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The Leaders of Luminosity...

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  1. Your Senshi Duties
  2. Your Setting and Situation
  3. Your Essential Neccesities
  4. Your Canons
  5. Your Cast
  6. Your Everyday Faces
  7. Your Allies and Aquaintances
Rolling Credits...

I, nor do any of our members, guests, or affiliates, own the popular magnificence that is Sailor Moon. All rights to official Sailor Moon characters and all of their series attacks, personalities, and appearances belong to the creative, inspiring mangaka Naoko Takeuchi. All found, engendered, or used images are possessions of their rightful creators and owners. All face-claims belong to their respectful series and series artists. All original characters -- along with their attacks, personalities, and other miscellaneous attributes -- were made and belong to their rightful members of this site, and shall not be stolen for any purpose unless done so by that character's original creator. This forum and basic skin theme is hosted and made by Forumotion. Thanks goes to Tsuki for her creation and breathe of life into Luminosity -- all plots, manifestation of site canons, and most images were found or were made by her for this specific roleplay, and should not be used elsewhere.

Please do not practice larceny, or there will be certain consequences that shall befall you involving a certain sailor senshi and purification, or a certain sailor senshi and life-threatening burns. Thank you for your time. Please enjoy your stay here<3



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PostSubject: Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ HELP AND NEED-TO-KNOWS!    Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ HELP AND NEED-TO-KNOWS! EmptyMon Jun 16, 2014 7:24 pm

Canon Character Info and Help.

Remember that the game takes place six months after the SailorStars season and arc. Sailor Moon has kept her uprgrade of Eternal and her henshin item/transformation{Moon Eternal, Make-up!"}. Upon Chibi Moon's recent return, she has now newly reached the level of Eternal with a new henshin item and phrase{"Chibi Moon Eternal, Make-up!"}. Both Moon Senshi gain a new wand and a new attack, but are unable to use former wands and the attacks associated with them.

All Inner and Outer senshi remain at the Super level, and are capable of using every attack they have learned up until this point. They all still use their Crystal Wands for henshin{"Planet Crystal Power, Make-up!"}. All Outer Senshi have recieved two new attacks, and all Inner Senshi have recieved one new attack since Stars.

All Starlight Senshi continue to use their Henshin Mikes/Star Yells from Stars with the same phrase{"Name Star Power, Make-up!"} and are still capable of using their signature attacks, but have since learned two new attacks. To avoid confusion, the Starlights will be females dressing up as males and not males turning into females when they henshin.The Starlights are biologically female all the way through. Kakyuu uses a flower-shaped henshin hair accessory or flower shaped compact for henshin{up to the player}, and still says "Kinmoku Star Power, Make-up!" to transform. Sailor Kakyuu has since learned one new attack. Like Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon, she has also gained a healing attack since Stars, which she can use to change Anitiegos back to normal.

Asteroid/Quartet senshi use the same henshin as before{"Asteroid-Name Power, Make-up!"} with their henshin bracelets which have their crystals on them and have the same fuku as in their senshi appearance in the manga. They are capable of performing one attack in conjuction with each other, and one along with Chibi Moon. They each have gained one new individual attack upon the arrival of Chaos.

As for the ages;;

All Inner Senshi are roughly 16.

All Starlights are roughly 16.

Haruka and Michiru are 18.

Kakyuu is 19.

Mamouru and Setsuna are 20.

Hotaru is 13.

All Asteroid Senshi are roughly 11 or 12.

Chibiusa is 11.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

If you need assistance on finding character information, here are a few sites that list profiles and characteristics of our Sailor Moon canons and characters:

If you're looking for an in-depth characterization and analysis, look no further than sailormoon.takeuchi-naoko.com's profiles. This site lists all that you would ever wonder about the character, with translations, links to attack/transformation gifs and manga scans, and seven sections containing 'Name Information', 'Sailor Information', 'Personal Information', 'Likes and Dislikes', 'Schooling and Living', and 'Real World Facts' about the character. It provides information from the manga and the anime, as well as the SM english dub and live-action. This website is my favourite of the two.

On the other hand, if you are looking for the basics and would like the simplicities of a Sailor Moon canon, moonlightsoldiers.com's profiles are right for you. This site provides matching pictures for almost everything and is nicely organized with 'Profile', 'Items', 'Magical Powers', and 'Images' tabs for each character as well as a signature quote at the top. Only anime information is provided, in both Japanese and English versions{I led you to the profiles for the Japanese Sailor Moon -- to go to the English Dubbed profiles, click here}.

