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 Let the Fun Begin! (Usagi)

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Let the Fun Begin! (Usagi) Empty
PostSubject: Let the Fun Begin! (Usagi)   Let the Fun Begin! (Usagi) EmptyTue Jul 15, 2014 7:04 pm

Saturday, a little bit past noon. The sun was high and beating down upon those below, the orb sticking out clearly in the cloudless sky. It was hot, too hot for even the beautiful fire Miko. Rei sat underneath the shade of an umbrella that covered the table that held it up. Wearing a white tank top and blue jean shorts with sandals, she had her chin balanced in one palm and the other wrapped around a cup of Ice water she ordered. Tilting her wrist a bit, she sighed bitterly as she glanced at her watch, annoyance evident in the deep violet eyes.

Usagi.. You're late! You better have a damn good reason to keep me here waiting after we planned this for nearly three days now!

Well, the actual plan was for everyone to come along, all the soldiers, Usagi, Chibimoon, Luna, Artemis, Diana and even Mamoru. In the end they all had something else to do. Ami got this rare chance to go spend the day with her mother, Chibimoon got sick and Luna, Artemis and Diana remained to stay help her feel better, Mamoru.. Well she had no idea, and frankly didn't care too much, even if he was the Prince. Minako was going to some talent show thing, Makoto went to show one of her prized plants in some competition.. So it only left her with Usagi, if Usagi would ever be on time. For once.

It was just like her to be late, she was never on time. Maybe she should have waited at the Shrine a bit longer before leaving, knowing how Usagi was. To be honest though she was kind of excited for today, the Amusement Park was having brand new rides and games opening today, and even a parade. coming here made her feel sort of like a kid again, and she enjoyed that somewhat, but it was really the time she got to spend with the Princess. Sure they were close friends and saw each other a lot, but it was uncommon for the two to get any alone time. Especially with evil around each corner. Speaking of evil... Had Usagi gotten herself into trouble? Was she in danger right now and unable to communicate with her? No, certainly not.. She would sense it, right? Part of her wished she had Phobos and Deimos nearby so she can have them scout out for her, but she had told them to remain at the Shrine and watch over Grandpa.

Rei tapped her fingers on the table as she once again looked at her watch and sighed. If she didn't hurry, the parade was going to start.. She only had about half an hour before it began. Where could she be?
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Usagi Tsukino

Usagi Tsukino

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Let the Fun Begin! (Usagi) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Let the Fun Begin! (Usagi)   Let the Fun Begin! (Usagi) EmptyWed Jul 23, 2014 7:23 am

Blonde odango-ed ponytails flowed behind her as her white flats click-clacked down the concrete. A white top hung off her shoulders, flaunting a lightly printed pastel pink floral design, and comfortably cutting off at the waist, where blue, short denim shorts shaped the beginning of her thighs and roundness of her rear. She had dressed delicately, yet casually. And, she had done so deliberately -- the wonderings of what to wear being the catalyst of her running late this time, as she flew past amusement park rides and evaded passing, laughing civilians. Though, of course, she couldn't say that it was entirely her fault. Meanie Rei-chan hadn't waited at the shrine like Usagi had expected her to, and so when she had stopped by to meet her only to realise she had already left, the blonde had darted and had since been a hurry to get to her so that they could finally ride all of the cool rides and eat of the delicious foods that she had been looking forward to over the long days of the week.

But, then again... perhaps it wasn't all Rei-chan's fault. She had taken too long deciding on which clothes she would show up in, which had probably prompted her lateness in the first place -- first at the shrine, and now here. In her defense, though... she cared about what Rei-chan saw her in. Always had, even when they were with everyone else -- who all had found something else to do today, come to think of it. And, that, of course, just left her and the shrine maiden alone together today. Which, in a way, wasn't that big of a deal... but was definitely a rarity. One that Usagi was both unsure and excited about.

It wasn't long before Usagi slowed her pace to a walk. She should be around here somewhere... Her blue orbs looked around, her head turning in all directions, looking for that all-too-familiar midnight hair. There were tons of rides... Fun Slides... Roller Coasters... Bumper Cars... even a Ferris Wheel. There were carnival stands with all sorts of fun games, and with yummy snacks like cotton candy and soft pretzels and ice cream and crepes. There were also tons of people though. Would she ever be able to spot Rei-chan in a place like this, with crowds and lines that were so hard to find others in?

Then... out of the corner of her eye... she spotted a dash of black tresses with night highlights and a dark tint. The Rabbit's face became aglow with relief and happiness as a broad grin broke out upon her features, instantly recognizing who was sitting at the wooden table in the shade of a large oak. There was definitely no mistaking it! She waved her hand in the air and ran over to her, calling out her name in a ringing voice with a short, goofy giggle following soon afterward. "Reeeeeiiii-cchhaaaaann!"

Hopefully, she wouldn't be too angry at her for being late, right?...
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PostSubject: Re: Let the Fun Begin! (Usagi)   Let the Fun Begin! (Usagi) EmptyThu Jul 24, 2014 1:36 am

Rei sighed a bit as she continued to look to the side. Lifting the cool, damp glass up slightly, she wrapped her lips around the plastic tube and took a drink. The water felt nice going down her parched throat from breathing the humid air. She looked around, anyone with blonde hair briefly catching her attention in high hopes it was Usagi, only to be disappointed and begun to get even more annoyed, moreso with herself. This was ridiculous, she needed to calm down. They had plenty of time, right? Usagi wasn't the type that would stand her up, she wasn't a guy after all. Men.. Ick. She was glad Usagi wasn't a guy. That would make things hard to protect her, due to her own distaste for men. She couldn't see how she could stand them, they were so unreliable. Then again, she wasn't the blonde-headed dumpling head, and true love was never really her thing. Except for Rabbit of course.

