headed back to the staircase. As she did, she slowly began to dance and sing a bit to the song that was in her ears.

"Sign on the line, make a deal with the devil,
Make a deal with the devil in blood.
Sign on the line, make a deal with the devil,
Make a deal with the devil in blood.
I know your love is bad but I want it all.~"

At certain points her voice faltered, and for a voice, in was supposed to sound like an eerie whisper. She had to admit she enjoyed the echo the hallways gave, it made it even better, and it sounded twice as good when she wasn't screamed at not to sing in the halls.

"Hey! What do you want me to say?
Tell me are you ready?
Give me everything you want
Now give me everything I need.
I got a soul for sale, a soul for sale.
What do you want me to be?
Show me 'cause I wanna
Give you everything you want
Now give me everything I need.
I got a soul for sale, a soul for--"

The next thing Natalie knew as she walked by the bathroom, that a blur jumped out at her and grabbed her. Screaming before her mouth was covered, she bit the hand of the culprit to have him yelp in pain and pull back, letting her go. She stomped on their foot and gave them a kick in the stomach, but her foot was caught by an alliance.

"Natalie stop! Damn it's us! What's your deal?!" Said a voice, and she recognized him to be an acquaintance of hers. The one she had bit and attacked was another of hers. She relaxed, letting her foot back on the ground.

"What the..? What's MY deal?! What's your deal!!!?? You scared the crap out of me you jerks!" She barked, her anger beginning to flare at the two idiots. They both looked at each other before beginning to bust a gut. "Yeah we did, we got you!! That was great!! You know, before you tried attacking me." They kept laughing, and Natalie felt her anger begin to drain as a smile tugged at her lips, and she too began to laugh. She punched them, playfully this time.

"Ugh I hate you guys! Payback is coming your way I hope you know that!" She gathered her ear buds that had fallen in the fiasco.

"If it makes you feel better it wasn't even for you. We just thought it'd be funnier to get you instead." They laughed as the two males bumped fists. She tilted her head. Not for her..?

"Huh..? Who else is here? How did you know it was me coming?" She asked, her head tilted. "Sohma's here. Since he's cool we thought it'd be funny. We knew it was you because you were the one jamming down the hall, so it was either you or Mr. Sohma for some reason has a really high pitched voice. You better have your shots by the way, that bite hurt..." Mr. Sohma was still here..? This late..? Then again, she guessed the same could be said for her..

"...So, you waited.. In the boys bathroom.. Since the end of school and who knows how long, to ambush Mr.. Sohma..?" She asked as she cocked her eyebrow, folding her arms across her chest. They two looked at one another.

"It's not what it seems like..." They said, both beginning to blush. "Er.. We'll be heading out now. Later Natalie..!" She waved as they headed down the stairs to leave. She remained staring at the stairs as she continued to think, in her own little world. She knew he shouldn't stay, but she really, really didn't want to go home..
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~ Don't Stand So Close To Me ~ {Natalie, Open.)
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