Another neat character resource is the oracle, where there are Senshi and Villian profiles listed under the first 'Information' section on the left-hand side. They are divided between anime and manga -- statistics, senshi basics, astrological information, and character items are provided. Major Characters, like the Inner Senshi, even have sections dedicated to their similarities in mythology and mineral representation. Overall, this is a reliable resource for everything Sailor Moon.

Of course, these links are just recommended. You are welcome to use any other SM resources that you find helpful if any of the three I listed above do not satisfy you. There are always WikiMoon and Wikipedia articles at your service as well.

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PostSubject: Re: Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ HELP AND NEED-TO-KNOWS!    Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ HELP AND NEED-TO-KNOWS! EmptyMon Jun 16, 2014 7:29 pm

Site Canon Info.

The site canons of our this plot are the new, current major villains/antagonists on this site. These bad guys trump all original bad guys in power and status.

Chaos, of course, is actually one of the Sailor Moon canons, described as the ultimate evil, the most powerful of all. The terrible and merciless, the absolute personification of all that flew out of Pandora's box. Her only equivalent is Cosmos, another Sailor Moon canons, who is the order and good of all things, the ultimate light that keeps trouble at bay. The two are always fighting in the far, distant future, seemingly endlessly. However, Cosmos has slacked yet again in her order and balance of the universe, and run away for the second time, hidden somewhere ambiguous and undecipherable. Chaos has taken this opportunity to escape her confines of merely being the bad within this world. This time, she has reasserted herself in the present, and instead of merely possessing a body, she has manifested one of her own -- her own image, her own human form. This form will eventually be revealed to be Queen Nyx, the ultimate monarchy of the Void. Her one goal is to get revenge on the Sailor Senshi, on Sailor Moon, for imprisoning her back into all the evils of the galaxy and of time, and to take back the world that should have been rightfully hers.

Eris is the only one who is not being manipulatively controlled by Chaos, and must obey her. She is Queen Nyx's daughter, the princess, the personification of strife in the world, and conjured of parts of Chaos and parts of humanity. While Eris has the appearance of that of a human, she herself is only slightly humane in personality, and serves as a decoy for Chaos as she hides in her orders and watches her plans unfurl. Eris is but a doll which Queen Nyx will use to her disposture, her most loyal servant, and Eris knows her indefinite fate of death is inevitable, already understanding and knowing that she will die while pretending to be her mother.

In order to aid her in her quest, Nyx has not only created a daughter of sorts to be her replacement, but has also taken the most effective leaders of the Void to be her loyal ambassadors, her servants, her pawns.

Moros, Apate, Thanatos, and Momus are Chaos' generals, her masculine lieutenants. They are men who were cast into the space-dimention of substantial nothingness{The Void} by Cosmos, and have longed to be brought back to reality for quite some time. They are all humane to some degree, have emotions like everybody else, all being decieved by Chaos/Queen Nyx, freed from the lonesome Void and promised to be eternally free as long as they stay by her and do what she tells them -- which, unknowingly to them, are lies. They have no idea that Queen Nyx is anything but a beauty in royality, and does not know about Princess Eris' true purpose. They only know they are there to guard and willingly stand by her and the Princess, their sole job is to keep Queen Nyx's location a secret, and, more or less, boss around the Dark Senshi. They also occasionally summon youma from the Void when there are no Dark Senshi at hand or around to combat the Solar Senshi and company.

The Dark Senshi are the Evil Inner and Evil Outer senshi of the future, the future daughters of the present Inner and Outer senshi. In an act of ultimate revenge against the senshi and Sailor Moon, Chaos, guised as Queen Nyx, transported herself to the 31st century, and tricked the daughters of the Solar System Guardians one by one in order to brainwash them with her darkness, awakening their awaited senshi powers to evil instead of good. Chaos nearly trapped Chibiusa/Sailor Mini Moon, too, but she and the Amazon Quartet fled to the present to get help from the present Sailor Senshi. Chaos, her daughter, and her generals followed Sailor Mini Moon to the 21st century, bringing the Dark Senshi with her. Queen Nyx, now seeing a better way to exact her vengence, remained in the present in order to have the Dark Senshi kill off the Solar Senshi and take over the world in the present instead of the future. They obey her and her generals, and are the representation of her army.

