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" New futures will always continue to be created. And there, light and darkness, war and hope, life and death, joy and pain, will all exist. "

It has been six months, half a year, since Galaxia has been purified and Chaos had fled to the beginning and end of all bad things. The Starlights have finished half of the reconstruction of Kinmoku, having no further threat hinder them. On Earth, things go back to the way they were -- to the way they should be. School. Shopping. Work. Games. Everything is completely normal. It was just starting to become tranquil and ordinary for the senshi, as well for all of the citizens of Tokyo. With no troubles. No burdens. Nothing to fight or hide from.

But, then Sailor Chibi Moon appeared, apparently aged a year or two since the senshi last saw her. The Sailor Quartet have come with her this time, willing to stay by Chibi Moon's side as her protectors. But, the future princess and her guardians came to the present for a purpose. A reason.

The Inner and Outer senshi are shocked to discover that, by the time that Chibiusa was to inherit the throne, someone by the name of 'Queen Nyx' infiltrated Crystal Tokyo and interrupted the ceremony. According to Chibiusa, she took the future Solar Senshi Guardians captive, and then stole their children -- their daughters. Her friends. The Night Queen brainwashed them, casting some sort of twisted spell... awakening their dormant senshi powers and turning the Children of the Solar System into Dark, Evil Sailor Senshi! She tried to do the same to Chibiusa and The Quartet, but they were lucky enough to escape to the 21st century and ask for the Inner and Outer Senshi's help. The Queen and The King stayed behind, in Crystal Tokyo,  reforming the half of city that had been demolished by Queen Nyx and the newly created Dark Senshi.

However, the Inner and Outer Senshi have just discovered that the Queen of Night is, actually, no longer in future Tokyo. But, here, in present day. She had followed Chibiusa and the Quartet, and now plans to take over this form of the country -- knowing that present day Tokyo would be much easier without monarchy. Her guards, The Night Generals, and her small army of Corrupted Senshi search for victims in order to lure out the perfect PersonaFlower and will occasionally battle the senshi, while Queen Nyx conceals herself inside her hidden Dark Palace and associates with a very mysterious princess...

Meanwhile, The Starlights and Princess Kakyuu have returned. Not only to visit and to assist the Sailor Senshi and their allies, but also because they sense the presence of Chaos -- yes, Chaos -- somewhere within the Earth's atmosphere. From Kinmoku, they could feel the evil being's presence, and followed it to Earth, but does not know her exact location or why she is here. They have yet to tell the senshi this, however, and shall keep it a secret while they help the senshi with this new enemy until they can be absolutely certain.

As a new threat begins to unravel, the Senshi of the Solar System and of Kinmoku must prepare themselves. Unknown to them, Chaos has returned to Earth, in the form of royality, no less. She is more than willing and ready to first, seal Cosmos once and for all, and then completely dominate Tokyo as well as the entire country of Japan. She will stop at nothing, thirsty for revenge against the rotten Senshi that banished her back into the evils of the world. No matter what it takes, she is determined to attain the Rainbow Persona Flower to accomplish her goals and be rid of the senshi, be rid of Cosmos -- be rid of all things that go against her -- forever.

This may be the biggest battle the Senshi have ever faced, perhaps even larger than the one in Stars. New evils, new senshi, and new heros dance on the horizon, and everything is not always what it seems this time. Are the Senshi and their allies capable of stopping Chaos a second time? Or, will Chaos finally destroy the Senshi, seal Cosmos, and take over Japan -- maybe even the entire world -- once and foreall?

 There's only one way to find out. Discover it in Luminosity.

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