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 Zaria Kinyobi

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Karida Velasquez


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PostSubject: Zaria Kinyobi   Wed Sep 03, 2014 7:23 am

when she was just a girl
she expected the world

name;; Zaria Kinyōbi

meaning;; Princess Friday

age;; 19

gender;; Female

date of birth;; 4/6

height;; 5'2"

weight;; 110

hair colour;; White, long and free

eye colour;; Blue

wardrobe;; She tends to dress conservatively out in public, covering up in thick sweaters, black slacks, and low heels.  In her shop and greenhouse, she becomes a lot more open and free, wearing a light blouse and shorts.  She also tends to walk around barefoot in places where she's most comfortable.

faceclaim;; Vocaloid // Haku Yowane

A picture

but it flew away from her reach
so she ran away
in her sleep

personality;; Zaria is obsessed and consumed by beauty.  She wants to preserve all things in time so that she might enjoy them without flaws.  She strives for a world without strife or any trouble, without the pain that events bring and the damage time can wrought on people and the world.  She loves her plants as much as anything else, bringing them up for beauty and provides only the most beautiful flowers, anything else is quickly discarded and removed.  

However she has a dark side as well.  She dislikes being under another thing's control, be it a person, fate, or time itself and Queen Nyx's control and manipulation has done nothing to diminish it.  Her coping mechanism was to drink but when she drinks, she becomes a sadist, eager to show how much control and power she has over her puppets.  To make new puppets and show off her powers to those who are too weak to stop her from spreading her so called beauty.  As her personality distorts, so too does her beauty and she becomes more and more grotesque as the ugliness inside her is exposed.


  • Beautiful things
  • Flowers
  • Alcohol
  • Showing off


  • Ugly/disgusting things
  • Thieves
  • Broken things
  • Time


  • Abandons anything that's been tarnished
  • Very prideful
  • Alcohol


  • Green thumb
  • Beauty
  • Make up

goals;; Her goal is to not only fill the world with beauty but lock it down in time so that nothing can ever change or become less beautiful.

fears;; She fears time and what it does as things age, she fears losing her beauty, she fears losing her collection of pretty things.

and dreamed of para- para- paradise,

senshi/knight alias;;  Sailor Sunev

transform item;; Orange Henshin Bracelet

transform phrase;; Sunev Black Star Power, Make-up

sailor or knight fuku;; a few sentences describing his/her knight/sailor form, including the uniform, primary and secondary colours, and his/her accesorries.

star or planet;; Venus

power of;; Beauty and preservation

group;; Dark Senshi

weapon(s);; Garden shears with an orange handle.

attacks and techniques;;
Venus Love Me Chain - Much like her mother's this is a golden chain of hearts that surround her body that she can use as a whip, however her hearts are broken and jagged.
Crescent Boomerang- A single crescent moon appears in her hand.  She throws it and it spins through the air like a boomerang, cutting things in its path before coming back to her.
Soul Shears - This is her ability to draw out and separate the Personaflower from the host.
Beauty Preservation - This technique allows her to preserve Personaflowers, stopping the wilting process and keeping the victim in their comatose state.  

sailor or knight picture;; Sailor Sunev

life goes on, it gets so heavy
the wheel breaks the butterfly,
every tear a waterfall

allies;; None

enemies;; The Senshi, especially Pluto, ugly things

parents;; Minako Aino/Unknown

siblings;; Unknown

other relations;; In this time period, Minako's parents would be her grandparents but she's never met any extended family.

crush and sexuality;; None, omnisexual if it's beautiful

history;; Corruption tends to grow in the dark, feeding off itself and expanding like bread dough.  Zaria spent most of her life in the darkness of her mother's shadow.  Though it seemed like she had everything she wanted, the one thing she wanted more than anything else was to become as famous and beautiful as her mother.  As she grew up, every misstep, every blemish, filled her with anxiety and a neurosis was born.  Her parents and others tried different ways to help her, to comfort her.  They told her this was all a part of growing up, it happened to everyone.  It was the first seed planted inside her.  

Chaos found her willing and easy to manipulate at first.  The promise of eternal youth and beauty was far too much to resist.  She grew jealous of her mother, of her great fame and beauty, and more than that, her power.  A thousand years had passed but her mother still retained her grace, beauty, and elegance. Even worse, Zaria was convinced that the ravages of time were directly related to one specific senshi, Sailor Pluto.