Like regular senshi, they have to transform to access their powers, and can blend in with civilians like everybody else when not senshi. However, from being brainwashed and otherwise demented from Chaos' darkness, their powers have somewhat darkened in colour and power,  and even their senshi names and age{they must be/appear to be anywhere from 14-21} have also been affected{Sailor Sunev is 'Venus' backwards}. They transform with "Whoever Black Star Power, Make-up!", with the henshin bracelets and necklaces that Chaos gave them. They must have a collar, a skirt, a tiara, and primary as well as secondary colours. They must retain either the primary or secondary colour of their Solar Senshi counterpart, but the other colour that is left is up to you{Sailor Mars' fuku colours are purple and red; Sailor Sram's fuku should have red as her primary colour or purple as her secondary colour, but once one is chosen, the other remaining colour is your choice}. Their powers should slightly be based around their Solar Senshi counterpart's, yet are darkened and twisted, and are for the most part up to you{Sailor Sram should have fire-based powers and be an offensive senshi, however they do not have to actually be related to Mars' fire attacks or be the same colour as fire; Sram's fire could be purple or black, and have totally different uses or properties than Mars'}.

However, being at such a low rank, they are mainly free to do as they please, and are solely here for two reasons: to torment the Solar Senshi and remind them what happens when you mess with Chaos; and they are also instructed to find the Rainbow Persona Flower, which is said to reveal Cosmos once and foreall.

Persona Flowers, is something everybody -- citizens, senshi, knights, villains, etc -- everybody holds. It is basically an origami flower  --- the type and colour of the flower signifies the victims personality. It can only be lured out by a Dark Senshi, whom Chaos has given the power to do so. As you may imagine, there are many different types of Persona Flowers and many hues of colour as well, as there are many personalities and many perspectives on life and traits in an individual. Once a Persona Flower is lured out of a person, it causes the person to fall into a state similar to comatose. Words are mumbled, but they are flat and robotic, and while the eyes are open, they see and feel nothing, are nothing; essentially, the victim becomes emotionally numb, almost like a zombie. This only lasts up to 3-5 minutes, while the Persona Flower is still hovering outside the person's body. If the Persona Flower is  out of the body too long,  the petals upon it begin to fall, many at a time. It does not take long for all of the petals to fall off, and once they have, the PersonaFlower turns grey, and wilts. In turn, this takes a negative toll on the victim, and they become something monstrous, an Antiego, which represents all of the victims negative personality traits, dislikes, and weaknesses. Only Sailor Moon, Sailor Chibi Moon, and Sailor Kakyuu can heal/purify an Antiego, return its PersonaFlower, and therefore turn them back into the human they were.

However, the main goal of the Dark Senshi is to find the Rainbow Persona Flower. There is but one rainbowed Persona Flower, and that is the one Persona Flower that reveals Cosmos. The reason for this search is because Chaos orders it, as she intends to get her hands on this Rainbow Flower indefinitely, not only to bring Cosmos to her, but to also seal her away once and foreall. She wants Cosmos to cease to exist, to never to flourish good again, so that she, Chaos, would forever remain supreme.

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PostSubject: Re: Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ HELP AND NEED-TO-KNOWS!    Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ HELP AND NEED-TO-KNOWS! EmptyMon Jun 16, 2014 7:38 pm

Constellation Senshi Info.

Long ago, during the Silver Millenium, as Princess Serenity was heir to the moon's rule, the Constellation senshi were Princesses of their own respected constellations. Each and every constellation was different in some way, but they all co-existed, and some even had parties and mingled with neighbouring Constellations. In any case, it was understood that all of the Constellations were linked together; although they all had their own lives and own kingdoms and even though some did not actually associate with the rest, it was understood that they were connected, like a team, and although some may have fought, they were all acquaintances with each other in the end.

Around the same time that Queen Beryll decided to take over the moon, young Chaos had plans of her own. She swarmed through each Constellation kingdom and done as she pleased. She killed, she possessed, she terrorized, caused nightmares, and invaded. One by one, she took their kingdoms down. For power. For hunger. Until, finally, the Princesses of the Constellations had no choice. They banded together, all of them. They came together and fought Chaos. They won, sending Chaos back into all of the evils of the galaxy, of space, of time. But, at the cost of their own lives...

Now, they have been reborn on Earth. Ordinary, normal. But, recently, many of them are beginning to awaken to their senshi powers and former memories, solely because of Chaos' return. They fight evil, but for their own purposes and instincts, and moreso to finally banish Chaos once and foreall rather than anything else, and many of them will stop at nothing to do so. Even though some prefer to work in clusters or with only one or two comrades, the Constellation Senshi are all one big team and respect each other and aid each other in respect of that.

To examine the different constellations and the greek myths behind them, you are welcome to look at Constellation Legends and domeofthesky.com to further develop your character and get a sense of your character's senshi attributes. You may even go so far as to take your Constellation's representation{Serpens= "The Snake"} and see what it symbolises or is associated with in other cultures, and throw the foreign pieces/elements into the character if you wish. Imagination, of course, is also encouraged.

In any case, Constellation Senshi transform with their own henshin items and use the phrase "Name Constellation Power, Make-up!". Their fuku is entirely up to you, as long as you include a tiara and a collar.