Yes, the Shrine beauty was in love with the Princess. She couldn't tell anyone when it happened, because even she didn't know, but she guessed she just grew on Rei. Her goofy grin, her silly antics.. It was something she eventually found herself looking forward too. She wouldn't say she was head-over-heels for the girl, but it was to the point to where she would do anything for her as long as it was within reason. Mainly, anything if it had nothing to do with boys. Of course she would never admit this, Rei had too much pride for that.

Finally there it was; that oh-so familiar giggle and voice. Turning her violet eyes going in the direction it came from. There she was; Usagi, the late, blonde ditz. She stood up as she approached, crossing her arms as she leaned her hip out to the left, tapping her finger on her other arm and foot on the ground, as if she was a parent about to scold her child, not that she wanted kids.

"Usagi..!!! You're late! Do you know how long you've kept me waiting?! You know I don't like waiting. What kept you this time?!" She baked at her, placing her hands on her hips now as she awaited her reply.

Then it hit her ears. The sound of cheerful music. Oh no! The parade was starting!! Stupid Usagi!! "Oh forget it, just come on!!" She didn't want to miss it! Grabbing the blonde's hand, she quick-walked towards where it was supposed to take place. Maybe they won't miss too much..
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Usagi Tsukino

Usagi Tsukino

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Let the Fun Begin! (Usagi) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Let the Fun Begin! (Usagi)   Let the Fun Begin! (Usagi) EmptyFri Aug 22, 2014 5:19 am

Usagi skidded to a stop as Rei stood up in her regular pose of irritation, with her hand on her hip and her hip to the side. The blonde couldn't deny that she found it elegant. Everything about Rei was so lady-like most of the time... until she started chewing Usagi out, of course. But, still. It was true that.... even though they had their arguments... their disagreements... and fights... it was only really because they were closer than any of the other senshi and understood each other better than the others. Rei could be a real meanie sometimes, but the odangoed soul knew she had a good heart and cared a lot about her, the people on Earth, and their friends. And, secretly, a lot of the time, Usagi just found herself staring at Rei with a small, goofy smile and blue, blue eyes. Admiring her long, silky black locks and midnight amethysts. Admiring... her beauty. Much like she was now...

She only snapped out of her trance when the miko began to snap at her, which, inwardly, the blonde knew had been coming.

"Usagi..!!! You're late! Do you know how long you've kept me waiting?! You know I don't like waiting. What kept you this time?!"

She jumped. Admiration turned to shock and shock turned to annoyance. She crossed her arms huffily and stared at Rei-chan levelly. "What?!" She protruded, slightly offended by the the black haired beauty's accusation. "How dare you say that? You're the one that made me late!" She defended, now with finger pointing straight at Rei. "You told me to meet you at the shrine and you weren't even there!" The blonde complained. Though, of course, as she already knew... the blame couldn't entirely be pinned on Rei-chan. Some of it was her fault, too... but she didn't really want to admit that this time.

"Oh forget it, just come on!!"

Then, something both wonderful and strange happened. Rei-chan's face lit up for a moment, and then she grabbed Usagi's hand. Wh-What?... The odangoed girl felt a small blush scatter her cheeks and her cerulean eyes widened slightly in alarm. "Wh-Where are we going?" she stutter-wondered aloud. Confused, she allowed the miko to lead her wherever they were intended to go, her mind slightly swirling from such an unexpected gesture.

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Let the Fun Begin! (Usagi) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Let the Fun Begin! (Usagi)   Let the Fun Begin! (Usagi) EmptyWed Aug 27, 2014 4:25 pm

It was as plain as day, the annoyance written on Usagi's face. This meant little to the miko at this time, well it was usual for the two of them to bicker. It was a cute expression, the anger that flickered in the rabbit's eyes. She cocked an eyebrow at the delicate, pointed finger in her direction as she was blamed for her delay. Rei grit her teeth a bit. She had told Usagi to meet her at the shrine, and she kicked herself a bit, though the prideful teenager would never admit that to her.

"Yeah, well...! You shouldn't have taken so long to come to the shrine! No reason for us both to miss the park, right?" Who was she asking, Usagi, or herself? Agh! I couldn't help it! I guess I did let my excitement get the best of me.. Still, Usagi needs to learn to be on time for once! "I mean, one of us has to look forward to today!" She huffed, placing both hands on her hips as she glared off to the left, so she didn't have to look Usagi in her blue eyes.

Slight relief came to Rei when Usagi didn't pull away when she grabbed her. Instead she willingly followed the raven-haired girl it seemed. Seeing as how she wasn't a mind-reader, she couldn't be for certain. Though then a ridiculous question came out of the bunny's mouth. Where were they going? Was the blonde that dense? Rei glanced over her shoulder, annoyance a bit glittering in her eyes. "What do you mean? Ugh, don't tell me you forgot?!" She barked, bfore totally pivoting her body a bit as she drug Usagi along, walking backwards now. Without meaning to, her face softened and actually looked, well whether excited and happy.

"Silly Usagi, the parade Is beginning! If you don't hurry, we'll miss it and the candy will be gone!" The small almost turned into a smirk, thinking the promise of sweets would hurry the blonde along.
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Let the Fun Begin! (Usagi) Empty
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Let the Fun Begin! (Usagi)
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