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 Lilith Sabrent

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PostSubject: Lilith Sabrent    Fri Jun 27, 2014 2:21 am

when she was just a girl
she expected the world

name;; Lilith Sabrent

meaning;; Lilith: Of the Night. Sabrent; To cut with a sabre; to cut.

age;; Fifteen

gender;; Female

date of birth;; December 28th

height;; 5’4”

weight;; 114 lbs.

hair colour;; Her hair is white, almost like the snow. It is long, going down to almost the ground, maybe a couple inches above. She typically wears it with however it is comfortable, but always has two braids in the front on each side, left and right, which only goes down a little below her upper chest. She has a hairband there to keep the braids in place.

eye colour;; Blue

wardrobe;; Lilith likes to wear things that are comfortable, so on the weekends, or on vacations she is typically seen wearing sweat pants and a T-shirt, or a tank-top depending on how hot it is. On the regular days though, she is seen wearing her typically uniform, which is a pink skirt, but, that is the only thing really she kept normal.. The rest, she modified herself. The typical black, long-sleeved shirt required to wear, is missing part of the length down her arm, making the straps holding her shirt up thin, as if a tank top. Not to worry though, she modified a T-shirt to go with it, and it stops at her tummy. She has one black sock going almost all the way up her leg, the other short, going up to her knee with white stripes at the top. She wears boots that are white and pink to go with it, and has a collar on typically with a symbol on it. (Not sure what the symbol actually is) On the leg with the shorter sock she has a bracelet around it. She is also always found wearing a gold ring with a blue gem on it, typically on her left index finger.

faceclaim;; vocaloid // ia

picture;; their normal form

but it flew away from her reach
so she ran away
in her sleep

personality;; To put her bluntly, she kind of is a fake. She pretends to be the perfect girl, always eager to help and is just full of smiles. She is always willing to give things away to those who ask or need it. She is polite, always found saying please or thank you. Lilith agrees to take on more than she should, if it will help someone of course. She always listens to what you have to say and supports you. She gets almost straight A’s, up until History and Math.. Yet still raises her hand to answer a question and be the teacher’s pet.  This isn’t who she truly is, however. Under that sweet exterior comes a bitter side. Instead of giving, she wants to take. Instead of smiling, she is frowning. Instead of saying please or thank you, she wants to say ‘screw you, get lost’. She wants to doodle instead of do homework; she wants to be a rebel instead of this perfect little angel. It’s not that she wants to be bad, Lilith just, wants to be herself, but she is afraid to do so. She acts the way she does so people will like her, afraid of being abandoned otherwise. She knows these people around her are not her friends, but she feeds off the slight attention she gets from them, mainly because she has never had it before.

Lilith is truthfully very unhappy, and just, wants a friend who she can be herself around. Lilith is caring, kind and loyal, but not to the extent of the persona she has made herself. She likes listening, but she doesn’t always like to have the answer, she wants to be the one talking instead, but she knows she can’t trust anyone, but she is also scared of trying. So, she has decided to just remain within her little shell, her art the only thing really keeping her together. However! When she does open up to someone, she will do anything to make sure she doesn’t lose them, and it makes her happy seeing them happy. It is the only time when Lilith’s smile and happiness actually ring true, and when all the acts in her little mask are sincere, such as the selflessness, the manners, the support, and the likes. She’s not a bad girl at all. She’s just, alone, and searching. Almost like a wolf in some ways. Just don’t get her angry however. Never anger a wolf, or endanger those around her. She also happens to be more playful and flirtatious when she is herself and also happens to feel attraction to them of course.


  • Art (she has taught herself skill in each type, such as drawing, shading, painting, etc.)
  • Science
  • Cooking
  • Reading
  • A few sporty activities, not many


  • Sitting still for hours on end
  • People (likes them, doesn’t want too many around her)
  • Cleaning
  • Math and History
  • Bullies


  • Extremely insecure
  • Abandonment issues
  • Emotional, heavy trust issues
  • Gullible, easily believes what she is told


  • Loyal
  • She may not like you, but she will protect you.
  • Family and Friend(if she had any)-oriented (having something to protect makes her determined to get up and keep trying)
  • Intelligent/wise, very analytic.

goals;; She hopes to get married one day, but other than that her only goal so far is to be a well-known artist and protect the world from Chaos once she figures out who she is.

fears;; As mentioned many times previously, abandonment, being left behind. It scares her stiff. Rejection. Vehicles of any sort, she will not get in one.

and dreamed of para- para- paradise,

senshi/knight alias;; Sailor Lupus.

transform item;; The necklace she wears to transform

transform phrase;; Lupus Constellation Power, Make-up!

sailor or knight fuku;; This is the Tiara that, within her transformed, form, will be found wearing. The collar around her neck is a solid gray color. Her uniform however is rather basic. Her boots are a soft gray as is her skirt, which is the same length as pretty much any other sailor’s. The leotard is white and she has a basic bow, which is also gray, with a golden arrowhead in the middle that really just looks like a triangle. She has long, white gloves that go to her elbow.