Since coming back to the past, Zaria has become more and more disconnected with Chaos and the other dark senshi.  That seed of jealousy fell away, becoming the most beautiful seemed less and less important in the face of time destroying all that's beautiful.  Using a fair number of underhanded means, she took over a flower shop and presents herself to the world as a florist selling beauty.  Underneath it lies part of her true prize.  A garden filled with beautiful flowers, a throne, and the bodies of the comatose people she decided were beautiful enough to rescue from the ravages of time.  

in the night, the stormy night

she'll close her eyes

chatango;; Aideen

alias;; I'm not picky

experiance;; So long, many years of experience.

sample rp;; Zaria stood in her flower shop and trimmed the leaves of a large rhododendron.  Soon it would flower, she could see the buds growing.  The other one had flowered early and had been ugly.  She'd destroyed it.  "You'll grow much prettier than your sister, won't you?" she cooed at the plant.  Zaria kissed one of the bulbs slowly and pulled away, licking her lips.  "Yes you will."  She stepped away and walked off to a small locker where she kept her cleaning supplies.  She opened it up and pulled out a broom and dustpan.

She looked outside through the glass windows in front of the shop.  The rain pounded on the glass, she would not have many customers today, that was fine.  She could spend her day surrounded by beauty.  She began to hum a tune from her childhood as she began to sweep the stray cuttings towards the large trashcan in the corner.  Zaria knelt by the pile of clippings and swept them up into the pan before throwing them in the trash can.  She sighed as she noticed a crumpled receipt inside.  She plucked it out and closed the trash can.  This one was for mulch, sometimes she wondered if nobody paid attention to the signs.  Shaking her head, she took it over and tossed the receipt into the much smaller recycle bin by the register.  Then she put the broom away.  She'd have to empty the trash soon, it was always a chore.  

Not the one in the store, that didn't get very full or heavy unless she was too sparse with the emptying.  It was the one in the basement that was the worst.  Pulling up the large bag of waste was hard.  It made her wish for an assistant, somebody who would obey her.  The trouble is, nobody could know about her prize in the basement.  They might do something unpleasant.  Besides, she'd not seen anyone with that potential of beauty.  Once time struck, it could ruin beauty, but Zaria was forced to accept that some beauty had to mature to reach its full potential.  She would not accept anything less than gorgeous to serve her but if it was perfect already, then it belonged in the basement with the rest of the beautiful things.  She began to hum again, resolving to find some young beauty and to show them the way to perfection.  

in the night, the stormy night
away she'd fly

[ T E M P L A T E, made by Tsuki ]

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PostSubject: Re: Zaria Kinyobi   Thu Sep 04, 2014 6:18 pm

Just a bit more. . .

  • The only thing I noticed was that you mentioned "Persona Flowers". Only Chaos, Eris, The Night Generals, and the Dark Senshi (and the youma associated with them) are aware of and are after the Persona Flowers. She would have to be after something else, love. What that is, though, is still up to you.

  • Needless to say.. unless you want her to be a youma of sorts(in which case, she would have to work under Chaos and Co., and either be the same 'rank' as the Dark Senshi, or even lower)... her History and Attacks/Techniques will need to be completely rearranged.

  • Tell me when you're ready for another review <3

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PostSubject: Re: Zaria Kinyobi   Fri Sep 05, 2014 5:10 pm


Quote :
Per member request.

She does not have a sailor collar, and preferably, I'd like the Dark Senshi fuku to stay away from leggings since none of their parental Solar Senshi acquired them in their earlier senshi forms.

But, that is a small matter that can easily be fixed.

The overall formation of this character does not fit a senshi/Dark Senshi quota. Persona Flowers cannot be preserved, and the victims cannot be "frozen" and wisped away in their comatose state. After a PersonaFlower is extracted from the target, it will stay outside of the body for a few minutes in its natural beauty, but will soon begin to wilt after about 3-4 minutes. Even if it was taken/stolen from hovering outside of the comatose body, it would wilt even sooner and the target would still become an AntiEgo because their PersonaFlower wilted. The only time a PersonaFlower does not wilt is, if in the luck that it is returned to the user's body before then -- which is usually diverted by the means of a Dark Senshi, Night General, or bad timing. Or if the PersonaFlower is the legendary Rainbow PersonaFlower -- which does not wilt and does not have the effective recoil of turning into a monster -- that Chaos and Co. are searching for to begin with.

I'm sorry for the misunderstanding. I hope this clears things up, and that you will eventually feel confident enough to re-write Zaria or create another character slightly more befitting.

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns, and I'll try my best to be a guide of shining light. I'm always here to help juggle ideas if you need me<3

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PostSubject: Re: Zaria Kinyobi   

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Zaria Kinyobi
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