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  Usagi Tsukino --> Eternal Sailor Moon

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PostSubject: Usagi Tsukino --> Eternal Sailor Moon   Tue Jun 17, 2014 4:24 am

when she was just a girl
she expected the world

name;; Usagi Tsukino. Nicknamed "Bunny", "Usako", and "Odango"

meaning;; "Rabbit of the Moon"

age;; 16

gender;; female

date of birth;; June 30

height;; 4' 11"

weight;; 110 lbs

hailr colour;; blonde, up in two "odangos" that have cascading ponytails on each side of her head that nearly touch the ground

eye colour;; cerculean blue

wardrobe;; Can usually be seen wearing her school uniform. If not this, sometimes something casual and lousy. Long necklaces, particularly one with a crescent moon. Mostly lazy -- and if she can, and most times she makes a way to, fancy -- dresses and long skirts. Always has her broach on her school uniform, or she carries it with her if she's wearing something else.

picture;; With Her trusted sidekick, Luna~

but it flew away from her reach
so she ran away
in her sleep

personality;; Usagi is selfish and childish, especially when it comes to food, teasing, or shopping. She is also known to be obsessive and over-possessive of Mamouru. She is dingy and scatter-brained at times, and isn't very smart academically but makes up for it in soul by being a very caring, very pure-hearted person who always searches, hopes for, and strives for the optimistic points of situations and dillemas -- like healing someone instead of killing them and believing that everyone has a good nature, no matter how bad they seem. She is willing to befriend anyone and shows empathy and sympathy rather than absolute hate or neglect. She's always willing to sacrifice her life for anyone, especially her friends and family because she loves them so dearly, and will go to fatal extents in order to keep them alive or make others' dreams come true. She has grown and matured a lot since becoming a Sailor Senshi, becoming brave and sure of herself and her abilities. Her stubbornness and determination along with her natural pure-heart are her key traits and what makes her the leader of the Sailor Senshi and the saviour of Tokyo.


  • sweets
  • princess dresses
  • having fun
  • when others are happy


  • school
  • vegitables -- especially carrots
  • studying
  • when others are sad or bothered


  • her worry and jealousy -- especially with Mamorou at times
  • her ditziness
  • deadlines/being late
  • her love for sweets


  • her determination
  • her beliefs
  • loyalty
  • crying
  • the love she has for Mamoru and the freindship she has with the Senshi

goals;; To defeat her enemies and triumph over evil. Save others any way she can. To become a bride and loving mother one day. And, hopefully, pass her exams and classes.

fears;; Thunderstorms. Ghosts. Dentists. Her mother's wrath.

and dreamed of para- para- paradise,

senshi/knight alias;; Eternal Sailor Moon

transform item;; Eternal Moon Compact

transform phrase;; "Moon Eternal, Make-up!"

sailor fuku;; Her Sailor Fuku has changed a lot. Her classic fuku was primal, consisting of a dominant blue and ascent red, simple golden tiara with a red gem{later an embedded crecent moon}, a red choker and odangos, dangling crecent moon earrings, mid-length gloves, outverted boots, and her broach strapped to the middle of her front bow. But, her second Fuku was transformed completely once she became known as Super Sailor Moon. Red and Blue still seem to be her signature colours, but her outfit becomes more elegant -- almost like a butterfly. Her hair, still with the odangos, held wing-like barrettes and her moon earrings no longer dangled, being regular earrings, while her round broach changed to a heart-shape. Her choker became yellow with a red heart in the centre, and a matching, thin, fitting belt adorned her waist while her shoulder pads became wing-like and transparent. And, most notably, her skirt was now white with a yellow and blue lines bordering the bottom, her collar a darker blue with the same design, and her skirt ribbion was turned white -- almost transparent -- and grew long and flowing.

Now, as Eternal Sailor Moon, her fuku holds none of the original characteristics as her Super form had and seems the most eccentric. A crescent moon takes the place of the tiara, her choker turns red yet again with a heart and crescent moon, and her dangling moon earrings return, only this time with attached stars. Her transparent shoulder pads have become pink, round puffs and the bows that once suited her fuku no longer remain. Instead, the front bow is replaced with a small wing-like bow with a crescent moon embracing a yellow heart in the centre where her broach used to be, and a red ribbion with a crescent moon clip acts as a thin belt and skirt bow ribbions. Full length gloves this time with red chevrons around the wrists and winged clips, and her skirt is now yellow with the bordering colours of blue and red. And, most notably, the large white wings that are attached to the back of the fuku, and white, inverted boots with a red ribbion and an attached crescent moon. Her odangos, as always, have stayed the same.

star or planet;; The Moon

power of;; Love and Justice; Spirit and Healing, really.

inner, outer, or independent;; Inner.