They will eventually assist in the ultimate overthrow of Chaos.
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PostSubject: Re: Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ HELP AND NEED-TO-KNOWS!    Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ HELP AND NEED-TO-KNOWS! EmptyMon Jun 16, 2014 7:41 pm

Original Character Info.

First of all, an original character is one that you make -- one that is completely of your own creation. They are not canons or from the series in any way, shape, or form. Their names, pasts, appearances, everything is up to you. We only ask that, while making an original character here, that you stay within the limits of the Sailor Moon Universe.

If you plan to make a civilian, that's fine. They're normal human beings, like Naru and Shingo, who may or may not know about the evils of Tokyo or that senshi are among them{though, I think Naru has figured out that Usagi is Sailor Moon by now}. However, most of them have been targeted for energy, heart crystal, or their dream mirrors, and know to be careful. Yet, be aware that your civilian, while probably knowing of the existence of Sailor Moon and the senshi, that they may not know of the inner darkness within their city, or may live their life ordinarily -- without knowing the existence if any heros or villains. It's for you to decide.

Senshi, however, are different, as there are limitations taken to make them believable in the Sailor Moon universe. They must be female. They can be civilian at first, but require an awakening nonetheless and a guardian or someone/something that have them transform and realize their senshi form. To transform, they must use a henshin item of your choice and say a phrase of "Whatever Power, Make-up!", and their sailor name must be a star, asteroid, planet, dwarf planet or some sort of celestial object that has not been mentioned in the SM series. At the moment, we will not be allowing Sailor Nemesis, Sailor Star, Sailor Universe, or Sailor Sun. -- most these names are too generic and too commonly used, though that is not to say that your Senshi cannot be from a certain sun or star.

Your Sailor Senshi can also have a fuku that is completely up to you, as long as it consists of a collar of some sort. They must also have a primary and secondary colour, maybe even a third colour, but it would be unnatural to have a "rainbow" or "transparent" senshi. They must have powers based on whatever object they're named after or based on around an element. As stated in the Rules, however, they cannot be more powerful than Sailor Saturn, Sailor Pluto, or Sailor Moon, and must have an in-depth reason and lot of senshi experience to attain an equal level of power. If you need help creating your own senshi, this website is great for making you think and helping you decide. You can also ask a staff member any questions you have as well. If you would like a visual or need to decide what your senshi's sailor form will look like, DollDivine's Senshi Maker is your best friend. And, if you have an account, you can easily design your character's senshi form, save it, and provide the link for your character's application.

Knights have their agenda, too, but there are not many of them. They must be male. They protect an awakened senshi however possible and generally transform when they feel their certain senshi transform. They have a phrase and a henshin item as well, but the phrase tends to be less used. Their outfit can be whatever you can come up with/whatever seems appropriate for the character. Their powers are more on the defensive side than the offensive, and while they do not have to have a certain element, they must have powers that seem affiliated in some way{ex; Tuxedo Mask, whose roses and cane symbolise something gentleman-like.} They do not have to be named after a celestial object, but they must draw from/be from a celestial object for power and identification -- preferably, one that is opposite or complimentary with the senshi they protect.

Villians are much more of your own creation. They are the bad guys -- the enemies -- and out for any senshi and any knight, or out for themselves, no matter what it takes. Only few choose to be healed and become human, and some villains actually were once human civilians that were manipulated and taken possession of. They must have a "specialty", or what their attacks/powers or strategies are based around or made up of {ex; Queen Nehelenia is mirrors/dreams; Zoisite derives power from flower petals, etc.}. They cannot, however, be stronger or more powerful than Chaos or any of the major site canons, save for the Dark Senshi. They are, for the most part, bent their own selfish desires and will do anything to make themselves happy.

And then there are those whom are Neutral or Allies/Heroes, whether it be a guardian of a senshi{ex; Luna}, aliens from space{ex; like Fiore}, or individual heroes in Japan that posses supernatural powers/abilities. These characters, like civilians, are completely up to you and your imagination, as long as they stay within the confines of the SM universe and do not violate the rules.

Oh! One more thing, if your character seems too perfect or too flawed or too powerful or if you're just curious, please do not restrain from taking the Mary-Sue/Gary-stu Test. =-)

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PostSubject: Re: Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ HELP AND NEED-TO-KNOWS!    Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ HELP AND NEED-TO-KNOWS! EmptyMon Jun 16, 2014 7:43 pm


For those not familiar with the series of Sailor Moon or the Japanese version of Sailor Moon, this site has a list of commonly used Japanese terms and names that are referred to in the Sailor Moon series or changed in the North American dub.
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