Her hair goes into, just a regular ponytail help up with a pink ribbon, the braids remaining within the front and star earrings to represent her relation to the sun.

star or planet;; Constellation of Lupus

guardian;; A white wolf with blue eyes, his name being Hania (spirit warrior in Native American)

power of;; Loyalty and Protection;  Solar Light

group;; Constellation

weapon(s);; A silver Manriki chain

attacks and techniques;;
~Howling Dynamite- Lilith will swing her chain, and the top link of it will come off, shooting at wherever she was aiming, the metal glowing a brilliant pink color. When it comes in contact with something, it will explode, and the metal will drop to the ground, remaining until it is connected back with the main chain. She can do this with every link of it, but it does not reform automatically and therefore is usually for a more dangerous mission. The links however don’t usually stray far from the owner of the weapon.

~Amble Enclosure- This is a defensive movement, and a fast one. Lilith swings her chain in front of her, and in a circle movement. The chain begins to glow a pink color, and the chain, as it swirls, creates a shield to deflect attacks. However this only covers a portion of her at a time, still leaving whatever side she isn’t protecting, most commonly probably being her back, vulnerable.

~Roaring Dawn- The more common attack that Lilith uses, where she merely swings the chain in an arc shape, the metal turning pink as usual. Where it swings, a thin strip of Solar Light, shaped much like a crescent moon, is thrown at them. This light is hot and will most likely burn anyone and anything it touches.

-More will be added within time.

sailor or knight picture;; N/A

life goes on, it gets so heavy
the wheel breaks the butterfly,
every tear a waterfall

allies;; None as of yet, but will be with her Constellation friends eventually.

enemies;; Everyone, pretty much, but mainly Chaos.

parents;; Ayame Sabrent, Mother, Deceased.  Alexandre Sabrent, Father, Deceased. Now is living with her adoptive family whose names I don’t know yet.

siblings;; Twin Sister, Lilac (Missing, presumed dead); Adoptive Brother; Ryuunosuke Takahashi.

other relations;; N/A

crush and sexuality;; She never thought too much about being with a girl, so as far as she knows she is heterosexual.

history;; Her parents' met five years before Lilith was born. Her father had come from France to do business with some official Japanese tech company. Her mother, Ayame, was the daughter of the President to this company and met under the circumstance. She at the time was learning to become a secretary for the company. As soon as they saw each other it was almost immediate infatuation. However of course they needed to remain professional at the time, and under secrecy they got together and spent time with one another. It was a wonderful and romantic time for the two of them. When the time came to ask her hand in marriage, he asked and gained the blessing from her father, and the two wed.

It was shortly then there after that Lilith and Lilac were born. Lilith was older by only a few moments, but still took the roll very seriously. She always protected her little sister, Lilac almost being the complete opposite of Lilith. Lilac was a very warm child to anyone who came near and was easily loved, and she easily trusted as well. She had the same length hair as Lilith, but it was black instead. Her eyes instead of blue were a valiant honey-brown. when she smiled it seemed to make anyone around her smile too. She was slightly taller with the same pale skin she had as well, and she was very sporty, and couldn't stand art, unlike Lilith. Even her parent's seemed to favorite little Lilac, but Lilith never minded too much, all she really cared about affection wise was Lilac. Grated she loved her mother and father, but she had a special connection with her twin sister.

Lilith, at this time, was a loud child, easily prone to getting into fights. She was very opinionated as well, and only calmed down with the help of Lilac. Unfortunately she was only very young when her family began to drop like flies, one by one.. It started with her grandfather on her mother's side, whom died of old age. Her father had already lost his parents at this time, and she her mother, and now her father. Her mother was terribly upset, but she easily bounced back. It was almost a year ago when the greatest injury to their family struck.

It was shortly after the new year when Lilac had gone to a friend's house to play. Later that evening she began to return home, refusing for Lilith to come and escort her. One thing Lilith has always blamed herself for as letting Lilac convince her to remain home.. For Lilac never made it home. Lilac was never see after this day, and she began to close down, so to speak. her parents' however were extremely devastated at the loss of Lilac. She hated to see her parents' so upset, and so she began to act more like her beloved sister did, to fill the gap in their hearts, and her own. Though it never fully succeeded for herself, but it seemed to be okay for her mother and father. Lilac however was never seen again, and presumed dead.

It was shortly after Lilith's fourteenth birthday that the last tragedy struck her family. Lilith's art had been entered within a competition, and won first place. they began to journey on their way home late that evening, all feeling rather proud. As they drove in an intersection, a drunk driver crashed right into them, running a red light in his drunken haze. It killed her father immediately. Her mother was severely injured, Lilith being blessed and only had some minor cuts, small concussion and some bruising. Lilith remained in the hospital with her mother, even after she healed, until her mother ended up passing from her injuries. Lilith's depression grew deep within her, but she feigned it so she wouldn't be taken to a counselor or anything.