Crescent Moon Wand/Stick.

Cutie Moon Wand/Moon Sceptre.

Spiral Heart Moon Rod.

Moon Kaleido Scope/Kaliedomoon Scope.

Eternal Tiare/Eternal Rod.

Moon Power Tiare.

Beautiful Moon Staff -- her new weapon which she uses at present. It is the entire length of her body, and is an extravagant silver. On the very top and being the main attraction, is a large, golden crescent moon with centred, spaced silver gems embedded down the curve of the moon from start to finish. White wings spout from the crescent ornament as it rests on a medium, red queen's crown, all of which is within a larger bordering silver circle. On top of the circle sits a small, delicate pink heart and a bit underneath the circle is a decorous, translucent-like pink ribbion that flows down to the ground. The body of the staff has small heart indentions down the front and back.

attacks and techniques;;

Sailor Moon Kick/Double Kick! ~ Just a basic kick to attack the enemy. Sometimes done in cooperation with Mini Moon.

SuperSonic Waves ~ Massive wailing and crying causes her red odangos to emit supersonic waves which injure the enemy.

Moon Tiara Action/Stardust! ~ First attack that she learned, very primary but still applicable, I think. She takes her tiara off and it turns into a golden disc, spins in a complete circle to charge the power, and then throws the tiara at the target. If it is a demon, it collides with it and turns it to dust. If it is the Stardust attack, then the transformed tiara does not collide with the target, but instead sprinkles dust over their head in an attempt to un-brainwash them.

Moon Healing Escalation/Halation! ~ Only used with her Crecent Moon Wand/Stick given to her by Luna, in which she draws a magic golden circle around herself to heal and puritfy enemies.

Moon Sceptre Activation/Elimination! ~ Only used with her Cutie Moon Wand/Moon Sceptre, given to her by Queen Serenity{or in the manga, created from the love of Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion}. She waves the wand around in an elegantly complex manner to charge it up, then points it at the enemy, blasting small tumbling crecent moons toward the target.

Moon Spiral Heart Attack/Ache! ~ Only used with the Spiral Heart Moon Rod given to her by Neo-Queen Serenity{or, in the manga, it was made by love like the previous weapon}. She twirls and spins downward very rapidly to charge it, then strikes a pose, holding the Rod high as it pours spiraling pink hearts which all then collide to create a gigantic pink heart that the enemy smashes through.

Rainbow Moon Heart Ache! ~ Only used with the Spiral Heart Moon Rod. Only accesible through Super form.
A similar and upgraded version of the previous attack with swirling ribbions of hearts.

Moon Gorgeous Meditation/Super Moon Target! ~ Used with Moon Kaleido Scope/Kaliedomoon Scope, which she has obtained from Pegasus. She strikes a pose with it, crouches down, prepares to lunge it forward like a sword, then thrusts it forward, shooting a white beam of light that shatters into kaleidoscope-like crystals that hit the enemy. It must be powered by Pegasus, which Sailor Mini Moon must call forth with her Crystal Carrion before Usagi can use the attack.

Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss! ~ Used With the Eternal Tiare/Eternal Rod, which was created when the nine Sailor Senshi combined their powers with the Moon Kaleido-Scope/Kaliedomoon Scope to give Sailor Moon the power to turn into Eternal Sailor Moon{or, in the manga, when Sailor Moon attained enough power to transform into her Eternal form}. The top of the rod shines with rainbow beams and Eternal Sailor Moon shifts the spinning rod from one side to another, then up over her head and down to the other side as well as back to its original position in front of her, before finally grabbing it. She spins on her toes in a complete two circles, charging the power, then strikes a pose with the rod above her head. The rod then emits pink rays, which expand into massive light energy toward the opponent and purifies them, and lastly the pink light into many, many white feathers.

Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss! ~ Used with the Moon Power Tiare, which is an upgraded, extended version of her Eternal Tiare that was formed when the Holy Moon Calice attached itself to it. Sailor Moon stikes a queen-worthy pose on either side of her, holds the Tiare in front of her, and spins in a slow circle while the Tiare reflects golden sunshine beams to charge it. Then, she twirls 90 degrees to the right{feathers fly by}, then back to the left{feathers fly by}, before rotating back to the front and striking a pose with the Tiare above her head. The final effect is much like to the previous, only the light energy is golden insead of pink.

Beautiful Moonlight Love Dance! ~ Eternal Sailor Moon's new attack with her new staff, created of her own power after the Moon Power Tiare stopped working. The crescent moon part of the staff is first shown as an ordinary golden moon, then it is revealed{zoomed out} to be her staff in which she raises up above her head and three beams of white light shine from the golden moon. She tumbles and twirls the staff as if it is a flag and she is a flag-twirler, saying "Beautiful...". Then, she begins to simutaniously spin in two slow, full circles to charge it, "Moonlight...." as white feathers swirl around her and she is seen to flip the staff above her head, "Love...". The staff spins high in the air for two seconds before falling, feathers sway by, and Eternal Sailor Moon catches it perfectly, nailing the staff to the ground in a queenly manner with one hand and striking an elegant pose{free hand on hip, one leg crossed over the other} before finishing the "Dance!". The final effect has white, shimmering light energy emitting from the crescent moon of the staff, which turn into many, many, many white feathers that race toward the enemy, engulfing them in large angel wings which fold over the victim before breaking up into small, white orbs of light and fading away, visibly having purified the enemy.

sailor picture;; Live Like We're Flying

life goes on, it gets so heavy
the wheel breaks the butterfly,
every tear a waterfall

allies;; Inner and Outer Senshi, Chibi Moon, Moon Cats, Tuxedo Mask, The Starlights, The Quartet, as well as Naru, her best human friend.

enemies;; Chaos, Princess Eris, The Night Generals, The Dark Senshi.

parents;; Ikuto and Kenji Tsukino

siblings;; Shingo, her younger brother

other relations;; Chibiusa Tsukino; her daughter from Crystal Tokyo.

crush;; In love with Mamoru. They are dating, and are known to get married and rule over Crystal Tokyo in the future. Though, somewhere deep inside, she also holds unrealised feelings for Seiya, and, also quite possibly Rei Hino.


Long ago, on the moon, Sailor Moon/Usagi, who was then Princess Serenity, was heir to the throne of the Moon Kingdom. Following in her mother's footsteps, she was assigned protectors, which were also her friends and the princesses of the other planetary kingdoms, and the most fabulous of royal duties and expected to do them for her kingdom. In the process of training to be queen, she forbiddenly fell in love with The Prince of Earth, and he with her, as they secretly attended evening balls together and shared romantic scenes in the moonlight. All was well with the kingdom, with Princess Serenity and her lover, prepared to rule and share their lives forever. But as fate would have it, Queen Beryll attacked the kingdom before the Princess was crowned Queen, her army of brainwashed Shintennou attacking the kingdom while Queen Beryll herself went after the palace. Princess Serenity's royal protectors and friends attempted to take her down, but failed and were struck down. In a fit of jealousy of seeing the Prince with the Princess, she tried to kill the Princess first, but Prince Endymion protected her. Noticing that she did not receive the love from him that she desired, she zapped both the Prince and the Princess out of sheer rage, thus ending their lives. But before she could claim the kingdom as her own, Princess Serenity's mother, Queen Serenity, used the Silver Crystal in an attempt to save her daughter, her daughter's lover, her daughter's protectors, and her guardian cats, along with everyone else in the kingdom -- sending them to a new life, reincarnated on a future Earth. But by doing so, she ended her own life and died alone.

On Future Earth, Usagi was born to Ikuto and Kenji Tsukino as a human, memories of the Moon Kingdom forgotten. She lived a normal life with them for fifteen years – going to school, failing classes, hanging out with her best friend Naru, going to the mall and arcade, having a large crush on Motoki, and occasionally bantering with Mamoru. It wasn't until she met Luna that her life changed drastically. Luna introduced her to a whole new life of being a Sailor Senshi hero and remembering her past life on the Moon. She fought youma/demons and, with Luna's encouragement and with the help of the handsome Tuxedo Mask, vanquished them on her own for a small time before meeting Ami, a very intelligent book-worm, and Rei, a shrine maiden, who were both Sailor Senshi: Sailor Mercury and Sailor Mars. While they all worked together to defeat monsters, they became closer and became friends – with the exception of Rei's and Usagi's arguments. As Usagi, Ami, and Rei searched for the Moon Princess, it became apparent that Usagi was getting used to being a heroine, and while she still cried and depended mostly on her friends to bail her out of tough situations, she was becoming a leader without knowing it. The trio soon came across Makoto, a deliquent, who was Sailor Jupiter and the fourth senshi to join them. The last senshi to join them, and save them from compression of a dark barrier, was Minako, a wanna-be idol and the original leader of the Inner Senshi, who had already appeared as Sailor Venus, having been guided by guardian cat Artemis and fighting on her own before finding the rest of the Sailor Senshi. With all the Sailors together, they all searched for the long lost Moon Princess, only to discover that it was Usagi and discover that Tuxedo Mask was Mamoru and the Earth Prince. Being wounded from a confrontation with Zoisite, Mamoru was kidnapped and brainwashed by Queen Beryll. During this time, Tuxedo Mask was the senshis' enemy and his reacquainted love for Sailor Moon/Usagi was neglected in order to serve the queen. Soon, the scouts found the location of Queen Beryll, and while the Sailor Senshi distracted and fought minions, Sailor Moon made her way to the queen, healing Mamoru but losing him in his process of protecting her once again. Eventually, good won out over evil and Princess Serenity, along the spirits of her friends and lover, defeated Queen Bery and, upon Usagi's wish to be normal, were all reincarnated with the power of the Silver Crystal with no memory of ever being a senshi.