It was a year that Lilith remained within an orphanage before adopted by a lovely family. Their son had yet to return home when she moved, whom she still has yet to meet. She has already settled within the house, and always has a picture of her and Lilac together on her at all times, and at home commonly found under her pillow. she has yet to learn she is a Constellation senshi.

senshi/knight history;; Princess Misae (Native American meaning white sun) was a valiant ruler whom never cringed in the face of danger. she ruled with kindness but also with an iron fist, one that made her unquestioned, not that it was ever needed. She always made the calls, and it tended to work out in the end. Misae however always kept her subject's in mind. She was beloved by many.

Their home, the constellation of Lupus, despite guarding the light of the sun, was typically cold and always had a layer of snow upon the ground, and so typically was a meat-oriented people, and it was fine, they got all the nutrients they needed to survive from these animals. It was much similar to how the
Native Americans on Earth lived. they lived within villages, the houses typically small and it was generally peaceful, only needing to fight when those threatened to take the light of the sun.

When Misae turned the marrying age of 21 upon her constellation, she immediately was wedded to a Prince from another constellation. She felt no love for this man, but did it for the good of her people. She of course, still was the ruler of her home, not permitting some weaselly Prince ordering her subject's. This of course displeased her husband, but she didn't care. These were her people.

Misae then was soon with a child, an heir to her throne. Her husband was thrilled with this news, however, of course, displeased with the how Misae was handling it. She would still do as she did before despite her delicate health due to the baby. She cared, but she also cared for her people. So, her husband hired more guards to make sure that Misae was safe, and were hired mainly to just follow her around. There was one that Misae favored in particular.. A handsome young lad by the name of Anitman. She quickly grew attached to him, feeling things for him that she could never feel for her husband. She thoroughly enjoyed his presence, and he seemed to enjoy hers as well. Or so it appeared to her to be that way. It wasn't long before the Ruler of Lupus fell for this man, one she couldn't have.

Months passed, and finally her baby was born. A healthy little boy, whom she named after her favorite guard, Anitman. Her husband never connected the two and didn't seem to mind the name. Years passed, things were calm around the constellation of Lupus. The now Queen Misae had an heir and a King, ad things were peaceful. However her guard was more of a Father to her son than the King himself. Yet things were not as they seem, for Chaos had already seeped into her home, which to her was unknown at this time. Her husband was watching from a distance, the three of them, his child, wife and servant. Chaos was beginning to influence him, as if whispering in his ear, turning his mind dark. Though it wasn't technically lies that was told to him; she was interested in him and would have rather been with the guard than her husband, but Chaos did tell him that they planned to get rid of him; permanently. And he needed to act first. Yet he couldn't get his hands dirty, no no, then he would be overthrown as ruler, and he couldn't let that happen. He had a better idea, and so he went to work on his plan.

A year passed, and a change was easily noticed in the King, one that concerned Misae and Anitman, who felt uneasy at the behavior of the King. It was bad enough to where he would have nothing to do with his son. Misae tried to speak with him, but he grew angry and was quick to lash at her with his words. It surprised the Queen, but she didn't stand for it and only responded with anger, erupting it into a fight. Misae soon gave up with trying to reason with her husband. It was shortly after that, there was a sudden invasion of enemy troops. Misae was swift to prepare for battle, as was Anitman and her own troops of soldiers. As the fighting raged on between the opposing sides, Misae had ordered Anitman to go back and protect her son, in which he did so. Where her husband was waiting, hiding within their castle like a coward.

The King had already killed their son, to Anitman's surprise. Without hesitation, the King had stabbed the guard to make it lethal. Struggling to fight back, he was bleeding too much and fell to his knees.

On Misae's end, she was becoming overpowered, and her people began to scatter for shelter as she headed towards the castle, the adrenaline the only thing permitting her to move in such a fashion. She hurried back, to only come to a dead son and a nearly dead love. The intention of the King was to make it appear as if Anitman had killed their son, and he Anitman in defense. As her beloved guard explained this to her, he had slashed at her back in a giant gash. A deadly fight erupted between the two with Misae coming out as the victor, but far too injured in the end. Misae fell to her knees, tears streaming down her face as she crawled over to her dying guard and her dead child. Grabbing the young infant in her arms, she leaned her head against the chest of Anitman. He had taken his last breath, and she closed her eyes as his heart slowed to a stop. With her own dying breath, she whispered to him a three word phrase she told no one before other than her son. I love you. With that, Misae passed, and the Constellation of Lupus was overrun and later destroyed.

in the night, the stormy night

she'll close her eyes

username;; Yuzuki

alias;; Yuzuki, Yuzu, Silver, Moon, Wolf, Fire, etc...

experience;; Let’s see….. six or seven years.

sample rp;; third person, past tense. in this character's perspective. at least a paragraph. semi-literate. [i]only for canons.


in the night, the stormy night
away she'd fly

[ T E M P L A T E, [i]made by Tsuki
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A c c e p t e d !  flower 

Quote :
Go ahead and jump into the rp! Let me know if you'd like me to change your name to Lilith's, or make a new account. Make sure to snatch an avvie/signature of her.

Can't wait to see her in action<3

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Lilith Sabrent
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