Though everything was well and the senshi, they evenually remembered what had happened, thanks to Luna and a new threat. Unfortunately, however, Mamoru had obtained amnesia after being brought back to Earth, and could not be so easily returned to his former self like the Inner Senshi, and Usagi tried desperately to help him regain it. During this time, he unknowingly would transform into the White Knight to save Usagi when she was in danger, and one of the two aliens that had begun invading Tokyo and disguising themselves as human, An, had begun to fall for and pursue Mamoru, while her counterpart, Ail, had begun to fall for and pursue Usagi. When the time finally came to stop the aliens from using cardigans, Mamoru finally restored his memory after seeing Usagi suffer in order to keep him alive. Together, they protected each other, and withstood the attacks of jealous Ail and An until the Doom Tree spoke to all of them, focusing on Ail and An in order to teach them to treat living creatures with care and love before turning them into seedlings and returning to their home planet. Once Mamoru finally remembered and he was able to get on with his love life with Usagi, Chibiusa literally dropped into their lives with LunaP looking for the Silver Crystal and became attached to Mamoru, making Usagi very jealous and possessive of him. In an attempt to protect Usagi from the future he foresees, he ends their relationship which both sends her into heartbreak and into determination to become stronger. Chibiusa is kidnapped by Wiseman and the Dark Moon and converted into Black Lady. She was eventually healed and turned back to normal by Usagi and Mamoru, and Wiseman was defeated with the Silver Crystal that joined the two lovers back together again. Afterwards, Chibiusa thanked everyone and saved her mother, then went back to the future Crystal Tokyo to return to her mother and father, who were actually Future Queen Usagi and King Mamoru, from which she came.

Not long after, Chibusa returns with the ability to transform into a Sailor Senshi and befriends Hotaru Tomoe, a mysterious weak girl with unpredictable dark powers. Also, the Sailor Senshi were faced with another threat of the enemy collecting pure hearts, and discovered Outer Senshi: Sailor Neptune, Sailor Uranus, and Sailor Pluto. The three use their treasures/talismans to create the Holy Chalice and Sailor Moon becomes the owner, using it to temporarily transform into Super Sailor Moon and temporarily transform Chibi Moon into Super Chibi Moon. This girl, Hotaru, later is revealed to fullfill the prophecy of the Messiah of Silence, and Mistress 9, who had been somewhat dormant inside of her in order to keep her alive and awakened by Chibusa's Pure Heart Crystal, and whom overcomes Hotaru. She convinces Sailor Moon to give her the Holy Grail, in which Sailor Moon does, and Mistress 9 destroys it. As Hotaru is fighting Mistriss 9 for control of her body, Hotaru's spirit as Sailor Saturn then attempts to dive into the core of Pharoh 90 to destroy it with her great power, and manages to annihilate Pharoh 90, which was controlling Mistress 9, from within. But Sailor Moon refuses to let her die and forces her own heart crystal out of herself in order to attain the power of and become Super Sailor Moon. She dives into Pharoh 90 and returns with a reincarnated baby Hotaru before the entity disappears, and returned to her father free of possession, and Sailor Moon returns Chibusa's heart crystal back into her as well as her own heart crystal back into herself.

Sailor Moon, Sailor Chibi Moon, and the rest of the senshi recovered while the Outer Senshi left town after testing their Princess's leadership. It was then that a talking grey kitten, Diana, dropped from the sky claiming to be Chibiusa's guardian and daughter of Luna and Artemis in the future. It wasn't long until the Dead Moon Circus arrived looking for a particular flying horse, targeting innocent people and looking into their personal dream mirrors. It had just so happened that the mysterious Pegasus had stolen into Chibiusa's dreams and quickly became her friend. Needing more power for more formidable foes, Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon each recieved a new compact from Pegasus, which allowed them to transform into Super Sailor Moon and Super Sailor Chibi Moon permanently without the loss of stamina and with stronger weapons and attacks. Pegasus also supplied the Inner Senshi with new transformations into their Super forms, and they later discovered much stronger attacks and abilities. Fisheye, Tigerseye, and Hawkseye were the first threesome to serve under Zirconia and after many trials, they died knowing Sailor Moon's real identity and where Pegasus was hiding, but wished for Usagi's targeted and broken dream mirror to be repaired rather than staying loyal to the Dead Moon. In return, Pegasus reverted them to humans with their own bautiful dreams. Next, the Senshi faced the Amazoness Quartet{in the manga, who would become Chibiusa's Sailor Senshi guardians in the future}, who decided to break any dream mirrors that they targeted that were not the Golden Mirror{which contained Pegasus}. After a one-on-one with the Senshi, the Amazoness Quartet realized that they could do what they wanted with their life, and left the ruling Queen Nehelania to do as she pleased. It was later revealed that Pegasus was really Helios in spirit form, the guardian of Elysion, and the keeper of the Golden Crystal{in which was Mamoru was the holder in the manga}. Nehelenia had been searching for the Golden Crystal to amplify her powers and break from the mirror in which she had been sealed, and cast a great darkness over Earth, which affected Mamoru, as he was connected to the Eath. After freeing Helios from captivity, Chibiusa and Usagi used the power of the Golden Crystal and the dreaming people of Earth to seal the Dead Circus and Queen Nehelenia back into the darkness of the new moon from which they came. The Golden Crystal then returned to Helios and he returned to Elysion before sharing a romantic kiss with Chibiusa and leaving Mamoru alright again, and the Sailor Senshi to defend the Earth once more.

Then, finally, there came the ressurection of Queen Nehelenia, the reunion of the Outer Senshi, the return of Sailor Saturn, the kidnapping of Mamoru, and her Eternal form, which reverted Nehelenia back into a child. Mamouru died. The Starlights struc, searched for their beloved Princess Kakyuu. The Light Of Hope, Chibi Chibi Moon appeared. Then, Galaxia. Nealy everybody died or were turned against Usagi, but she brought them back. Reached out to Galaxia, and healed her. And, soon, there was Chaos and Cosmos. Then, all was thought to be peaceful once again...

But now? Chaos is seeking vengence, new enemies are returning from the far future, along with Sailor Chibi Moon, now upgraded to eternal, and with the Quartet. The Starlights have come back to help, to reside on Earth once more. And, new senshi and new villians dance on the horizon. Will the senshi possibly be able to win the battle this time? 

in the night, the stormy night
she'll close her eyes

username;; admin

alias;; Tsuki, Moon-face

experiance;; 4-5 years

sample rp;;

Bunny tip-toed down the corridor, careful not to startle whatever might be lurking. Torches lit the way, but there was no telling what hid and slithered and waited in the darkened corners and shadowy distances of the underground caves. Afterall, Chibiusa and Luna had said it'd been ages since anyone had been down there -- they had opted to stay above ground.... while she somehow had been convinced to go eerily underneath the city. She blamed the doughnuts. Well, in her defense, there could be anyone and anything down here! There could be Youma... or rats... or ghosts... or more rats... or more ghosts... or...or... the Boogie Man. The hair on the back of her neck stood up just thinking about it. ooh, she'd definately want to stay clear of him!

Not to mention... she wasn't exactly sure where she was going. She was lost; winging it, really... just going straight. She'd been sneaking down here for a good twenty minutes, at least. Still. Usagi inwardly prayed that nothing would pop out at her or would suddenly feel the urge to eat her. She would definately, definately, definately make for a very bad meal right now.

Because, not only was she scared... but she was on a mission. She was determined to get to the Main Base of this place... no matter how terrifying it was. She had people to save, people depending on her, and that mattered most of all. She was a leader. And a princess. And, well, she was braver than this. Even if she didn't look it right at this moment.

in the night, the stormy night

away she'd fly

] T E M P L A T E, made by Tsuki ]
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Usagi Tsukino --> Eternal Sailor Moon
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